Wins PERB's U n it P la n

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T ri-C o n fe re n c e W o r k s h o p
A m eric a * 9 L a r g e s t W e e k l y f o i
See P ages 3, 8 , 9
Tuesday, Jun
XXX, No. 36
Wins f i g h t 'r.
PERB's U n it P la n
B e fo r e A p p e l l a t e
C ourt T h is W e e k
(S p e c ia l T o T h e L e a d e r )
A L B A N Y — T h e A p p e lla te D iv is io n o f S t a t e S u p r e m e
Coart l a s t w e e k d e c i d e d t h a t i t w i l l r e v i e w t h e d e t e r m i n a t i o n
of t h e P u b l i c E m p l o y m e n t R e l a t i o n s B o a r d s p l i t t i n g S t a t e
e m p lo y e e s i n t o f i v e s e p a r a t e c o l l e c t i v e b a r g a i n i n g u n i t s t o ttvonow , J u n e 4 , I n s t e a d o f J u n e 1 8 a s w e p r e v i o u s l y a n -
Civil Service E m ployees Asan
President Theodore C. Wenzl haUad the C ourt’s decision to move
blie case ae a “ oancrete step
{owaiti early valid elections.**
Ht« C o u rt’s decifiion to review
(be case im m ediately increases th e
ohanoes o t a Judicial determ inaIton being m ade before Ju n e 30,
the date P£2RB h a s se t for elec­
tions in the five units.
The review of the PER B u n it de­
te rm in atio n had been sought by
CSEjA since la s t N ovem ber when
PE3RB divided S tate em ployees In­
to five bargaining un its an d h a lt­
ed negotiations betw een CSEA and
the S tate. The A ppellate Court
ruled in F eb ru ary th a t th e PERB
order halting b argaining talics was
(C ontinued on P age 16)
Past Sfatements; Anti-Professionql
W a n in g F ro m
W e n z l:
'F r o n t’ F o r
C o u n c il S O A F S C m
C SE A V ic to r y In T h r u w a y
C o n fir m e d ; C e r t if ic a t io n
D u e A s B a r g a in in g R e s u m e s
(S pecial To T h e L eader)
A L B A N Y — T h e C i v i l S e r v i c e E m p l o y e e s A s s n . ’s v i c t o r y o v e r a Y o n k e r s - b a s e d T e a m ,s t e r s l o c a l l a s t J a n u a r y In a r u n o f f e l e c t i o n t o d e t e r m i n e w h a t o r g a n i z a t i o n w o u l d r e p r e ­
s e n t m o r e t h a n 2 ,0 0 0 m a i n t e n a n c e , t o l l , a n d c l e r i c a l e m p l o y e e s a t t h e b a r g a i n i n g t a b l o
has been
u p h e ld
by th e
S ta te
P E R B ’s d irecto r of rep resen t­
ation, P au l E. K lein las>t week over­
ru led T eam sber protesits <rf the
conduct of b o th CSE^A an d the
lliru w a y A uthority during the
election w hich CSEA won by a
m argin of 1,078 to 791.
T h e PER B ru lin g thus paves the
way for certificatio n of CSEA as
the b arg ain in g a«rent for the bulk
of Thruw ay em ployees provided
tlMtt the T ea m ste r union does n ot
app eal K lein’s dedsion in th e
CSEA, w ith tt»e approval of
PEIRB, ea rlie r h ad been recogn­
ized as the bargainlti«r agent, by
th e ThiTiway f<w these em ployees
pending the outconve of the elec­
tion protests. Five negotiating ses­
sions have alread y been held.
New Talks S ta rt
Joseph P . Reedy, collective bar­
gaining speciaJist and ch airm an
of the CSEIA negotiating com m it­
P u b lic
E m p lo y m e n t R e la tio n s B o a r d .
tee, said fu rth e r bargaining ses­
sions have^ b een scheduled for
Ju n e 4, 5, an d 6.
