*m Feds End Losing With Win Over Siena

PrlAly, May 7. IMS
Feds End Losing Skein
With Win Over Siena
by John Fleltman
- The Ped varsity diamondmen ended their five game
losing streak last Wednesday with an 11-10 slugfest win
over niehgboring rival RPI. • The Staters brought their
season record to two wins, six losses; the triumph was
the first for the diamondmen since an opening game
conquest of Quinnipiac, 9-3.
The Peds will play three
odorizzi blasted a triple, knockconsecutive road games, '"* l n MMMIO and McGurrin. Bin
„ 4 . . „ „ „ . . . x . n „ * „ j ! r _ *~
Ingino. then belted a home run (first
starting with Potsdam to- of t n e y e a r for Mbany)i pu\iine
day. Tomorrow they will state up 8-1
travel to Plattsburgh and In the fifth frame, Don Mason hit
Kimball cracked a single,
next week they will face aanddouble,
a squeeze bunt by Plzzlllo
New Paltz.
drove ln Mason. Don McGurrin again
State led off with two runs ln
STATE RUNNER it about to be tagged out at New Haven catcher is poised to do tha job in last week's the first Inning on a walk to Don
19-3 clobbering or tha Peds.
McGurrin and hits by Dick Odorizzi and Bill Ingino,
McGurrin again scored ln the
third frame via a walk, a wild pitch,
and another Ingino hit.
It was; however, a six run fourth
* * * * *
inning that won the game for Albany. The action began with Frank
The State frosh linksmen
Kankolenskl's single. Dick Kimball
walked, " P e p " Plzzlllo stroked a
were defeated by a powersingle, and an error on a McGurrin
ful Siena team, 14 1/2 shot scored Kankolenski and Kim3 1/2, last May 3 in a
Pel Frosh Golfers
Clobbered by Siena
* * * * *
home match. The frosh now
sport a 1-1 mark and will
be playingCobleskill today.
Gregg Hobinson, playing in the
number one slot for Albany, fired a
fine 78 over the 6300 yard, 35-3671 par Pinehaven Country Club
course, but lost medalist honors to
Siena's Charles Murphy, who shot
a - 74.
The other Ped linksmen were
Fred Nelson (83), Dave Drucker
(85), Mike Glnevan (8G), Bill Pendergast (86), and Carl Reynolds.
The scores of the individual
matchers were Murphy def. Robinson, 4-2; Callahan def. Nelson,
5-3; Klein def. Drucker, 6-5; Sondey def. Glnevan, 1 up; Pendergast
def. Zurawel, 2 up; Caimide def.
Reynolds 7-0.
A RayView of Sports
by Roy McCloot
Now that the spring sports season is in full progress,
a close examination of the teams will reveal two pointed
observations: the tennis and golf teams are enjoying
mild success and the baseball teams aren't. The p r e ceding statement isn't as facetious as a first reading
might indicate, for — let's put it this way — if wins
were words, ours would be HELP!
The frosh and varsity baseball teams have a composite
record of one win, 10 losses. More revealingly, the two
squads have scoreda total of 36 runs — and allowed 126!
Both teams have completed more than half their schedule, and now they must face the same teams again.
Again, HELP!
The question remains, of course, why? Well
we've attended several games in the last few weeks
and have been trying to fiture it out, and our findings
are not at all clear.
The varsity diamondmen seem to be lacking clutch
hitters, as they have stranded over 50 men on base in
their six outings. It is the "hittingest team I've ever
had" coach Bob Burlingame stated, yet he is not r e ceiving the timely hitting his players showed promise
of producing in pre-senson workouts. There are, of
course, several individual disappointments that every
sport has trouble explaining.
The frosh are plagued by a lack of depth that was
clearly evident before the season got underway. Coach
Munsey feels that he is just beginning to sense the positions each player is best at, and how he (Munsey) can
best maneuver them to attain the most effective lineup.
And then there's that murderous schedule...
Errant field has been u continuous handicap for the
varsity, while the freshmen have been huving problems
in keeping enemy batters from knocking the ball out of
sight. Also, barring speedster " P e p " Pizzillo, both
teams are completely devoid of speed.
We could go on and compiles a long list of weaknesses
the diamondmen have, but why kick a man when he's
clown? Instead, we'll just let u smile be our umbrella,
and fervently hope for a more successful "back nine."
WAA Results
Meeting with the demands to publish intramural sports results and
WAA sports news, the
sports department of the
ASP will feature weekly
articles on both these functions.
