Who’s Right?

Who’s Right?
You are living in a small mountain town. Spring has arrived early this
year, which has caused the rivers to run exceptionally high due to melting
snow. On top of that heavy thundershowers move through your area. A
local civil defense official has just come by your house and told you to
immediately evacuate to high ground because of expected floods.
Below is a list of items. Your task is to rank them in terms of importance or
value to you and your family. Place number 1 by the most important item,
number 2 by the second most important and so on through the least
important one.
___ pets
___ clothing
___ money
___ food
___ jewelry
___ medical supplies
___ matches
___ rope
___ car
___ stereo
___ coin collection
___ five gallons of water
___ television
___ battery powered radio
___ valuable papers
___ silverware
___ portable heating unit
___ house plants
The following people are waiting for a heart transplant. You are to decide
which one from the list is to receive the only available heart. Be sure to be
able to defend your answer.
A coal miner with nine children
A 17-year old unmarried, pregnant girl
A priest working with inner city children
A famous brain surgeon who is sixty years old
Chase Utley