Reedy rep o rted th a t the b arg ain ­
ing te am has m ade and discussed
some 15 m ajo r proposals, b o lster­
ed by other specific dem ands af­
fecting each of th e th ree groups
within bai’gaining u n it one—m aintenance, toll an d clerical. D e­
m ands concerning CSEA right*
(Continued on P age 16)
Governor Vetoes Two ‘Justice’ Bills
School District
Fair Trials
For E m p l o y e e s P a y Guarantee
A L B A N Y — “P u b lic e m p lo y ­
e e s in N e w Y o r k S t a t e h a v e
ta k en a n o th er ste p b ack w ard
In t h e i r f l g h t f o r f a i r a n d
(S p e c ia l To T h e Leader)
A L B A N Y — “A n I n j u s t i c ®
to th e th o u s a n d s o f d e d ic a te d
a n d h a r d -w o r k in g n o n - t e a c h ­
in g e m p lo y e e s o f s c h o o l d is ­
equal tre a tm e n t,” th e Pi'esident
of the Civil Service Employees tric ts ” — this was the reaction
(Contlniicd on P age 16)
(C ontinued on P age 16)
(S pecial To T h e L eader)
A L B A N Y — T h e C iv il S e r v ic e E m p lo y e e s A s s n . a g a in
c a u t io n e d S t a t e e m p l o y e e s l a s t w e e k t o r e f r a i n f r o m s i g n i n g
d e s i g n a t i o n c a r d s or p e t i t i o n s a u t h o r i z i n g : c o a l i t i o n o f p r o le s ^ io n a l o r o c c u p a t i o n a l g r o u p s t o a c t a s t h e i r b a r g a i n i n g
Tlie m ovem ent, according to
CSHA p resid en t Dr. Theodore C.
Wenad, ks tak in g place m ainly
•'’long em ployees whose titles are
Included In Professional, Scienti­
fic and T echnical Units, one of
five groupings of S tate work^ proposed by the Public E m ­
ployment R elations Board in which
R e p e a t T h is !
Vagner's TroubleAlmost Nobody Cares
ie v o te fo r fo r m e r M a y o r
R ob ert F. W a g n er in th e
I^ em o cra tic p r i m a r y w i l l f o r e Jhadow m u c h a b o u t t h e f u t u r e
“»fi<i of politics in New York C ity.
Alone am ong all candidates for
^•^yor, W agner sta n d s a t the dead
oX the political spectrum ,
^ t*e R epublican p rim ary , S tate
(Continued on Page 2)
ON SUNDAY! Brows* or
at the Now York Floa Market,
and Sixth Avenue. Op*«-Air
Fair. AdM. 98c.—
representation elections aie te n ta ­
tively scheduled for the end of
Ju n e .
L eaders (rf specialized occupa­
tional and professional groups,
Wenzl said, are being urged to
(Continued on P age 16)
B ro o k ly n
CSEA Wins Fight
Against DofE Plan
To Move Employees
(S pecial To T h e L eader)
E m p lo y e e s o f t h e D iv isio n
E m p l o y m e n t ’s
I n d u str ia l
O ffic e a t 2 5 0 S c h e r m e r h o r n
S t., B r o o k ly n , w ill n o t h a v e
to be moved around to c ie a te of­
fice space for a new division pro­
gram , thanks to the efforts of the
M etropolitan Division of Employmerkt ch a p te r of tlxe Civil Service
Elmployees Assn., spearheaded by
Jo h n Lomotiiaco, president.
w hen he le arn ed tita t the division
m anagenxent originally planned to
move em ployees of WIN, a new
p m g ram aim ed a t lielping people
on w elfare move Into Jobe, into
a a en tire floor of the Brooklyn
(C outiuued on P age 16)
A W A R D W I N N E R S ■— (Vinners of the
Civil Service L ead er’s annual gold m edal aw ards
for distinguished and dedicated service to th e
A m erican public proudly display th e ir medals. From
left to rig h t are F re d A. H erm an, Executive D irec­
to r of Civil Service and Office of Personnel, Mon­
roe County; A lfred L. G reen, Executive D irector
of th e Division of E m ploym ent for New York S ta te ;
S en ato r C harles E. Goodell, who p resen ted th o
aw ards; J e rry Finkelstein, publisher of T he Lead­
er; David F . Cardoza, D eputy Regional Commi»»
sioner of Customs, Region II, F ed eral g o v ern m en t;
and H arry L. B ronstein, A ssistant D irector of Uim
B ureau of the Budget for New York City.
- t:
(C ontinued from Page 1)
Senatx>r John M archl, candidate
also o^ the Coneervative P a rty , reflectB to large m easure the poUtioal views <rf W illiam Buckley Jr.,
the Conservative P arty candidate
for Mayor four years »«o. Mayor
John V. Lindsay, his opponent In
the Republioaai prim ary, rank^s
nationally as one of the m ost elo­
quent and respected spokesm en
for RepubUcaji liberalism .
In the D em ocratic prim ary.
Com ptroller M ario A. Pi’ooaxxjino
is directing his cam paign appeal
to tliose who »jre di.sillusdoned by
the failures of liberalism . His ca m ­
paign attacke a re directed a t
“ punks and pinks,” an undisguished appeal to thoee who see law
and order and the me<nace of Com­
m unism as the dom inant threatfi
to dom estic tranquility in the
United States.