AMIA Softball League II commissioner Fred Culbert recently announced the standings for his league.
The are as follows:
Park House
Kappa Beta
The Club
1 1/2
Water bury
* 1/2 game penalty
*' 1 game penalty
The penalties invoked by the
league arc for a team falling to furnish u storekeeper awl/or umpire
for another League II game.
Musk Festival Commences Tonight;
Bond, Orchestra to Perform
The University Music Department will present iu- annual Spring Concert on two
evenings of this week. Tonight the University Concert Band and the University
Concert Orchestra will present the works of Bach, Ward, Schubert. Hoist, and
Sousa tonight at 8:30 p.m. in Page Hall.
The Orchestra,
conducted by Mr. William Hudson, will perform the Bach
"Concerto for D Minor for
Two Violins and StringOrchestru," and the First
Movement of, Schubert's
Symphony No. 8 in B
Featured as soloists for the orchestra will be JoAnn Krause and
Louise Myers. They will be enPhoto by SchnUiat gaged ln a statement and answer
BONNIE MASON, TULIP Queen for 1965 accepts her crown from technique with the orchestra, ln the
outgoing Queen, Maureen Glasheen. Bonnie, a Sophomore at State, fashion characterizing the music of
the late Baroque period.
will reign over many of the functions celebrated by the City of
Schubert's work Is also known
as his "unfinished symphony," being
left undone tocause the composer
felt he could never equal his first
Following the Intermission, the
Eand will perforin "Prairie Overture by Robert Ward, and "The
Second Suite for Band by Gustav
Beneath an aluminum icicled tree Hoist, and Sousa's "George Washington
Bicentennial March."
in Washington Park Saturday afterFeatured ln the Spring Music
noon, Bonnie Mason, a sophomore
at State, was proclaimed Albany's Festival to he held Ibis Thursday
1905 Tulip Queen.
evening, May 13, at 8:30 p.m. in
Pluifii by Upborn
Miss Mason's coronation marked Page Hall will be the various Uni- THE UNIVERSITY CONCERT Orehe.tro, conducted by Mr Ml.
the high point of the 19CS Tulip Fes',""• ""
tival. Neil Moylan, narrator, an- versity choral ensembles. The liarn Hudson Prepares their nroaram f„r ifcl. „ „ . _ ! _ .
nounced her selection as queen and
Maureen Glasheen, 1904 Tulip Queen Laurence Farrell, and presented by
and also a State sophomore, crowned the university Music Council.
The Collegiate Singers, a mixed
After being presented with her chorus, will he heard In bulb parts
crown, robe and sceptre, Erastus of the program. In the first portion
Corning, n, Mayor of Albany, gave they will sing Shaw's "Fanfare,"
Miss Mason the key to the city of Bach's "Cruclflxus" Mendelssohn's
"How Lovely are the Messengers."
In the second portion they will
Elections will take place today and tomorrow for
Elaborate and traditional ceremonies preceded the coronation of concentrate on lighter selections, popularly elected representatives to Central Council,
the new queen.
Including, the French folk tune
Saturday morning, women of Al- "Down by the Sparkling Fountain," and for representatives to Living Affairs CommisBonnie Mason
bany, dressed In Dutch costumes, Chopin's "The Wish," and the Eng- sion. The elections, originally scheduled to be held
...Reigns as Queen
scrubbed the Slate Street hill prior lish folk song, " 0 Soldier, Soldier." yesterday, were postponed for one day so that nomto the motorcade of the eleven
inations could be reopened for an extra day.
flutists to the park.
Women's Chorus
Women's Chorus will be singing ut Voting
will take
to ItsonrocogAt the park, the finalists were
nitlon as anattached
camthe Peristyle
Desk place
from conditions
entertained with a tumbling act and three movements from South Amer- 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on both pus,
a baton twirling and precision ican Nocturnes by Joseph Clokey,
Al that time It was stipulated
marching team.
and a lullaby by John Alden Car- days. Voting will also be that SCOPE was in no way to porMiss Mason Is a 19 year old resi- penter enlilled, "The Sleep That held In the residence halls tray Itself as representing the State
The SCOPE screening committee,
headed by Mr. John iiellly, after a dent of Delmur and a graduato ol Flits In Baby's Eyes."
during the dinner hour on University of New York at Albany.
