Ends W

State's Soccer Squad
Ends W inning Season
APA Keglers
Gain IM Lead
19, 1 9 5 4
9'T.AIt COLLEGE FOR T E A £ H € « $
£"*$# Scuft . . .
State's soccer t e a m ended t h e i r
season last S a t u r d a y , absorbing a Bridgeport, Oswego, Union, a n d LIU. n u m b e r o n e s l o t l n t h e d o w n s t a i r s
loss a t t h e h a n d s of P a n z e r College L i n d b e r r Sets P a c e
division of t h e I n t r a m u r a l Bowling
Having suffered a loss t o P a n z e r a n error we m a d e in last week's
in E a s t Orange New Jersey C e n t e r
League. S t r a u b e r w a s high m a n for College last S a t u r d a y , State's soc- issue. We said S L S w a s t h e defend,._..., v . „ „,„..„„,
' BA t h . Bill Lindberg s e t t h e pace for t h e A P A k e e i e i s a s h e collected a c e r t e a m e n d e d a n o t h e r season. T o ing bowling champions. Although
forward Nell O D o n n e l paced t h e s c o r
^ ^ c a m _ g L g dfcJ w J n ^ f a g t e r ^
a g h ( ?c o l l e c t e d
n i m
o f « « APA kegleis a s n e collected a s Q m e , t m a y s e e m fcha(.
P a n z e r squad a s h e scored all t h r e e s t a t e ' s 24 goals; t h r e e of t h e m in 4 8 3 t r i p l e ' A r n l e N e w m a n P a c e d t h e palgn w a s s o m e w h a t unsuccessful. AP Aches, winners in t h e " B " league
K B club wlth a 4 0 8
goals in t h e 3-0 battle. T h e only t h e game against L I U . Al "Rock"
triple. P o t t e r T o us however, we feel t h a t Coach were t h e playoff winners a n d d e c a s u a l t y of t h e game w a s when D o n Roecklein w a s t h e second h i g h e s t Club took over second position i n G a r c i a a n d h i s m e n came t h r o u g h fending champions. We'd like t o
f n n n n t r a „ ™ nf <5fnto'« t n n full scorer for t h e squad a s h e kicked t h e league a s they took three points better t h a n m i g h t b e expected. B a d apologize to APA for letting t h i s
°* ' ; * ° P " , six goals for t h e year. S t a t e d e - from t h e S L S bowlers. J o h n Zidik breaks such a s J o h n Pengelly's a n d slip through. T h i s is n o t t o t a k e
backs was rushed t o t h e hospital f e n s i v e p i a y w a s o u t s t a n d i n g a s did h i s best in a losing cause a s h e BM Bonesteel's injuries a t t h e s t a r t away from the might of last year's
durln gthe second half where h e was they allowed their opposition t o rolled a high 540 triple for t h e week, of t h e season didn't help t h e Coach's S L S keglers, however, since t h e y
score only seventeen goals d u r i n g He also collected a 222 single t o s e t "opes much. Otherwise inevitable did spot t h e APAches a 500 p i n
treated for a b a d ankle sprain.
t h e season.
a h i g h for t h i s year. Dave Borden injuries plus bad playing conditions handicap—more t h a n enough for a
S t a t e Wins Five
split t h e m a p l e s for a 504 triple t o s » c h a s the high winds a t Bridge- sixth m a n .
port a n d rain-soaked Hawkins S t a - R I V A L R y We'd like to r e m i n d
S t a t e wound u p with a 5 won, 3 Next year's soccer s q u a d will be l e a d t h e P o t t e r c l u b a t t a c k _
dium gave the booters new obstacles Q „ n ™ „ „ J i ! , . „, ^ p „ / S
lost, a n d 2 even record for t h e sea- greatly weakened d u e to t h e g r a d u atlon of fullbacks D o n C a n o n i c a
I n t h e o t h e r downstairs league t o overcome. Finally t h e injuries t o f,''
„ " " . „ „ , f / s O7V,.«,H «, ^ ~ . ™
son, having suffered defeats to R P I , and R a l p h Adams, a n d halfbacks game, t h e Saylesmen, led by Leo Don Canonica in t h e final two g a m e s f f pf S H ™ L „ n ! ! S S
Geneseo, a n d Panzer.
T h e y tied Bill Lindberg a n d P h i l Billings. Legault's 460 triple, took four points d i d n ' t make S t a t e fans too opti- 1 ? 1 2 ? S
i ^
,, f
Platbsburg a n d Middlebury a n d were These four m e n have been t h e from t h e APAthetics. E a g a n w a s mistic.
^ , d e™nt.s.Wed
like to see al of
sparkplugs of this year's defense n u m b e r one m a n for t h e APAthetics
I n spite of all this t h e Peds show- 1 _ . . , . S.U. _ _ . _t .
, £ _y .o. ? . . ' : " ' , _ ? „
able to collect wins over strong a s w e n a s u n d b e r g ' s g r e a t offensive as h e rolled a 421 for t h e afternoon, cd m u c h spirit, won five games a n d ™°™±
" ,, „ „ ^ Z
f ?,?°' : J ° f
t e r e s
teams r e p r e s e n t i n g P o r d h a m , showing. T h e loss of outside left
two. Besides this they carried
room for
you on_ , t h e
wi^vt unw. uvoivii-o unto uiiwjf
I M Rosters Due;
Rifle Club Meets
Bernie Baker a n d J i m E s t r a m o n t e ,
I M Basketball Commissioners, have
announced t h a t basketball rosters
(with a m i n i m u m of eight a n d m a x i m u m of t e n players) a r e to b e
h a n d e d in before n e x t Wednesday.
T h e n a m e of a n o n - p l a y i n g m a n a g e r
m u s t also be t u r n e d i n .
Joe McDowell will also weaken n e x t
year's squad.
Team Record
Fordham 2
Bridgeport 0
Plattsburg 2
Coed Fencing classes h a v e been
s t a r t e d with instruction given o n
Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:30 Scoring
p.m. a t Page Gym.
B i u Undherg
Oswego 0
Union 2
Middlebury 0
Geneseo 3
Panzer 3
T h e Rifle Club got off to a s t a r t Al "Rock" Rocklein
Tuesday n i g h t w h e n t h e coed m e m - J o h n Lindberg
bers heard a talk by M r Proue of E c i J o n e s
t h e Delmar National Rifle Association Horace Crandall Ted Duprey A 1 L e d e r m a n
and Mary F o r m a n h e a d t h e Rifle Ev Weiermiller
Phil Billines
in casual
I n t h e u p s t a i r s division of t h e t n e s t a t e in commendable fashion | i S n u P sheets—so p u t your
Bowling League, t h e APAches split to m a n y p a r t s of t h e New E n g l a n d H a n c o c k o n t o d a y with t h e
Rousers. Polito collected a a i e a . T h r o w i n g in a few prognostiintercollegiate Bowling: I t ' s p l e a s 450 triple for t h e APAches while cations i t will come a s no surprise ing t o h e a r t h a t AA officials h a v e
SmaI1 w a shlgh for t h e Rousers with
If Don Canonica a n d Bill Lindberg granted t h e Intercollegiate keglers
S u m m i t gained three points a r e nominated for All-American. To a n appropriation. We ieel their a c and Hilltop o n e a s H u m p h r e y col- Coach Garcia a n d all his booters, tion will be more t h a n justified by
lected S a
t h e for
S u mHillm i t c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s for a job well done, t h e good will t h e keglers a r e buildcrew.
t o c410
k b a utriple
e r w afor
s high
IM Bowling: We'd like to correct ing u p with a r e a colleges.
top with a 408 triple. I n t h e last
game of t h e u p s t a i r s division Sayles
took four from VanDerzee to go into
a second place tie in t h e division.
Briska rolled 437 for Sayles
9n (lemaw.
APA, t h e pre-season favorites. I n
This year's I M football season t h e second half of t h e season they
was a highly successful one. T h e i o s t to these same two teams in a d leagues were efficiently managed by dition to forfeiting games to t h e
Bob S t r a u b e r a n d R a y Castillo; the w e a k s j s t e r s of t h e league. T h e y
officiating was. if not exceptional, w e r e seriously handicapped when
In a hockey playday S a t u r d a y , at least adequate for most of the m a n y o f their players started trying
Sage downed the _
S t a t e team, games; however, t h e most i m p o r t a n t o u t for basketball.
4 5-2.
D o n n a Hughes"scoredl)oth'''the' f a c t o r i n making this a good season D o r m T e a m s Stronger
goals for S t a t e with assists by M a r - w a s t h c cooperation exhibited by
1 fiyn Wittschen" a n d MillieBeisswaii- t n e teams a n d players.. I n one lea- stronger t h a n usual. Thurlow w a s
1 ger. G o n i a Cowan a n d P a t De Mers eue there were n o lorfeited games the undefeated leader of its league
1 captured first a n d third places in while m t h e other league t h e r e for half t h e season. College H t s .
archery competition against Sage, were a minimum of forfeits. Ht would pulled a couple of upsets. Sayles a n d
Miss Cowan took first place with" a be gratifying if t h e other IM sports Van Derzee, although outclassed,
total of 339 points. P a t De Mers a n d were a s successful during their r e - nevertheless put u p several g a m e
L y n n Roshen scored with 279 a n d spective seasons.
fights against superior opponents.
Putter Club deserves many con238 points, respectively.
KB, after losing its first t h r e e
gratulations for beating a fine APA
Ann K a m m e r '57 a n d Gina Hil- squad for t h e championship, after games, came roaring back in t h e
flker '56 have been selected to at-playing two scoreless ties with t h e second half of t h e season to defeat
tend t h e 1954 New York S t a t e Ath- same club during t h e regular sea- the same three teams a n d ease into
letic F e d e r a t i o n of College Women son. Potter improved a great deal a playoff berth. SLS, fielding a
strong, balanced club, took t h e
S ° " f f ™ I ? r e L , s t , ^ s . Z ^ . ^ I l n . ^ a u ^ i e : t h r o u g h o u t the''season,'"reach'ing'rts
President of WAA. T h e conference peak in t h e crucial championship championship of League B r a t h e r
will be held i n Syracuse from D e - game.
cember 3-5. T h e theme is to be O n e of t h e surprising teams in
We believe very definitely that we
"Prospectus for W o m e n in Sports." League A was t h e 69ers. This squad have more t h a n enough material
T h e purpose of t h e conference is tostarted off t h e season with two to field a strong intercollegiate footoffer a n o p p o r t u n i t y for delegates
ball team. T h e r e were superior
to exchange ideas, a t t i t u d e s a n d stunning upsets over Potter a n d players with adequate high school
opinions. It. is hoped t h a t t h r o u g h
experience on all of the IM t e a m s
such a n exchange, m e t h o d s for a
who demonstrated their ability, d e stronger a n d b e t t e r informed o r g a n spite the limitations imposed upon
ization will b e brought to light.
t h e m by two handed touch. T h e
knotty problems, mostly financial,
T h e WAA Coker on T h u r s d a y w a s
Our sport spotlight for this week which block the formation of a colthe scene of t h e initiation of freshnien elected to represent their class shines on J o h n Zidik, S L S a n c h o r - lege team, have been reiterated for
on WAA Council. Alice Meyer a n d m a n a n d IM kegler champion who a king, long time. I feel, however,
Alice Lockwood were those elected c a m e u p with a league leading 540 t h a t some day in the near future, a
to fill this post.
triple Wednesday.
combination of favorable circumZidik, who halls from Yonkers, is stances will occur which will enable
I his is t h e final r e m i n d e r to all a t o p hoopster a n d also State's t o p s t a t e to weld a football team from
of you to consult t h e WAA bulletin varsity baseball pitcher.
i t s available, b u t hitherto
board a n d finish u p those hours for
His 222 opening single game gave talent
Fall sport credit. Winter sports be- S L S their lone victory over Potter
gin after T h a n k s g i v i n g , hours a r e c l u b . His other two games of 178
not t r a n s f e r a b l e .
a n d 150 carried h i s t e a m m a t e s
t h r o u g h to the final frame of each
game. T o J o h n , it's congratulations
for a j o b well done.
