1.  Why had Russia, China and India all become new and unexpected allies of the  United States?  2.  All Muslim countries have sizeable _____________________ 

Name ______________________________ Date__________________ Period_______ Ch 15: The Challenge of Terrorism 1. Why had Russia, China and India all become new and unexpected allies of the United States? 2. All Muslim countries have sizeable _____________________ ________________ that hate America. 3. What are many people worried that these fundamentalism movements may overthrow ___________________ ________________. 4. What countries have Islamist already taken over in the Middle East ________________, _______________, and _______________________. 5. The real struggle over the future of the Muslim countries is whether they become modern and moderate or __________________ and ____________________. 6. Stability will come when Muslim countries discover how to combine ________________ with modernity. 7. None of the 9/11 terrorist were ________________, ____________________ or _________________. Fifteen of the nineteen were from ____________________ ________________. 8. Many Muslims look at the west as the force that brought them _____________________ and keeps them ________________. 9. When European civilizations were modernized, Islamic civilizations stalled (didn’t modernize). Why did Islam get stuck?
· The Mongols:
· The British: 11. A Muslim country that has tasted Western imperialism and has many unemployed and a corrupt government will likely develop a Muslim fundamentalist movement. Unemployed or underemployed young men are often drawn to ________________ ________________.
1 12. The long term solution is to get these countries modern, with growing economies, ____________, education, small families and ___________ governments. 13. Why do some Arab intellectuals call their oil a “curse”? 14. What are the two specific and on going causes inflame many Muslims? 15. Saudi Arabia revoked Osama bin Laden’s citizenship in 1996, but earlier he had cashed out his estimated inheritance of ___________ million. 16. In trying to deal with terrorism in the Middle East why aren’t military options the best approach? 17. Osama despised Saddam Hussein as a hypocrite but portrayed the U.S. invasion as a crime against all __________________. 18. The author gives many ways to handle the terrorist threat. List 3 of his suggestions. 19. At the end he says, very importantly, this no the end of the ______________. That there is a tendency to __________________ ____________________ and human need to “do something, anything!” not always to good _________________.