Statesmen, the men's singing
week of conferences, has partially Bethlehem Central U.S. She is the
The Issue was raised again ln
completed Its selection of students third Tulip Queen in succession to group on campus, will perform Han- both nights.
regard lo Hie SCOPE buttons which
come from State and also the third del's "Verdant Meadows," Heath's
to be sent to the south.
Students are to volo for repre- also have SUNYA printed on them,
The six member screening corn** in a row who is a member of Beta "BeatI Beail Drums!" and two sentatives on the basis of their
The nine Council monitors who
English nines, "Shall I, Wasting In residence for the 11)05-00 school
uiiltee met with several students Zeta.
but as yet has only chosen two.
Miss Mason now begins a year Despair" and "Drink To Me only year. Commuters and apartment supported the motion maintained
Other students who have applied reign as Tulip Queen during which With Thine Eyes,"andSliaw's"What dwellers for nexl year are thus that Ibis could to construed as
will be re-intervlewed after they she will appear at numerous events Shall We Do With the Drunken Sail- asked to cast their ballots In the SCOPE representing the Univor.
have completed their application as a representative of the city of o r . "
Peristyles, even though thoy may slly, other members argued that
The Statesmen recently per- bo In the dorms at Hie present since the group had toon given official recognition, it had the right
Other finalists from State who formed at the Intercollegiate Choral time.
to publicize itself as SCOPE of the
Choices were made on the basis will serve as members of the Tulip Festival In Vermont.
Student lax cards will bo required University. The buttons did no mora
of such things as Intelligence, ex- Court are Margaret Uleiz, Diane
A siring quarts! ensemble will for voting. Students are asked to
perience,' sincerity, and general Floody,
- — . „ Judy
>uur Jordan,
play Haydn's "Allegro con splrito, Indicate their place of residence than tills, they maintained.
Jocelynn Kole,
character. The two whif were chosen Mary Komorny,
op. 74, no. 4, The students coinnmornv.
for the next year when thoy vole.
. ,
. • I.I.I • IIJIV.
to participate In the project are Bill ~ — *
posing the ensemble are Louise
Jtcsults of the elections will lie
Leue and Lance Nelson.
Myers and Barbara Lelhiuan, vlo- announced at Inaugural ceremonies
The registrar auuouuces that regTne next stop for these volunteers A
»• °
. llng;
,,John Meyer,
viola; and Carol lo be hold In Drubacher on Saturis training for
day, May Hi. Also announced at that istration for Fall and Summer s e s - the difficult ,tasks Accepting
""""nan, cello.
which they will perform durln I he
1000, end Friday, May 14,
time will to the Commission rem'nApplications by MYSKANIA are
sentatlvos to Central Council, The at 4 p,ui. Undergraduates who have
Festival Chorus
now available for those students
A combination of the choral en- Commissions' will to having organ- not registered for Hie Fall semesAmong other things there will to who are interested in serving on
ter by that dale will to considered
a required reading list of books the Supremo Court of the Student sembles comprising the Festival isational meetings all ibis week. withdrawn as of the end of this
'I'he other major order of busidealing with southern community Association are now available in Chorus will conclude the program.
semester and will have to request
life, southern political, civil' rights the Student Personnel Office, Draper They will slug two selections, Mas- ness of Provisional Council's last readmlsslon for Fall,
projects, and non-vloieut methods. 110 and the Activities Office In Bru- cagul's "Anthem for Spring" from meeting was a motion to rescind
Those who are In doubt about atStudent field director Bill Leue bacher,
"Cavullerla Hustlcana," and Hancampus. The motion, although r e - tendance at the summer session due
will, as part of his training, attend
del's "Coronation Anlliem,"
ceiving the approval of a majority to academic difficulties are advised '
The applications must to comconferences In New York for county
the Collegiate Of the Council monitors, failed of
pleted and returned to these offices
to pre-ieglstur. There is no penalty
by May 14 at 0 p.m. There are Sinters will to Laura Walker and passage because II needed a 2/3 for withdrawing from summer
itelnhard for vote.
Southern Christian Leadership nine positions to to filled,
Conference will provide training for
All students interested In apply- the Women's Chorus; and Nicholas
students who have started regisThe motion was made after a
all volunteers before they are a s - ing must have at least a 2.5 accu- Argyros for tto Statesmen, University Concert Band Instrumentalists heated d i s c u s s i o n concerning tration and have not yel handed In
slgned field work.
mutative average.
their packets are urged to do so imwill participate.
SCOPE'S alleged violation of the mediately.