R u n n e r u p slot goes 10 Dave BorT h e Albany S t a t e Kegling Club,
den of Potter Club whose last, frame although bowling at its worst, c o m e
turkey in t h e second game a n d 188 through with a four-game victory
closing game gave P o t t e r their close over RPI (2>. This left them four
wins over t h e S L S team. Dave e n d - y,' ime .s behind Siena which"also took
ed up witli a 504 triple.
T h e best the keglers could come
up with was a 780 opening single,
Ice Cream to Take Out
enough to win by 141 pins. T h e second game, the Peels' worst of t h e
season (Ii77i, was won by 24 pins
200 C e n t r a l Avenue
With Music I or All Occasions
and t h e finale by 48 pins,
A small or large b a n d to meet
J o h n Zidik led the Teachers over
P H O N E : 3-9071
your needs
the run down Engineers by s m a s h Plume: S t a t e 5-87:13
ing the maples for 140-151-182 for a
473 triple.
A bright spot for t h e keglers came
about with the a n n o u n c e m e n t t h a t
AA Board h a s voted un aproprlatlon fur the learn.
Council Initiates
Sftant SpaiiifUi
Soft a9 a s l i p p e r — l i g h t a s a f e a t h e r —
t o u g h a s t h e d e s e r t itself. M a d e o f
t h e most casual leathers with genuine
crepe r u b b e r soles in C l a r k s ' f a m o u s
construction. T h c nearest to
n a t u r a l foot f r e e d o m . F o r y e a r ' r o u n d
wear in every country a n d climate.
Albany State Bowlers
Take Four From RPI
"The Mayflower"
The Instrumentalists
anu, K- f .
State College
APA took four points from K B t o
gain undisputed possession of t h e
It may be "over the river and through the
woods to Grandmother's dinner"
But at State it's over to Bru and down
to the Union for the fine food of the
S N A C K 11 A R
Gerald Drug Go.
217 WeNterii Ave.
Albany, N. Y.
IMiuue 8-8010
State Theatre Presents
Shaw Comedy Tonight
3. 1 9 5 4
V O L . XXXIX NO. 11
SUB To Sponsor Dance Saturday; Juniors Select
To Decorate Union For Christmas Prom Theme;
Following the State vs. Utica basketball game tomorrow night Student Union Board will sponsor a basket- Sophs To Meet
ball dance in Brubacher. Richard Hannis, Grad, and his
T h e Senior a n d J u n i o r classes m e t
band will furnish the music for the dance, which will recently,
a n d t h e Sophomore slass
be in the Game Room from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. This will Is planning a meeting for Tuesday.
be the first in a series of five such dances; one of which At a meeting November 18 m e m -
Pictured left to r i g h t : Theodore Pederson '57, a s Julius Caesar;
will be a j u k e box dance. Co-chair- bers of t h e Senior Class were per- Robert Woyton '58, Androcles, a n d Andriana Bosna '57, t h e Lion.
mitted to sign u p for G r a d u a t i o n
men of t h e Dance Committee a r e Committee a n d a skit committee,
State College Theatre will open its first season toBetty V a n Vlack '57 a n d Toddreports J o h n Orser '55, Class Presnight
with the production of "Androcles and the Lion,"
C u s h m a n '56, states Nancy Hazzard ident. T h e G r a d u a t i o n Committee
'55, C h a i r m a n of S t u d e n t Union consists of: Marjorie Liddell, Nan a two-act comedy by Shaw to be presented at 8 p.m. in
McEvoy, T h o m a s Dixon, J o a n C a r Board.
Page Hall, reports Patricia Hall '57, Publicity Director.
lin a n d Roger Hawver. This comAt a recent News Board meeting,
Following the play, the Theatre group will sponsor a free
C h r i s t m a s decorations will be disthe Editors of t h e News voted to
promote t h e following staff m e m - played in t h e Union by members the president and vice-president in Lion Hop from 9:45 p.m. to 12 midnight at Brubacher
plaiuiing a nactivities.
d coordinating all t h e
bers, reports Ronald Lackey '55, of SUB. Lois J o h n s o n '57 a n d Tony graduation
T h e comedy, which is u n d e r t h e
which h a s
Editor-in-Chief. Promoted to S o p h direction of Dr. Paul B. Pettit, A s more Reporters were Elizabeth Stei- Decorations Committee will s t a r t charge of choosing a director a n d
sociate Professor of English, takes
script for t h e Senior Torch Night
field, Cliff Davis, Joseph Purcell work this weekend. Greenery a n d
place in Rome during t h e reign of
skit, tentatively consists of: Dolores
Julius Caesar, when Christians were
and Dominick DeCecco. New S o p h - trees will be arranged in the Lower Montalbano, Mary A n n Johnpoll,
beiii.* thrown to the lions. Androcles
more Desk Editors a r e Marcia Law- Lounge a n d the Snack Bar.
Nancy Evans a n d Evelyn Ruben.
T h e r e will be a S t u d e n t Art E x - and his wife, Megaera, a r e fleeing
T h e General C h a i r m a n for t h e Senrence, Richard Saner and Matthew
A Coffee Hour is planned for D e - ior Banquet, selerted for J a n u a r y 8 hibit in t h e Upper Lounge of B r u - for their lives. Androcles heals a
cember 12, following t h e S t u d e n t a t O'Connor's R e s t a u r a n t , is Donna bacher Sunday afternoon from 3 wounded Hon. Later Androcles, F e r Christian
C h r i s t m a s Hughes. Vice-President of the class.
until 5 p.m. announces Mary J a n e rovious, (a warrior I, a n d Apintho (a
T h e two Sophomores promoted to
Sing. Edna Standley and F r a n k Lo A r r a n g e m e n t s will be handled by
Co-Assistant Circulation Editors are Truglio, Seniors, will be in charge Mary Eileen Doone, a n d e n t e r t a i n - Fisher '56, Publicity Director. Alt coward i a r e apprehended by t h e
a n d taken
Nancy Schneider a n d Barbara P a u l - of the Hour from 9 to 10:30 p.m. inment is c h a i r m a n e d by Nancy Evans pieces of a r t work have been con- Roman
and Miss Mary A n n Johnpoll.
tributed by students of State. T h e to Rome to die in the a r e n a . I t is
son e n d B a r b a r a Weinstock is t h eBrubacher.
At t h e J u n i o r Class meeting Tues- Exhibit, under the direction of Lin- here t h a t a series of unusual cirnew Sophomore Circulation Staff
held in the form of a coffee da Niles '56, is sponsored by D r a m a - cumstances occur which affect A n Committees
member. Appointed a s Assistant
and C h r i s t m a s Decorations a r e com- hour in t h e cafeteria, suggestions
tics a n d Arts Affiliates.
Business Managers were Mary Ann p r i s e ! of both tryouts mid m e m b e r s were voiced for a theme for t h e
S c h l o t t h a u b e r and Rita Lamboglia, of SUB.
Members of Cast
J u n i o r Prom, states Marjorie KellDramatics a n d Arts
eher, President. "Heaven S e n t " was
Members of the cast include: Meselected, f t was also voted to secure have started this exhibit in a n a t - gaera, Barbara Hungerford; A n These promotions were made after
the Spring Street Stompers from tempt to revitalize s t u d e n t interest drocles, Robert Woyton; t h e Lion,
Williams College to give a jazz con- •
- —
careful deliberation by t h e Board
Adriana Bosna; Centurions, Richard
cert t h e Sunday after t h e Junior in a r t work. They plan to follow up p e n m a n , Thomas Watthous, Emil
on the a m o u n t of time and work
Prom, which is scheduled for F e b -this exhibit wit h a n o t h e r one next Polak; Christians, Karol Clifford,
contributed by these people. S t a r t ruary 19 a t t h e Ten Eyck Ballroom. semester.
Betty Lashuk, Donald
ing this year, t h c News is initiating
T h e Sophomore Class Banquet is
Marian Stern; Guards,
Proofs a r e to be mailed to S a r - slated for J a n u a r y 8 a t Herbert's,
a new system of promotion. I n Watthews, David Blum, Emil Polak;
gent Studios in Boston by Monday according to Bruno Rodgers, Presi- worl. to Miss Niles up until 3:30 p.m. Captain, Harry Roberts; Lavinia,
stead of choosing t h e new Board.
if any individual wishes to have his dent. Robert Burns, Vice-President, today. Among the work submitted Cynthia Fuller;
Apintho, David
and promoting the staff in May on portrait in t h c Pedagogue for t h eis General C h a i r m a n of t h e affair.
are sculptures, finger painting, oils, Kendig; Ferrovious, Norman C h a n T
comMoving-Up Day, as done previously,
cer: Lentulus, Richard T i n a p p ; M e coming year. Sargent Studios, p h o - mittees will be appointed a t t h ewater coolrs a n d charcoal drawings.
tellus, Brooke Elgle; Ox Driver, Roy
the Board a n d new Editor will be
Hours are given to tryouts who s u b - O'Connor, Jr.; Editor, Morton Hess;
announced in J a n u a r y of each year.
Call Boy, Alan Hutchinson; RetiarS t a l l a p p o i n t m e n t s a n d promotions yearbook staff will make no effort 10 a.m. in Draper 349,
mit a r t work.
ius i Gladiator) Sal Zaccaro; Secuwill be m a d e three times a year, once to insure t h e publication of a n y
tor (Gladiator), Dominick Toscino;
in November, J a n u a r y and again on portraits t h a t a r c not returned via Student Council:
Another Gladiator, Richard BeauMoving-Up Day.
mail by Monday, expresses Ronald
din; Still Another Gladiator, Jess
Koster '55. Editor of the Pedagogue.
