A Separate Peace - The Glass Menagerie - Othello

A Separate Peace - John Knowles, American coming-of-age novel, fiction, first-person
narrator who is also a character
The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams, contemporary classic, American author,
One-Act memory play, has a narrator who is also a character
Othello - William Shakespeare, Five-Act play, tragedy
Main characters, setting, general plot points, major conflicts, motifs, themes,
important quotations
Literary Terms
Definitions & examples
Reading Comprehension
Read an unfamiliar passage and answer 14 multiple-choice questions (some
questions will test your knowledge of literary terms & vocabulary in context) &
one open-ended question; write convincingly for 2-3 paragraphs & provide
textual support. Organize your ideas first and proofread your response.
*Write in pen in your blue book.