M icroscopic D ifferences
To the left in th e D em ocratic
prim ary stand Bronx Borough
P resident H erm an Badillo, author
N orm an M ailer and Congressm an
Jam es Scheuer. H ieir ideological
f’lfferences are discernible omly
through the m ost refined micix)scope, although th e ir canipeign
tactics reflect shai'p differences in
The cen ter position is firm ly held
by R obert P. W agner, who clings
tightly to the New Deal philosophy
of Pl-esldent F ran k lin D. Roose­
velt, whose p rincipal legislative a r­
ch itect w as S e n a to r R obert P.
W agner, fa th e r of th e form er
Mayor. The idealism of the New
Deal rem ain s the abiding faith of
W a«ner.
Like Lindsay, W agner was ed­
ucated a t Yale and the Y ale Law
School. W agner got all the advan­
tages of a Yale education, b ut acquiied none of the usual insuffer­
able snobbery of a Y ale Man. His
political career is closely Identified
w ith the needs of the working
m an and with the necessity for
providing for m inority groups th e
rig h ts g u am n teed to all people by
our Constitution.
M any ‘Firsts*
Along those lines, W agner has
m any firsts to his cred it. As Chair­
m an of the City P lanning Com­
mission. he Jiir>t in itiated the stu ­
dies th a t led to the creation of
Com munity Planning D istricts. As
Borougl Presddenit of M an h attan ,
he was the first to reorganize th e
Borough’s Local School Boards to
m ake them m ore effective agen­
cies for bringing com m unity needs
to the atten tio n of the Boeird of
Following the painciples of th e
W agner N ational Labor R elations
Act, W agner, as Mayor, was the
first to establish an em ployee
$ 8 ,0 0 0 t o
$ 1 4 ,0 0 0
U se s A B C 's
Mo P r i o r S te n o N e e d e d
Y ou T o k e D o w n T rio ls . H i- S p e e d D ic ta tio n
N o is e le s s ly , S e v e r a l W o r d s a t a T im e, o n t o a T a p e .
C hoose
Y ou S t a r t
D ay s (M on. th r u F r i.) ................. s t a r t i n g J u ly 14
o r M on & W e d . E v e s......................s t a r t i n g J u ly 14
o r S a ts . O n iy ^ .................................s t a r t i n g J u ly 19
*i| ■
(Traina to Chambera St. or Brooklyn Bridge or City Hall Stations)
Mr. Margolin is Professor of Business Administration »
the Borough of M anhattan Community College and Adjunci
Professor of Publie Administration In New York Universitj>,
G raduate S c l r a o l of Publio Administration.
Many Mayors
W E A R E S U G G E S T I N G t h a t m o r e t h a n o n e m a y o r rur
a n y l a r g e c i t y , t l i e b i g g e r t h e c i t y t h e m o r e m a y o r s t o helj
t u r n t h e h i g h l y c o m p l e x a d m i n i s t r a t i v e w h e e l s n e e d e d foj
t o d a y ’s a c u t e l y t r o u b l e d m u n i c i p a l i t i e s .
OUR "M A Y O R S * * w ouldn’t
really be m ayors as we tra d itio n ­
ally know them . A ctually, they
would be top executives who would
be reci-uited an d ap p o in ted on Uie
basis of th e ir executive com pet­
ence In th eir p a rtic u la r special­
ities. T hey would have to pass
unassem bled civil service exam ­
inations as well as th e closest in ­
vestigative scru tin y .
■ n o w TO ^ e t
th e su b ject of a full page arUck
th is colum nist con trib u ted to i
rec en t issue of "Tlie CairisUan
Science M onitor,” th a t disUn.
guished an d highly rastpf^ted
new spaper w ith a n atio n al as »«]]
as a n In tern atio n al readership.
You nmsf Im 17 or ov*r and have left school. Our groduotes
kov* Mtmred ever MO Universities and Colleges. W rit* for
MCE ■rochMr* today. Tells you how. Approved For Veteraas
am eb Fc a m ' sch V o ^^
274 Kfth Av«.. New York. N.Y. 10001 BR f-2604 Doy or Niolit ■
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City ____
W E FIRM LY believe ewrybody’i
public relatio n s would Improvi
because a m u n icipality o(per&t<,
by a team of m ayors should enjoj
Improved efficiency. T his Is bc.un^
to ad d to th e prestige of the clvi
service corps who, a fte r all, u^s
do th e d ay -to -d ay work.
