World War II Baseball Card Project

World War II Baseball Card Project
This project is intended to explore with you some of the most important figures of World War II. You will
research one historical figure, which will be assigned to you. Using knowledge gained through the use of books,
magazines, and/or Internet sources, you will construct one historical figure baseball card. The following
information must be included with your card:
Front of Card: (15 percentage points)
1. Picture of individual found on the Internet or in other scanned sources (5 points)
2. Name of individual (5 points)
3. Symbol associated with the individual – (opportunity for creativity) (5 points)
Back of Card: (75 percentage points)
The full name and occupation of your historical figure and his or her birth date & death date (6 points)
The city/country where your figure was born AND where he or she earned their fame (10 points)
Cause of death (5 points)
Identify three events (include dates) that occurred during his or her lifetime that were NOT directly related
to him/her or either war (9 points)
5. Career high – in your opinion, the single most significant thing that the individual accomplished (5 points)
6. Identify two other achievements of this person (cannot repeat answer in #5) (10 points)
7. Using your own personal opinion: identify one weakness of this person’s character (5 points)
8. Using your own personal opinion: identify one strength of this person’s character (5 points)
9. Identify two little known facts about the individual (10 points)
10. In paragraph form, using complete sentences, write a brief summary of this person’s historical importance
(10 points)
Quality: (10 percentage points)
Your card should be constructed with strong paper (i.e. thin cardboard) to make it sturdy and approximate the
size of an actual baseball card. Use the example below as a guide for size.
This project will be due on Tuesday, January 26
The card is worth 50 points.
Five points will be deducted from each card for each day late, and weekends do count.
Anthony Eden
Robert (Anthony) Eden, 1st Earl of Avon
British Prime Minister; 6/12/1897 – 1/14/1977
2. Born – Durham, England; gained fame in Britain
3. Died of liver cancer.
4. 2/28/22 – Egypt became an independent nation;
5/5/22 – Construction began on Yankee Stadium;
10/30/22 – Benito Mussolini became premier of Italy
5. Became Prime Minister of Britain in 1955 after
6. Resigned from British government in protest of
appeasement policy in 1938; became British Foreign
Secretary in 1935
7. Unable to convince his prime minister to change
Britain’s foreign policy.
8. Stood up for his beliefs when he resigned.
9. He controversially moved to release German war
criminals from British custody; rejected a secret plan
for a political and economic union with France.
10. By resigning from his post, the well known Eden
drew attention to the pitfalls of appeasement. His act
was instrumental in bringing the threat of Nazism to
the attention of the British people. His resignation
also paved the way for the removal of Neville
Chamberlain as Prime Minister and for his
replacement by Winston Churchill.