Review Sheet for Imperialism Test PART 1

Review Sheet for Imperialism Test
PART 1- 10 matching/multiple choice questions
Sphere of influence
Causes of Imperialism
Justifications for Imperialism-Social Darwinism
Berlin Conference and the Partition of Africa
Sepoy Rebellion (Cause and Effect)
Self-strengthening movement in China
PART 2- Documents and Questions on the ‘Causes’ of New Imperialism
Why did Europeans seek colonies?
o Economic
 Industrial Revolution need for raw materials and for markets to sell their
finished products (trade)
o Political and Military
 Nationalism-increase their own prestige (European countries competed
with each other to be the best/have most control and wealth)
 Colonies for military posts
o Humanitarian
 Concern for their ‘little brothers’
 A ‘duty’ to spread western civilization (white mans burden)
o Social Darwinism
 Racial Superiority- Europeans were superior to all others and had right to
conquer ‘weaker’ races