Interruptible Liquefaction Delivery Availability

Interruptible Liquefaction Delivery Availability
ILD service allows third parties to offload liquefied natural gas (LNG) on an interruptible basis
from LNG offloading facilities at Northern’s existing LNG facility located near Garner, Iowa. The
table below provides the anticipated level of ILD service available.
Due to the dynamic nature of Northern’s pipeline operations, ILD availability is subject to change
without notice, and, as a result, there may be more or less available at any given time. Please
contact your marketing representative or Mike Barry at (402) 398-7105 in order to discuss
specific availability. ILD service is available in accordance with the rates, terms and conditions of
Northern's FERC Gas Tariff. Northern’s minimum and maximum tariff rates for ILD service are
$0.5044/Dekatherm and $11.7500/Dekatherm, respectively.
2016 Available ILD in Dekatherms
ILD Quantity