World War II Review

World War II Review
1. What is appeasement?
2. What countries did the appeasing?
3. How did they appease Japan?
4. Why was the League of Nations ineffective?
5. How was Italy appeased?
6. How did the League of Nations penalize Italy?
7. Why didn’t the penalty work?
8. What 2 sides fought in the Spanish Civil War?
9. Who helped the Nationalists?
10. Who became the Fascist dictator of Spain after the war was over?
11. List 4 ways in which Germany was appeased.
12. What happened at the Munich Conference?
13. Who was the British leader at the conference?
14. What event began WWII?
15. Be able to describe the following battles/terms:
a. Blitzkrieg
b. Battle of Britain
c. Pearl Harbor
d. Stalingrad
e. D-Day
f. V-E Day
g. V-J Day
16. Who was the leader of each country during the war?
a. United States:
b. Britain:
c. Germany:
d. Italy:
e. Soviet Union:
17. What happened at Nuremberg after the war?
18. What 5 countries make up the United Nations Security Council?
19. What power do they all share?
20. What country was divided into 2 parts after the war? What city was divided as