TO ENHANCE th e ir public re ­
latio n s prestige we would call
th em “m ayors” — M ayor-Public
Safety, M ayor-E ducation, M ayorP inance, etc., etc. I t would very
m uch as if we h a d vice-presidents
— vice-president-fiQcux)e,
viceW E SUG G EST 14 “mayore" for
presldent-personnel, vice - p resi­ New Y ork C ity in these erjtici]
d en t-m an u fac tu rin g , etc.
are as — A dm inistration, Finance,
P ersonnel R elations, Oommunlty
TH E REASONING b eh in d ttie
R elations, P ollution and Gart»«e(
team of m ayors— all u nelected—
D isposal, Ekiucation, Intergmers*
is simply th a t today's larg e cities
m e n tal R elations, Housing and
an d th e ir problem s a re Ju st too
R ents, W elfare, In d u stria l Rel*.
huge for one m an no m a tte r how
tlons. N ongovernm ental Labor Be>
m otivated, how com petent, and
lations. Public Safety, H ealth. Tbi
how energetic.
14th "m ayor” would be in
of Cerem onials, C harm , Pun and
G am es.
WO 2-0002 ■
B r o a d w a y , N .Y .C .
R e la tio n s I Q
Air-Conditioned Classrooms
Y o u r P u b lic
CJareer an d S alary Plan, to rec­
ognize th e rights of Civil Service
em ployees to organize and b arg ain
collectively, Mid io provide Civil
Service unions w ith tfae dues
In the U nited Staitee Senate,
Sen«.tor W agner was an outspoken
lead er in lecislative efforts to
m ake lynching of Negroes a F ed ­
eral crim e and to advance the
cause of Civil R ights legislation.
His son, as M ayor a t the City,
created the N ation’s firs t City
Commission of H u m an R ights.
R econciliation T hem e
As he looks to th e fu tu re of the
City, W agner anchors his prog»iam to th e reco n ciliatio n of
forces, betw een m ilita n t blacks,
who d em and a g re a te r share of
political an d economic power, and
frig h ten r.: w hites, who see in the
rise of black m ilitan ts a th re a t
to th eir own securlity. W agner
speaks In te rm s of recofnclling
th e ir conflicting objectives.
W agner has acquired n atio n al reknown for his skills as a m ediator.
In the four y ears since he was
a t City H all, ev en ts h av e moved
ra|]idly an d the discord th a t re n ts
our society m ay be beytxid the
powers of m o st persuasive m edi­
ation. W egner has high hopes th a t
he can succeed w here o th ers h ave
failed, m th e W agner view, h is
candidacy offers the final hope
th a t conciliation m ay avoid the
disastrous co(nsequences of inten­
sified racial confrontations.
Nevej-theless, W agner faces a
m ajo r psychological difficulty. The
p r o e m s o i the City a re so deep
th at people feel h is way of doing
things by oondliation is old h at.
H e ju st h asn ’t ca u g h t the C ity’s
im agination—yet.
-A p t.
S tate
O UR 7 2 n d YEAR
Only $189
TH E MULTIPLE m ayors vouM
be coordinated by a ch ain n an d
th e board of m ayors chosen bj
th e team .
OF COURSE, elim inating ekctt
ed m ayors would require lefisla*
tive actions on the S tate anc CUj
levels. B ut it m ay be worth ttie
effo rt to achieve a team of the
best m unicipal executives obulo*
WE ARE SUGGESTING an M»n u al salary of $75,000 for eftch
“m ayor” an d $100,000 for tW
ch airm an . A fter all, th e City
New Y ork is a $7 billion corpow*
tlo n a n d it should pay its top
ecutives accordingly.
OUR CONCLUDING paraprtipli
in “T h e C h ristian Science MoD'
Ito r” sta te d :
“T h ere is no g u aran tee that tW
m ultiple m ayor idea will
all th e problem s g e n e r a t e d W
A m erica’s large cities —
economic, technological, and g^'O'
erational. B u t m any urbanologi^
feel th e m ay o ral-team concept ^
w orth a try."
Two Grand B aham a
V acation Specials!
civil service readers w o u ld »igre«'
if they felt th a t th e ir effe ctive nees an d th e ir public relatloc*
would be increased considerably
C iv il s e r v ic e e m p lo y e e s Irav e a c h o ic e o f
tw o to p d o te s f o r a lu x u rio u s w e e k a t th e
p o p u la r S h e r a to n O c e a n u s N o rth in F r e e p o r t.
