North Penn School District

North Penn School District
Middle School English Department
Writing Format Procedures
______ 1. Final draft must be typed.
______ 2. Leave one-inch margins on all sides.
______ 3. Include a proper heading.
______ 4. Avoid contractions except in direct quotations.
______ 5. Avoid abbreviations except for the standard Mr., Mrs., Dr., and Ms.
______ 6. Type the composition number centered at the top of the page.
______ 7. All compositions must contain a title.
______ 8. Capitalize all important words in the title.
______ 9. Do not underline or put the essay title in quotation marks. Do not bold.
______10. Write out numbers up to ninety-nine.
______11. Use one side of paper.
______12. Double space between lines. Do not insert extra spacing between paragraphs.
______13. Indent one standard tab (six spaces).
______14. Use the same size font on the entire paper including the title (12 point)
Additional Format Rules as Needed