State Coed Crowned
Tulip Queen for 1965
State U.'s Womens Intercollegiate
The ASP sports department Is
softball team won Its opening game of
the season on May 3, topping Cobles- looking for people who 1) are Inkill A&T 34-27 on the Milne High terested ln taking pictures for the
next two weeks of the spring sports
School field.
Linda Walker and June McGrath 2) photographers who might want
shared the pitching chores for the to take pictures for next year's
Staters. Other members of the team ASP 3) writers and reporters for
include Jackie Lent, Marianne Rad- next year.
der, Ann Schultz, Sue Pfreunder,
If anyone is interested ln filling
Judy JJpstanzo, and Barb Lynaugh. any of these needs, please come
Also, Maryl Pfeifer, Glnny Beatty, into the ASP office next Monday
Dottle Mancusi, Jean Tashjlan, Pat through Wednesday nights at any
McDowell, and Sue Foote.
Especially needed are People to
Albany's schedule for the r e mainder of the year Is as follows: help out the over-burdened photoHudson Valley, May 6, at Castle- graphers in the next two weeks.
ton; Vermont on May 17, and at home
against Oueonta on May 21.
ital Area Modern Dance Council Is
Wa feature
bringing to Linton High School on
May 8, 1000, the Norman Walker
collegiate haircuts
Dance Company. The performance
will commence at 8:30 p.m.
Tickets are on sale In Miss
5 minute walk from tha
Baker's office In Page gym for the
Now Campus
student price of $1.50. There Is a
limited amount of space for free
transportation. Tickets will be
1148 W.stam Avenue
available on Friday, May 7, (Today)
from 12:30 — 4 p.m. The show
promises to be un excellent one.
C M M , oiio 19 t completion of at U o i l I r-><-r of collaga )
, -. . compriiinf 350 outstanding Boyi. Girli. BrolhtrSisttr
•rid Co-Ed Camas, located throughout the New England, Middle Atlantic Stales end Canada.
. . . INVITES YOU* INQUIMES coanmine summer employmeni at Head
CeuMeler*. Croup Leaders. Speclahlet. Geaerul Counselors.
Write, Phonf, or Call in Ptrvm
Association of Private Camps - Otpf. C
MesweO M. Alssnndcr. fatcvllve
• SS Wast 41nd Straet.
N O . gO
f r'
the winners was, however, the fourth
frame. They tallied seven times on
three hits, two Ped erros, one walk,
and a hit batsman. The Staters rallied for a run in
the fourth and another in the fifth;
but Coblesklll's two tallies ln the
fifth iced the game for the visitors.
Ped Joe Gorman kept his hitting
streak alive with a 1 for 3 effort.
He has hit in every frosh game and
is sporting a .412 average.
Cobleskill 0 1 0 7 2 0 0
10 7 7
2 0 0 1 1 0 0
Sossie, Cjakowski (5), Doran (7),
and Rose. Egelston, Best (4), and
Gorman 5 17 4 7 4
Tarquini 5 19 1 4
2 .210
5 15 0
1 .266 STORY OF THE «A$0N~i7snow"n' clearly LaReau 2
8 2 2 1 .250 runner in scoring position.
hit safely, this time a base-clearing
double. Those were the last two runs
for State, the score now being 11-5.
Siena's tallies came ln the third
inning (1) trie fourth (4), seventh (3),
and eighth (2).
The winning pitcher for State was
Dick Kimball. He hurled 7 and 2/3
innings, giving up eight runs, eight
hits, six walks, and he struck out
Big batsmen for Stater were
Odorizzi (2 singles, triple, 2 RBI's)
and Ingino (2 singles, home run,
4 HBI's.
Diamondmen Lose Fifth
The State frosh diamondmen
dropped their fifth consecutive game
last Monday afternoon, bowing to
Cobleskill A&T 10-4. The freshmen
have yet to register a win in five
The Ped yearlings jumped off to
a quick 2-0 lead in the first inning
on a hit batter,asacrifice grounder,
a single by Joe LReau, and a twobase error in the Aggie outfield.
Cobleskill scored one run ln the
top of the second inning to close the
gap to one run. The big inning for
A L B A N Y 3 , N E W YORK
OX *-2*§».
New Yerlc 3a, N, V, i d
143 Western Ave.
Shop at Roy's
t pets'::i-Th- •"« — ^
Council Elections Start Today
Voting in Peristyles, Dorms
SCOPE Committee
Continues Selection
Registration Closes
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