G r a n d B a h a m a s. T he o p e n d a t e s a r e J u ly 6 o r
J u ly 20.
Aaierica’a Leading
11 W arrea St., New Vork. N.Y. 1 ^
Telephone: 212 BEekmao 3-6010
Published Each Tuesday
669 Atlantic Street
Stamford, Conn.
Busines* and Editorial Ottce:
H W arren St., New York. N.Y. 100^
P r ic e f o r e i t h e r lu x u ry t r i p is o n ly $189 a n d
in c lu d e s ro u n d t r i p j e t f a r e , h o te l ro o m , d e lu x e
b r e a k f a s t a n d d in n e r a n d m a n y o t h e r f e a t u r e s .
S p a c e is s t r i c t l y lim ite d o n d a p p lic a tio n
f o r a v a ila b le s p a c e sh o u ld b e m a d e a t o n c e
b y w r itin g to S am u e l E m m e tt, 1060 E a s t 2 8 th
S t., B ro o k ly n , N.Y., te le p h o n e ( a f t e r 5 p .m .)
B ntarad
a ^ en d -clasa
second-claM postaK* J>«>d-
193* a t th« POM olfie* a t
Conn., under
the Act of
Stam JorJ
1879. M ember •< A udit B uraaa
■v b acrip tio n Price fS.OO P«r
lad iv id ual Copiea, !•«
■ t * . . i \ .n ■ I
* -1 ♦ ^•';-t '-i ^'<f 4< -f •
W orkshop Hears P leas For Tax Reforin, Job E valuation
K E R H O N K S O N — P u b lic e m p lo y e e s w e r e c a lle d u p o n to
g iv e a l l - o u t s u p p o r t t o t a x r e f o r m In N e w Y o r k S t a t e a n d
to g e t b e h in d a s u g g e s t e d p la n fo r a c o m p le te r e v a lu a tio n
a n d r e v isio n o f s a la r y a n d g r a d e p r o c e d u r e s tn t h e S t a t e
D epartm ent o i Civil Service. T he
proposals w ere m ade a t w orkj^op
held a t the G ranit H otel h ere la s t
week, sponsored by bbe Metropolis
tan, lo n g Island and Southeim
Oottferences of the d v U Service
Employees Assn. More than 300
delegutes attended the three-day
E ugene Nickerson, N assau CJounty Executive, was th e first of two
m ajor speakers to ap p ear on the
program and who spoke on the
need for tax reform ,
" If you allow the t a x gam e to
continue,’* Nickei'son told CSEA
delegates a t th e ir so u th e astern
convention in K erhonkson, N.Y.,
“ a g re a te r chunk of each peycheck
is going to go down the d rain. The
niiddle-lncome fam ily lias to pay
higher and higher p roperty an d
sales tax es.”
‘We can shift th e burden of
taxes off th e m iddle-incom e tax-
-------------------------------------------------- W> L a w . He pointed out th a t
througrh th is plan, m an y of the ex­
lstln « headaches due to oom platnts
of inequities betw een th e sam e job
c la rific a tio n s and betw een oth er
job classifications would be elinv
“ F irst, we should abolish the
Pederal loopholes which the Governor im ported into the S tate income taxe for our local miUlionaires.
After an, we don’t have any oil
wells in New Y ork S tate.
“ Second, th e S ta te incom e tax
should be raised to 20 p erc en t on
those earning $30,000 an d up, the
w eaithiest five p erc en t of the taxpayors.
Struggle F orseen
“ t t ’s going to be a struggle to
achieve these reform s. More power is presently exerted in A lbany
by lobbies fbr the five percen t
than by the interest of the ninetyfive percent.
T his suggested plan for a complete re-evaiuation and revisions of
“ S alary and G rade Classification
’Procedures” in the New York S tate
D ep artm en t of Civil Service is a
concept which he felt would prove
m ost fruitful and blend in to the
new pro g ram of labor-mana.gemenit relations established through
the T aylor Law. T he basic phllosophy is to estaiblish m utual
ag reem en t to the form ation of a
soimd structure,
The plan. In brief, is as follows;
o rm a tio n of a Jo in t LaborM anagem ent Steering Com m ittee D A I S G U E S T S
^ te X
T he
— T ak in g a b rea th er
tog th e busy T ri^Jonference
durCivil Service Employ-
-re. from left to
«>J- rig h t: Ja c k H ennessey. Statew ide tre a su re r; Nick
of © ^rations. This com m it- Pu**iferri, president. Southern Conference; Dr. Theo^ would be blie control, an d ai>steps of th e program ,
suggested procedure would be
a ) A revised job description
^ o u ld be prepared for each job
classification. Such com pilations
^ o u ld be produced by one indlvj^ual In each such classification,
P ersons designated for th e speci­
fication analysis would be selected
Com m ittee. The com pleted
description would then be apProved by each d e p a rtm e n t h ead
would then be subm itted to the
S teering C om m ittee.
dore W enzl, S tatew ide CSEA p resid en t; N assau
County E xecutive E ugene N ickerson; R andolph
Jacobs, M etro Conference p resid en t; Irving F launtenbaum . Statew ide second vice-president; R aym ond
Castle, S tate first vice-president; and George Koch,
Long Islan d Conference prtsident.
