BT Response to ICSTIS’ Call TV Quiz Services

BT Response to ICSTIS’ Call TV Quiz Services
Review: Analysis and Consultation Document
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9th March2007
Given the recent press coverage concerning shows such as Richard & Judy,
Saturday Kitchen and the more recent decision by ITV to independently audit
its Premium Rate Services (PRS), BT believes it is essential that industry and
ICSTIS work together to urgently identify solutions. BT hopes that these will
both protect consumers and hopefully restore confidence in the PRS industry.
BT is supportive of this consultation and is pleased to see that ICSTIS has
identified changes that are practical. Whilst we understand that this is
primarily an issue for broadcasters and service providers, BT (specifically BT
agilemedia) will be happy to work with industry to help identify and implement
BT’s answers to the ICSTIS’ questions follow on the next pages.
Response to Questions
Q1 Do you agree that the provisions for pricing transparency should be
strengthened in the way described above and as set out in the revised
Statement of Expectations?
BT supports the proposal which requires the presenter to speak the price of
the call every 10 minutes and make it clear that the caller is charged
regardless of whether the caller gets through to the studio. BT believes that
consistency is key to achieving price clarity and therefore supports the
proposed pricing transparency changes in the Statement of Expectations.
Q2 Do you agree with our assessment of Option 1?
BT supports ICSTIS’ assessment and agrees that “do nothing” is not an
option given the recent negative press coverage, which has already started to
damage consumer confidence.
Q3 Do you agree with our assessment of Option 2?
BT agrees with ICSTIS’ assessment of option 2 and agrees that this option is
not objectively justifiable or proportionate. BT does not believe that this option
would make things any clearer to the consumer and it could in fact cause
more confusion.
9th March2007
Q4 We would welcome views, especially but not exclusively from providers,
as to the best technical means and media through which this principle could
be delivered and promoted with minimum disruption to the service quality and
potential for consumer information overload. We would be willing to assist in
this process by facilitating a working party to consider the various options.
BT supports the principles of what ICSTIS is trying to achieve under option 3
and is encouraged that ICSTIS is willing to work with industry to find practical
solutions as there are numerous factors to consider both from a technical and
a customer experience perspective. BT would welcome the opportunity to be
involved in any working party.
BT fully supports the need to change presenter scripts so that the presenter
makes the price of the call clear, that all calls are charged and that there is a
chance for the caller to get through to the studio.
Q5 If you do not agree with any of our assessments presented in Options 1, 2,
or 3 above, what alternatives would you suggest?
BT has no specific alternatives to put forward, but is more than happy to
participate in any working groups.
Q6 Do you agree with our proposal for call warnings and are there any other
suggestions as to how the possibility of excessive use by consumers may be
Again, BT agrees with the principle of keeping consumers informed and
welcomes the proposal that industry and ICSTIS should work together to find
a suitable solution as this is a technically complex area. It is important that
any proposed changes undergo a cost benefit analysis and that any
recommended changes are allowed sufficient implementation time.
- END -
9th March2007