Fat soluble

Vitamins ADEK

- stored in fat

- too much can be dangerous

Water Soluble

 transported through the body in water

 excreted in urine

Basic Vitamin Functions

- growth and maintenance of cells

Vitamin A


Helps eyes adapt to darkness

Normal growth of teeth bones and for healthy skin

Food source

Dark orange vegetables

Butter, egg yolks, whole milk

Vitamin D


Works with calcium to build bones and teeth

Food source

Dark green vegetables

Fish, milk, also known as the sunshine


Vitamin D deficiency


 bowed legs

# Bone pain or tenderness

Rickets continued

Decreased muscle tone (loss of muscle strength)

Impaired growth

Increased bone fractures

Short stature

(adults less than 5 feet tall)

Skeletal deformities

* Asymmetrical or odd-shaped skull

Vitamin E


Antioxidant- breaks down oxygen in the blood

Food source

Grains, liver, oils, dairy

Vitamin K


Blood clotting

Food source

Green leafy vegetables, cauliflower

Vitamin C


Forms collagen to help wounds heal, helps to fight infection

Food source

Citrus fruits, strawberries, green pepper

Vitamin C deficicency

Scurvy bleeding gums, loss of teeth, bruising, rash

Vitamin B

Basic functions

Mood regulator, helps you use energy efficiently, prevents birth defects

Basic food sources

Red meat, chicken, avocado, legumes, bananas,

B vitamin deficiencies

Spina bifida

Birth defect where the spine doesn’t form

Because of not enough folic acid

Beri Beri

Nervous system disease associated with a weakening of the muscles and mental confusion


Swollen, Smooth tongue, painful rash

How do we retain vitamins when cooking?

1. Cook on a high temp for a short period of time

Do not overcook- broccoli should be bright green

2. Use a lid

3. Use a small amount of water