“ A lot of people were fooled inS teering Com m ittee
to thinking th a t the budget cutanalyze the job specificabock m eant less spending an d a
freeze on taxes. B ut it m eant ju st factors w hich would encom pass
the opposite.
exam ples:
“ It m/eant less S tate aid an d
tiierefore h igher local taxes. A
public em ployee isn't going to get
* lower salary just because th e
State cuts back its budget. T h eir
salaries are too low as K ki.
R e-E valuation and revision of
"S alary and G rade Classification
P rocedures" to cover kindwledge,
expeiience, speed, physical effort,
accuracy, neatness and fot'inal ed­
“Somebody lias to pick up the
And the mUlionalre Is prolooted from reform of the S tate
“wom« ta x to require him to pay
hla fair share. B ut the public em ­
ployee is paying m ore th a n h is
sluure—both in taxation an d under­
writing Jn p a rt, the cost of govwtunent.
The above are only exam ples of
w hat f-aotors m ay be declared by
w ere CSEA ofTicers including, le ft to rie^ht: Long
th e O om m lttee as being relev en t G U E S T S P E A K E R
H i th e second se»Islan d Conference P resident George Koch; S t a t ^
to all jobs.
sloB Of th e Tri-Conference h eld at th e G ra n it H otel
wide P resid en t Dr. Theodore H. Wencl; F ly n n s
O) The S teering Com mittee, af­ In Kerhonkson. S tate S enator John Flynn, ch airm an
MetropoliCan Conference
P re sid en t
R andolph
te r selecting the factors, would of th e S en ate's C om m ittee on Civil Service, adJaco b s; and Nick P uzzifrri, president. Southern Con­
assign w eighted points acooi'dlng dresssed th e group. W ith Senator F lynn, in ce n te r.
to th e ir value.
fected, but such reduction In Lab­
juf/ The Com mitee would process or G rade would apply to aJi new grades, salaries and com parisons. tirem en t, atten d a n ce rules and
each approved job descaiption an d personnel.
5) Pix)vide a solid foundation for legislation.
fu tu re negotiations.
apply th e percentage of allocation
Speaking on th e legislative p ro ­
A dvantages
against ea(A factor sta te d above.
6) Provide a form ula which h&s g ram w ere Jo h n Carey, associat*
A dvantages of the plan axe as
The percentage tim es th e w eight
Labor-M anagem ent
acceptance p ro g ram specialist for CSEA an d
will establish Uve point-value of the follows:
and sets a f<Huvdation of good-will. Joseph Dolan, director of Local
job. EJach job classification afte r
1) S ta rt the application of th e
G overnm ent A ffairs for th e EnvGuests
being w eighted would be placed T aylor Law w ith a Labor-M anageploj’ees Association. Discussion
to th e proper slot on the ch art. m ent agi'eed salary and cOassificaSpeaking briefly a t eacii n ig h t’s leader for the atten d an ce rule*
W here th e point value line crosses tlon stru ctu re.
session was th e CSEA S tatew ide sem inar was Jo h n Ross of tli*
th e sa lary line, it will denote the
p resident, Dr. Theodore Weiial.
Civil Service Dept, while Jolin Mo2) P rev en t eirgumenbs an d tim e
T rue G rade.
T o astm aster for th e opening N ananian, inform ation re p re se iv
loss on com plaints of the im por­
H) Any new job classification, tan ce of one job to an o th er, or n ig h t session was Long Island tative of the S tate R e tirem en t Sys^or m a jo r variations In responsi­ the need to reallocate to higher Conference
presid en t
George tem led the discussion on retiid bilities of p rese n t jobs, eith er u p ­ grades. All the in-fighting am ong Koch. The second night m aster m ent.
w ard or downwai'd, would require em ployees would be reduced to a of cerem onies w&s R andolph V.
CSEA Statew ide officers attend*
a Job description w hich would fol­ m inim um .
