Kerr To Direct Sayles Selects Colleges Inaugurate New ProgramSATo UlSCUSS
For Cooperaf/Ve Teacher Training Election Revision
Student Troupers New Officers
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Hall held a house meeting
Since t h e beginning of time, m a n
In Two Dramas T hSayles
u r s d a y evening, F e b r u a r y 19, to h a s needed t r a i n i n g i n t h e a r t of A d a m , t h e F o r d F o u n d a t i o n 'has set crease i n t h e n u m b e r of members
living. W h e n h e h a s failed to live up a F u n d for t h e Advancement of on the Board to m a k e a total of
(Continue* from Pmge l. Column S)
by a n d J o h n Marzocco, each of
w h o m will appear in both plays,
Will also be m a k i n g t h e i r second
appearances at State.
Both plays are directed by W a l ter K e r r , faculty m e m b e r a t C a t h olic University, d r a m a critic for
Commonweal m a g a z i n e a n d c o - a u t h o r of several plays presented a t
t h e U r i varsity. W i t h his wife, J e a n ,
h e wrote "Touch And Go," a musical which h a s been presented in New
York a n d London.
Players S t a r t Third Season
T h e University players s t a r t e d
their third season on t h e road in
October. During t h e first two seasons, they appeared in 200 performances. T h e group was formed "to
b r i n g t h e best possible t h e a t e r to
t h e largest possible audience" a t t h e
lowest possible price."
Tickets are on sale now or m a y
be bought a t t h e door. T h e aftern o o n performance will be $1.00 a n d
t h e evening program will cost $1.50.
S m i t h states t h a t s t u d e n t s can use
their student t a x cards to a t t e n d
one show.
elect officers for the second semester. George Schaertle '52, newlyelected President, h a s a n n o u n c e d
t h e pew slate of officers.
F r a n c i s Hodge '53 r e t a i r e d t h e
Vice-Presidency, whL~i J a m .3 (.''ox
'54 former secretary, a n d Robert
J o h n s '52, i o r m e r treasurer, i n t e r c h a n g e d positions. D e W i t t Combs
'55, n e w Athletic Director, h a s r e placed Schaertle, who formerly held
t h a t position. Tentative p l a n s for
a formal dance were also discussed
a t the meeting.
Futterer Opens Tryouts
For Annual Spring Play
correctly, his t e a c h e r s h a v e been E d u c a t i o n which is seeking to cure
the scrape-goats. An acknowledged t h e worlds' ills by s t a r t i n g a t t h e
fact t h a t t h e world h a s been going root of t h e situation.
to t h e dogs every generation since
E d u c a t o r s h a v e arrived a t a new
theory which, incidently, h a s been
quite p r e v a l e n t on o u r own C a m p u s
T V Show To Spotlight for a n u m b e r of years. S t u d e n t s
s p e n a l o o long learning t e a c h i n g
Teaching O f Language theories a n d too s h o r t a period
l e a r n i n g w h a t to teach. U n d e r t h e
" I n a n d O u t of t h e Classroom new p r o g r a m , which is being u n d e r with Modern L a n g u a g e s " is t h e t a k e n by 21 colleges, s t u d e n t s will
title of t h e S t a t e College television s t u d y t h e liberal a r t s for t h e r e g u show scheduled for this morning. lar four years. T h e y will t h e n go on
T h e show, which will be broadcast to a fifth year of studying t e a c h i n g
over W R G B Schenectady, will d e m - problems such as w h a t to do when
onstrate techniques used in t e a c h - " J o h n n y " who is a senior in high
ing m o d e r n languages a n d will por- school still h a s t h e annoying h a b i t
tray e x t r a - c u r r i c u l a r activities of of h u r l i n g erasers when properly
interest t o s t u d e n t s of
,iodern provoked.
languages. T h e h a l f - h o u r show will
T h e necessity—an^ often t h e failbegin a t 11 a.m.
ure—to interest superior s t u d e n t s in
Tryouts for minor p a r t s in " T h e
M a d w o m a n of Chaillot," t h e AD
Several s t u d e n t s a r e participating
spring play, will be opened to all
S t a t e students Tuesday. T h e com- in dances selected for t h e program
Mrs. Charles S t o k e s will act as a c edy will be presented in May.
companist. T h e p r o g r a m is directT h e play cannot be completely ed by Dr. J a m e s Childers, Profesand
cast from t h e Advanced D r a m a t i c sor of M o d e r n Languages
class, states Agnes F u t t e r e r , Assist- F r a n k Carrino, I n s t r u c t o r in Modern Languages.
a n t Professor of English.
twelve. T h i s board is to be composed of four Seniors, five Juniors,
a n d three Sophomores.
Today in assembly, Victoria Ba"
dino '52, V i c e - C h a i r m a n of Myskai:la, will explain t h e system of p r e ferential voting. According to Da";u
Manly '52, C h a i r m a n of Myskanla,
this explanation will clarify t h e
election procedure. T h e following is
a sample ballot:
4400 4600 Eliminated
4500 4800
9200 8201
6100 6300
200 200
200 499
24600 24600 24600 24600
Quota =
+ 1 8201
t h e field of e d u c a t i o n h a s been r e c ognized, a n d its suggested solution
is to m a k e t h e field of education Sub-parcel
one s t i m u l a t i n g to t h e imagination. points
This new educational t r e n d should
produce a generation of citizens
with a b r o a d e n e d outlook on life.
W h a t do you t h i n k ?
2+ 1
92 | 999
>:«q|r N AWAvt^ c ^
VOL. XXXVI N O . 1 6
Registrar Lists
Honor Students
Page Establishes Normal School
With Victory Over Adversaries
"Runaway Land," a romantic musical, will be presented by the Sophomore Class tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. in
the Page Hall auditorium. Margaret Eckert plays a young
girl, Barbara Pierpont, who joins a local theatre group
only to find that her ex-fiance, Bill Hastings, played by
John Laing, is the director.
T h e play is directed by Leanore
Kotch. She is assisted by M a r v i n
Chernoff, w h o also is the a u t h o r of
the play. Neil Brown is musical d i rector, a n d A r t h u r Stone is in
A student must m a i n t a i n a t least
A s t u a e n t must m a i n t a i n tu, renai
charge of choreography.
a 2.0 average to be on t h e Dean's
Musical selections which will be
List, according to R u t h E. Lape,
presented include t h e title song,
Registrar. T h e Senior class h a s the
"Runaway L a n d , " with lyrics by
most members on t h e D e a n s J-.tst
Chernoff a n d music by Brown, a n d
with 91 a n d the Sophomores follow
two original parodies of Rodgers
with 72. T h e J u n i o r a n d freshman
and H a m m e r s t e i n songs. "Stairway
classes trail with 58 a n d 30, respecto P a r a d i s e " a n d "Hello, Young
Lovers" will also be sung by soloists
T i l l ' S i ' i i l n r s mi I lie D i - n n ' s 1,1st l i r e :
Kuli.v Anili'i'snii. .Ii'ss l l i i r n i ' l , H a r r i s i i i i
with a supporting mixed chorus.
1 tit ri If. .Irini lli'iiii. .IIIIIII l t i - m i c t l , A i Love Affair Meets Opposition
.1'i,i II
T h e lack of facilities was secondHi
lis. A m l i v w lli'.vi'i', I t l i ' h i i r d H i i r k ,
Robert Reigle, as B a r b a r a ' s f a t h ary to the lorce of t h e opposition
I {; I \ ] 11" 11.1
er, C. J., provides t h e opposition to
Miiri'in I'lilllitiiM. .1 m i | i n - 1 i i i ' - I ' n p l i i i i , Kil
t h e rapidly developing love affair.
new school. T h e eloquent .Page spoke
w i i n l ( ' i l l u m i n e s , l . n w r i ' i i i ' i ' l>iily, Siiruli
Joyce N o r m a n d i n , a s Agnes, with
liiinzis, Mil II i ii linvis, l i n n i l l i v Hi'
Football was the m a i n topic of m every place which would afford
I'li'i'ii, Anii'i' ilii' I H l t l l l i l i i l , ,lnsi'|ili | i u
the help of the mysterious "X," sets
discussion at Student Council Wed- " « iaclutles in support of this
Ki'ks'ti'iiin, \V. W n r r i ' i i
in motion the events which lead up
l i l l . - m i i , Miii'iiHi ( I n i ' s k i r , Cliiirli'S l.i'U- nesclay night. Patrick Carlo '53, pro- ki'uu project. But greater t h a n his
to the h a p p y ending. O t h e r s u p p o r t ni'isi'ii. Itli'liiinl i l i i l l i i . I i n r i i l h . v l l m i - posed a motion which was tabled, abilities as a teacher a n d leader in
ing roles a r e played by: J o h n Wiliiiiiiiu, .li'iiniii' l l n v c s . WiilliU'i- lli'in/.i'. T h e n Robert Burns '55, made a m o - education
was the c h a r a c t e r of
111 M • I
son, D i a n n e
tion concerning the topic. Members Ul »vid Page. His personal m a g n i Marilyn
LU1 le
Thompson, J o h n
- helped to raise teaching to a
. l u l i i i s . u i . of Council also voted to back S t u Cooper, Mary A n n F r a s c a t o r e , S o I l a r i ' i i l .liii'iiiiliiiK, Kvi-lyii K a i n k i ' , W'i. d e n t Association in a plea for an respectable profession. I t was claimHani K i i n i i i i i . Itlin K i i l i n , I'Mwni'il K y l i i investigation
nia Bush, H a r r y Warr, Anne Coof the cafeteria by ed t h a t David Page would have a t III.IIIIIII
I ,ii ii ii i. a m
lumbe, A r t h u r Stone, Henry Berthe administration.
tained the heights of Horace M a n n
leth, Arnold S m i t h , Eileen Snyder,
(Hlii'i' Si'iiiiirs nil l i i ' i i n ' s l.isl a n ' :
had he not died a t the early age of
F r a n c e s Ciliberti, Donald Duclos,
.luliii l.iinllii'i'K. Kvn M a r i i ' i i y , V i r g i n i a
A motion proposed by Carlo p r o - 38. His death on J a n u a r y 1, 1848,
M n i i r i T . Slan.i'.v M a y . 'IVri'Sn Mn/./.llli,
a n d Donald Voelinger.
posed t h a t Athletic Association tax concurring with the consideration
Ili'iiliii'i' Mi'isii'i-.
Sets for the p r e s e n t a t i o n were
Mni'i'issi'V. II. Miilrnliii M m '
K l U n - underclassmen up to ten dollars for of making the school a p e r m a n e n t
built a n d designed by Donald Voellii'lli M u r p h y . C in.',- Myi'l', l l i a n a X I - the initiation of a football team, institution, quelled opposition, a n d
Maryl.ui AIIITII
O ' l l r l c n , This motion was tabled for further hostility to the experiment ceased
linger a n d his committee, composed
K . ' i i n i ' l l i n r i i i ' i ' , .luliii 1'i'ln'lilal. II '
of Marlene M a r t o n i , J e a n Rasey,
Mary l'l-ynr, consideration. B u r n s moved to es- as the memory of the m a r t y r Page
I'ili'lii'i'. W i l l i a m I* ••••til x.
K a t h l e e n Oberst, George H a t h a w a y ,
tablish a fact-finding committee of awakened friendship a n d confldI
alii I ' l i U i T i n a n . Hcvcrl.v Hi
Eleanor Balaskis, Robert Reigle,
l.i'MTly Unlir. K v l y n ltnili'sliii]
seven members from S t u d e n t Asso- ence.