Vies; Menagerie Keeper, J o h n Reiners; the Emperor, Theodore PederPedagogue.
sen, the Empress, G e r t r u d e S t r o n ski; A t t e n d a n t to t h e Empress, Carol
S t u d e n t s who a r c returning their
Allen; Master of t h e Whip, Anthony
proofs a r e to mail them t o : S a r g e n t
Oliveriero; Slaves, Oliviero, T h o m a s
Studios, !,>4 Boylston Street, Boston,
At the regular meeting of S t u d e n t Council this week freshman m e m Mas.sachhsetfs. Seniors are also r e bers to the All College Revue Committee were selected, two motions relaReligious Clubs have
quested to till nut their biography tive to t h e S t a t e College budget were made, '"" ~"
.Tickets for the play may be obtain•seasonal parties a n d a panel dissheets a n d r e t u r n them lo t h e Ped- Committee m e m b e r s were announced, and 'New Types of G o v e r n m e n t " ed villi Student Activity Cords or
cussion for t h e coming week.
the Assembly agenda was for s.75 tax free. They are on sale
agogue mailbox in lower Draper established.
T h e meeting opened with a special welcome from t h e President, at the booth in lower Husted and
On T h u r s d a y evening at 7:30 a t near the co-op.
will also be sold a t t h e door by
Charles Beckwith '55, to the new freshman representatives to Council. Dramatics a n d Arts Council
Its regular meeting, Newman Club
They were urged to voice opinions
will be host to four students from
both representative of their own I Continued on Page 3, Column 2J
St. Hose College who will lead a
feelings a n d those of t h e class r e p resented.
panel discussion on Marlology, specifies Kafherine McCann '56, presiCommittee reports included a n
a n n o u n c e m e n t by Robert Betscha
dent. Following the meeting, mem'56, Vice-President, staling that S t u By MATT OSTOYICH
bers will hold their Christmas party.
atublo both to those who want to dent Board of Finance wants a
Slelgll bells ring,
Thursday a t 7:30 p.m. ln Draper
written copy of all financial m o Hlllel a n d S t u d e n t Christian AsAre you listenin' . .
to sit It out sways the crowd for tions passed in Assembly to be giv- 340 t h e International Film Group
sociation will hold their annual celeA dance, oh a ball,
their listening pleasure in t h e Ball- en to the Board.
will see a re-showing of t h e film
bration of t h e Christian holiday oi
At the Circle I n n
room. T h e charm, romance, a n d
"Ivan t h e Terrible" directed by
Christmas and the Jewish festival
To (he s t r a i n s of Billy Butterfield. relaxed pleasure ensuing from t h e Assembly Agenda
of Clianukah, or Feast of Lights, on
T h e Assembly agenda consists of Seme M. Eisenstein. This reshowlng
"The world's greatest
trumpet band holds you spellbound when
Sunday a t Congregation Ohav Shol- player," Hilly Butterfield, is carting you lir.st tread on the dance floor. a t h i r t y - m i n u t e talk by J e a n Rasey is ai the request of many members
om, -Ml Washington Avenue, states his talents to the Circle Inn, seven Then the tempo "creeps" info you '64 on Yugoslavia; break-down a n d
Harvey Brody 'fill, president. T h e days hence. T h e Greeks of S t a t e and you feel right at home and be- discussion of t h e Smiles budget; of the Film Group, states H a u n a
party will begin at. six o'clock. will be t h e first to touch off t h efore you know if you are right in motion discussion on the request by Wilfert '55. Those who have failed
Everyone is invited to attend. T h e r e illustrious season of "merry" at t h ethe thick of t h e rejoicing. When Campus Commission to increase to see this film before will h a v e a
will tx> n o charge fur this affair traditional
Wlnlerlude. Bids a r e you leave you'll surely be inspired supplies line In their budget; pres- chance to see it Thursday.
Traditional food will be served.
only lour dollars, MI come on alland will be looking forward to a entation of t h e two News financial
"White Christmas."
This epic Is the last work of Eismotions; and if time remains, disT h e Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- you "dobbins" grab your " m a r e "
cussion on t h e revised
Campus enstein released by t h e U.S.S.R.
lowship will have Its regular weekly and make sure you gallop to t h e So let's not forget, stop by t h e
Commission regulations.
With the musical collaboration of
meeting in Brubucher Thursday eve- Circle I n n next Friday.
I F C - I S C booth in Lower Blister
Can't you hear t h e sleigh bells and purchase these ducats, guys.
T h e meeting closed with the read- Prokofliev, Eisenstein h a d for t h e
ning a t 7:30 T h e topic of the meeting will be "We Seek His Face", a n d ringing in t h e crisp cold and frosty And all you beautiful dolls s t a r t ing of the AMIA inventory, t h e or- last time created in his film n fasformerly known as MAA.
Is concerned with prayer, announces air us you whisk to L a t h a m ? A pressing those gowns a n d got s eganization
cinating era in Russian history,
Ann K a m m e r '56, president. A short cheery crowd flies into the Circle I n n lor a wonderful evening next Friday
Theresa Monaco a n d Salvatore
film Is also scheduled to be shown
T h e film h a s English subtitles a n d
Butterfield bund. Music t h a t is p a l - Wintcrlude.
on I^ayo 6, Column SJ students a r e urged to arrive on time.
News Editors
List Promotions
State Students
To Display Arts
Studio Requests
Yearbook Proofs
Religious Clubs
Schedule Parties
SC Selects Government Committee;
Hears Two News Financial Motions
Billy Butterfield Band To Bring
Musical Interlude To Winterlude
Film Group Schedules
Russian Film Again
ClosedJDoor^Discussion . . .
Meetings of any organization functioning under the
Student Association Constitution are open to every member of SA. Myskania recently ruled that an organization
could close their meetings to outsiders if they were going
to discuss individuals in connection with elections or matters of a personal nature, the reason being, opinions voiced
on candidates should go no farther than the meeting and
those people in attendance.
For the past few weeks Student Council has been using
this privilege freely. Consequently, non-members of Council or "outsiders" were requested to leave. Wednesday evening all non-members were asked to leave twice: first for
the election of freshmen to the All College Revue Committee and second for the election of a State Fair Chairman.
In the second case technicalities arose and discussion was
not held, thereby creating an unnecessary dismissal and
departure of many in attendance.
In the past it has been the practice of Student Council to exclude non-members only when elections concerned
a position traditionally kept secret, for example, the Moving Up Day speakers. Organization heads were allowed to
remain in the meeting, offer suggestions and participate
in discussion. Last year the Editor of the News as well as
other organization heads was allowed to remain in the
meetings when the Inter-Collegiate Association representatives, All College Revue Director and committee, State
Fair Chairman and others were elected. The discussion on
the candidates was not printed in keeping with the policy
that a news story is published only when officially released
by an organization.
Organizations should, in our opinion, share in discussing the people they will work with or will represent
them. The News would like to retain its right to remain
in the meeting, except when tradition is involved, even
when others are requested to leave. We would like a. qualification on the attendance practice.
To the Editors:
It's a little dead and gone by now,
but I would like to comment on the
editorial in the last paper concerning the jazz concert. Instead of
enumerating the inaccuracies and
half-facts, I better go through the
In view of the affluence of negative discussion at the October 10, the President of 6A
was contacted by Woody Herman,
last Assembly concerning the revised Campus Commission and
Council agreed to sponregulations and Constitution, it would appear that a ma- sor Student
the concert they offered. The
jority of the people in this college have little or no regard band cancelled the date, so the
for school property or the rules governing it. Rules can- whole matter was dropped. It hapon October 20, that Music
not be effective until they can be enforced. We, therefore, pened
Corporation of America contacted
want to see Campus Commission given the power to en- the President of IPC, telling him
force their regulations when the final vote is taken in Max Kaminski would be passing
through Albany the night of NoAssembly.
10, and would IPC like to
The proposed penalty that reference be given to the vember
sponsor a concert? IFC couldn't
Dean with the recommendation for suspension from school handle it because of finances and
for one week for the third violation has been received un- Winterlude, so SC took over. The
concerning technicalities of
favorably. In actual practice very few people would reach motions
the financing during assemblies that
this point if they were thoroughly acquainted with the reg- Friday and the next in no way imulations. In opposing the passing of this article, objectors paired the concert planning already
underway. (The All-State Day
are condoning those persons who would willfully violate well
financial motion wasn't passed unthe rules.
til almost a month alter that date,
Without the approval of Student Association, Campus yet this "red tape" in no way hinCommission is without power to apprehend those people dered their planning or success.)
who persevere in defacing school property and flaunting The publicity committee was told
publicity would be provided by
the rules that are for the good of the majority. The re- all
Their release stated it was
opening of the Commons after it was redecorated had a MCA.
a good idea to put publicity up a
short-lived effect on those students who make use of it. month before the concert. But the
They have returned to littering the floor and ashtrays editorial neglected to state that the
publicity wasn't sent to the
and piling books and coats on chairs and tables. It is main
school until only 7 days before the
nothing to be proud of.
The subject has been debated year after year without That covers the inaccuracies, now
result. A wise and final decision to award Campus Com- for the insinuations; The editorial
the word "blame" in relation
mission with the power it needs to uphold its regulations used
to the debt incurred. Frankly, concould solve the problem .
sidering the conditions, I was proud
of SA support and thought the innovation was well worth the debt.
The concert was on quick notice,
,.: was on a week night, In the midst
of mid-sems, and cost $75, which
MTA*LI»H«D MAY 1 . 1 .
'*' is a lot for a week night's entertainment. The only "blame" I have
• • T H B C L A M or i.ta
? is for those few students who constantly talk the school down, and
First Place CSPA
First Place ACP then didn't bother to support a progressive step.
Deember 3, 1954
No. 11 As for taking money from surMembers of ttie NEWS »tuff may be reached Tuesday and Wednesday from plus, I agree it is a bad policy to
7 to 11 p.m. at 2-3320, Ext. 11. Phones: Lackey, 3-0277; Ruben, 02-0570; Reltz, 2-9711; use the money for every single
Bwlerzowskl, 2-3744; Moore, 2-3320.
dance. Hut, when something new
The undergraduate newspaper of the New York State College for Teachers: pub- comes along with no budget line,
lished every Friday of the College year by the NEWS Board for the Student Associa- why shouldn't surplus be used in an
emergency to finance something the
liUllor-ln-Chlef students otherwise wouldn't have
Managing Editor had? The editorial suggests that
Public Relations Editor we should plan our Innovations furJOANNE MOORE
Feature Editor
. . .
Circulation-Exchange ther ahead in the future, (there are
Business-Advertising Editor already plans for a Dixieland conAII.EEN COCHRANE
Associate Editor cert Feb. 20, ok? i But it is ridicuCAROL ANN LUET
Associate Editor lous to suppose the school should
Sports Editor
Junior Sports Member reject an opportunity such as this
Junior Spuria Member with the words "Sorry, but we have
'•" Staff I'liotographer to have 0 months planning before
we dare try any new ventures!"
