Psychiatric Treatment and Medication Advice

Psychiatric Treatment and Medication Advice
Consistent with the population in general, many UAlbany students are treated for psychiatric conditions
including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention deficit Disorder with hyperactivity (ADHD),
Depression, Anxiety, etc. At times, these conditions are treated with various medications including
controlled and stimulant type medications.
Given the importance of continuity of care, it is recommended these students continue follow up and
obtain prescription medication from their treating provider.
If it is not feasible to continue follow up with their treating provider, it is advised that the student
establish with a local Albany psychiatrist for on-going treatment and medication.
Please see contact information listed below for a list of some local psychiatrists.
As with all medical care received outside of UAlbany Student Health Services, it is highly recommended
that parents clarify insurance coverage prior to their student’s arrival on campus.
AMC Psychiatry Group
25 Hackett Blvd., 2nd Floor
South Clinical Campus
Albany, NY 12208
518-262-5756 Fax 518-262-6111
Capital District Psychiatric Center
75 New Scotland Ave., MC 164
Albany, NY 12208
518-447-9611 Fax 518-434-9164
Pine Bush Mental Health
1A Pine West Plaza
Albany, NY 12205
518-862-1665 Fax 518-862-1668
Pinnacle Behavioral Health
1 Pinnacle Place, Suite 102
Albany, NY 12203
518-689-0244 Fax 518-689-0241
Division of Student Affairs
Student Health Services
400 Patroon Creek Blvd. Suite 200, Albany, NY 12206
PH: 518-442-5454 FX: 518-442-5444
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