I'ian It illy., H a r r y S i - n l l . .In.Vi'i' Slial'.'l', n a t i o n to talk with athletic a u t h o r Palmina Calabrese, Henry F e u r Davld F
l''.\'i'.yn Sinn-, l i n r u i l i y S l n i i i n s , lli'iir.\
ities, to gather the facts and to p r e * ' ln d e a t h . nncl w o n h i s
ba-ch, P a t r i c i a Zylko, I r e n e J o h n S i u i i l i . linlii'i'l I'. S i n l l i i , W a n l S m i t h ,
New members of the D&A Affili- son, Henry Berleth, Joyce Lutsky,
'I'ilu'i'iii. . l i m n
'I'll n s . A r l l i u r sent these facts to s t u d e n t s in a n greatest battle for the education of
'I'liiii'ii. I'in'.
• 'I'wi'i'ilii'. Hi'i-liiTi V a n open meeting.
educators, n the clay lie died, one ates have been announced by K a t h - and K a t h r y n Cowell.
I " m i s Villi'!',
of his pupils wrote her p a r e n t s a leen Wright '53, President. Six
In charge of lights is Norma D e ri'ii,
I'Mi-ili' W i ' l s l i l n l l ,
T h e following Interested in the sad page in the history of State," Mr. freshmen and seven Sophomores
K v e l j II W i . k s . Can.line W i l l i
s. .1
on Page 6, Column 1)
W i n i l i i T i , H e n r y W i . i i i n n r i . w s l i i . K e n pros and eons of the question were Page is no more . . . is it possible have completed the requirements to
i n i l l W u . i s l e l ' . I'lela W l ' i i t l i l , 'I'll..mas elected to the board: Carlo, Victoria t h a t we shall hear no more t h a t become members of the Affiliates.
i i i l r , I'l aine / . w e l i e n .
Baldino, J o a n Haggerty, Douglas rich and musical voice as he rises
T h r e e members of the Class of
l u l l . . w i n j ; . l i i i i i n r s a r e nil I he
to D&A
11 a l l ' s l.lxi : l l ' i n e n l a A l l l e r l s , l l l i u i a T h o m e , Seniors, P e t e r Telfer '53, in his place from m o r n i n g to m o r n - 1954 have been elected
lli'i-U. Mai'lnn l l e i i l , I t n l i e r l l l c r l d i n l V r , J a m e s Lockhart, and Burns, fresh- ing to offer up prayer to God . . . Council, announces Henry Smith '52,
l l i i i i a l i i i e , men.
my h e a r t stifles with emotion as I President. They are Dolores D o n Irene
l l l ' e z l n s l i ) . I 'ill liel'ille I ' l i s l l l i l l . .
Years later, remembering nelly, J o h n Laing, and Madeleine
A n n a I ' h i ' l s l u i l i i l i i . i 'a n n e i i I ' m ' s l . 1'llsle
Several people have complained the beloved F a t h e r of S t a t e , Phelps Payne,
I ' l ' i l i ' h l n W , I...Is l i . i n U h i i l ' r . . h i a n I l i ' V I n
i n - j . I r e n e l i i c l i , I i n l i l ( l a r i l l n l e r , W i l l - to Student Council concerning the wrote, "He is gratefully a n d nffecT h e seven Sophomores admitted
Results of the elections for S t u (Continued
on Pane 4, Column 1) quality and price of food in the tlonately remembered by thousands to the Affiliates are Eleanor Bala- dent Association Songleader, Senior
cafeteria. Council members voted to w ) i 0 knew but to love, a n d n a m e d skis, George Hathaway, J o h n Jacob- a n d Junior Class Songleade'rs, a n d
back the students a n d to ask the but to praise him. He was a m a n us, Leanore Kotch, Donald Voelling- S t u d e n t Board of F i n a n c e members
administration to investigate.
whose dignity, comeliness a n d grace er, and Diane Wheeler. New Affili- have been a n n o u n c e d by David
Tn n ^ n m h h , ihie ,.ftn.-nnnn u,in o f P c l ' s o n w e r e s o impressive as to ates members from the freshman Manly, C h a i r m a n of Myskanla. Aft„',
r T h i i n i . r
Q „ M ( ' o m i x > 1 c 0 1 l f i c " ' » r e n n c l affection at class
Anderson, er three distributions Marion NewAle
J f i l ' s t s i g h t ' H e w n s ' l n d e e d ' l h c W e a l C h ( , r l * a B e c k w l t h ' p e te>' Daly, Marie ton '52, was elected S t u d e n t Associn a t i c i elections held last f u a a j type of a noble m a n a n d a perfect Elder,
Robert ation Songleader, Miss Newton is
Inglls, a n d Arlene Yanks.
also the new Senior Songleader a n d
l ii.- Advanced D r a m a t i c s class (Continued from Page !h Column 1) teacher."
wl.l j.u-. tin. a n o t h e r in its .series ol*
B a r b a r a Newcombe is now Songp.ays luis.m.v evening at 8:30 p . m .
. . .
A n
t l e n c l e r for the J u n i o r Class. Arlene
Directors for next week's plays arc Desk
Last Words:
We ve A raper
To Put Out overson 52, is the new member of
Richard U u t t a '52, and Richard
Student Board of Finance.
H.'oU '.ill.
Student Association Songleader
l'.i'.st. on the program is a British
conic.i.v ol milliners, under Scott'.s
— 1 40751
ii. reel. on. Ro.ilyn Lacks, Edward
I'I ens. Sarah Dan/.is, Seniors; RobNewcombe
27300 31000 37700
1 rl. HttKiics, Walter Qoodell, Francis
27100 30600 38000
Hudtte, ami Mary Keller, J u n Petfleld
13700 17500
10', ; an.I Diane. Wheeler, Harry
YY..IT, " pho.iiorcs, eoinprise the
ins;. A i . m : Scott are the following
c lninitli'e heads:
Props, Barbara
Ni'Wi'onibe; Sets, Ruth D u n n ; CosTotal
1)1500 HI 500 81500
1.1111 s, Kiriih Brewer;
Senior Soiiglcaricr
J a m e s Mr'.hes; House, Louis Viun;
i"l ! Lights, Ruse Mary Keller, JunQuota
A p yeho'ouli'al plvintus" dealing
with tlH1 .struggle ol the bruin and
soul of a it lit ii to conquer his body
will be presented u n d e r G u t t u ' s d i Total
Ann Oaparls
'54 and
Junior SOUK leader
p i 11 y
Brain and the Body, resnetiively.
1 8901
l'lalne Slryker '55, will portray the
Soul, ami James Hughes '53, will
11 detective,
Hmilliler '52, will play 11 bellboy;
Frederick Crumb '54, will portray 11
Anllng (luliii In his pla\ a r e :
Student Hoard of Finance
Pels, Richard Scott; Costumes, Louis
Viun: Ll his, S a r a h Brewer; MakeQuota - 1 38051
i'|). Ruth Dunn; Publicity, J a m e s
Hindu.s; Props, T h o m a s Hughes;
Sound elTei'ls, Mndelon Knoerzcr,
Juniors, and House, Robert Sanders
Last minute changes as Desk Editors rush Sophomore Edition to press, l.elt to Itighl: Joyce Suites,
Sally (icrlg, J u n e IIIIBKIII.S, Teddy Hill, Joe Luce, Kuthy Lynch, and Irene Eldred.
Senior Class Maintains
Overwhelming Majority
"Succeed or die," t h e young m a n
was advised, as he Journeyed from private school. This new venture
his New England home to Albany W a s to be the opening of a S t a t e
, u n d e r t a k e * " o v e l u experiment N o r m a l S c h o o l
t Alb
p e o p i e believed was
, .
. .*
. .,
failure. David P e r k i n s P u r P ° s e o f educating s t u d e n t s in the
p a g e h a d s u c c e e d e d in education all practice and theory of
beginning a t 1 9 a n d secondary education. T h e exQf h i s y Q
„„„ wupn
y,p n n p n p j „
. ,
v p n ,.o n f
yeais oi age wnen ne opened a p e r i m e n t began on December 18,
-^ _
1844 when 29 pupils assembled a n d
were t a u g h t by the p r i n c i p a l - t e a c h er David Page a n d assistant, P r o fessor Perkins.
SA To Debate
Motion, Preview
Runaway Land
D&A Groups
Choose Frosh,
Soph Members
Manly Releases
Election Results
A D To Present
Comedy; Fantasy
/ i
d qn
a tpO!H
Of *
Oti|<)iij;li( 19W, Lu.i.iri \ Mtim TuiiAiui Co,
It's About Time . . .
*]U&u£ Af* Aa&meU JLihe .
By HANSON a n d H O P K I N S
Year after year one of the gripes of Student AsBy DONALD DUCLOS
sociation is the college cafeteria. Previously, before
the Boulevard cafeteria closed there was an al- Show Business!!
If you a r e a n "antiseptic baby or a prophylactic pup"
mentary D r a m a t i c s classes which
ternative. Now we are the victims of circumstances. Yes,
^ llY
.„. „Berlin
„ w
w „„ „.„,
h a t ,hlce „...
give us t h e choicest bits of d r a m a . you probably couldn't s t a n d eating i n t h e Boul but
. at
Never before did the student body have anything was"talkin^B about* when" he'wrote Next there are the musical groups it did have the advantage of providing a place
t o c o m p a r e t o t h e college cafeteria. W h e n w e c o n - these words. They
immediately which give us o p e r e t t a s a n d a con least two feet square in which t o e a t a meager mors i d e r t h e differences in t h e g r a d e of food w h i c h is c o m e t o t h e mind a n d lips of a n y - c m in t h e spring. A n d nnally of sel between 12 a n d 12:30. We know of four recent
• . .,
, i
... s i . j . i tr i
J o n e w h o ever h a s a n y t h i n g t o do present interest, a r e t h e B i g - 4 s cases in t h e college cafeteria i n which people have
s e r v e d i n t h e s n a c k b a r in o u r S t u d e n t U n i o n a n d w i t h t h e p r o d u c t i a 0 s n „ " y a g h o w , great which a r e written, produced, a n d locked elbows in vain a t t e m p t s t o e a t their lunches
T h e time h a s come . . . etc. (see editorial column.)
o u r college c a f e t e r i a , t h e q u e s t i o n w h i c h e n t e r s o u r o r s r n a i i , w h e t h e r i t be musical or directed by t h e t w o rival classes.
m i n d is " w h y ? "
d r a m a , comedy or tragedy, i t ' s w o n Taking t h e first, t h e d r a m a t i c s I N T E R E S T IN ASSEMBLIES . . .
VIVP v p a r s aan therp w a s a hii? " t o H o " in S h i - d e r f u l t o D e a P a r t of a show. A classes.we c a n see w h a t good p r o Compulsory assemblies were initiated because stu* i v e y e a r s a g o t n e r e w a s a Dig t o a o in s t u , o t o f hfaA
U) by a c - dent business could n o t be carried o n by a n y other
w o r k g o e g m t o ftny k i n d d u c t l o n 8 a r e p r e s e n t e d ,
d e n t A s s o c i a t i o n c o n c e r n i n g t h e p r i c e s a n d t h e o f s h o w > b u t s o m u c h l s o b t a i n e d tually seeing t h e m ourselves, a n d
means. T h a t is, n o t enough s t u d e n t s attended on
g r a d e of food s e r v e d in t h e cafeteria. A t t h a t t i m e from it.