Issue Editor Also, while I'm at it. I'm all for
editorials on controversial subjects,
but let's try for accuracies. In parAll communications should be addressed to the editor and must be signed. Names ticular, I mean the first Debate,
Will be withheld on request. The STATE COLLEGE NEWS assumes no responsibility for
opinions expressed in Its columns or communications, as such expressions do not editorial, where the topic wasn't
necessarily reflect Its views.
even stated correctly. Then the following week, the editor, trying to
Justuy a previous mistake, quoted
(Continued on Page 3, Column I)
Law Enforcement . . .
Albany debaters copped two top honors at the Dart- t ** ^
A Visiting Committee of the American Association of
mouth Invitational Novice Debate Tourney and were one h a v e t h l s chemical analysis of a Colleges for Teacher Education will arrive at State Sunday,
of the five undefeated teams out of seventy-one pairs of woman from the university of Rhode states Evan R. Collins, President of the College. Sunday
teams at the University of Vermont Tourney, states Phyl- island,
through Tuesday members of the Committee will investigate the functioning of the College by: sitting in on classes,
lis Bialow '56, Debate Council President. Undefeated in the symbol: wo
faculty and student activities, meeting and informal gathDartmouth tourney were the affirmative team from State Accepted Atomic weight: 120
comoosed of Linda Niles and Barbara Salvatore, Juniors, Physical Properties: possesses a erings; watching the operation of various administrative
who were victorious over Dartmouth, Harvard and the £ £ , t f f and
ftSTitSS and instructive departments; and mingling with students
To the Editor:
May I add my meed of praise to
the many congratulations you must
be receiving for your courageous defense of the principle of public debate of controversial issues? Admittedly, the topic chosen involves complex political and moral issues, but
they can hardly be clarified by a
refusal to examine them, or to permit them to be examined. The position of intellectual leadership in this
matter that you, as editor of the
State College News, have taken is
particularly admirable.
The pride I feel in my association
with a college whose administration
and students have demonstrated
their allegiance to the canons of
free inquiry and open discussion is
one of the intangible rewards of a
profession we are all committed to.
You have added your individual talents to a tradition as old as Socrates and as American as Henry
David Thoreau. We in the humanities can hardly fail to recognize the
importance of what you have done.
Very sincerely yours,
M. E. Grenander,
Associate Professor of English,
Pasadena, California.
National Teacher Education Group
*7U* CxcUaHfa To Examine State College Campus
State Debaters Win Top Honors
A t Dartmouth Forensic Tournament
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3 , 1 0 5 4
U n i v e r s i t y Of V e r m o n t .
Violent reaction if left alone. Able
The negative team of Phyllis Ly- t 0 absorb a vast amount of food.
eth '56 and Rita Cohen '57 lost their Turns green when placed beside a
final debate to Harvard, after wins b e t t e l ' looking specimen.
from the University of Vermont and
Occurrence: Found wherever man
(Continued from Page 2, Column 2)
the SA secretary's minutes as saying Middlebury.
Uses: Usually versatile as a tonic
"Many Catholic schools, some 200
At the University of Vermont for low spirits andw a depressive for
rejected the
in number ^.^j*.....*.-.
. . r rnurnament neici oetore UUUIKS- *—»•• ~*
* —°—
— —
Thanks- equalizer
high spirits._
efficient as aofI i
whereas the minutes ™tually read Tournament
, state's
of Highly
the distribution
B vacation
"—some 200 schools rejected the B
undefeated. With debaters weath-is probably the most effectopic - including many Catholic J J ^ } m r t e m s t a t e s a n d C a n a d a live income reducing agent known,
From Bucknell Uhlvetsity we
»•„,. ,v,™-.> „,.„.,,•.„„
arguing, «^=
355 riphafpe
debates WPVP
were held
held dnrdur
This is ust my plea for moie »b , ' * ' t h r e e . d a v eV ent State's af have the followingi "Scripture":
thought-provoking editorials, but ing the thieemry
event._a»w s^ a_
firmative of Miss Bialow and Miss
Blessed are those who go around
make sure they're accurate.
Yours truly,
University, Connecticut Wesleyan,
For they shall be called wheels.
Theresa Barber '56.
Vassar, Worcester Polytechnic and
St. Anselms State's negative comWords of wisdom from the RensRebuttal
posed of Emilie Vavra and Richard s e , a c r Polytechnic advise how to
Editor's Comment: Let it suffice
uul a
to state that Miss Barber is a rep- Clifford, Sophomores, lost the final
success1. Do not bother with a text book,
resentative to Student Council from
harge of '"> debates with Dartmouth, Ham2, Put your social life ahead of
the Class of 1956, was in cha
publicity for the past Jazz Concert. ilton College, Bowdoin and the Uni- everything else. If necessary, cultlversity ol Vermont. State's lour de- v a t e n few friendships in the class,
balers at this event were ranked interesting conversation should be
first or second as speakers in each able to drown out the noise of a
debate, among the field of 284 col- lecture.
To the Editor:
Student Council came to the Stu- lege speakers
dent Association Assembly NovemDebate Council invites those inber 12 for nominations of students
Art Class Sponsors
who SA ielt would be worthy rep
iy rep- terested In progressive discussion on c
_ , .
resentatives of our college at the the topic "How can we improve the M U C J e n t K h O t O C X h l O l t
inter-Collegiate Association meeting modern educational system to Ut
1 u weekend
'it Council
Geneseo from
0 u display from Monday through
by Student
a the needs of our society? , to sign
by the Art 6 class.
final names
were up on the debate bulletin board or Fsponsored
of 21 the
r iday, second floor Draper, will be
and with' the-.--'
Joana CPp Miss Bialow.
11 ofc.~,v,
those students
who submitted
n For
Cai'lin who went last year and is a
photographs there will be a desk
carryover, are all Student Council
in the lower peristyle December 13members.
/Continued from Page 1, Column 5) 15 from 12 to 12:30 p.m. In the
I do not question the ability and „
event that the owner is unable to
ciualities of those selected, but I do The stage proscenium has been
been ])j( , k U)) nJK p h ( ) t ( ) S | ( h o s e r e m a i n i n g
feel it is unfair to SA, who was
bothered for nominations. Why extended for the play and ramps w i u be left in a box on the desk
come to SA? In this instance SC hav been built into the audience, after December 15.
c„wiPri renresentatives from within Edgar Van Olnda. drama critic lor
The shots will picture various sub„ , ™ , ranks with one excep- Times Union and several theatrical jects, including both still and action
i n i t s interesting to note that people from the Albany area are prints. Anyone still wishing to hand
^ I n f t h P two alternates picked was expected to attend the performance, m photos, minimum size 3"x5 .
Miss Ha
01 tin LWU member
, _ ,,.__
„ ,,
mus(. dQ go b y 4 p m
a non-Council
Also, I challenge Council s right
n U j . may be deposited in a box located in
to close the meeting to anyone not
w i | ] ]x
[ o the lower peristyle between Husted
Council when fUcusston con e v e r v o n e attending. Music will be and Draper.
ceming the nominee:s beu m i e l h e
. ^
^ pep
order of business. SA onlooKets WLIL
••requested" to leave the Government C o m m i t t e e Heads
Room, where Council
~ "'""' meets,
'" "until
" '
Committee for "Androcles and The
after the selection! I appeal to Mys- Lion" include: Assistant to the Dikania for a limiting of Council's rector, Betty Van Vlack; Stage
power to close their meetings at Manager, Dorothy Alford; Costumes
wish, especially since it is evident »*!.'!.' .,
Jelly, Chairman, Janet
Corner Ontario & Benson
the words and suggestions of an Eygnor,
' Priscilla
•'outsider" were evidently in need. Stuobs; Properties, Prances MonaDial 4-1125
han, Sheila Strongin; Lights, Grace
Mueller; Sound, Marie Carbone,
Margaret Culligan; Staging, Lenore
National Society Gives Hughes. Margaret Coogan, Judy
College Florists for Years
Vinnnerstedt, Nancy Schneider and
Special Attention
Scholarship To Student the Speecli 13 class; Business and
„,,-,„„ '57
.,, u the Publicity, Nancy Gadc, Patricia
Betty Rae
viacK o - i s tnt
B a ,. 1 ) a r a
Sororities and Fraternities
recipient ol an awa.d o
P n n l y l u l , Virginia Van Orden.
by the Scholarship Committee 01
the Alpha Chapter of Delta Kappa
Gamma, a national honor society lo
women educators. On November• 3
the Chapter approved t h \ i « . o m
nendation of the Scholarship Cornnut tee and voted to give to Miss
Van Vlack an award of $100 reporU
Oscar E. Lanford, Dean ol the College.
£etteM . . .
It seems that the "Turkey Vacation" came just in time. But to
keep us all going, it's nice to remember that there is another vacation
coming up in two weeks.
ANY ONE . . . ?
Since there are so many people who devote much of their time to
playing bridge and there are even experts among them, some of the
students have been asking why there isn't an organized club or tournament in the school. The answer is that no one has been Interested
enough to start one. If you are . . . use your initiative!
LOCAL . . .
Hello to Sigma Phi Sigma . . . good-bye to Alpha Epsilon Phi.
Congratulations to the Class of 1957 for winning Rivalry. With that
close score you must have been shaking till the last minute. But, it was
a job well done and a prize well deserved. Your skit had lots of audience
appeal and it was evident that the participants had worked hard to
put on a good show.
For the class of '58, with this year's experience and another good
skit like the one presented on Campus Day, "Just wait till next year."
An expression of appreciation is due, we think, to Tush Barber
who handled the student rate vacation transportation so efficiently.
She had a rush job to do with it since it was overlooked until the last
minute by Student Council. It was encouraging to see someone volunteer for a job, work at it and complete it successfully. It seems that
some of our "hardworkers" are volunteering for or getting themselves
appointed to committees about which they know little and work at
less. When these people offer to work on a committee and don't know
what it entails and how much time they will have to spend, or lose
interest once they are on the group, the result is that the burden has
to be carried by the others (which seems to the case on the committee
investigating NSA). It would be more sensible for some people to spread
themselves around less and really do a good job on what they are able
and actually interested. Anyway . . . Thanks, Tush.
Glad to see the new coat of holiday decorations in the Co-op. Most of
the comments overheard have been favorable. As a State College graduate,
Mr. Bell knows what we students want and tries to meet us all the way.
His new policies have led to better services available for the students.
HAVE FUN . . .
Don't forget tomorrow night after the basketball game, Student
Union Board will sponsor the first in a series of informal basketball
dances after all five of the home games, four of which will have a band.
Another function on the SUB social calendar, will be the Informal
Coffee Hour to be held after the Christmas Sing next Sunday night.
Now that the excitement cf frosh elections is over, we would like
to congratulate all those who were elected. From what we can see, it
seems that these officers were chosen on the basis of platforms given.