Jacobs, presid en t of th e M etro­
the worksliop included Ray^low the procedure outlined,
th e
politan Conference. The tlurd con­
3) Set UP a sim pler m edium for
case of a job requiring a reference president, Nicholas EHizsii- moiiid Castle, first vice-president;
ducation in Labor G rade due to establishm ent of new jobs and cor­ ferri, or Che Southern Conference Irving Flaum enbaum , second vie©changing conditions, such would rectio n s in changing responsibilibies w as modei-ator of the panel dis­ pi-esident: Hazel A bram s, th ird
of p resen t Jobs.
be adju sted onthe c h a rt. How­
vice-president; Doi-othy MatfTaf*ever. the m dlvidual p resen tly in
4) Provide a sim ple fact c h a rt
F eatu red during th e day wotk- ish. secretary and John H em iessejt
such A posiUoia would n o t b« af- for all emjdoiyeeis relativ e to th eir ship sessions w eie seouaeu's on re­ tim su i’er.
“Anyone who believes th a t he
oan ait back and look on this de^P<<l0 Q as a harm less gam e Is
®*ily kidding himself. T ax reform ,
the establishm ent of a n hooiiest ta x
sttuoture in New Y ork S tate, Is
dit^U y in your interest."
F ly n n ’s P lan
Senator John E. F lynn, (R-Yonkers), ohak'm an of th e S enate
Civtil Service an d Pensions Oom0|ittee suggested a p lan for a com ­
plete re-evaluation an d revision
^ Salary and G rade P rocedures
^ tJhe New Y ork S tate D epart^•^nt of Civil Service. H e was th e
® ^ n d m ajor speaker a t the work»hop.
Senator Flynn called this a m ost
iportani step in se ttin g up future
J^r-n m n agem eint procedures as
uiandated im der the new Tay-
Devator Mechanic
Jobs Open In NYC
T h e r e a r e p r e s e n tly 23 v a ­
c a n c ie s In t h e C ity o f N e w
Y o r k f o r e l e v a t o r m e c h a n i c ’s
h e l p e r s a t $ 3 .6 5 p e r h o u r . A d ­
ditional vacancies o ccu r from
tim e to tim e .
Re<iuirements for tl»e port in ­
clude three years of recent full­
time paid experience m ainten­
ance. repair an d/or installation
of passenger or freight elevatora.
In place of the above candidates
may substitute two yean of mcb
experience plus satisfactory eduoational training in an approved
trade or vocational school to make
a total of at least three yean of
acceptable experience. Six months
of acceptable experience will be
credited for each school year or
educational training.
Applications will be accepted by
the Department of Personnel, 40
ThMnas St. from June 1 Uxrough
June M. *nie date o t the iMractlcal
and physical tests is October 28.
A rm y A d v is o r
AILBAmr—liBiwrence W. Pierce,
ohairman of llw State Narcotic
Control OonunioBlon, has been
named to a slx-ineml)er oommlttee of prominent civilian admin­
istrators and criminologists con­
ducting an analysis of Army oonf&nemeni facilities and practices.
The practical eons&sts of demon­
stration of manxial skin in the
preparation of work Mxnples as
well as answering questions re­
lated to the fimdamentals of etevaior systemo.
Hudson River
Chap. Plans
Annual Fete
River c h a p te r of tbe Clv& Service
Employees Assn., wlH eonduet
their an n u al d i n n ^ June 10 at the
Oddo House, CUntondale.
A oocktall hour k sei fcr t:90
pjn. with dinner at 7:30 i»jn. Offloen for the new year wiH be In­
Te Keep laforBied,
Follow The Leader.
Where to A p p ly
fo r Public Jobs
The foUowlng directions tcQ
where te avpiy for public jobs
u ii hew te reach destlnatlens l«
New Terk City en the tranaH
eatlona Section ot the New Tork
City Department of Personntii li
located at 4B Thomas St., M«w
Toik. N.T. 10013. It ie three
blocks north of City Hall, oot
block west of Broadway.
Applications: Filing Period —
Applications Issued and recelred
Monday through Friday from B
ajBu te S v,m^ except Thursday
(from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., ajsd
Saturday from 9 a.m. te I t neoau
Appllcatloa blanks are obtain­
able free either by the applicaat
In person or by his representatlre
at the Application Section of the
Department of Personnel ait 49
Thomas Street. New York. N.T.
10013. Telephone 666-8720.
Mailed requests for applicaUoa
blanks must include a stamped,
self-addressed business-sise eorelope and must be recelyed bf
the Personnel Department at least
dve days before the closing date
(or the filing of applications.
