This necklace is made of a special stone found only in the Franklin Mountains of El Paso. It was carved
into the shape of an eagle to represent the Thunderbird. The thunderbird is very special to Native
cultures of the area, revered as the bringer of the rains. But in El Paso, it is even more special still. See,
we have a special formation on the western side of the mountains that resembles the giant bird. Myth
states that this formation is the home of the thunderbird, and the bringer of the rains resides in our
mountains. Because of the shape and height of the mountains, whenever a storm comes from a certain
direction, the clouds pouring over the top of the mountain sometimes looks like wings. When these
wings would appear, followed by thunder, lightning, and heavy winds, Native Americans saw this as the
Thunderbird awakening. Sometimes it was angry and brought hail and floods, sometimes it brought
gentle rains and comforting winds. Because of this, the Franklin Mountains became a holy spot for
dozens of tribes, and across Southwestern lore it is recognized as the home of the Great Thunderbird.
It is considered good luck to carry a piece of this stone with you. It’s even better luck when it’s a
gift. Now, you have something of us to add to your stack from around the States. May the Thunderbird
bring you gentle rains and healthy lands, and may you be blessed with many years protected under its
Wish I could have been there and congrats once again,
Albert Nungaray
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