Glad to see '58 starting out on the right foot.
Now it's up to you to put forth all your effort to learn about our
student government, and to help keep Student Council and our assemblies constructive and interesting.
Who will be next week's entertainers at Student Council?
The Other 15??
The All-College Revue Committee
has set Monday as the deadline for
submitting applications for directing or working as co-ordinates of
the Revue scheduled for March 19.
Applications should be sent to Mary
Ann Johnpoll '55, or Marie Devine
The committee has decided that
there will be five categories of direction. The categories will include
the following: a choreographer who
will supervise and stage the dancing; a music director who will take
charge of all music; a coordinator
who will handle the money and
work with the committees; an acting or dialogue director who will
direct the skits and/or the sketches,
and finally, a supervising director
who will take charge of the show.
Administration and faculty members have investigated and evaluated the program. Their report was
given to the Visiting Committee
for consideration. The Visiting
Committee will compile its own report on the basis of their findings.
The results will be used to the advantage of the College and its proper functioning.
The committee visiting State will
be comprised of men from states
other than New York. The Chairman of the group will be Dr. E. DeAlton Partridge, President of the
State Teachers College, Monclair,
New Jersey. President Collins has
served on similar committees, visiting such colleges as the University
of Boston and Yale.
SC Theatre . . .
/ / / • • ; / ' » ' " ' -
College Calendar
News staff meeting, Room 200.
News staff meeting, Room 202.
"Androcles and the Lion," Page Hall Auditorium.
9:45 p.m.
Lion Hop, Brubacher Hall.
Music Council Poster Party, Brubacher Hall.
Hliu p.m.
State vs. RPI Basketball Game, Page Hall Gym.
SUB Basketball Dance.
3 to 5 p.m.
D & A Art, Exhibit, Brubacher Upper Lounge.
Hillel and SCA Party, Congregation Ohav Sholom, 441
Washington Ave.
Student Union Board Meeting, Brubacher.
a.m. Sophomore Class Meeting, Draper 349.
HI l.
Council Meeting, Brubacher Government Room.
7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
Better Government Committee, Brubacher.
7:30 pjn.
"Ivan the Terrible," film, Draper 349.
7:30 p.m.
IVCF Meeting, Brubacher.
7:30 pail.
Newmun Club Meeting, Newman Hall.
Revue Group
Sets Deadline
For Directors
in the Dormitories and the Student Union.
AACTE was set up as an accrediting agency for Teacher Education
Colleges throughout the country.
State is already accredited. This
visit by a committee of the Association is part of a program established to aid accredited colleges In
evaluating themselves.
Albany, N. Y.
One Way
One Way
3,70 Al'BURN
Plus U. S. Tax. Bill EXTRA Savings EACH WAY on Bound-Trips
Fine, Modern Coaches—Frequent, Well-Timed Schedules
All costume jewelry will go on
Eat at the
Snack Bar
73 State Street
He never dreamed he'd save so much
going home by GREYHOUND
350 Broadway
Phone 4-6165
f»AOI 4
STATE C O L L E G E N E W S . FRIDAY, D E C E M B E R 3 . 1 0 5 4
Music Council
Sponsors Party;
To Show Movie
Freshmen Select Officers; List Election Tabulations
Freshman Elections:
No. of votes cast x 100
Q u o t a =s
No. t o be elected + 1
418 x 1 0 °
1 + 1
7100 7200
12100 12300 14200 19300
13200 13300 16100 20000 31300
S600 8700 10700
200 200 200 200
100 600 2300
41800 41800 41800 41800 41800
Cosentino ..,
Cosgrove ...
McGuirk ...
14800 15200 15500 16100 17000 19300 23400
5800 5800 6200 6900 7800 9300
4800 4800 4900 5200 5700
1700 1700
2600 2800 2800
7200 7900 8400 9200 10300 11200
3400 3600 3800
800 800 800 300 800 800
100 100 600 1300 2100 6400
41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800
8300 9100 10000
9000 10100 11400 13500 15800
5700 6200
4400 4600
6800 6900 1)200 9600 10500 12000
1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
1700 3000 350O 5800 8900 15300 25000
Music Council will show " S o n g of
Scherazade," a technicolor movie
of t h e fife of t h e Russian composer
Rimsky-Korsakoff, on December 15
a t 7:45 p.m., a n n o u n c e s K a t h r y n
J o h n s t o n '55, President. T h e film,
one of adventure a n d music, s t a r s
Yvonne DeCarlo, B r i a n Donlevy
and J e a n Pierre Aumont. T h e film
will be shown i n Draper 349 a n d
students must present their s t u d e n t
tax cards to be admitted.
F r e s h m a n Class Of fleers: first row, (1 to r ) : M a r t h a Ross, Joseph
B a r t o n , Ronald Alexander, Jack Minon, Mary Cosentino, Theresa M o naco a n d Sally H a r t e r . Second r o w : J o h n Stefano, Marilyn Leach,
Patricia Corcoran a n d David Blum.
Song Leader
Publicity Director
8900 10700
11900 13700 17700 25900
13600 14600 16700
1400 1400 1400
1400 2000
41800 41800 41800 41800
8600 9400 1080O 13300
6600 7100
9000 10300 11700 13800 16600
7700 8400 8800 9900
4600 5100
1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
1400 2100 4200 7400 12700
41800 41800 41800 41800 4180O 41800 41800 4180O 41800 41800
12200 12200 12700 13400 14500 16200 17500 21000
2100 2100
4800 4800 5300 5400 6100 6500
9300 9400 9900 10800 11600 13400 15400
4100 4100 4100 4100
2800 2900 3100
4600 4600 4600 5200 5600
1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600
500 1300 2400 4100 7300 7419
41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800
41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800
3600 3600 3800 4200
5000 5000 5500 5900 6400
14900 15300 15500 16000 17500 19000 26300
2700 3100 3200
11800 12000 12600 13900 14300 16100
2000 2000
600 600 600
600 1200 3000 6100 14900
41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800 41800
Music Council tryouts interested
in working on posters for t h e n e x t
concert will meet in B r u b a c h e r on
S a t u r d a y a t 10 a.m. for a poster
party. Tryouts will also m e e t for
t h e mailing list assignments on
Tuesday in Brubacher.
Music Council a n d D&A Council
are sponsoring e n t e r t a i n m e n t from
S t a t e to perform at t h e V e t e r a n s '
Hospital. Last T h u r s d a y Mary A n n
Johnpoll '55, Alan Weiner '56 a n d
Neil Brown, Grad, e n t e r t a i n e d with
duets and p a n t o m i m e d songs.
Anyone interested in going is to
contact Anneliese H a r t n a g e l or
B a r b a r a M u r n a n e , Juniors.
TPB UrgeslSeniors.
To Complete Folders
Principals and s u p e r i n t e n d e n t s
have contacted t h e Teacher Placement Bureau to begin consideration
of candidates for September t e a c h ing positions. Seniors are therefore
urged to complete their folders as
soon as possible, specifies M a r y
Lynch, Director of t h e Teacher
Placement Bureau.
Each student must turn in a
completed folder a n d sign u p for
an interview with Miss L y n c h if h e
is interested in obtaining a t e a c h ing position next fall. A s t u d e n t can
not be recommended by t h e P l a c e m e n t Bureau for a position if this
procedure is not completed.
"I've w a n t e d t o be an editor ever since I worked on a boy's m a g a z i n e
at a g e 8. After being an editor of t h e D a r t m o u t h literary magazine (The
I set m y sights on Esquire. It took 18 y e a r s of h a r d work t o achieve
t h e e d i t o r s h i p - after struggling a s a newsmagazine cub, c a r t o o n a n d
e s s a y writer, a d v e r t i s i n g copy writer a n d t r a d e p a p e r editor."
"I scarfed smoking CAMELS
I I years ago. I'vefriedmany
other brands, buf my choice
always is Camel. Mo other bi-ahd,
is so milcLyef so rioMasfinq!'
M a k e t h e 30-Duy
C a m e l Mildness
Test. Smoke
only Camels
for 30 d a y s !
Tomorrow t h e curtain goes up on
another of S t a t e ' s Basketball teams.
F r o m all indications t h u s far. this
year promises t o be quite a n interesting one for Coach H a t h a w a y and
his m e n . After several weeks of
h a r d practice t h e hoopsters will take
the hardwood against t h e Engineers
of R P I tomorrow night. As usual
we'd like to urge all of you to come
out a n d cheer for t h e team. Page
Hall G y m doesn't hold too many, we
admit, but, nevertheless, let's swell
the rafters a n d show our h a r d working a t h l e t e s we're behind them all
the way.
T h e pushball game featured the
most trying part of the Rivalry a t h letic program, and everyone, including t h e winning frosh, under t h e
callable lead of Roy O'Connor, were
much relieved when the big sphere
was left to be deflated.
IM Basketball
Opens Season
Potter Club Captures Lead In IM
Bowling By Downing APA 3-1
53-A No, Lake Ave.
(Near Washington Ave.)
" J I M M Y " -Hair Stylist
Telephone 3-0740
ormom me
•/fl 1
/ l l
* Formal Blue
* Shawl Collar
• Feather Weight
^ . An,
Blue Note Shop
Next Wednesday t h e Peds will
H a t h a w a y discusses h i s hoop plans
travel to Oswego for their third
a n d Jerry McDonald.
away game of t h e year.
8 Oneontu
10 l l a r p u r
15 New Haven
.Ian. 1 Potsdam
8 Plattsburg
15 Hobart
I New Paltz
5 Oswego
9 Utica
12 New Haven
17 Plattsburg
19 Pratt
26 N.Y.S. Maritime
Mar. 1 Oneonta
4 New Paltz
5 llurpur
Bowling Team Sets
Record High Triple
T h e Albany S t a t e Bowling Club
set the Siena Bowline, Alleys on
fire Tuesday night as they rolled a
new team high trinle — 2742 and
downed ABC 3-1.
Although the pine flew thick and
l a s t the small margin of one or two
pins kept the Slate.'men from gaining all the laurels. Two pins kept
the keglers from getting the new
high single in their second game.
Individual scores were as follows:
,1. Simmanski. . 184 211 1882 577
J. Swierzowskl 171 178
141 49:
R. Adams
212 158 158 52H
J. Zidik
188 224 187 599
J. Duran
189 187 172 548
944 958 842 2742
Lose Opener
T h e Peds lost their opener Wednesday night to a fast breaking'
Utica College team. At t h e finish
t h e Uticans, who also opened t h e i r
season Wednesday, were ahead 10288.
T h e State's western quintet had
built up a 24 point a d v a n t a g e by the
end of t h e first half.