121 by knowing t h a t presentations their own free will. All the"noise"in"the"a's'semblv of
o n e of t h e m e m b e r s of t h e State College News w a s
We a t State are very lucky t o be of many of t h e plays a r e requested late is only further evidence of t h e i m m a t u r i t y which
p r o m i s e d figures a n d facts t o b e p r i n t e d in t h e e x P ° s e d t o all kinds of shows. We throughout t h e a r e a .
caused this system to be imposed in t h e first place
n a n e r w h i c h w o u l d n r o v e t h a t this i n s t i t u t i o n h a s a l e 1 e a i t n e t p l a v n o u s e w . n e ^ e ' w l t h
Next we have t h e musical groups With the s t u d e n t faculty committee lining up speakp a p e r w i u c n w o u m p r o v e t n a t tnis i n s t i t u t i o n n a s o u r s t u d e n t t a x we a r e a d m i t t e d a t w h i c h p r o d u c e t n e f a v o r l t e s of light e r s for next years' assemblies some cause for comits p r o b l e m s t o o . W h e n t h e t i m e . c a m e for p u b h c a - a very nominal fee. B u t t h e most o p e r a a n d a w e l l o r g a n l z e d c o n o B e r t p l a n t s m a v be eliminated
tion it w a s m a d e k n o w n t h a t " i t w a s of n o i n t e r e s t i m p o r t a n t advantages a r e those we w n j C h offers only t h e best in musical
h a v e
ri ht here
o n
to t h e S t u d e n t B o d y " a n d t h e p u b l i c a t i o n w a s n o t
campus. First seiection.
Instead oi measuring S t a t e Street with a six-inch
Finally t h e Big-4's in which so
m a d e a v a i l a b l e . A c c o r d i n g t o t h e editorial p a g e of
ruler, sorority pledges will spend their "Hell Week"
t h e News in 1 9 4 7 , t h e s a m e gripes a n d t h e s a m e
1*0U*' 9H 7k* *7*um
S s T n % f a ? U c i P S ^ i f t h S 1 ' " m o l ' e i n s t r u c t i v e activities. Among these are work
p r o b l e m s a r e still w i t h u s .
we a r g f v e n P m u s ^ r c o m e d L with borhood
g L ^ J House.
^ Z
S S H S ? condition,
* tTh e*state
^ of'
O nte existing
P e r h a p s i t used t o b e t h e freshmen w h o " d i d n ' t
. ,,
, ,, .
, , the
O n e seem
Mm c t n i „from
to w
a r r a n t attention
w haant dis
importk n o w t h e i r w a y a r o u n d y e t " w h o a t e in t h e cafe
of tAnd,
h e day
t hmost
e favorite
old these worthies. Ready with t h e brooms, ready with
T n e famous Tex Benecke B a n d ahits
teria. N o w , w h e t h e r t h e y w a n t t o o r n o t t h e u p wiU De ac t h e Circle I n n this S u n - n t , t h e proceeds of t h e Big-4's go t h e mops, ready with t h e hell master, fire
to a worthy c h a r i t y fund.
p e r c l a s s m e n h a v e t o e a t t h e r e . I t p e r h a p s is n o n e way night for the Bob Snyder Show.
^ of
^ telling
But what is t h e purpose
A s a n aciclec
of o u r b u s i n e s s a s t o h o w t h e m a n a g e m e n t of t h e
< feature, t h e r e will be
a l l th"ls
At Student Council Wednesday night a committee
S know? Well, i t ' s to encouralready
of seven lrom S.A. was appointed to investigate the
cafeteria s p e n d s t h e m o n e y , b u t t h e g r a d e of food ^
" " • " " " ' " ' " " '' ' " " " " " age you t o take p a r t in as many possibilities of having inter-collegiate football here
a n d t h e prices w e a r e p a y i n g a r e d e l i n i t e l y o u r s t a r t s a t 7:30.
of these productions a s possible.
next fall. Of course, t h e major problem is us with
b u s i n e s s . W e d n e s d a y n i g h t S t u d e n t Council r e T h e G u y Lombardo Show, being
Why n o t drop i n o n a rehearsal everything else at State, money.If it c a n be shown
q u e s t e d t h e a d m i n i s t r a t i o n t o t h o r o u g h l y investi- brought to the Albany Armory by sometime t o see h o w m u c h f u n it t h a t we c a n afford, with an increase in Student Tux,
unfortunately is? See someone w i t h a sprained
g a t e t h e cafeteria s i t u a t i o n . After a period of five Bob Snyder,
to support a team, S t u d e n t Association will have a
come during Easter recess, b u t
y e a r s a n d with t h e s a m e p r o b l e m s still w i t h u s , those of you from this a r e a will get ankle try t o h o p across t h e stage chance in t h e near future to decide whether we bein a dramatic m o m e n t with a line come a grid-iron campus or not. Give t h e m a t t e r seshall w e s a v " i t ' s a wise m o v e . "
a chance to see it April 19 a t 8:30. like " I ' m coming to you, J o h n , I'm rious thought, It sound fine, b u t is it plausible'' The
T h e show will last two h o u r s a n d coming." O r see a r a t h e r large per- committee will do all it can to find mil . . . then il
there will be several b l j n a m e stars son say something like, "Would you is up to you. Football anyone?
on hand to a d d to t h e e n t e r t a i n - like something to e a t ? I have a lot
ment. Tickets a r e $3.60, $2.40 a n d of food i n m y c h e s t (instead of OUR UNION . . ,
t r u n k . ) " Or even see a leading m a n
Remember t h e note on the n o t so clean Student
The State College News h a s offered m a n y critiHere Ls a n Item t h a t m a y Interest
c i s m s r e c e n t l y c o n c e r n i n g t h e inefficiency of var- sports fans. T h e Capitol District try to fly o u t of a n embrace say- Union in this column last week? This week we ran
. ,» ,
,, , . , , , ,
, ing,
•••!-.. "Wow!"'
w h e n h e ' s enjoying our fingers along t h e shelves, ledges a n d wlndowsills
ious o r g a n i z a t i o n s o n c a m p u s . E v i d e n t l y S t u d e n t
in the lounge, halls, and game room. T h e results were
Boat Dealers will display hulls a n d t h e k l s s t o o n u | c h l 0 n c t ^
A s s o c i a t i o n is o b l i v i o u s o r p e r h a p s a p p a t h e t i c t o - motors of popular fishing crafts a t Those a r e just a few little things not. too clean fingers. T h e "Johns" a r e also in a rather
ward t h i s inefficiency.
B u t when t h e criticism the New York State S p o r t m a n ' s t h a t "pop u p " in r e h e a r s a l s t h a i nil sorry state—we didn't know t h e S t a t e hud bough!
Show a t the R P I Field House M a r c h contribute to t h e enjoyment of grey marble for t h e sinks. Quite elegant!
c o m e s from s o m e o n e w h o is n o t c o n n e c t e d in a n y 26-30.
working on any k i n d of production.
w a y w i t h t h e college, isn't il t i m e s o m e t h i n g w a s
Attain a reminder t h a t the worldNow you say you have no talent. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS . . .
famous Sadler's Wells T h e a t r e Bal- Don't kid yourself o n t h a t score.
T h e actors who gave the much enjoyed performlet will be a t t h e R P I Field House
ance of "Twelfth Night" and "School F o r Wive;" lust
W e d n e s d a y noon a t t h e joint m e e t i n g of S t u - March 12, Construction of t h e Field Maybe you c a n ' t sing, dance, or Friday, you might, be interested in knowing, also act
act, but remember Broadway prod e n t Association a n d t h e r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s of t h e House stage Is under way t o provide
ductions would be n o t h i n g without as I heir own crew, do their own m a k e - u p and drive
A m e r i c a n R e d C r o s s Paul Phillips, Assistant D i - for lull ballet production facilities. people backstage. T h e r e a r e so many the truck which transports them They usually iron
rector of t h e A l b a n y C h a p t e r s t a t e d t h a t all t h e Two large steel towers will be built things you could do to be a part their own costumes but we understand that D and A
Council took cure of t h a t a n d only blew one fuse in
q u e s t i o n s raised c o n c e r n i n g t h e p r e s e n t d r i v e for at t h e sides of t h e stage to s u p p o r t of show business.
54 suspension points for scenery.
the endeavor—"if I hud only gone in for the arts."
blood could h a v e been a n s w e r e d long a g o . T h a t is More t h a n a mile of rope a n d (13 If, because of previous commitments,
is t h e R e d C r o s s unit on c a m p u s were d o i n g an sets of blocks will be used to fly
ductions, r e m e m b e r this also: a
In a Student Association meeting Wednesday noon
efficient j o b ,
the scenery in rapid changes,
show, to be successful, needs a n representatives of t h e Albany C h a p t e r of t h e Red
T h e troupe will present a new audience. T h e people
b e h 1 n d Cross attempted to explain to t h e students eager to
T h i s is j u s t o n e e x a m p l e . W h a t about C a m p u s revised version of t h e t h r e e - a c t
the footlights need a n encourage- give blood why they can't do so as u group. We're
Commissions;'' It is r a t h e r a p p a r e n t that n o t h i n g ballet "Coppplia." This ballot Is one
ment from a n a p p r e c i a t i v e audience.
h a s been d o n e t o i m p r o v e t h e s i t u a t i o n in t h e of t h e longest a n d best established They can't perform to empty seats not sure if they knew our point of view or not, bill
somehow their answers seemed evasive a n d unsatisof
C o m m o n s y e t . .Maybe a few signs a s k i n g s t u d e n t s
and do a good j o b ,
factory. Il seems that I hey have a walling Usi of
version of t h e story of t h e doll with
t o p u t their t r a s h a n d c i g a r e t t e s in t h e r e c e p t a c l e s the porcelain eyes ls concentrated
thousands a n d cannot accept more Ham a hundred
would h e l p . Or even a few more a s h t r a y s placed more on choreography, decor, cos- show business. Let's start right now. pints a week because of the luck of processing faciliBlg-4's, (in operetta, A.D. pluvs and
on t h e t a b l e s w o u l d be of use. L e t ' s h a v e a c t i o n . tumes a n d music t h a n on t h e story. many others. I t ' s u p to all of u s ! ! ties. T h e r e a r e only u few hours set aside each week
for donors a t t h e one lab In t h e urea a n d we may
Seats a r e available for $2.40, $3.00.
not have u bloodmobile because t h e Albany Medical
"Let's go—on with t h e Show!"
$3.00 unci $4,110 a t t h e T e n Eyck
Society says that, there Is to be none In Albany
Record Shop, T h e Blue Note RecCounty. Wherever wo turn, however, we see or hear
ord Shop a n d t h e R P I Field House.
pleas from t h e Red Cross on how desperately our
T h e movie agenda for t h e weekblood is needed. Somehow t h e two sels of fuels do
C o n s o l a t i o n s a r e in order for Abel
M a i l m a n end includes two sure box-office
not jibe. Il appears thai if blood Is needed and there
w h o is in S t . P e t e r ' s Hospital r e c u p e r a t i n g from hits. T h e / a n y comedy duo, Martin
are these ureal numbers of donors available in this
an a p p e n d e c t o m y . G e t out quick, A b e , S p o r t s Staff
In the past years this campus urea. Albany County could do more toward Hie NaBeware" at t h e S t r a n d T h e a t r e , has been constantly disturbed by tional Red C e s s ell'oi'l than is being done. Perhaps
needs y o u . I t ' s y o u r turn to l a k e the copy d o w n .
Clark Oable a n d Ava G a r d n e r head- many issues. Issues a r e mutters of Red Cross unit on campus r a n look into this State
line the east of "Lone Star," the vital importance about which there College 1ms blood lo give for military purposes we're
battle of Texas and t h e battle of is only one correct opinion your still not convinced I hey don't want II !
