Jerusalem The Holy City

The Holy City
For Jewish People
► Jerusalem
was the first capital of
their people. King David established
that as the capital around 1000 BCE.
► King David s son, King Solomon
built the great Temple on the site
where Abraham was going to
sacrifice Isaac.
► The Temple was destroyed and then
a second Temple was built by King
Herod and later destroyed.
► The
one wall that remains of the
Temple, the Western Wall,
remains as a holy place to visit
and pray at. It is also called the
Wailing Wall.
► Jewish people believe that when
the end of the world comes, the
Messiah will enter the city through
the Golden Gate (one of the gates
into the city).
For Christians
► Jerusalem
was the city where Jesus
spent most of his adult life
spreading his teachings.
► The path that Jesus took (the
Stations of the Cross) wind through
the streets of the city. He was then
crucified and rose from just outside
of the city.
► The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is
the site where Jesus was crucified.
For Muslims
► After
Mohammed died in Mecca, his
body floated to Jerusalem where he
ascended a golden ladder to
Paradise from a rock. (This is the
same rock where Abraham was
going to sacrifice Isaac)
► Later, Muslims built the Dome of the
Rock (mosque) on that site.