8 Grade FCS Name_________________________________

8th Grade FCS
Consumer Education
Date Due:________
Points Earned_______________/ 80 points
Comparison Shopping Project
Specific Product Chosen_____________________________________
Assignment: Think of a product that you may want to “purchase”. Consider vendors (stores)
that sell this product. You may compare the same product at two online stores OR you may
compare two similar products at the same online store.
Example: You could compare an Xbox 360 to a PlayStation 3 at Gamestop.com
You could compare an Xbox 360 at Gamestop.com and Amazon.com
Comparison Shopping Data Collection
_______/30 Points
Complete the comparison shopping chart ( on reverse side). You MUST fill in all of the
blanks on the sheet in order to receive full credit.
Written Reflection
________/50 Points
Analyze your data by following the instructions for the written reflection. The paper
should be typed and in complete sentences. You should have at least three paragraphs.
Turn in, stapled together: 1. This page- with name, section, & product
2. Completed chart
3. Rubric
4. Written paper