What you need to know for your test…
-Bones facts:
How many bones do adults and babies have
Functions of the skeletal system
What are bones made up of
Cartilage and the different types
-Locations of bones
Be able to label a blank skeleton
Different types of joints
Different types of fractures
Dislocation and bursa definitions
-Special Conditions
What are sprains and strains
Arthritis, tendonitis, osteoporosis, Gigantism, scoliosis etc…
What types of questions will be on the test?
*True or False
*Fill in the Blank (with word bank 
*Labeling (A blank skeleton)
*Labeling Pictures of Joins
*Multiple Choice
*Short Answer (complete sentences)
Skeletal System INFORMATION
• A giraffe has the same # of bones in the neck as humans do
• Bones are 14% of your body weight
• Bone is 5x as strong as steel
• Most women and girls have smaller and lighter skeletons than men and boys
• The female pelvis is wider than males
• Male’s growth plates harden at 18-21 years of age
• Female’s growth plates harden at 16-18 years of age
How many does an adult have? 206
Babies 300
Largest bone :Femur
Smallest: stapes
Functions of the skeletal system
 Support framework of the body
• Protection of vital organs
• Aid muscular system in movement of body
• Production of blood cells
What is in Bone
• Bone Marrow
• Red blood cells
• White blood cells
• Platelets
Bone Marrow
• Bone marrow is the soft spongy tissue that lies within the hollow interior of long
• Two types of bone marrow: red and yellow
Red Blood Cells
• Shaped like disks
• Contain an iron-rich protein called hemoglobin
• Hemoglobin picks up oxygen in the lungs
• Hemoglobin releases oxygen to tissues as blood travels throughout the body
Contains more red blood cells than any other cells (lifespan of 4 months
White Blood Cells
• Key part in defending against disease
• Move in and out of bloodstream to reach affected tissues
• Fight germs such as bacteria and viruses
• Produce antibodies
• Tiny, oval shaped cells
• Help in clotting process
• When a blood vessel breaks, they travel to the area and “seal” off the leak
• Last approximately 9 days