COLLEGE NEWS sexes, a t the Palace.
own. Old copies of t h e State ColWednesday. March 5, " Q u o Vad- lege News contain t h e records of RUNAWAY LAND
is," MGM's much advertised techni- these heated battles,
Last year \ o u were laken wind were you lukeni by
color extruvneanzn. will begin at the In 1D2H the student tax lumped the class of '54 lo t h e South S'eu Islands This year
Palace. Tickets for t h e evpnlnt from $11 to $13, a n d t h e editorial things ure hack lo normal with the action taking
show will be $1.25 a n d t h e m a t i n e e culled for a hall t o t h e "aristocracy I'li'i'c In u small American cominunllv, a n d u really
F e b r u a r y 20, 10S2
N o . 16 tickets will be $.80.
of the dollar." T h e News also o b - good show is in the offing, Rumor has il that there Is
there a r e the Advanced mid Ele-jected to the "wild scheme" of still standing room available hurry
hurry lo i he
buying a n electrola for dancing In booth In Lower Draper a n d reserve' 'yours.
Thi' unilorgnicllinti! m>WH|iii|)<>r ,,f (|io Nciw York State Colthe gymnasium.
lege for Tunclmru ; publUhoil every Friday of tliu College
l a d Week
Back In the days when t h e Com- QUESTION O F Till.; WKKK , . ,
your by tho MOWS lloiiril for lliu Student Amiut'lutlon.
Where, oh where is (he Sophomores' muslin (twelve
mon-stater was t h e Commcnstator,
Member* uf I he MOWS HIIIIT may lie reached Tuesday and
I lie big fight w a s over the vole, bucks worth i ?
and Wednesday I'r
7 In II |i in al 'J.'lll'.'ll Hxl. 11
T h e preferential voting w a s ex-not for women, but for non-holders
I'lmie-s Smith, '_':t:i_v. lOade, ii'j losl . Hums, II'JISIS
Kilitiir-In-( lilef plained to Student Association by ol I he student lux card.
MiumiiiiiK Killlor Victoria Baldlno '52, Vice-Chairman
Men need not upplyl
In |().||)
- - I'Hhllii ICelullonH ICdltor
DONALD lll'lt.NN
Speris ICdlliir of M.Vhkaniu. A sample ballot WHS DiVA Council hud been u petflcout
lliisluesN Mi.iiiiii.r used to clarify the election proce- organization | ( H ' eight years R e l l . \ l t l l . \ l < \ JIHI'K
( Irililulloil Miilliiitcr dure. After t h e explanation t h e As- form was t h r e a t e n e d from without,
ICjihiume Killtnr sociation voted In the replacement
I ' A l l t l C I A HAIKU S( II
. . . Advertlslnii ICdltor elections for t h e KA songleacler and il not applied from within.
. . . Kminr,.
There were gripes about the 11:30 p.m. SCA liuncillel, Hope Hapllsl Church
AsM.ichite ICdltor the t h i r t e e n t h member of Myskanla, men's showers in 194(1. O n e com- SATURDAY, MARCH 1
Assnehii,. ICdllor Hoih positions were left vacant by
Asse.hiCe ICdltor Mrs. Mary Murks '52, who gradu- plaint was 11 int t h e showers sprinkle 1 15 p in. Radio Council program
drying .sell H :tii p in. Sophomore Hi g-Four,
I I l/.AIIi: III I'l.AI T
. . . . Annoehiti. ICdllor ated In February
'Runaway 1 .mid.
without benefit to user,"
Huge Hall.
The rule requiring thai llimnclul
Issue lOdltiirs: Iclilred, (icrlg, Hill, IIUtfKinN, Lynch,
In 11)41) there w a s u lot o| de- SUNDAY, MARCH :»
motions be tabled for one week was buts about the proposul lo eulcr
Sliatills, Suites.
P i n llillel meeting and social hour Congieguwaived in order to discuss a n d conic soccer In inlei-colldglale spoils, o n e ''
lion o h u v Shnloin
All ruin in till It'll I I(JI>H Hlioiild hi' .idilri'HHed In I lie eilltnr and lo u vole on whether Varsity Club
lllllhl he MlHlleil
Nllllleo Will hi' w l l l l l l e l d
II | • • I (I rcl| Ui'Hl Would be able to charge 2ft cents
M.AA budget w a s bei'iunlng too H 30 p i n Advanced Dnuniilics class plays, Huge Hal
I he S I A l IC I ul.l.lCI.IC MOWS iiHHtiiiiuM no re»|iiiimlldlUy
for o|iliiloiia ei|iremiod In lis enluiiiliH or eoiniiiuiileMlioiiH admission to Ihu New 1'ulu game. large, and one of t h e points In faT h e proceeds were to go to t h e vor was t h a t soccer would be a good WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5
•In sllell i>\|iri<H»|ollH d
HM«rtl> ref eel lis v i e w
News polio
fund substitute for football In fall sports 12 Noon1 1 SCA Chapel, United Presby lerlnl Cliurch
Second Lenten discussion! bom
ol 1)1
Alter much discussion Varsity Club
But, In 11)52. football seems to be
Frances Colby
was allowed to do u.s it asked.
the problem of t h e hour
7 15 p.m. Canterbury c l u b meeting, Brubaehor
Stokes Reveals
Operetta Casts
Orchestra To Perform
In Music Council Event
Childers To Lead
Sports Events, Tour Of Europe
J . Wesley Childers, Professor
Show Excursion of Dr.Modern
Languages, will lead a
9uu2i. Ofj 7^e Palt
Students MournDartmouth Invites
Deafn of Bou/
State Debaters
"Old soldiers never die, they
just fade away." T h a t literary
gem applies t o coffee a n d t h e To Tournament
Weekend activities for c h i l d r e n a t s t u d e n t tour of Europe this s u m the Hioany Home for C h i l d r e n , a s
T h e casts of t h e musical produc- piannect Dy SMILES, include two mer, under t h e auspices of t h e
tions sponsored by Music Council uasi<eLoall games a t t h e H o m e t o - Guild of S t u d e n t Travel. T h e tour
have been announced by Dr. Charles morrow a n a a t t e n d a n c e a t t h e will last 46 days, a n d will include
F. Stokes, Professor of Music. "Down Sopnomore Big-4 tomotrow night. seven countries.
in t h e Valley," a folk opera by S M i L E S memoers also p l a n to c h a p K u r t Weill, a n d t h e Gilbert a n d fcrone some of t h e children t o t h e T h e group will leave New York
Sullivan favorite "Trial By J u r y " Suite-New
F r i d a y , J u l y 12 via t h e new S.S. "CONSTIm a k e up t h e double bill to be p r e - M a r c h 7.
T U T I O N " or July 20 via Flying
sented in Page Hall Friday a n d S a t Girls a t t h e Home will play Clipper of P a n American World
urday, March 14 a n d 15.
against S t a t e women i n t h e first Airways. T h e first stop will be a t
T h e cast of "Trial By J u r y in- game tomorrow afternoon. T h e game Naples. From Naples, t h e students
eludes Mitchell Burkowsky '52 Ev- will begin a t 2 p. m. T h e second
will go to other I t a l i a n cities, then
elyn Paulus '53; Donald Duclos a n d game, starting a t 3 p . m . , will feat
to Switzerland, G e r m a n y , Holland,
Alfred Short, Sophomores; Robert ure S t a t e m e n against boys from
Comely, a n d Donald Lein, fresh- t h e Home. Both games will be played Belgium, France, a n d finally to
men. Those who have roles in "Down m the gymnasium a t t h e H o m e . S o - England. T h e S. S. "QUEEN MARY"
in t h e Valley" a r c R i c h a r d J a c o b - rority pledges will c h a p e r o n e several will leave S o u t h a m p t o n August 21
son, Louise Petfielci, Owen Smith, children from the Home to t h e Big- to bring t h e tourists back to New
Marie DeSeve, a n d B a r b a r a New- 4 tomorrow night. Anyone desiring York. P a n American World Airways
combe, Juniors; P r a n k G i a n n o n c to accompany t h e c h i l d r e n t o t h e wil t r a n s p o r t tourists desiring to
'54; a n d Donald Lein '55.
Friday, travel by air.
T h e performances will include a March 7, should sign on t h e S M I L E S
Total cost for t h e tour will be
cast of nearly 50 a n d t h e College bulletin board.
Orchestra. Tickets for t h e reserved
Ilene Murcott '53, was elected s e c - $1042 by boat a n d $1186 by air. T h e
section a r e $1.25; general admission retary
week. price, in addition to transportation,
will be $1.00. Reserved liekets a r e Sondra Stotkin '52, P r e s i d e n t , h a s will provide for hotels, rail t r a n s available a t music stores a n d t h e announced Miss M u r c o t t replaces portation on t h e C o n t i n e n t a n d in'
Elaine Topper '53, w h o resigned.
England, a n d meals.
"Boul" a s well a s old soldiers.
T h e s u n s a n k remorsefully, i n
the pray skies S a t u r d a y even i n g ; t h e doors closed reluctantly o n a silent, empty "Boul."
Idle hours formerly passed i n
quiet contemplation,
by vivid examples of 19th century a r t a n d nourished by food
t'nuff said), will have to be
spent in t h e less artistic a t m o s phere of t h e W.T., Ockie's, or
possibly T e m p e r a n c e Tavern.
W i t h t h e coming of Monday
morning, State's halls echoed
the shuffling of listless steps a t tributed ordinarily t o a lost o r
at least better lost t h a n r e m e m bered weekend. Those slowly
treading steps of last Monday
were in rememberance of t h a t
dear old friend w h o weathered
many s t u d e n t storms a n d a t
last just faded away.
Councill W i l l Attend
Annual Brooklyn Match
Debate Council is preparing t o
participate in a n u m b e r of t o u r n a m e n t s during t h e n e x t few weeks,
Clarence Spain '52, President of D e bate Council h a s announced. T w o
debates were held a t Union College
Tuesday night, F e b r u a r y 19.
State College debators have been
invited to compete in t h e Twelfth
Annual D a r t m o u t h Debate T o u r n a ment, making S t a t e t h e first college t h a t is n o t a member of t h e
Ivy League ever to receive a n invitation to t h e tourney. Dayton U n i versity, Dayton, Ohio, h a s requested
to compete against two S t a t e College teams here, Friday, M a r c h 14.
Tuesday, S t a t e debators will d e bate t h e topic "Resolved: T h a t
woman's place is in t h e home," a t
an assembly of t h e s t u d e n t body of
Draper High School, Schenectady.
Participating in t h e debate will be
Miss Erdle, Eleanor Roth, Seniors,
Robert Berkhofer '53, a n d Robert
Reigle '54.
Debate Council members will also
District SCA groups will meet for be among the 55 colleges contending
their a n n u a l banquet today. A in t h e a n n u a l Brooklyn College
chapel service, discussions, a n d spe- T o u r n a m e n t , Friday a n d Saturday,
cial speakers a r e also included on March 7 a n d 8. Miss Erdle a n d
the religious clubs' agendas.
Charles Gruneisen, Seniors, a n d
"Our Personal Relation to God"J a m e s Thompson a n d Marvin Cherwill be t h e topic of a n address by noff, Sophomores, a r e to comprise
Rev. William H. Klrkland, Resident t h e teams in this contest. T h e topic
Chaplain a t Vassar College, a t t h e to be debated is "Resolved: T h a t
SCA banquet. T h e banquet will the Federal G o v e r n m e n t
start a t 6:30 p.m. n t t h e Hope B a p - adopt a p e r m a n e n t program of wage
and price control." Church.
