Imperialism Review another country or region is called _____________________________________


Imperialism Review

1. The domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region is called _____________________________________

2. Where did the New Imperialism occur? ______________________________

3. Why did Europeans want these lands? _______________________________



4. How could imperialism help Europe's military forces? ___________________

5. Give an example of a humanitarian and/or religious goal _________________

6. The belief that whites were superior and that it is their right to conquer non- white areas is called ________________________________________________

7. What countries participated in the new imperialism?


8. What king began the colonization of Africa? ___________________________

9. What country was he from? ______________________________

10. What conference was held to prevent fighting over colonies? ____________

11. What company dominated India? __________________________________

12. When a group of people cannot get the top jobs, we call this a ___________

13. What is a sepoy? ______________________________________

14. Provide 3 reasons as to why they revolted ___________________________



15. Which Indians were able to receive an education? _____________________

16. Which class (upper or lower) would have accepted the British? ___________

17. When would India finally achieve independence? _____________________

18. Who led them to independence? ___________________________________

19. What country was partitioned off for the Muslims? _____________________

20. Over what did the British fight the Chinese? _________________________

21. What is it called when a loser pays a winner for the costs of war? _________

22. Not having to obey the laws of a foreign country is called _______________

23. What Chinese group revolted against the Westerners? _________________

24. Who opened Japan's ports to the West? ____________________________

25. How did Japan's approach to imperialism differ from that of China and the

African countries?


26. What two countries did Japan defeat in battle? _______________________

27. What lands did Japan win? _______________________________________