Hw #3 on Newton’s 2 law of Motion

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Hw #3 on Newton’s 2nd law of Motion
Directions – List all the variables, write the correct formula, substitute
the numbers, solve the problem and use the correct label.
Formulas to use:
F = MxA
M = F/A
A = F/M
W = MxG
M = W/G
G = W/M
1. A force of 64 N is applied to a 16 kg mass. What is the acceleration?
2. A 5 kg mass is accelerated across a smooth surface a 54 m/s². What force
caused this acceleration?
3. A force of 2100 N accelerates a car down a hill at a rate of 3.5 m/s². What is
the mass of the car?
4. What is the weight of a 70 kg mass in Newtons?
5. A tree stump weighs 2940 N. What is its mass in kg.?
6. A 4900 N gear box with a mass of 500 kg falls to the ground. What is it’s
acceleration due to gravity?
7. What is the mass in kg of a 4900 N crane?
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8. Complete the table below by converting pounds into Newtons of weight.
Show all work!!
Pounds to Kilograms = pounds / 2.2
Kilograms of mass
Newtons of weight
55 pounds
165 pounds
209 pounds
231 pounds
351 pounds
Using this additional formula, solve the following Net force problems below:
Net force = Applied force – Opposing force (Nf = Af – Of)
9. An applied force of 74 N is used to move an 8 kg mass. The opposing
forces equal 10 N.
A. What is the net force that moves the mass?
B. What is the acceleration of the mass due to this force?
A. What net force gives an acceleration of 12 m/sec² to a 950 kg boat?
B. If the opposing force to overcome water friction and air resistance was
700 N, what was the applied force used to move the boat?
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