Tuesday, F e b r u a r y 19, Ronald
Dr. Edith Wallace, Professor of
Latin, will appear as guest speaker Ferguson, R i c h a r d Shaper, Edward
at SCA Chapel Wednesday noon. Lehman, Sophomores, a n d J e a n
Welch '52 disputed t h e above resolu'1 he second in a series of special
tion a t Union College. Coaches of
Lenten discussions will be held a t
both teams criticized t h e debates.
the a p a r t m e n t of Dr. Frances Colby, Instructor in English, Wednesday evening, starting with supper a t I-F Council Outlines
(i p.m. Helen Pilcher '52, President
ol' SCA, states t h a t
forms for t h e SCA spring confer- Procedure For Bidding
ence must be completed next week.
I n t c r - F r a t e r n i t y Council h a s outHillel members will meet 7 p.m.lined the procedure for second s e Sunday a t Congregation Ohav S h o - mester bidding to t h e four fraternilom. Those attending will hear a n ties on campus, K a p p a Beta. Sigaddress about Israel. A social hour ma Lambda Sigma, Edward Eldred
will conclude t h e evening.
Poller Club, a n d K a p p a Delta R h o .
"Education a n d Religion" will be Those eligible for bidding shall be
I he subject of a discussion at a regularly enrolled
students who
Canterbury Club meeting in B r u -have spent, one full semester a t
bacher 7:15 p.m., Wednesday. Rev. State, announces Joseph Friedman,
Lloyd Hackwell, Rector of Saint, Grnd, President of I - F Council.
Andrew's Church, h a s been engaged
All bids shall be issued through
as guesl speaker, says R u t h Beetle- I - F Council in t h e following m a n stone '54, club president.
ner: .students being extended bids
by a fraternity will find notice of
such In the s t u d e n t mall boxes this
morning. S t u d e n t s receiving notices
will go lo Richardson Lounge between 9 a.m. a n d 1:35 n.m. only, in
order to receive their bids.
All bids shall Ire returned lo I - F
103 Central Ave.
Council in t h e followlii", m a n n e r :
students wishing to accept any one
of I heir bids must sign a n d re'urn
such lo Hie fraternity's representative in Richardson Lounge Monday,
March 3, from !) a.m. lo 12:35 p.m.
A student not wishing to accent n
hid should return t h e hid unpinned
to the representative of I he li-iterivly issuing t h e bid. Bids will not
be rc'cived after the time specified.
Religious Clubs
Schedule Events
College Men!
nerriciency Pli
ersonaI .
in the U.S. Air Force
Aviation Cadet Program Offers Special Opportunities
for Collegians Now Preparing lor Military Service
H e r e is n r e a l m a n - s i z e o p p o r t u n i t y ! You.
run choose—immediately—between
being a
Pilot or Aircraft
in A m e r i c a ' s
swill l y - c x p a n d i n g A i r F o r c e . T h e A i r F o r c e
onrour.'igi's c a n d i d a t e s t o s l a y in s c h o o l
and graduate. However, seniors a n d stud e n t s w i t h t w o y e a r s o r m o r e o f college
who anticipate early e n t r a n c e into military
s Tvieo c a n i n s u r e t h e i r f u t u r e a n d s e r v e
li 'ir c o u n t r y ' ' e s t b y a p p l y i n g for A v i a t i o n
> ' rlct T r a i n i n g t o d a y . Y o u receive t h o
-I Irainine, a n d e x p e r i e n c e w h e n y o u fly
1 1 In' II. S. A i r F o r c e - e x p e r i e n c e t h a t
, s 1 iff iii l a t e r y e a r s .
3 . Accomplish Plying
Aptitude T r s l s anil i'iilist. for Iwo yuurs only!
4 . Tin' Selective Service
Ael iiwanlH y o u a I'ourinonl li dcl'ei'iiielll while
a w n i l i l l g eliiNH .'issigiiineiil.
AGE —Botwoon 19 and 26Vb yonrs.
f:[?UCAT!ON—• At toast two yonrs of college.
oyos, onrs, heart, and tooth.
5 . I ill illt'd in 11' a s H i g n ini'iil In Aviiiliun Cndi'l
Training CIIIHHI'H s i n n i n g
Mav '11, .till' II), AugiiHl
I!) anil October 2, I'Jfi'J.
I . T a k e I I'liimcripl uf r
legi' u v i l i i s MIKI eu|iv
llil'lll I'l'l'l i l i i ' l l l l ' In Ml
Ill'lll'I'Hl A l l t'llll'l' HllHI'
lire run nig Sllll Ion
2 * Appear for phvHical
I'xaininal i<mat vmir near
i'Hl Air Ham1 al (iuvrrulllflll
6 . A l l e n d A v in I i o n
< iiclcl T r a i n i n g School
lor one year either on
I'il<il or Airerafl Olmerve r . d e l $lllfi nionlhly plus
food, housing, umliirin.H,
and oilier heilellls.
7 . (Iradoale and will
your winds! ('ominisHioneil as a second lietil e i i a n l . voo begin earning
$,ri,(l()() a year In ailili
I i o n . voo rect'i ve $'J5I)
uniform allowance and a
lid-liny leave wil h pay.
Capitol Press
l l l . l l ' H O N i : .1-1)703
or sec Arli'iie Kvcrson '5:2
!I5 .Madison Avcilll •
Albany, New York
Sidney Feltmim, Ph.G,
ai7 Western Ave. Albany, N. Y.
Phone (I-K610
WHERE To Get More Details
Vi'n'i v<iui nuoiosl U. S. Air Forco Bum or U. S Aimy — U. S. Air
f v • Rocfjiting Station 01 willo direct to Aviation Cadot, Huadi|u.. ten, U. 5. Air Foicu, Wns/iinoion 25, D. C.
Gerald Drug Co.
STATE C O L L M I N I W « . FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, ( 6 3 2
PAOl 4
Lape Releases
First Semester
Honor Sfudenfs
Hurry! Girls!
'Tempus Fugit'
fContinued from Page i, Column 1)
If you hear strange noises In
the halls today, don't worry.
It's only the murmur of a battle
hymn mingled with a battle cry.
Navy School Seeks Frosh Announce Cast
Senior Applications Of Big-4 Production
Girls To Meet
A representative from t h e W o m en's Army Corps a n d a r e p r e s e n t a tive from the W o m e n ' s Air Force
will visit S t a t e College M o n d a y , Dr.
Ellen c . Stokes, D e a n of Women,
has announced. T h e servicewomen
will discuss their work w i t h i n t e r ested women from S t a t e .
Yes, today's THE DAY, Febtor Ooodoll, Lucille Outhrle, Helen
ruary 29, that extra twenty-four
Ungol, Kuth HerHkowlU, Marie Hoffhours that nature gives us only
man, and Marlon Horn,
once every four years. Now's
Additional Juniors on Dean's LiHt
your chance to do all the things
arc: James Hughes, Evl Iglaucr, Demi
T h e representatives will be in
Kaplan, Madelon Knncrsser, Ricliard
you've wanted to do, like a t Krug, Lltn Kriimholz, Michael La MurRoom 111 in Draper Hall a t 3:30
tending that late class you've cut
ea, Margaret Leonard, Joseph Lornp. m. Any woman wishing informaall semester, or trying out the
liardl, Shirley Lont, Ruth Lovelace,
tion about the WAC's a n d t h e
Ann McDougall, Wllmonte Nash, Tina
pogo stick Uncle Charlie gave
WAF's can meet these r e p r e s e n t a Nlcagtro,
you for Christmas. Best opporPonce, Phyllis Penny, Louise Pettield,
tives a t t h a t time.
tunities can be had by the feVeronica Price, Daniel Robinson, Walmale sex, however. After all, toter Scliueller, Kntherlne Sinclair, .Tordine Hkoff, Janice Smith, Owen Smith,
day is the day that makes leap
John Spenard, Virginia Stanimel, Donyear. Tradition claims: fall in
ald Stlne, Joan Stocker, Ann Sturges,
love on February 29, be married
Hobert Tabor, Paula Taylor, Ii'lfrleda
Thiebe, Herbert Thicr, Joyce Turner,
within the year.
Carol Wandersec. Charles' Wicks, Marietta Wiles, and Richard Wood.
So, go to it girls! Go to it
The following Sophomores are Ineveryone! This is Obey That
eluded in the list: Frances Alien,
Impulse Day. You needn't stop
Philip Allen, May Arnold, Richard
at anything. Weil, almost anyBailey, Donald Barrelt, Eleanor Blissler, Leo Bennett, Joan Bolss, Mary Bora,
Benjamin Button, Robert Cnmpo, Anna
Canor, Lucille Carella, Barbara earner, Dorothea Cerubinl, Frances Cillbcrtl, Bnrtolo Conte, John Cooper,
Kathryn Cowell, Charles Cullen, Patricia Dean, John Dillon, Margaret Eckert, Shirley IOdsall, Kenneth Everard,
Uonald Ferguson, Dnwn Furman, Doris
Hagen, Faith Hanson. Frances Hopkins. Annamnre Hug. June Muggins,
Help Week, i n a u g u r a t e d to r e Henry Hull, Elizabeth Milliter, Irene
Johnson, Robert Johnson, Roaemary place traditional Hell Week, will
Klrby. Use Kolin, Leanore Kotch, Joan begin Monday and close with inforLnbouxour, and Mary Lnvery.
m a l initiations T h u r s d a y evening.
Oilier Sophomores mi Dean's I.lsl Names of newly pledged and initiare: Rilwaril I.ehinan, Killt'lnn Lokell- ated women and plans for a date
berg. Marie McCaffrey, Marilyn Mailer. 1)11 ies Mansky, Frank
Mayer. party this evening have also been
Madelyn Meier. William Metzer, Ralph released.
Moot, Shirley Nellls, ,1
Olonyk, RobHelp Week is being coordinated
ert Reigle, IConalil Ileilss, Ruth Richie r. Kurt Rosenbnum, Sylvia Senimler, by I n t e r - G r o u p Council a n d exeRayuiond Shannon, Richard Simper, cuted by Inter-Sorority Council,
Frank Shcpard, Dunne Sinister, Arnold Smith, Kenneth Smith,- Jane Sta- announced Joseph Lombardl '53,
ples, Evelyn Telgen, Donald Voelllnger, and Anne Sullivan '52, respective
Alvce Wnlnwrlght, N'ancy Whittle, Ar- Presidents. Pledges will be able to
lliur Wldawsky, Joan Wllliiian, Mary
work a t the Albany Boys' Club,
Vt'iirzlmch, and Maryanne Zllin.
The freshmen on the list an Noel T r i n i t y Institute, Albany H o m e for
Alvnz, Rose Herlseh, Henry loolte, Children, Clinton Square NeighborWillis Bosch. Marilyn Brond-bei
cut. Ed- hood House, B"H the Memorial Hosward
Dvorak. Charlotte Goldman, Roger pital.
Ilnwvcr, Jane Herr, Ronald Lackey,
Chi Sigma T h e t a is p l a n n i n g a
Zo.> Laurie. Nancy Light hall Robert
Lundergan, Bradford Miller. Ji hn Mor- date party this evening from 8:30
rlssey. Leroy Negus, Virginia N i r i i i a n , p . m . to 12 midnight. Ann Tobey
Gone Nnrrls, Lucy O'Dell. Ton I Packer, Ann Reunion, Sondra Short, Joyce '55, is Chairman.
Slegler, Edna Standley, Elaine Slryker. Barbara Tanney, I'iugeiie Webb,
and Roger Weir.
