Persian Gulf Countries Global Studies Modern Middle East 2011

Persian Gulf Countries
Global Studies
Modern Middle East
Persian Gulf Countries
Persian Gulf Countries
The oil-rich countries
(excluding Iraq)
that have a
coastline on the
Persian Gulf are
referred to as the
Persian Gulf States.
Oil in the Persian Gulf
 The Persian Gulf and its
coastal areas are the
world's largest single
source of crude oil!
 Safaniya Oil Field, the
world's largest offshore
oilfield, is located in the
Persian Gulf.
Young countries!
Independence Dates.
 Kuwait 1961
 Oman 1970
 Bahrain 1971
 United Arab
Emirates 1971
 Qatar 1971
 Independence
Which are Constitutional
The first Arab
state to elect a
- King, Prime
Minister and a
national assembly.
have some form of an
elected governmental body;
minister etc.
 Kuwait’s National
Assembly Building
Which governments are
Absolute Monarchies?
- Sultan
-Emirs- a
federation of 7
 King Abdullah of Saudi
Dubai, UAE
Kuwait City
Manama, Bahrain
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Persian Gulf Wars
Iraq- Kuwait War
8- Year War
Iran – Iraq War
 Causes of the war: Border disputes between
countries the two countries.
 •1979 Iranian revolution -Saddam fears revolution
will spread to Iraq (Shiite Revolution)
 Why U.S. supported Iraq (beginning of war)
 Iran was enemy of U.S. (after Ayatollah Khomeini
overthrows Shah & American embassy taken over)
“The enemy of your enemy is my friend”
Iraq invades Kuwait
 Saudi Arabia and Kuwait called on U.S. support against Iraq
 George Bush Sr. is US president
 Within 100 hours, the Iraqi army were pushed out of Kuwait;
UN and US troops don’t go into Iraq.
 War ends in a ceasefire in 1991.
 Rumor that US would come in and overthrow Saddam, Shiites
and Kurds revolted because they thought the US would help
 Saddam responds harshly against attempts of revolt- revolts
are unsuccessful.