Field Assignment #2: Field Data Collection

HPER 221: Basic Health Concepts II
Field Assignment #2: Field Data Collection
As stated in the syllabus, this course is designed to prepare health education majors and
minors with a wide variety of health education content including:
Health care access and financing
Consumer health issues
Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD)
Intentional and unintentional injuries (including violence and building resilience)
As indicated in Field Assignment #1, each individual in the class will be expected to
complete a course project relating to one of these issues. Based on the information you
have learned thus far about your issue of choice, develop a 3-5 question survey to
administer to your peers, coworkers or family members with the intent to collect more
information about people’s beliefs, values, perceptions and experiences concerning the
topic. You may administer the survey any way you choose (face to face, paper and
pencil, email, webpage, telephone, chat rooms, bulletin boards, face book, etc.). Please
as least one article from the peer-reviewed literature to justify the questions you use
and how you administered them. You may use the articles you found for Field
Assignment #1 or find a new one that focuses on key questions that may be valuable in
your future research.
After administering the survey to at least 10 individuals, compile your results and
present your findings to class.