Tips To Kick Off A Successful School Year

Tips To Kick Off A Successful School Year
Welcome back to another exciting school year at Gwyn-Nor Elementary! We are
all looking forward to spending the 2013-2014 school year with your children.
Hopefully, all of you had a relaxing summer spent with your loved ones.
As adults, the transition from the summer to the fall can be a little
challenging. So this being said, it can be equally or even more challenging for
children. The camps, vacations, babysitting, etc. has now been replaced once
again, with school on a daily basis. It is important for this school year to start-off
successfully. Here are some tips to help ensure a wonderful year once again:
 Stay Positive: a parent’s attitude has a strong influence on how
children view the beginning of school. Children like to hear about
their parents’ own experiences in school. Share some school
childhood memories with them. It is also helpful to share a time
where a negative turned into a positive (ex. I was nervous for school
but I decided to smile at the girl in the row next to me. Later, she
asked what my name was, and we became instant friends). Positive
language is also important through the transition process back to
school (ex. Instead of saying “If you make friends this week, say when
you make friends this week).”
 Sleep Pattern: Children between the ages of 5-12 need 10-11 hours
of sleep. It is important that your child has a regular bedtime and
wake-up routine. Try this routine before school starts to reduce any
anxiety about waking-up on time for their first day of school.
 Family & Mental Walk Through: Children seeing their classroom
before school starts can help with the transition from home to
school. If a tour can not be arranged beforehand, a map can be used
or a mental walk through. It is important for your children to be
familiar with the main areas of the school (ex. gym, office, and
library). Remind your child that the first week of school and beyond
that adults are always around to help if they forget where their
classroom is at.
 Talk: Have your children ask you any questions they may have about
school. This will help them to feel more relaxed. When they come
home ask specific questions about their day (“How was the math
test?”, “Did you talk to your friends today?”)
 Create Routines: Children thrive with daily routines. It is important
to establish home routines in association with school as quickly as
possible. Routines at home can directly influence their routines at
school. Modeling exactly what is expected with your children can be
helpful. A routine should be created for before and after school (ex.
getting dressed, breakfast, snack, homework, sports, etc.)
 Homework/Projects: If able to do so, offer to help your child with
homework/projects. This shows that you are interested in what they
are learning and that you care about how they do in school. Set-up a
place where they can complete their homework daily.
 Get Involved: Ask the school for a list of up-coming events. If your
child is involved in after/ before school activities and/or attends
events, they are more likely to make friends and to feel a sense of
belonging to Gwyn-Nor Elementary.
 Read: Reading with your child is not only a fun way to spend time
together as a family, but it is also giving your child reading practice
which will help them in school and boost their self-confidence.
 Communication: it is important to contact your child’s teacher
and/or counselor if you have any concerns with them academically,
socially, and/or emotionally. Also remember to notify the school of
any important events/changes that may affect your child’s
temperament that day. Constant communication is crucial for a
successful year.
 Check-ins: Make sure throughout the year that everything is OK.
Look for verbal and nonverbal signs from your child. If you notice a
change in their mood, sleep pattern, or eating, ask them if anything is
bothering them.
 Reminders: Remind your child that this a fresh start and a new year.
Anything that may have happened before, does not matter as much
as what is to be. Their slate is clean and how the new year goes is
based on their future choices.
Once again, welcome back to all of our families. We are all looking forward to the
2013-2014 school year. These tips can help to ensure another successful one. If
you have any further questions and/or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.
Mrs. Kadyszewski
-Article taken from school & and