Unit 2 Chapter 3 Section 4 Solving Two Step Inequalities.notebook
November 13, 2015
8) Write and solve an inequality for each situation. Then choose the correct answer from the multiple choice answers.
a) A music club charges $0.75 per song download plus a membership fee of $5.70. Dan can spend at most $15. What is the greatest number of songs that Dan can download?
a) 14 songs
b) 13 songs
c) 12 songs
d) 11songs
b) A phone plan charges $0.20 per text message plus a monthly fee of $42.50. Lin can spend at most $50. Write an inequality for the number of text messages Lin can send. a) 37 texts
b) 38 texts
c) 39 texts
d) 40 texts
Oct 7­12:34 PM
Solve and graph the following inequalities.
3) 15 ≤ 2x ­ 5 ≤ 25
Jul 26­12:40 PM