Seniors may apply for t r a i n i n g a t
the Navy's Officer C a n d i d a t e School
in Newport, Rhode Island, anytime
between now and J u n e . T h e school,
which was opened last J u n e , Is expected to have a n enroLuier.t of
2100 by October.
Two courses of instruction are offered at the school. One prepares
students for commissions as specialists; the other prepares t h e m for
commissions a ensigns in t h e "general line."
T h e cast h a s been chosen for t h e
freshman Big-4 production, "Hi-Yo
Percival." N a n c y Evans, Director,
has released t h e following list of
members of t h e cast.
Pete will be played by R o b e r t
Burns, Victoria by J o a n Carlin,
Whiskers by R o b e r t Coan, Slim by
Donald Lein, a n d Clem by R i c h a r d
are: Percy, A r t h u r Lenig; P e a c h e s ,
Phyllis L l t t m a n ; F a n t o n , Robert
Lundergan; Ace Spade, Ross Newm a n ; Joe, R i c h a r d Rosenberg; M a bel, S o n d r a S h o r t ; a n d Lissy, N a dine Watson.
I Campus Interviews on Cigarette Tests §
Sororities To Initiate
Help Week Monday
Students To Consider
Proposed Amendments
from Page 1, Column tJ
will be a n n o u n c e d . An a n n o u n c e m e n t from t h e chair and other g e n eral a n n o u n c e m e n t s will also be
A group of Sophomores will p r e sent ten m i n u t e s of publicity for
" R u n a w a y L a n d . " Discussion on the
proposed constitutional a m e n d m e n t
presented by Charles Grunelsen '52,
two weeks ago will be the last s u b ject on t h e a g e n d a today.
"Portrait At Its Finest"
OPEN 9:00 to 5:30 DAILY
H. F, Honikel & Son
Foundedl 1806
Phone 4-2021
117 Central A n .
Matmen Still Optimistic
Regarding Club's Futuie
Joe Garcia's musclemen, the newly organized wrestling team, held its
first m a t c h Saturday, against the
groaners from Darrow Prep. T h e
victory went to Darrow 25-11, but
the S t a t e m a t m e n expressed optimism considering the inexperience
of t h e team.
S a t u r d a y ' s lineup included three
veterans, King, F u e r b a r h and Bliss,
with the novices Derby, Helm, Cohen, Lewis and Pinley. King toppled
his Darrow opponent by a fall and
Bliss and Fuerbach won by decision.
According to Garcia, the new
squad is increasing its number every
night in their 3:30-5:30 meetings in
Milne gym.
Recent additions to the group include F r a n Schatzle, a veteran of
last year's squad, and LeRoy Negus,
a frosh newcomer.
Garcia disclosed t h a t games are
scheduled with the
team at Van Hornseville High, and
tentatively with Albany H i ' h and
Albany Academy teams at future
Sin-ie the team members are
chospn for coirpet'.tion with outside
t r a m s by series of weekly eliminations, the same men do not n c r e s sarily wrestle every week and there
is opportunitv for wide participation. Coach Garcia expressed hope
for a successful season, and claimed
t h a t he has some wonderful m a terial to work with and has high
hones of arousing Ihe interest of
more men.
A college star in his own right.
Ojivr-lq i-ns nmole background outside of book learnin" to show candidates how to handle themselves
on a mat.
Grads Cop League;
Misfits Hold Edge
Evenings by a p p o i n t m e n t
State Grapplers
Lose To Darrow
j L / e s c e n d e d from a long line of d i s t i n g u i s h e d
r e s e a r c h e r s , this s t u d i o u s s c h o l a r h a s b u r n e d ton m a n y
g a l l o n s of m i d n i g h t oil to gloss over a sulijerl liglill).
Especially such an i m p o r t a n t item as cigarette! m i l d n e s s .
H e b u r r o w e d into the m a t t e r with his usual resolution
a n d c o n c l u d e d that a " q u i c k p u l l " or a "fast snill '
Tuesday's action at the Rice Alleys saw the Misfits m a i n t a i n their
slim lead in the downstairs division
of the I n t r a m u r a l Bowling League.
Paced by Rudy Bode. 492, Hal
Smith, 471, and Bill Dunn, 432, the
Misfits trounced the Po 4-1, 4-0.
Consistent bowding by Carrol Judd
an I Joe Lombardl went lor naught
for the Fo 4-1 quintet. T h e Rousers
moved out of their second place tie
as they easily defeated the K ' B o b bles while the Finks remained idle
and dropped into fourth
Ralph Adams, 522, and Je'r.v Mousso, 429, led the victors. In the other
contest the Commuters took a forfeit llii' Splits and moved into
the third place slot vacated by the
T h e EEP Grads, paced by their
big three of Al Kaehn, 548. Jim
Jitisto, 4(17. and Jim Warden. 538,
clinched their division with their
victory over Ihe Beavers. K a e h n ' s
trio!:' set a new division high triple,
SI s established a new high simile
earne of 854 in their defeat or EEP.
Boh F " " h e s . 513, Ken Wade, 45'!.
Jack Thicr-en. 435, and Tom Soule.
?3. n m b i n e d lo ink" three nohits
from a determined E E n squad. Tom
^'•neiviti, D27, Frank Fav, 451. and
P ' - i B r i n g s , 417. were high for Hie
los'i-s. KB took a 3-1 victory from
KDR as the',- maintained
fourth place standing.
d o e s n ' t offer m u c h evidence. Millions of s m o k e r s a g r e e
A place
A place
A place
Itself to
to eat, a place to drink,
where one c a n sit and think.
to dance, a place which lends
fun, to talk, and friends.
t h e r e ' s b u t o n e true lest of cigarette mildness.
It's the sensible
t e s t . . . t h e oO-Uay Camel Mildness
Test, which simply asks you to try C a m e l s as y o u r
steady s m o k e on a day-after-day, pack-after-pack basis.
N o s n a p j u d g m e n t s ! O n c e you've tried Camels for
150 Central Ave.
Open Evenings Until 9:00
3D d a y s in y o u r " T - Z o n e " (T for T h r o a t , T I'm- T a s t e I,
you'll see why . . .
Dear Santa,
I guess I'm a bit early in writing
this year and it probably will a p pear to be a juvenile thing to do in
a college paper, but what I w a n t
from you is a p r e t t y big thing.
You see S a n t a , there's been quite
a bit of talk a r o u n d the campus In
tegard to the s t a r t of intercollegiate football as a p a r t of our
athletic program. Gee, S a n t a , how
I wish this would become a reality.
In plain words, our athletic p r o gram here a t State, j u s t isn't too
hot. Sure, we have baseball and
soccer and basketball and a wide
number of i n t r a m u r a l activities, but
somehow, it just doesn't seem like
college without football. No, S a n t a ,
I'm not trying to appear to be any
cut and dry "Joe College" but I
would like to see more interest, on
the part of the students, in S t a t e ,
r a h e r t h a n in individual classes.
This class interest is a good thing
1 suppose, but w h a t I'm wishing
for is a little more school spirit.
I know you'll w a n t to question
the practicality of football here,
but it can lead to bigger and better
things. For instance, I can see t h e
day when we have t h a t nice, new
fieldhouse on St. Mary's P a r k with
facilities for basketball and swimming unci a huge auditorium where
the dramatics' calsses can hold
their productions. T h e n we'd also
have a colorful college band and
mavbe even the s t a r t of a major
in Phvsieal Education, which would
undoubtedly s t r e n g t h e n the a t h l e tic d e p a r t m e n t . We've got the potenial elements, now all we need
is the real thing.
Also, think of how much it would
aid the g r a d u a t e s in obtaining e m ployment. T h e college would h a v e
a " n a m e " and n a m e s do mean a
heck nf a lot these davs.
Mo-t neonle (especially in the
Albany areai are u n d e r the false
impression t h a t S t a t e is a girl's
school. It isn't, bv any means. We've
got a lot of rood men on this c a m p us and all t h a t thev need to prove
themselves is a little push.
This football deal can be t h a t
Po what do you sav. S a n t a , won't
""'! see if vou can't bring a footba'l program here to s t a t e ? T h a n k s .
Green Mountain Wins
Over State, Oneonta
Last Saturday, S t a t e College WAA
played host to the women of Green
Mountain Junior College and O n eonta State Teachers for a Sportsday. The program was under the
general c h a i r m a n s h i p of
Fuller '52.
At 1 p. m. Green Mountain met
the girls from Oneonta S t a t e and
defeated them 45-18 to chalk up
their first win of the afternoon. At
2 p. m. Green Mountain played
again, this time downing the Stateswomen 26-24 by a (wo point lead.
In the last game of the afternoon,
S t a t e met the Oneontans, downiiv;
them 38-20 for their .single victory.
Peds Take To Road Tomorrow;
Bid For Victory At New Paltz
State Topples
Junior Peds Face '54, '55ers Split
Rivalry Swim Meets New Haven For
Legion Post Here; With the men of the Class of
1954 rallying after t h e F r e s h m a n Sixth A t Home
h a a taken t h e first points
Take Eighth Win women
Tomorrow night State's basketof the Rivalry Swim, t h e Green
i n tne only game to oe played Gremlins have m a i n t a i n e d a two bail squad will again t a k e t h e
tonijsm, m e mst-moving
J u n i o r point "spread". T h e rivalry score road to encounter New P a l t z . S t a t e
va.oiuy quintet will lace an u n - now s t a n d s a t 15-13 in favor of will oe snooting for win n u m b e r 10
of t h e season. Last Wednesday
ueieated Oueeley-Palmer American t h e Class of 1955.
ijtgion Post team a t 7:30 in P a g e
i h e i r o s h gals got off to a fine night in Page Hall S t a t e r a n its
s t a r t as they captured the first unoeaten string on the home court
to six s t r a i g h t with a win over New
m e Junior Peds are c u r r e n t pos- tnree events. T h e combination of
Haven by a 75-69 score. A t h i r d
sisaors ui eight wins in twelve Donna Hughes and Angle K a v a n quarter spree by Gerry McDonald
amrus. ' i n e record isn't truly i n - augh was hard to beat as they came
and J o h n Allassion enabled S t a t e
u . t a u i e oi the caliber of play r e n to outlast the visitors in t h e final
u b r e j uy tne squad uue to one l a c t
canto. McDonald and Allassio comt n a t three ol t h e four losses were lay. The three m a n relay saw
Hughes again come in first with bined to score 11 points to increase
u., a mere one-point m a r g i n .
