Style Sheet for Mrs. Staiger’s Classes
For all formal papers:
Be sure to check the “page setup” so that you are using 1 inch margins
Use size 12 font, and a nice style – Times New Roman or Arial is more than fine
Double space the paper
-do not double- the double space between paragraphs, simply indent
If including a direct quotation that is longer than two lines, indent it and single
space the quote, obviously using quotation marks and parentheses to name
the source
In a formal paper, do not use contractions, unless in a quote.
Typing hints:
2 spaces after a period, exclamation point, question mark, colon**
1 space after a comma, semi-colon, and a period used with Mr. Mrs. Dr. etc.
Take a good look at the following- memorize them- and then forget them- THEY DO NOT
could of
should of
Follow the recommended MLA format. NEVER staple the papers from the library to the
paper. They are to help you, not replace the bibliography.
Always place the bibliography on its own sheet of paper.
Center the term “Bibliography” at the top of the page
Single space each listing, but double space between sources
Start at the margin with the author’s last name (if there is one) and then indent
subsequent lines of the entry
Alphabetize your bibliography entries based on the first word of the entry
(usually last names or first words of title)
To get to some assistance for making a bibliography,
 select a school  “Penncrest”
Under “Resources”
 select “Library/Media Center”
From the Left side
select “Mrs. Host’s Research Guide”
select “Citing Sources”
From this page
 the select “Noodle Tools” and follow the directions from there or select
“Online Writing Lab at Purdue University” and follow from there.
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