Worksheet for the Producers and the Moss Lab

Worksheet for the Producers and the Moss Lab
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1. Define the following:
Green Algae Alternation of Generations Meiosis –
Bryophyte –
Mitosis –
Chlorophyta Chloroplast –
Cuticle Diploid –
Embryo –
Spore –
Embryophyte Sporophyte –
Gamete –
Gametophyte Haploid –
2. How is the overall structure of a moss different from that of aquatic algae? How is this
morphological difference related to living on land verses living in the water?
3. How is a moss “leaf ” (not considered a true leaf) similar to a flowering plant’s leaf? How is it
4. Mosses are particularly susceptible to damage by air pollution – more so than most plants.
Why do you think this is the case?
5. How does water get from the ground to the upper part of a moss?
6. When you’re looking at a moss, what’s haploid? What’s diploid?
7. Which life cycle stage is bigger and longer-lived in mosses – sporophyte or gametophyte? Is
this stage haploid or diploid?
8. Is water necessary for fertilization in mosses? Why or why not?