Attendance – 25% of your final grade

Attendance – 25% of your final grade
Some of the readings in this course are difficult. To reflect the amount of work that you put in each day
to get the readings done and stay up to date, one quarter of your final grade comes from your
INFORMED participation in class discussions.
This section of your grade should be your cushion: I assume everyone starts with an A … and subtract
from there.
Of course, this includes that you are present! I will take roll every day. This also includes not only being
marked physically present in class but being mentally present (as opposed to sleeping, texting, working
on computer, etc. for which you get no credit).
So here’s how I calculate it: I assume you will almost always in class (1-2 absences AT MOST) and that
you will speak in ways that demonstrate your engagement with the course materials and with your
For some of you, that means you must kick yourself in the butt to speak (never talking in a class this
large earns you a C for participation). For others, that means you will have to learn to speak less so that
others can speak and we have a more well-rounded discussion.