Exhibition Specification sheet

Specification sheet
Earth’s major rivers are essential to development due to their
resources and transportation potential.
El Niño, la Niña, African and Asian monsoons, droughts and
hurricanes are all meteorological phenomena that affect the
Earth’s river basins. The Amazon, the Niger, the Mekong and the
Rhône rivers have shown many episodes of fluctuating water
levels which have become more frequent and intense in the past
few years. Such disruptions cause a loss of biodiversity in these
climates, damaging and destroying infrastructure as well as
fishing activities, agriculture and town water supplies.
The question that remains is, what effect does the climate and
more particularly, climate change, have on major river basins?
This exhibition will answer this question with the help of results
from scientific research programmes based on four major rivers:
the Amazon, the Niger, the Mekong and the Rhône.
Detail of the exhibition:
Panel 1 - Title
Panel 2 - Introduction - Large river basins
Panel 3 - Introduction - Changing rivers
Panel 4 - Introduction - Global warming: the facts
Panel 5 - Photo - Amazon basin
Panel 6 - The mighty Amazon
Panel 7 - Torrential rains, extreme droughts
Panel 8 - Exceptional biodiversity
Panel 9 - When water become a threat
Panel 10 - Ancient variations
Panel 11 - Photo - Niger basin
Panel 12 - The many faces of the Niger River
Panel 13 - The vagaries of floods
Panel 14 - The fertile Niger
Panel 15 - Living and developing alongside the river
Panel 16 - Photo - Mekong basin
Panel 17 - The Mekong, the mother of all rivers
Panel 18 - Under surveillance
Panel 19 - A fishing paradise
· 26 banners display
· 22 format 85 x 200 cm
4 format 150 x 100 cm
· Eyelets on upper and lower edges
and stabilizing bars
. Interior or exterior
. Available in french, english,
spanish and portuguese
. Case: 36 x 36 x 160 cm, 40 kg
. HD file for printing
. Files panels available on request
for insertion of foreign languages
Panel 20 - Going with the flow
Panel 21 - Photo - Rhône basin
Panel 22 - The Rhône, a river shaped by man
Panel 23 - A complex river
Panel 24 - A subdued river
Panel 25 - Back to the source
Panel 26 - Credits
For a view of the exhibition on line:
This exhibition can be accompagnied by documentaries
February 2015
Information and booking:
[email protected]
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