Israel and Jerusalem Conflict in the Middle East

Israel and Jerusalem
Conflict in the Middle East
Fast Facts About Israel
Capital: Jerusalem
Official languages:
Hebrew, Arabic, English
Government: democracy
GDP per capita: $36, 200
Religions: 75.1% Jewish,
17.4% Muslim, 2%
Ethnicities: 75.1% Jewish,
24.9% Arab
Fast Facts About Gaza Strip
Ethnic Groups: 99%
Palestinian Arabs (No Jewish
settlements since 2005)
Language: Arabic
Religion: 98-99% Muslim
(mostly Sunni)
* Controlled by Hamas
(fundamentalist Islamic
organization who does not
recognize Israel)
Fast Facts About West Bank
Ethnic Groups:
83% Palestinian Arab
17% Jewish
Language: Arabic, Hebrew,
and English
Religion: 80-85% Muslim,
12-14% Jewish,
1-2.5% Christian
Temple Mount
• Christian and Jewish
name for the holy site
in the Old City where
the First and Second
Temples were built
• Contains multiple holy
sites for both religion
Haram al Sharif
• Muslim name for the
holy area in Old City
Jerusalem (same area
as Temple Mount)
• Contains the Dome of
the Rock and Al Aqsa
Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
• Holiest site in the world
for Jews
• The Wall is the remains
of the Second Temple
that was destroyed by
the Romans
• Jewish people place
written prayers on
pieces of paper in the
wall cracks
Dome of the Rock
• Muslim building with the
golden dome
• Covers a rocky area
underneath with religious
importance to Jews,
Christians, and Muslims
• Muslims believe that
Muhammad went to
heaven at this spot
• Only Muslims are
permitted to go inside
Church of the Holy Sepulcher
• Holiest site for
• Believed to be the site
of Jesus’ crucifixion and
Security Barrier
• Barrier being built by
the Israeli government
between Israel and the
West Bank to prevent
suicide bombing and
Jewish settlements
• Palestinians say the
barrier prevents them
from access to their
holy sites in Old City