Mrs. Peterson Class News What We’re Learning

Mrs. Peterson
Week of January 25, 2016
Class News
Students will begin Topic 8.
They will only complete part
of the lessons in this chapter.
There will be no assessment
given for this topic.
What We’re Learning
Reading- Students will continue to work in our
mystery unit. They will define mystery vocabulary,
read like detectives, create suspect lists, find clues,
and determine the character’s motivation.
Writing- Writers will continue our persuasive
writing unit. Students will choose words to evoke
emotion, revise, set goals, and gather evidence.
Social Studies
There will be a test on Social
Studies chapter 11 on Friday,
January 29th.
Math- This week students will begin topic 8.
will identify patterns in the addition table, use place
value and a number line to round, use rounding or
compatible numbers to estimate a sum and
difference, and solve one-step and two-step
Social Studies- Students will have a guest
Parent Reminder:
We have library on Days 6
and 9.
speaker come to talk to them about their job in city
hall, review for the test, and experience how
attending public meetings helps people have a voice
in their community.
Please send in recorders on
days 2,5, and 11
Literacy Tip: Ask your child to tell who the detective is in the story.
Math Tip: When reading a word problem ask what the problem wants you to find.
Mrs. Heather Peterson
Email address: [email protected]
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Encore Schedule
Monday: Snow Day
Tuesday: Day 12: Art
Wednesday: Day 1: Gym
Thursday: Day 2: Music
Friday: Day 3: Art
Monday 1/25
Snow Day
Tuesday 1/26
_____ Math pg. 415/416 (all odd # problems)
_____ 30 minutes of reading
Wednesday 1/27
_____ Math pg. 421/422 (all odd # problems)
_____ 30 minutes of KidBiz
Thursday 1/28
_____ Math pg. 439/440 (all odd # problems)
_____ 30 minutes of reading
Lincoln Peirce
Money Due 1/28
 Please continue to make sure
your child is filling out their
log for reading each night.
 Please help them practice their
math facts in Tools for