Knowledge Needed for the test

Knowledge Needed for the test
Copy In Your Science Notebook
Students should be able to:
• Know the difference between opaque,
translucent and transparent
• The length of time light takes to reach earth
• Draw a ray diagram of a pinhole camera
• Understand of the use filters and colored
light from our labs
• Understand the wave model of light and
how to measure a light wave
• Why we see different colors
• How light spreads out
• How shadow size changes when an object
blocks light and moves away from the light
• Read the electromagnet spectrum from our
book and understand the energy of each in
Hertz and its wavelength
• Know the angle that red and violet light when
they are split by a raindrop or a prism
• How shadow lengths change throughout the
• List energy transfer with arrows
Steps to Study
• Go to the website to copy any study notes you
missed in class
• MAKE UP ANY MISSED LABS AT RECESSSeveral test questions from labs on the test!
• Study your lab packet to revisit what your lab
• Ask questions if you don’t understand material
tomorrow during class!
• Look over your reading selections