Trailing 55-31 at t h e end of t h e
break the Peds c a u g h t fire. After
six minutes of t h e third quarter had
elapsed Co-Captain Nels LaRoe,
who, up to this time, h a d hooked
in 14 points, was lost to t h e teachers
on personals. Sig S m i t h and Denny
Dempster took charge from here on
in, however, a n d S t a t e outscored
the home team 57-47. T h e final outcome was determined way back In
the first half, however, and t h e
Statesmen suffered a n opening game
Smith Scores 25
Sig Smith led t h e Peds with 25
points, being backed up by La Roe's
14 tallies, a n d Depster's 12. Individual scoring honors of t h e game
went to Don Daprovoic of Utica
who hit for 29 points. R o n Evans
and Norm Pensero did S t a t e no good
as they came through with 22 nnd 20
points respectively.
Hi fl> H»
tb fp t p
L u Roe
7 1) 1-1 Papiirelln
1 3
II IP 11 ii Qiiujiilnni
3 0
c • II2 •1
8 Lockwood
:i '-'
8 Pensero
5 10 20
fl E v a n s
II 0 22
1 :i
!> JDoasberpohv o l c 120 51 21)1
1 i)
1 0
2:» Nntson
1 0
ii Jlnt'.s
2 •»
a 1 7
12 S t o c k t o n
I 0
Tot ii Is
30 2 8 llll
37 28 102
Joe's Barber Shop
Dan'c Uptown
53 N. take Are.,
Near Washington Ave.
We Aim To Plc«ae
Fine Dry Clei ning
208 Quail St.
For Hi re
ISO Central Avenue
Open Evenings till 0:00
State's Basketball Squad will play
host to a strong R P I t e a m in t h e
home opener of t h e year tomorrow
night. Coach H a t h a w a y h a s been
putting t h e squad through vigorous
drills and h a s finally come u p with
a probable s t a r t i n g line-up. I n t h e
center position will be big 6-6 Lew
C a n - Si? Smith 5-11, a n d Nels L a Rce 6-2 will fill in t h e forward
positions, and 6 foot freshman J a c k
Minon and last year's J u n i o r Varsity star J o h n Rockwood will round
out t h e team as guards. T h e t e a m
may be without t h e services of c o c a p t a i n Jerry McDonald who is suffering from a foot injury.
out victory. Much credit m u s t be
given to Don Meyers who so ably
organized the frosh gridders.
With Dorm Field absorbing t h r e e
clays of rain the field events were
held in Page Gym. T h e football a c Pictured above. Coach Merlin
curacy throw was captured by the with c o - c a p t a i n s Nels LaRoe (left)
frosh when Bob Backer hurled t h e
Now t h a t Rivalry is over we'd like pigskin into the tilted container.
to go over t h e athletic events and
Ed Jones outjumped Hoot D e S t e l pick o u t a few m e n whom we
ano in the running broad j u m p , but
t h o u g h t were o u t s t a n d i n g . I n t h e
Hoot came back to win t h e high
softball g a m e J o h n Stefano's work
j u m p . J o e Anderson, a consistent
in organizing t h e team a n d handling
competitor lor the Sophs, literally
of Gerry Birr's a n d Bob Backer's
T h e IM Basketball Season got off
lost this event by the "seat of h i s
pitching c a n n o t be overlooked. H a r pants." T h e final outcome for t h e to ,ui exciting s t a r t last, Wednesday
ry Millet's g r a n d slam and Sal
day was determined when t h e Blue nighi with a trio of games being
Zacraro's big triple spelled doom
Jays J i m Denio outdistanced Joe played One was very close, while
for t h e Red Devils. In t h e football
the :ii her two were runaways.
Ziz/.i m the football throw.
encounter t h e S o p h trio of J o h n
In t h e first game Sayles pulled a
Rockwood, J o e Zizzi, and J o e AnderGerry Sullivan did a commendable surprising upset over highly rated
son were t h e big guru, in the .shut- job in directing t h e freshmen.
APA (>'3-t>2 in overtime. Maxson was
unstoppable as he led the Saylesmen with 31 points. Ex-varsity m a n
J o h n Allasio hooped 24 to lead APA.
Potter, hitting on all cylinders,
scored an amazing 96 points while
beating t h e Ridge Rebels 96-24. H o r witz and Gugiielmone led t h e Club
Potter Club took over first place big game featured 7 straight strikes. with 25 and 15 points respectively.
in the downstairs division of t h e Sanders paced t h e Groggers with Young scored 9 to lead the outI n t r a m u r a l Bowling League as they a total of 441 for t h e afternoon. I n classed Rebels.
took three points from APA Wed- the other game rolled on t h e u p T h e Finks, led by Lein's 20 points,
nesday afternoon. Dave Borden led stairs alleys, t h e APAches downed eluded t h e P h a n t o m s 59-16. This
the Potter keglers with 159-185-174 Hilltop by a score of 3 to 1. Monsell g a m e was not as close as the score
for a 518 triple, while Rockstroh's racked up a 480 triple to lead t h e would indicate, as the P h a n t o m s
505 helped APA cop one point. In APAches attack. Demske led t h e garnered 13 points in the second
other .games played in t h e down- counter attack with 429. T h e R o u s - half, making a desperate surge to
stairs division, S L S split with t h e ers drew a bye in the upstairs div- close the gap. Enfield scored H to
Saylesmen, each team
collecting ision.
lead t h e P h a n t o m s .
two points. Fred G a m a c h e split t h e
maples for a 466 triple for the Saylesmen, while T o m S h u m a n s k l and
JoeSwierzowski both rolled 518 for
SfMVlt SfLO-tliCfllt
SLS. K B collected 3 points and t h e
APA athletes 1 in the last downstairs game played. T l n a p p led t h e
Our Sport Spotlight for the first
K B team with a 432 triple.
time I his year falls on a I'reshmunC u n n i n g h a m Hits 532
Dcane C u n n i n g h a m . Deane. who
hails from Clinton, New York, set
I n t h e Upstairs League, Sayles
the IM keglers buzzing Wednesday
collected 3 points and S u m m i t 1.
afternoon as he came up with a
Bindrim led the way for Savles with
32 tiiple.
a 424 triple while Hunt rolled 451
for Summit. Deane C u n n i n g h a m
His second game made everyone
with a record 228 single and a 532
it : n and take notice as lie bowled
triple led Van Derzee to a 3 to 1
7 s t r a i g h t strikes and ended with
win over Mahar's Groggers, Deane's
228. These two scores were more
t h a n enough to give Van Derzee
three points over Mahar's Groggers.
Bowling being the only IM sport
going on this "Spotlight" week—
iWednesday nights games are taken
into consideration
t h e following
An Intercollegiate Table Tennis
Pictured above is a scene from weeki. our r u n n e r - u p slot is shared
League h a s boon formed by various IM Bowling. J o h n Zidik, last year's by i couple of Lop notch keglers:
college in the vicinity. Those taking Champion, Is seen mulling bis d e - Dave Borden and Tom Shumanskl,
p a r t in t h e league a r e : Albany Busi- livery.
who hit identical 5la triples.
ness College, Siena, Pharmacy, and
t h e Albany S t a t e Independents.
T h e I n d e p e n d e n t s m e t ABC hist
Wednesday n i g h t and lost 5-2 on
the opponents' court to get the season underway. Oilier games will be
on following
nights during the year. T h e men
representing S t a t e In t h e league are
Arnie Smith, Chuck Derwln, Al F i n klesiein, Sam Kelley, Curl Schrader,
Bob Strauber, and Ray Castillo.
.H I
* Single Breasted
Felicia's Beauty Salon
, ) . lUynoldi Tclitcra Co., Wlnilon Bulem, N. 0.
^ °^ C A M E I S ^
State Faces RPI
In Page Opener
Basketball Squad Commences 18 Game Schedule;
Bow To Utica Collese Hoopsters In Opener 102-88
Area Colleges Initiate
Table Tennis League
PAAI •'•§
^ r
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
The CO-OP will pay cash for a
LIMITED number of Used Books if
they are in GOOD Condition on Thursday and Friday, December S) & 10
Only 15 Co-op d a y s t o X m a s
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3 , 1 9 5 4
Choralettes To Perform Publically Student
(Contlnuea jrom raoe i, Column k>
complete t h e All College Revue
A t Annual Christmas Programs Committee.
I t was reported by A n n Vigilante
T h e Choralettes, a group of selected girls' voices, will m a k e four
public a p p e a r a n c e s singing for C h r i s t m a s programs between T h u r s d a y
a n d December 15. T h e singing group is under t h e direction of K a r l A.
B. Peterson, Associate Professor of Music. Their first a p p e a r a n c e will
be Thursday a t t h e a n n u a l C h r i s t m a s tea of t h e D a u g h t e r s of the A m e r l e a n Revolution a t t h e First Presbyterian Church. O t h e r performances
include t h e college Assembly, the
S t u d e n t C h r i s t i a n Association Annual C h r i s t m a s Sing, a n d t h e F a c ulty C h r i s t m a s Tea.
Greeks Schedule
Parties; Release
List O f Pledges
Included in t h e p r o g r a m a r e t h e
following n u m b e r s : "Glory to God
in the Highest," Pergolesi; "Blow,
Winds, O Softly Blow," G e r m a n
traditional melody; "Carol of the
Sheep Bells," Slovak Folk Song; "I
Psi G a m m a a n d Chi S i g m a T h e t a Wonder As I W a n d e r , " Appalachian
a r e having parties this week a n d Carol; " T h e Coventry Carol," a n four fraternities have pledged new d e n t melody; "Deck t h e Hall,"
traditional melody.
A dessert-card party will be held
Next Friday in t h e Assembly proMonday for Psi G a m m a faculty
m e m b e r s states Sylvia K o r a b '55, gram, the orchestra, u n d e r t h e d i President. Phyllis H u r d a n d B a r - rection of Charles Stokes, Professor
of Music, will perform also.
b a r a B a u m are C o - C h a i r m e n .
Chi S i g m a T h e t a is having its
Choralettes is a special women's
a n n u a l C h r i s t m a s party for its fac- vocal group for public performance.
ulty m e m b e r s Sunday from 3 to Membership t h r o u g h tryouts was
5:30 p.m., specifies Ann Tobey '55, held a t the s t a r t of t h e sei. ester.
President. General C h a i r m a n is Vivian Schlro '56, and committee
c h a i r m e n a r e : Marilyn D e S a n t a , E n t e r t a i n m e n t ; Sheila Lister, S o p h o mores; Gifts, Carole Hughes '56.
T h e new members of K a p p a Beta
a r e : Lawrence Suffness '56, and
Theodore Pederson '57, according to
Richard T i n a p p '56, President. Sigm a L a m b d a h a s pledged Jesse Vies,
Edward Demske, a n d L. K e i t h Gilmour, Sophomores, reports Robert
Henderson '56, President.
