Modern Europe Scientific Rev, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment French Revolution

Modern Europe
A. Scientific Rev, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment
B. French Revolution
C. Napoleon/Congress of Vienna
D. Industrial Revolution
E. Unifications of Germany and Italy
F. Imperialism
G. Russian Revolution
I. Between wars (Dictators)
100 + Multiple Choice.
10-15 map labels.
1 five paragraph essay.
***Attached sheet provides key terms, names, events, and important points about each
Review questions by topic:
1. What major discovery was Galileo responsible for?
2. How did scientific discoveries discredit the church?
3. What is humanism?
4. What did renaissance artists/scholars/writers focus their work on?
5. Who was Martin Luther? What did he do?
6. What was the end result of the Reformation?
7. What is a philosophe? Name a few of them.
8. How did the printing press affect the Enlightened Philosophes?
9. What did Adam Smith do? Voltaire?
10. Why did the French Revolution occur?
11. What role did Robespierre play?
12. What was the name of the radical political club in France?
13. Which event is known as the 1st act of the revolution?
14. What time period was known as the height of radicalism in the French Rev.?
15. What document gave all middle class men political and economic rights in
16. What was important about the Napoleonic code?
17. Name the two places Napoleon was exiled to.
18. What was Napoleon’s system of economic warfare against England?
19. Why was the Russian invasion a failure?
20. Which battle was known as Napoleon’s final defeat?
21. Who is famous for having defeated Napoleon?
22. What were the chief aims of the Congress of Vienna?
22. What country can be named as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution?
23. What were the positive and negative effects of the Industrial Rev.?
24. Who was Karl Marx? What was the Communist Manifesto?
25. What inventions aided the transportation revolution?
26. Who was Bismarck? What did he do?
27. Who were the three people responsible for Italian Unification?
28. Who was Napoleon III? What was France’s role during this time?
29. Which German state and which Italian state led each country’s unification
30. What is Imperialism?
31. What did Imperialist’s say their reasons for colonization were?
32. Which geographic places were subjected to Europe’s colonial interests?
33. What was significant about the Russo-Japanese war?
34. Who was Vladimir Lenin?
35. Why did Russia go Communist?
36. Who was Josef Stalin?
37. What were 5 year plans and collectivization?
38. What event sparked WWI?
39. What did the alliance’s aim to do?
40. What type of war was fought in WWI?
41. What events changed the tide of the war?
42. What effects did the Treaty of Versailles have on Europe?
43. What was Fascism? Why did it appeal to Europeans in the 20’s and 30’s?
43. What is Nazism? How is it different from Fascism?
44. What actions did leaders take in Europe and Asia that led to WWII?
45. What was the League of Nations?
46. What event started WWII?
47. What were Hitler and Mussolini’s fates?
48. What was the Holocaust? How many died?