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Use the three step method. Step 1 Write the correct equation.
Step 2 Fill in the numbers and units
Step 3 Write the answer with units
1. Write the formulas to calculate density, mass and volume.
3. Calculate the density of an object whose mass is 100 grams and volume is 20 cm3. Show your work!
Don’t forget units.
The diagram below shows a rock being placed in a graduated cylinder containing water.
4. What is the volume of the rock? What is the name of this process? Show your work and don’t
forget units.
5. The mass of an object is equal to 5 grams. Since it is an irregular object, it is place in a
graduated cylinder that contains 15 ml. of water. The volume of the water rises to 35 ml. First,
calculate the volume of the object, and then calculate the density of the object. Show your work
and an answer with proper units attached.
6. Will this object float or sink in water? Why?
7. Mr. Galante was walking through the woods and picked up a rock. He wanted to know what its
volume was. He brought the rock back to the lab and massed the rock at 2000g . He knew that the
density was 20g/cm.3. Help him find the volume of the rock. Will this rock float or sink in water?
8. Find the Density
V = 5mL
9. Find Volume
Density = 50g/cm3
Mass = 150g
10. Find the Mass
Density = 25g/cm3
Volume = 5mL