Formal Languages for Grid and Web Services e-Science Institute 7-8 July 2003

Formal Languages for Grid and Web Services
e-Science Institute 7-8th July 2003
On 7-8 July 2003, NeSC hosted a workshop on "Formal Languages for Grid and
Web Services". Such formal languages are required both to develop an
unpinning theory and to reason about Grid and web applications. Researchers
from a wide variety of different areas have been independently developing such
languages, for instance, from process algebras, databases, systems, planning,
description logics, etc. A key aim was to get these disparate groups talking to
each other and to share ideas. Another aim was to explore the diversity of
languages and their applications.
The workshop was well attended by about 30 people from both within and
outwith the UK, from all the above communities and from user groups, eg in
Biology. The presentations spanned these areas and generated a healthy
exchange of views during the question/answer sessions and outside the formal
sessions. We believe we succeeded in getting the communities to interact and to
explore the existing diversity. Many people made new, useful contacts across
disciplinary divides and developed ideas for new research directions.
Alan Bundy
School of Informatics,
The University of Edinburgh