Chapter 5.2 The business plan Objectives •

Chapter 5.2
The business plan
•  Objectives
•  Describe how to prepare for your own business
•  Discuss the parts of a business plan
Starting a Venture
•  A checklist is a good way to organize your
•  Important in developing your business plan.
•  Questions to keep in mind/consider:
•  What will I produce?
•  Who are my main competitors?
•  Why is my product needed?
•  How much will my product cost to produce?
•  How many people will I need to run the business?
•  What physical facilities will I need?
•  What licenses, permits, or other legal documents do I
•  How much money will I need to get started?
Parts of a business plan
•  Be sure to include:
•  Cover page
•  Title Page
•  Table of Contents
•  Supporting documents and sources page
Parts of a Business Plan
1. Executive Summary
•  1 page summary
•  Written AFTER you complete other sections
2.Company Description
•  Explains the type of company you plan to start
•  Include Mission/vision Statement
3.Products and Services
•  Describe the kinds of products you will sell or the services
you will provide and costs
4.Marketing Plan
•  Describes your customers
•  Explain the marketing that you plan to use
•  Types and locations of advertising
Parts of a Business Plan
5. Competitive Analysis
•  Who are your main competitors?
•  How do you have an advantage over your competitors?
6. Management Plan and Operating Plan
•  Who are your employees? How many?
•  Employee responsibilities
7. Financial Plan
•  How will you obtain start-up money?
•  Projections for revenue, costs, and profits
8. Growth Plan
•  How will you expand in the future?