Nella Bertin and J o a n H a r t m a n n , State's slender two-point lead at
..tin. u p p i n h e i m
Sophs, coming in second and third halftime to a more substantial 8
Liast weunesaay, t h e basketeers
point lead a t the end of t h e quarter.
uuwned a very strong O p p e n h e i m
Fouling was heavy throughout the
i ust aggregation 74- 70. Bob D e T h e men's events proved to be game and it was really a t the foul
ivucneiius nooped 22 m a r k e r s to a close race. I n the u n d e r w a t e r com- line t h a t State won t h e game as
u a o ins mates to t h e victory. Also petition, Boo S c h u m a n , Frosh, went they collected 25 points in this
outstanding lor the S t a t e s m e n were down to defeat to Bill S t a t t s of the m a n n e r as compared to 7 for New
IDOO Coan with 17, a n d Dee Coombs Bluejays. However, Steve Serniak Haven. J o h n Centra's 14 points was
and Boo Sage with 12 m a r k e r s put the Green and White back indivdual high for State.
apiece. Coan is replacing the in- into competition as he took t h e O n e o n t a Tops S t a t e
jured Jack F e r n a n d e z in the s t a r t - breaststroke race. T h e Class of '54,
Last Friday night State took its
ing lineup oecause of F e r n a n d e z ' s t h a n went on to take t h e next two
sixth loss ol the season a t t h e h a n d s
injured ankle. Fernandez, who up successive events
of Oneonta, by a score of 69-56.
until the time of his injury, was Koriyama being victorious over Bob
State seemed unable to set its usual
running neck and neck with De- B u r n s in the freestyle and Bob
p a t t e r n of play on the huge O n Michenes' for high scoring honors, Rivers coming out ahead of De
eonta court and by the time they
will probably be lost to t h e squad Combs in the backstroke.
found themselves in the second
for the remainder of the season.
half the 14 point halftime deficit
Scoring honors for t h e evening
was too much for t h e S t a t e s m e n to
however, went to B e r n a r d o of O p overcome. T h e boys seemed to be
penheim who set the seasons ingetting the range early in the
dividual-high scoring record with
game, but the shots just wouldn't
a total of 31 points.
go in. Claire Jacobson, in t h e m e a n i n s t r u m e n t a l in tne team's s u c Potter Cluo retained the IM B a s - time, seemed to have little trouble
cess tnis season h a s been t h e m a g - ketball League lead by virtue of a with t h e shots he was taking. H e
niticent coaching
work by Joe 46-23 win the K B aggregation collected 21 points, which was high
(jarcia and Pete Telfer. They have Monday night. Action t h a t night for the night. J o h n C e n t r a hooped
moulded the team into a fine, also saw tw:o forfeits; the Vaga- 18 in a losing cause.
coordinated outfit with the kind of bonds gaining a victory over the State Wins At Home
hustle and spirit t h a t can make Angels and the Pink.s giving a game
Familiar Page Hall seemed to be
any team a winner.
cure lor the H a t h a w a y m e n as they
to the Trotters.
Lomlcy Most improved
notched a 63-54 victory over Utica
T h e Potter cause was well aided
One of the most improved playCollege, last S a t u r d a y night. T h i s
t r s on tne squad t h u s far has been
victory proved sweet revenge for
ijig Bob Comley. Lomley took over points and Pete Telfer, Ed Mathews, the loss suffered by S t a t e earlier
m e starting center reins from J i m and Don Burns' swishing 8 points in the season a t t h e h a n d s of the
Bennett, who was taken ill, and apiece. For the losers Neil Ryder same Utica quintet. Utica was not
has proceeded to really make the dropped in 7 points, and Abe Blat- at full strengh as a result of F i t z spectators take notice. Comley hoop- m a n and Dave W a n d e r cleared 6 gerald's, being called into service.
ed 13 ponus against O n e o n t a last points apiece.
Fitzgerald was only a freshmen and
we.'k and was topped only by DePotter Club's 12th win in a row already was the playmaker of the
Michelles' who rimmed 16.
was a rough and h a r d fought victory squad. Fouling again plagued both
T h e teams next encounter after as KB tailed to score in the first teams, with Utica suffering the loss
tonight's game will be on March 12 minutes of play. Abe B l a t m a n of Nichols, and Collette, the scor8, against a n o t h e r undefeated squad. was seriously injured in the fray ing p a r t n e r s of Rudy Valenzi. ValThis time it will be the Booker T. and Joe Dolan, also of K B , had to enzi, who specializes in hook shots
Washington quintet.
have 3 stitches put in his chin.
topped Utica scorers with 14 points.
EEP Quintet Retains
I M BB League Lead
L. G. Balfour Co.
Club Pins
Write or Call
30 Murray Ave, Waterford, N.Y.
Telphone Troy
7 r J
- V W ?s
ana on 1 rode . . . .
^ ^
\a greater
was my thii
Tennyson: Holy Grail
Adams 82563
T h e farther y o u go the more
i t fc
y o u need refreshment.
y o u ' l l h o a r f o l k s say,
Corner Ontario & Benson
Dial 4-112S
College Florists for Years
After all the Mildness Tests . . .
Camel leads all other brands
That's why
"Let's have
a Coke and get going." It's one
w a y to get s o m e w h e r e .
Special Attention for Sororities and Fraternities
75 Slate St.
" C o t . " li o r.g/«».r.d
FRIDAY. F E B R U A R Y 2 9 ,
Director Reveals
P&biHf Quel *lhe CxcUaHqe AF To Choose
Committee Heads Most people today don't seem to be shadowed overnight by some Grad Trainees
know whether they are coming or dramatic turn In history. The best
The Air Weather Service in Washbut according to the New rationalization the co-ed of today ington, D. C„ has asked the Air
For Soph Big-4 going
York Times geography test of 5,000 can make is this apparent fatalism Force to commission and train 300
(Continued from Page 1, Column 5J
Roos, with her committee of Paul
Saimond, Frederick Crumb, Walter
Decker, Donald Duclos, and Robert
Reigle. Props will be furnished by
Lene Johnson, Chairman, Nancy
Uoilins, Mary Ann Hopko, and
Kathleen Oberst.
Costumes w e r e
designed by
Barbara Stempel,
Audrey B u r k e, Cynthia Hills,
Patricia Kane, Anne Kohn, and
Lois Porter. Make-up will be done by
John Lalng, Chairman, Louise Button, Doris Hagen, Cynthia Hills,
Charles Lusk. The business will be
handled by Shirley Callahan, assisted by Norma Banfield, Audrey
Burke, Palmina Calabrese, Donald
Duclos, Kenneth Everard, Evelyn
Katusak, Richard Shands, and Barbara Stempel.
George Hathaway is chairman of
the publicity committee, with Patricia Byrne, Prances Ciliberti, Patricia Dean, Fatricia Kane, Phyllis
MacCormlck, and Gail Wisell assisting. Frances Bethea is in charge
of the house, and Joyce Lutsky and
Joan Mackey planned the programs.
students in 42 colleges, we don't
even know where we are. For example, when these students were
asked to name the countries bordering Yugoslavia, some students
named Belgium, Egypt, Manchuria,
Portugal and even Canada.
This apparent lack of knowledge
seems to predominate in other than
just the field of geography. The entire personality of the college co-ed
has been attacked by a Harvard
English professor when he described
college girls as listless, pessimistic,
confused and obsessed by a fear of
the future, Howard Mumford Jones
in an article pessimistically entitled
"Have College Women Let Us
Down?" also bemoans the fact that
' A dark, unreasoning fear has the
college girl in its grip. This is her
fear of the future dominated by
the atom bomb." Jones accuses the
college girl of a senseless system of
copying into her notebook the notes
of her professor without ever considering the significance of the
facts. He adds, however, that possibly the listlessness now evident may
of the older generation.
On the lighter side of the college
news, the University of Buffalo
Spectrum recently printed six reasons "Why I never joined a sorority?" They were: One: I wanted to
do as I wished and think for myself instead of being led around by
a bunch of sorority sisters. Two: I
had never gone into women's clubs
and organizations before I came to
college and I didn't want to start.
Three: I had never danced with a
man in my life and I didn't want
to. Four: I didn't like the idea of
having to room with the same girl
all semester. Five: I didn't fill out
a sweater and I didn't look very attractive in a sleeveless, low cut
gown. Six: I'm a male.
And here's the quote of the week
taken from the Daily Kansan. "It
is difficult to understand why the
officials in Washington recently
gave the Princess a key to the city.
After all, just a little pull will open
almost any door there." Oh well
remember to keep smiling. Next
week is National Smile Week.
graduates as weather officers. Those
eligible for training are college
graduates and second-semester seniors with credit for one year of college physics and
through integral calculus.
Since several months will be required to piocess applications for
the 1952-53 program, men and women interested should apply at
once. Successful applicants will be
ordered to active duty by midAugust, 1952, to begin a 12-month
meteorology course at one of seven
participating U. S. colleges and universities.
Those graduates accepted for the
USAF-spansored training program
will be commissioned immediately
as second lieutenants on full pay,
including allowance for quarters and
subsistence. Young men and women
who will graduate before August,
1952, and who are interested in
USAF commission and meteorology
training may write for further information to the Chief, Air Weather
Service, Andrews Air Force Base,
Washington 25, D. C.
Lisle Program Offers
Summer Field Work
Opportunities for cooperative living and community field work will
be featured again this summer under the Lisle Fellowship program,
says a recent announcement by The
Lisle Fellowship, Incorporated. The
Fellowship program is open to upperclass and graduate students.
Lisle Fellowship students work in
communities within a 200 mile radius. Their community work includes hospitals, housing projects,
camps for young people, and social
centers. Committees made up of
live or six students work together
and meet for evaluation sessions
throughout the program. A six
week unit will operate around San
Francisco; Hartford will be the center of a nine week unit. There will
also be a Connecticut unit in operation from June to September.
Charge for the program will be
about $150 per student.
Additional information may be
secured from DeWitt C. Baldwin,
Director, The Lisle Fellowship, Inc.,
04 South State Street, Ann Arbor,
State College Ne$S?
F R I D A Y . M A R C H 7,
State Fraternities Judge, Estranged Wife Hill Folk Q ^ ^
Kelease Koster
/ o Appear On Page Hall Sfage Kt
OfNewPiedges ^JTJSLSTS. List Shows Decrease
From Last Year's Total
Gilbert and Sullivan will once
again reign on Page Hall stage as a
breach of promise suit is settled
equitably in "Trial By Jury" on
March 14 and 15. But before the
Royal Court takes over, the folks
the Alabama mountains will
s j n g their way through the troubles
0f Jennie Parsons in the modern
American folk opera "Down in the
Valley" by Kurt Weill.
in "Trial By Jury" Gilbert and
Sullivan chose to satirize a court
the Valley," has written the
Broadway hits, "Lady in the Dark"
n n d -Lost in the Stars." Some of the
s c o r e o f -Down in the Valley" is
based on such familiar American
folk songs as "Down in the Valley,"
Ladies," and "Sourw o o c i Mountain
^ >
N e w raltz I omorrow
AD Production
Will Highlight
SA Assembly
Tilt Will Benefit
Polio Foundation
Eighty Statesmen were recently
pledged to fraternities, according to
a list released by Edward Castillo
The scenery of "Down in the
'52, President of Inter-Fraternity
Board Arranges Dance
Valley" follows the pattern of
KDR Obtains New Pledges
At Union Alter Game
™°''nton Wilder's "Our Town," in
Kappa Delta Rho pledged
" " * " i s * e p t *> a . m . l n l 1 " ™ a n d
An Advanced Dramatics class
Tomorrow night, State College's
member of the Class of '53, John
changes are made during the perProut. Members of the= Class
vm*s ofU1 '54« , . , . „ . „ „ f »„„„,..,„ tha pi Q i „ H f f b formance.
team will play host to
who were pledged are Frank Mayer ' „ , ,"
J l
! £ „ , ' , 1 H' e d o n e b v t h e chorus, which is be presented in assembly today. New Paltz. The regular Student
and Stuart Macnofsky. Freshman y„rio.B ,„
, n o ? " n f h century
™ b , ™ iEng" ™ modeled after the choruses used in Wednesday night at Student Coun- Union dance will be held after the
in a„ „nineteenth
pledges include James Bombard Judge
' t h e ancient Greek plays. The ef- oil a motion to the effect that stu- game. The game against New Paltz
Robert Burns, David Burroughs, p r o m ^ a g ^ X ^ t h T S e ? ^ ! ' « * " ° f the rnlnimum "sVage" s^tMng dents go in groups" of ten to donate will
teptayed £ r toetenefltof the
will rest largely on the use of light- blood was defeated, pending further " k i d around the corner!" The adCharles Derwin, Thomas Finley,
ing techniques.
investigation. Council approved the mission for the tilt will be twentyThomas Hogue, Walter Lawder,
Primer budget, a motion concerning n v e c e n t s .