H u g h Brown, Donald Murdock,
Juniors, a n d T h o m a s Boehm, Robert
M a n t h e y a n d J o h n Pengelly, S o p h omores, h a v e pledged Alpha P h i Alpha, announces T h o m a s Mullen,
Potter Club h a s pledged Edward
Syzmanski, Grad, a n d J o n Smith,
Horace Crandell, Herbert Felski,
Donald Kesel, and J o h n Demster,
Sophomores, reports Robert Sage,
'55, t h a t the Assembly n e x t Friday
will be t h e C h r i s t m a s Assembly,
since it is t h e last before vacation.
S h e also stated t h a t the National
s t u d e n t Association regional (lor
New York State) conference is to
be held this weekend h e r e in Albany.
Since S t u d e n t Council is investigating t h e possibility of joining the orgamzation, Miss Vigilante urged
t h a t SA m e m b e r s a t t e n d . Registraincluding the p a y m e n t of $1.50
f e e from 3 to 5 p.m. will be In the
Hotel Ten Eyck this afternoon, with
discussions a n d the balance
0 f t h e convention to be tomorrow, in
t h e S t a t e Assembly C h a m b e r s .
Two motions were m a d e relative
to t h e S t a t e Colegc News, one to increase the n u m b e r of copies printed,
to the a m o u n t of $48; t h e other, to
rectify mistakes in the budget in the
printing line, a m o u n t i n g to $R6.
T h e president a n n o u n c e d t h e following members of t h e newly formed "New Types of G o v e r n m e n t "
Committee: Bruce King '56. Chairm a n : Joseph Anderson. J o s e p h Ta.ggert, Sophomores; H e n r y
9n *1ke Qiooue
Greetings Cats, what's cookin' i n
the grove these days? As of late I
have been riding the cloud floating
from Moonville to Crater City here
on the moon. C a u g h t some real gone
sounds coming up this way trom
the e a r t h lately, Man, like w h a t
are you cats up to? I figgered I best
catch u u on t h e latest i n t h e dulcet
sounds from the m o d e r n cats on
wax. By the light of t h e Moon my
list reads in t h e wildest of ways,
so let's go stompin' cats.
Cookin' the greatest sounds for
Columbia these days is Rosemary
Clooney who this week h a s t h e top
disc, "Hey T h e r e . " This i.s really
wild with some spooks
through with some gone lyrics.
Spinning in the second spot is
Denice Lor's waxing of "If I Give
My H e a r t to You." W a t c h this one
close like because, m a n it's going
H e a n throb Eddie Fisher, who
(ust look the big step with Debbie
Reynolds, is singing "I Need You
Now." on an R.C.A. Victor label for
his one and only. Sorry girls, t h a t ' s
No filter Compares with JUJ.W5
for Qualify or Effectiveness!
' 9 4 8
t h e way t h e ball rolls.
MAN, LOOK OUT. T h e M a m b o
is in town a n d it's hitting t h e p l a c e
like wild storm. Again we find t h a t
Columbia doll Rosemary Clooney
coming up with a n o t h e r hit. T h i s
time it's "Mambo Italiano."
T h e second five, in t h i s week's
listings are as follows: sixth, "ABC
Boogie," by Bill Haley, seventh, " M r .
S a n d m a n , " c u t by the Cordettes, In
eighth spot is P a t t i e Page's waxing
of " M a m a Doll." Wailing like m a d
all the way from England on t h e
London label is David Whitfield's
recording of "Carl Mia," a n d last
but far from least is the ever s m i l in' Nat " K i n g " Cole's disc of
"Smile," cut for Capitol records.
Cats, I j u s t received t h e greatest
news. T h e new G l e n n Miller L i m i t ed Edition I I is now available a t
the Blue Note upon request. So d o n ' t
forget, for the real end sounds get
the new Glenn Miller album.
Have to be shovin' off like m a n
but will be coolin' here again n e x t
week with t h e local stomp c h a t t e r .
Until next session with t h e clan.
State Student Poetry
Appears in Anthology
T h e National Poetry Association
In California announces t h a t the
following poems, written by students
of State, have been accepted for
publication In the Annual Anthology of College Poetry: ' To My
Associates," by Theo A. Rleck,
G r a d ; " T h e Mystery of W h a t Follows," by J a n e Slezuk '57; a n d
"Intrusion," by Mary Urquhurt '57.
T h e Anthology Is a compilation
of t h e finest poetry written by the
College men and women of America,
representing every section of the
country. Selections were m a d e from
t h o u s a n d s of poems submitted to
the Poetry Association of Los Angeles, California.
Actress Dliiiui l y n n : This is llie
liesl filler of all —LaM's MiraHeTip.
The smoke is mild, yel lull of lluvor.
Mr. anil Mrs. Shi Krwiu, sTiirn of T \ ''« great "Slu
Krwin Show": As \w say on TV, thi-. certainly
is the Miracle Ti|i. l.ftM's filler heals 'em all.
SCA Sponsors
Christmas Sing
Sunday Evening
Mrs. Laddie Sauford, Socialite:
I smoke L.&Ms . . . so do most of my
friends.Wonderful filter...line luslel
F or
Enjoy Much More Flavor- Much Less Nicotine
II \ I is il tluil m a k e s l.x.M 11it* m o s t
lifihl a n d milil s m o k e . T h a i ' s HTective Ultra-
lalkcil a l i o u l , iiiusi e.ieeilv
l i o n . \ n o l h c r cifriirclle h a s i l !
J I M t i n - , h ' s llie fillri llial l u i i n l s
\\ li) wail lo It y l.xiVls? D i s c o v e r for y o u r sell what m i n e a m i m u r e filler lip s m o k e r s
n o n e ci HI i p a i r s w i t h \ \ \ \ s \l'u a c l c I ip. \t>\\
a r e l n n l i n g out e \ e r y d a y : l.&Ms
gel m u c h n u n c lliivur, m u c h less n i c o t i n e
a hut llir iliiiim
America's Best Filter Cigarette!
"And Away We Go I "
Would it be rushing the season too much to think about
Easter just before C h r i s t m a s ?
Bill Floyd is organizing a s t u dent excursion to t h e Isle of
Bermuda for the Easter v a c a tion. A deposit of fifteen dollars
is necessary by J a n u a r y 15 for
all those interested in having
a ball.
J u s t think, a six-day party
of college crew on the island of
everyone's dreams but no one's
reality. T h e rates are low, n o t
should be iiuite a "blow" or
"blast" with memories t h a t last.
Wednesday a technicolor movie will be shown that's g u a r a n teed to put students' hands in
the wallets to seal the deal. J u s t
A private
plane ride
down and back, a six days stay
in a Guest House a n d plenty
(o do.
Get on the bandwagon!
Group houses will compete S u n day evening in the fourth a n n u a l
Christmas Sing sponsored by S t u dent Christian Association.
S a n t e r '55, C h a i r m a n of the evening reports t h a t 17 groups will e n ter the contest which is scheduled
to begin a t 6 p.m. a t Page Auditorium, and Singers will be seated in
groups according to the order in
which they will sing. All singers
arc requested by Miss S a n t e r to be
at the Auditorium at 5:45 p.m. Girls
who arc siiiging should wear white
blouses, black skirts, and black dress
shoes.Men should wear a dark suit,
white shirt, and a dark four-inli.iiui tie.
Judges for the sing include Mrs.
J o h n P. Renison, P r a n k B. Bailey.
Choir Director
at Albany
School, and Judson Rand. Choir Director at St. Peter's
Church. Dr. F r a m e s Colby. Associate Profe.-sor of English and SCA
Advisor will award the prize, a gold
Committee chairmen for the sing
include Carol S a n d e r s 'f>(j in charge
of publicity; programs, Eleanor R o ney; and set, Nancy Gade, S o p h o T h e Stale College News, r e p r e mores.
sented bj two editors and a reportei,
Beta Zeta will open the program attended the regular weekly m e e t with "The First Noel" followed by ing o! Myskania Tuesday evening,
Alpha Pi Alpha who will .sing " 6 which is held in the G o v e r n m e n t
Come, O Come E m m a n u e l . " B r u - Room at Brubachcr.
Liiclicr will be next singing "Angels
T h e News was in attendance, since
We i-.ave Heard on High," followed
by Chi Si. ma T h e t a with "I Wonder Myskania had been requested to
As I Wander," then College Heights clarilj a ruling made by the orwith "We I liree Kings," C o m m u t - gan./ation recently regarding t h e
ers' Club singing "No Candle Was closing of meetings of organizations,
operating under the Student AssocTheir".
G a m m a Kappa Phi will sing "Go iation budget.
Oilier observers at the meeting
Tell It 011 'llie Mountain," Kappa
Bel.1 presenting "What Child is included the Visiting Committee of
Tni.s". then Kappa Delta singing the American Association of Col"holiday Greetings", followed by leges tor Teacher Education, c h a i r Newman with "O Holy Night," P i n - mailed by Dr. F. De-Alton Partridge,
ter Siii ing 'iianover Winter Song", President of the Stale Teachers Coland finally bclore the intermission lege, Monicliiir, New Jersey.
Pierce n a i l singing "Silver Bells."
Joan Carhn '55, Chairman of MysAlter the intermission Sa.vles Hall kania, subsequent to discussion r e will pMSciil "Jesu Bam.lino," Sigma garding llie closing of meetings, r e Phi Si un.1 " T h e Christmas Song", leased to the News llie motion as
Si ,111a Lam.xla Sigma "Medley," Phi pas oil by the Senior judicial body:
Del'.i "Je. 11 Bambino," Psi Oaininu "Stu.ienl Association
"The Little Jesus Came to Town," isli.n.i be opened unless t h a t o r g a n Van Derzee "God Rest Ye Merry ization ca ngive valid reasons to
C.i nllemen." T h e Choralettes under Myskania
nice.in gs
llie (erection ol Karl A. B. Peterson, shouici be closed." This means t h a t
Associate Professor of Mll.sic will all organizations nn.So obtain pera.so sing but will not be competing. mission 1 mm Myskania to close any
TT.e juages will .select llnalists who planned meetin ;s, and Miss C a r h n
W1I1 present a second milliner bclore urges all organization heads to take
the 1111:11 tie. isioii is made.
pari icular notice of the ruling.
I I | nil time'; 1
lO, 1 9 5 4
Billy Butterfield Will Play For Winterlude Toni3ht;
SCA Sing Will Open Yuletide S eason Sunday
tin- fa.slcsl o | , i w i i i o l i q u e u r
Judicial Ruling
Opens Meetings
Students To Play
Santa For Smiles
Smiles Is planning a Christmas
P a r t y for the Albany Home lor
Children Wednesday, December 15,
from 7 to 9 p.m. Any member of
S t u d e n t Association is invited to
act a s S a n t a Claus for one of the
children a t the home by Elaine
Swartout '56, C h a i r m a n of Smiles.
S t u d e n t s are requested to spend
fifty cents to one dollar on a gift,
and place t h e package in boxes set
up in t h e halls during the next two
weeks. E a c h package should be
marked with the age a n d sex for
which the present is suitable.