Kurt Weill, composer of "Down
John Lucas, Theodore Mayer, Jo"Trial By Jury" will be presided international Seminar Day and a state Stronir at Puire
seph McDowell, Thomas Mullen.
over by a bewigged Learned Judge, constitutional amendment. Francis
state h a s proved exceeding
Custer Quick, Stephen Serniak, MilPoor Angelina and her estranged Hodge '53, Chairman of State Fair, h.strong
on the home court 111 seaton Siler, Fred Silva, Frank Smith,
fiance, Edwin, and other members renorted that a nrnflr of t w wn* 0u ,o1 n °t o ," B me nome coun an seaJohn Sponable, Stuart Theohary,
of His Royal Highness' Court will made on the event
" only their initial game
win made on the event.
Curtis Valentine, and Raymond
be dressed inHighness
tvnical court
Maritime Academy. Other teams
id in
i r c c t s Comedy
in typical
t>pical nineteenth
m m U t n t h „» „„ n„ n„ DDirects
such as Utlca and Oneonta were
century costumes. In direct contrast
nHo „ ,„ 0 „ „ „ H „ ' n
Thirty-one Join Potter Club
easily defeated on the Page Court
will be the costumes of "Down in
Edward Eldred Potter Club has
be enacted, the plot centering but were too powerful for State on
Alapledged Louis Urbano, Grad. The
bama will be dressed in blue leans a\°U?A?
^ " d f a t h e r who is believ- their home court. The Plattsburg
following Juniors were also pledged:
D ue J a l
, ' , . , flannel
! . ue _, r shirts,
; s e ? .full
.. drindle
. ? ?.' ed dead, but who is discovered to game was similar to these other
A preliminary contest to pick an bright
Alfred Cannon, Robert Smith, and
be alive as the quarrel over who games, the only reason for not losBernard
Freshman entrant for the local Heart ora- skirts and peasant blouses.
shall receive the insurance money ing this one also was Walkers sentorical
Monpledges include Robert Ashfield,
The double bill promises to fur- and property reaches a climax, sational, last-second basket. The
Willis Bosch, Howard Brewster, day, March 24, in Page Auditorium, nish a gala evening for performers Those who will take part in the New Paltz game was to be the final
Frank Candito, Donald Canonica, according to Grace Smith '52, Edi- and audience alike. Admission will play are Louis Vion, Rose Mary game of the season for the HathDonald Capuano, Paul Ceglia. De- tor-in-Chief of the State College be by student tax. so claim your Keller, William Hawkins, Juniors, awaymen, but a double postponeWitt Combs, Robert Comley, James News, whicli is sponsoring the con- box early. And don't forget to dig William Staats '54, and Nancy Fed- ment of the WlUimantic game has
Conwav, Edward Cornell. Robert test at State. Norine Cargill '52, out your oper-etta glasses.
er, and Pearl Szabo, freshmen.
made the Willie game, the final
DeMichiell, Anthonv DeNova. Ed- Public Relations Editor, is in charge
instead. No definite date has
ward Franco, Walter Helm, Gerald
arrangements for the contest.
been named for this game, but
Members of Student Council vol- M f t r c h 1 2 i s
Holzmnn. Donald Lein. James Lock- Disclose Topic for Oration
ed to back Forum in its proposal to
the date for which
(Continued on Page >h Column 1)
"Henry Clay" has been selected
invite Warren Austin to be the main Coach Hathaway is attempting to
as the topic for the six minute oraspeaker at International Seminar schedule Willimantic.
tions, which arc to be presented
Day. Council also approved an am- State Trounces New Palta
without notes or a loudspeaking sysendment to the SA Constitution
Last Saturday night, the Peds
tem. Speeches will be judged mainly
which would render any person not strengthened a 2 game win streak
on content and organization, with
in attendance the preceding regular with a 67-45 win over New Paltz.
emphasis on delivery.
ineligible to vote in any State jumped off to an early lead
Mrs. Frank Carrino, Instructor in
Student Christian Association, and r't1(>cH'tion
Moving-Up Day, ex- mid never relinquished it throught
°r Junior Prom Queen out the game. New Paltz presented
Four students will take part in English, will check outlines before Newman Club have both planned ''
t h e Brooklyn Invitation 'Debate actual writing, if the contestant so speakers for the week's meetings, and Campus Queen. The motion will-little in the way of opposition as
Tournament which is being held desires. She will also arrange to according to Helen Pilcher '52 and be brought before SA today.
State held complete command for
March 6. 7, and 8, declares Mrs. bear each speaker twice before BeVeriy'pranltte^! respecUve'Prcsithe majority of the game and inFrank Carrino, Instructor in En- March 24. A tape recorder will be d e n t R . H illel has scheduled a Purlm
creased their lead with apparent
glish. The topic to be debated is available in Room 4 in order that Party, and Inter-Varsity Christian
ease. Captain Bob Brown led his
"Resolved: That the government all contestants
teammates with a 19 point outontestants may record their or- Fellowship has slated a speaker and
should adopt a permanent program ation,is Mimeographed aids may also a p a r t y i n c o l l j u n c t i o n w l t n
of wage and price control".
be obtained in Room 4.
.1. V. vs Booker T. Washington
Those who are attending are Eve- Students interested m participat- gandra Cohen and William WhitState's J.V. will encounter one
lyn Erdle and Charles Gruneisen, mg may sign up with Mrs. Carrino, w e r j u n j o r s
Signum Laudls, scholastic honor- of the top notch amateur basketSeniors who will debate the affirma- with Miss Cargill, or on a list which
ary fraternity, will hold a meeting ball teams, Booker T. Washington
tive and Marvin Chernoff and James is posted on the door of the publica- Union Student To Speak
Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in room 149. Center tomorrow night in the preThompson, Sophomores who will tions office at Brubacher.
Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. in Bru I'he members will discuss the pro- Hminary. Jim Bennett has returntake the negative side. Repre.senta- Will Award War Bond
bacher, Ronald Woodruff, a student rx>sedInrtaTlaUon^orrtnTs' campus* of e d to action" and'Tack Fernandez,
tives of fifty-six other colleges will Capitol District finals are sched- at Union College, will speak to Stu- phi Beta Kappa, national scho'las- injured two weeks ago, will also
uled for the Albany Law School au- dent Christian Association mem- t| c honorary, Ruby Anderson '52 be in the line-up. The return of
State tied for first place two years ditorium April 22 and 23. One rep- b e r s o n summer opportunities for re- president has announced
' these two plus the recent fine showago in the tourney and achieved resentative from each of the area Uglous work and service, and on his A t the meeting Dr Catherine mg of freshmen, Bob Coan, is sure
sixth place last year.
colleges will compete for the $100 experiences at a six week seminar in p e i t z , Assistant Professor of English to bolster Garcia's club's offensive.
A home debate with Yeshiva Uni- war bond prize. All the contestants Washington, D.C.
James C o l e '52
wlll s p e a k o n l h e o r l g l n ^
versity will be held Monday, March will receive $5
Speaker at the weekly noon hour P° s e o f Signum Laudis. Phi Beta Chairman of Student Union Board,
10 in the Student Union. Miss Erdle
chapel service Wednesday will be Dr. Kappa will be the topic of a talk Bob Massey's orchestra will play
and Clarence Spain '52 will take
Paul C. Lemon, Assistant Professor b.v Dr. James Childers, Professor of for the Student Union dance. All
part. This debate will be conducted
of Biology. Marrietta Wiles '53 will modern languages. Dr. Ellen C. freshmen girls may stay at the
according to Oregon styles, that is
lead the service, to be held at the oStokes,
Dean of Women, will speak dance until 12:30 a.m., but must
an informal procedure, more like a
Park United Presbyterian Church at n former efforts to bring Phi Beta go directly from the dance to their
panel discussion.
the corner of South Lake and West- Kappa to State College.
residence houses at that time,
Smile . . . laugh . . . grin . . . ern Avenues. There will be a Lenten Discussion, third of a series, at
snicker . . . or just sit back and
Radio Council Program
roar. But any way you look at 6 p.m. at the home of Dr. Frances
yourself next week, you should L. Colby, Instructor in English.
To Preview Operetta
see a big, broad, beaming smile,
Hillel Plans Purim Party
for March !l through l(i is NaTomorrow afternoon a sneak preHillel has slated a Purlm Party
tional Smile Week.
view of one of the operettas to be
for 7:30 p.m. Sunday in CongregaIn its first Supreme Court test
presented March 14 and 15 by the
If someone steps on your big
tion Ohav Sholom. Phillip Stark will the New York State's Feinberg Law lautomatic
grounds for dismissal, vioMusic Department will be broadtoe, smile, brother, smile! If your
was upheld as constitutional this Pi il tfetchi t h e d u e process clause of the
cast over station WROW, accord(Continued
professor tells a story that might
week in a 6-to-3 decision. The statAmendment,
ing to Jeannine Burke '52, Presipossibly pass for a humorous
ute prohibits employment in this The prevailing opinion of the jusdent of Radio Council. "State Colanecdote, smile. In fad, a prostate's public school system of any tices was based on the contention
lege on the Air", a program sponlonged guffaw might even be
person advocating overthrow of the that the state had a constitutional
sored by Radio Council, will preadequately appreciated. When
Federal or State Government by right to protect the immature
sent part of an informal rehearsal
you receive your draft notice,
force or violence, or any person minds of its children from subverof "Trial by Jury" from 1:15 to you might try smiling. Maybe
holding membership in an organ- slve propaganda. Justice Minton in
Additions to the Deans List for ization which preaches such a doc- expressing the majority view stated
1:30 p.m.
your recruiting officer won't be
the first semester of 1951-52 have t r m e able to defer you hut he might
Among the songs from the operthat the teachers may still "assembeen released by Ruth E. Lape, Regreturn a smile that Is Just as
etta to be heard on the radio proConflict
speak, and believe as they will,"
friendly as yours.
gram are "When First My Old, Old
the law, enacted in 1949 chiefly to and that only their freedom of
list, one must attain a B average.
Love I Knew", "Swear Thou the
If you're in doubt as to what
keep Communists and fellow-travel- choice between employment in the
Jury," "When I, Good Friends, a smile looks like, go luke a peek
Students of the Class of 1952 who ers out of the school system, consti- school system and membership in a
Was Called To the Bar", and parts at Joan Stocker '53 and James
have been added to the list are Viola tuted an abridgement of the right subversive organization was limited
of "Where Is the Plaintiff". ThomColes '52, who recently were
Myles, Shirley Schlenheit, Marjorle to freedom of speech and assembly The dissenting justices felt that
as Hughes '53 will announce the elected Miss and Mr. Sunshine
Parwell, a n d Marceline Stleve. guaranteed by the First Amend- the act should
program, each singer will explain
of the Distributive Education
Pearl Mintzer and Robert Stuart, ment, and whether or not the pro- down as an invasion of the civil
part of the story, and Roslyn JacDepartment.
Juniors and Audrey Heacock '55 vision making membership in an rights of citizens and a denial of
obs '53 will conclude the tale.
have also attained honor grades.
organization listed as subversive freedom of thought and expression
Hearst Tryouts
Will Compete
In Auditorium
Slate Meetings,
Engage Speakers
Debators To Vic
In Brooklyn Meet
Signum Laudis
Plans Meeting
Laugh, Grin, Smile
Next Week It's Style
Supreme Court Ruling Upholds
Constitutionality Of Feinberg Law
tape Lists Additions
To Dean's List Group
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