Seniors with last n a m e s beginning with A through K are requested to purchase gifts for boys of ages
14 to 16. Seniors with last names
which begin with L a n d continue
through Z a r e requested to purchase
gifts for girls of ages 14 to 16.
J u n i o r s with last n a m e s beginning
with A through K should buy gifts
for boys from 11 to 13, and those
with last names L through Z for
boys ages 14 to 16. Sophomores with
last names A through K should buy
their gifts for girls 11 to 13 and
those with lust names L through Z
for boys 7 to 10.
Miss S w a r t o u t requests freshmen
to buy gifts for girls 3 to 10 if their
last n a m e begins with A through K
und for boys 4 to 8 If their last
n a m e begins with L through Z.
State College
To Publish Special Publicity Edition
Use In High Schools
The Slate College News Hoard 111
a sj.e. no inc. ting Monday aticinoon
in lie t o-ordu.a,or ol I'U'id Her, ice.
Ofiii c, approved a motion lo put
out a spi.1.11 1 sue ol llie News for
the Acimimslralitiii. This special issue 1. to be used by the Co-Ordinal.ir to inform prospective freshmen ol llie virtues ol S t a t e College
Arthur Jones, Co-ordinafor of
Field Services approached lionald
I.acke.v '.ifi, Kditor-ln-Cliiel 011 the
possibility of such an issue I.111T
called a special meeting ol
Kclilors lo decide llie issue.
II was pointed mil by Ml Jones
II1.1 ii'cv lolls literature has nol been
loo 'Ifeclive lie belie w s thai a
copy ol the student
would attract more iiltenlion and
nilerc ,1 lo llie 1 olle ;e,
1 be Hoard discu sed the possibility lo.ii an issue ol llie News extolling llie virtues ol llie College would
not, necessarily present an accurate
p i . l u r e of State They felt in such
an illicit flaking I woiilii be ncccssary 10 stale 11) 1 ih.s was not an
ordinary is ue. 1 lie stones in it
shouiu, however be written in the
.News story style.
Eveiyn Huoeii '55, Managing Editor moved: The Stale College News
would undertake llie project of
ptll'iiig out 11 lour page issue tor the
Admiuistralion in 11)54-55 for t h e
pur, ...sc ol informing prospective
In siinien ol the virtues of State
Colic e The Hoard voted uiianiiiinush in l.ivor of the motion. All
expenses incurred in the publishing
ol llie is-ue will be paid by the
Adiuuiisl rid 1011.
l i ard v. ill again meet next
II) a 111
in Draper 111 to
(lis, us M i l
forthcoming banquet
and ('. i l l s ! I
una! revisions. J a n uarv 1 the Hoard will meet In discuss slatl promotions, llotli are open
meetings, reports Lackey.
Forensic Club \j
To Debate Topic
For Bank Groups
Inter-Sorority and Inter-Fraternity Councils will join
in sponsoring their annual ball, Winterlude, tonight. The
dance will be held in the Circle Inn at the Latham Circle
from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., reports Patricia Finger and Custer
Quick, Seniors, the respective Presidents ol ISC and IFC.
Billy Butterfield,
T r u m p e t Player In t h e World," and
his orchestra will provide the music
for the dance.
Bids a r e now on sale a t t h e W i n terlude booth In lower Husted a t
four dollars per couple. They will
also be sold at the door of t h e Circle
I n n tonight.
I S C - I F C Will Not C h a r t e r Bus
There will be no chartered bus,
as previously stated in t h e S t a t e
College News. T h e m i n i m u m of
twenty people did not sign up by
Wednesday, thereby m a k i n g it i m possible to charter a bus in a d vance.
T h e Circle I n n is located a t t h e
L a t h a m Tralfic Circle. I t m a y be
reached via Northern Boulevard. A
left t u r n a t the L a t n a m Shopping
Center from N o r t h e r n Boulevard
will lead directly to t h e L a t h a m
T n e following committees are
making a r r a n g e m e n t s lor the dance.
T h e Band Committee is u n a e r t h e
C h a i r m a n s h i p ol Kilen Baronas, a s sisted by Marjorie Liadeil a n d Anne
Dvorak, Seniors. T h e A r r a n g e m e n t s
were handled by T h o m a s M u n e n 'o5,
aided by Quick a n d Bruce Wise
Committees Direct Bids, Publicity
Robert Henaerson '56 is hi charge
of the bids. Working with h i m a r e :
Marilyn WerbalowsKy '55, J u d i t h
When, Nicholas Cassevoy, a n d S h i r ley Hainan, Juniors. Publicity is
directed by Beatrice E n g e l h a r d t '06
witn tne ueip ol A n n l o ^ e y , Sylvia Korab, Robert Sage, Donald
Capua no, Seniors, a n d S a m ivrchniak '56.
Committee under t h e direction of
J o a n Fuller '56, include Wi.liam
Limage '55, Richard T i n a p p a n d
Arnold Newman, Juniors. T n e C h a p erone Committee includes
'56, C h a m n a n ,
WhnehiUot, Juniors, a n d Oiga K o manowsKi '55.
Chaperones for Winterlude i n clude: Hudson S. Winn, Associate
Professor of Biology, a n d Mrs.
W i n n ; Dr. Rudolph Schmidt, College Physician, and Mrs. Schmidt;
and Donald T. Donley, Associate
Professor of Education, a n d Mrs.
Four members of Debate Council
will present a debate on the Communist China topic before a meeting ol the American Institute of
Banking in Albany Tuesday evening, reports Phyllis Bialow, Presid e n t of Debate Council. Miss Bialow and Phyllis Lyeth '56, will take
t h e affirmative a n d Richard Clifford and Emilie Vavra will present
meeting of bankers from the Troy,
and Schenectady
These same four debaters have a c cepted an invitation to meet Cornell on the Red China topic before
the Cornell Alumnae Club next
Siena entertained S l a t e debaters
for a series of four debates, at a
social evening Wednesday night.
Monaco and
Testa, Sonda Schectar and Patricia
Wisoiiwer were t h e affirmative d e baters in the two debates. T h e negative teams for S t a t e were composBILLY B U T T E R F I E L D
ed o! Shirley Allen and Phyllis
Will Play at Winterlude
Lyeth, and Linda Niles and Barbara Salvatorc, Juniors.
Student Board of Finance agreed
to .1 line change this week so t h a t
Debate Council could send three
speakers to the National Forensic
T o u r n a m e n t at Ohio University,
Athens, Ohio, in April. Eight debaters will attend the Regional Forensic T o u r n a m e n t at New York UnOscar E. Lanfnrd, Dean of the
iversity and three different debaters College, a n n o u n c e s ti.e regulations
will be chosen for the Ohio trip.
llie graduation
course requirements
to be followed by u n d e r g r a d u a t e students.
The requirements listed in the c a t a log under which t h e student entered or the catalog which is in effect at the time of his graduation
S t u d e n t Union Board will spon- are perfectly acceptable, states the
sor a coffee h o u r Sunday from Dean.
9 to 10:110 p.m. immediately following the Student Christian AssociaThe Class ol 1955, for instance,
tion Christmas Sing reports Nancy may use the present catalog, the
Hazzard '55, C h a i r m a n of SUB
one lor 1051-52 or any catalog isThis is the first lime t h a t a coffee sued during those years, providing
hour has been held in the evening. t h a t the requirements in any one
Prior lo tins hour the coflee hours catalog be lollowed. I t is not poshave been held Sunday afternoon.
sible lo fulfill p a r t of the requireStudent tryouts and members of ments from one catalog and p a r t
SUB and faculty members will from another.
serve the coffee a n d cookies. Background muiic will be played. As an
added attraction S U B lias arranged
for the winning group in the sing
to rentier a selection during the
coffee hour.
Co-Chairmen of the evening's a c tivity are Edna Standley and F r a n k
Lo'lru.giio, Seniors. Publicity is u n Included in llie busine.-s handled hour of discussion on proposed cander the direction of Alice O'Neill '55
by .S.u.ieiit Council Wedmsda., eve- didates, Council elected Mary J a n e
and Ruth Fairba.rn '.Ji, Edna Anning vv.,s llie election of the Chair- Fisher '56 Chairman of S t a t e Fa.r,
dersoii '58 heads the a r r a n g e m e n t s
ma.1 lor S . a . e f a i r , standing com- with J a n e W h u e h u r s t '56, altercommittee, Anne Kimdrates is in
mittee reports, approval of D&A n a t e
charge of inv.tation.s a..d Mike MaxAssotiat.on
coiisiituii JII
amendCouncil entered a period of disiini '57 leads the c.ean-up commitme.iis, o.satssi in of ilie My k.una cus ion (.entering about the accurtee.
ruimg on closed meetin s. and the acy ol the inventory submitted to
set,nig of the agenda for today's the organization from the AssociaDean States Schedule Assembly.
tion of Men's I n t r a m u r a l Athletics
Joseph H a r t '55 and David Gold- 1AMIA1, formerly MAA. E x p l a n a berg '1)7 requested that S t u d e n t tions were given by AMIA President,
For Christmas Recess
Council allow the Driver Training Thomas Hogue '55. Council deckled,
College classes will officially close class to picsent a short skit in however, t h a t the next regular inat 11:50 a.m., Friday, December 17, Assembly today, relative to National ventory, due in J a n u a r y , should be
and will be resumed at li a.m., J a n u - Sale Driving Day, which is Decem- in a iorm far more complete.
ary II, according to Oscar E. Lan- ber 15. They stated the possibility
T h e meeting closed with a disof a wrecked aulo being displayed
lord, Dean of tne College.
on campus as pail ol the national cussion of the ruling of Myskania
The regulations require all stu- program. Also, the group is planning regarding the closng of meetings,
dents to be in a t t e n d a n c e December a piinlo exhibit ol wrecks.
Myskania's position in the m a t t e r
17 and J a n u a r y li, with the excepSince the selection of the S t a t e being described by J o a n C a r h n '55,
tion ol those students who are on Fair Chairman became the next C h a i r m a n .
llie Dean'.' List und those graduate order ol business, President Charles
Foremost on today's Assembly
sludeuis wTiu have m a i n t a i n e d an Buck with '55 then read the Mystiyenda is a Christmas program, disaverage ol 11,5 tor the preceding kania ruling of llie previous evecussion of Campus Commission m o semester. Exception also arc those ning, Hie result of which prohibited
tion lo lake money from surplus,
students vvlio have been excused by Count il from closing the meeting to
either tne Dean's Olilcc or llie Stu- non-Council members while there
vacation trains and Safe Driving
dent Personnel Office before the was discussion and voting on the
Day, and possible discussion on the
nominees. Alter approximately a n Campus Commission regulations.
Dean Clarifies
Catalog Rulings
Coffee Klotch
To Follow Sing
Council Elects Chairman For Fair;
Driving Class W i l l Present Skit
0 IJI.I.H i (V Mi i n TOMCCO C a
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