Completed application forms
which are filed bjr mail must be
sent to the Personnel Department
and must be postmarked no later
than the last day of filing or as
stated etherwise in the exam«
ination announcement.
Tlie Applications Section ot
the Penonnel Department is near
the Chamben Street stop of the
main subway lines that go through
the area. These are the IRT 7th
Avenue Line and the IND 8th
Avenue Line. The ERT Lexington
Avenue Line stop to use Is the
Brooklyn Bridge stop and the BMT
QT and RR local’s stop is City Hal^
Both lines have exits to Duane
Street, a short walk from tbe Per*
sonnel Department.
Service, 1350 Ave of the
T h e S t a t e w i d e P la n :
/ t ^ lik e h a y in g a
y o u r
o w n
T h a t’s a fa c t. B elonging to th e S ta te w id e
P la n f t like having a fo rtu n e in y o u r
ow n b an k v a u lt
S in c e n o o n e know s h o w s ic k h e m ig h t b e ,
n o o n e k n o w s w h a t a s e rio u s illn e ss c a n
rea lly c o s t R ecently, B lu e C ro s s c o v e re d
a N ew Y ork S ta te e m p lo y e e ’s h o sp ita l
bill o f o v e r $19,000. T h e p a tie n t d id n 't
h a v e to p a y a p en n y .
A n d th e S ta te w id e P lan d id n ’t h a v e a n
o p tio n . . . It p a id su b sta n tia l a m o u n ts fo r
fo r tu n e
b a n li v a u lt .
d o c to rs a n d o th e r m e d ic a l b ills u n d e r
B lue S h ield a n d M ajor M edical.
W ith th e S ta te w id e P lan y o u h a v e It aH —
a *'no n o n sen se'* th r e e -p a r t p ro g ra m
e s p e c ia lly d e s ig n e d fo r y o u a n d y o u r fam ily.
T h e re ’s o n e h itch th o u g h . It’s stric tly to
p a y y o u r h o sp ita l a n d m e d ic a l bills.
B u t o n s e c o n d th o u g h t, c a n y o u th in k o f
a n y tim e y o u ’d n e e d m o a e y m o re ?
W e c a n ’t
B L U E C R G S S ’i g i 9 B L U E S H I E L D *
• NaUooal AMMltfioii «f BItM IMiM
of ClvC
N.Y. 10036, phone 765-3811; Gov.
Alfred E. Smith State Office Build.
Ing and the State Office Campus,
Albany 12226; Suite 750, 1 West
Genessee St., Buffalo 14202; State
O ffice Bldg., Syracuse, 13202; 500
Midtown Tower, Rochester, 14604
(Wednesdays only).
After S pan. telephone, (212)
705-3811, give the job title ie
whleh yev are Interested, plus
your name and address.
Candidates may obtain applica­
tions for State Jobs from local
offices oi the New York State
■mployment Serviee.
—Second UJS. OlvU
Service Region Office. Federal
Bldg., Federal Plaza at Duane St
and Broadway, New Yoric, N.Y.
10007. Take th e IRT Lexington
Ave. Line to City Ifall and walk
two blocks north, or take any
other train to Chambers St., o t
Broadway Stations.
Hours are 8:90 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
Monday through Friday. Also open
Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tele­
phone 5T3-6101.
Application* are also obtain­
able at main post office^ except
the New York. N.Y., Poet Office.
Boards of examiners at the par­
ticular Installations offering the
tests also may be applied to for
further information and applica­
tion forms. No return envelope*
are required with mailed lequesH
for ewUMtton fonm.
Superyising Clerk List
(OoBtinued from Last Week)
24* W illiam T Noble J r., Roi>ert
j A tkinson, Sidney K atz, M iriam
Hadler, M a n ra re i L Jam es, P a u l
K H ab erg ahn, B dythe M oGorkey,
Rioiiard P en ic elli, S hirley Fields,
Henry J Amen Jr.. R oger W O m n lefc, M athilde S Milcta, A n n a O
Morris, B e tty F ish m an , Mary J
P rati, E th el T Deam icis, Z ereta P
Hioyd, H elen Koslowe, Z elm a V
Oarer, Tillie G erteon, R eva H alpern, D oris E Youn«r, H elene A
Buokley, M ildred E O llkeson, P e a rl
Bronsnlck, B a rb a ra L S plgner,
Anne L F errer, R oslyn K o m , Louis
A Lacroix, H elen M K rooks.
370 D ora H G alindo, S usan P
Trefagrec, Bernice C herry, G e rt­
rude B Ram sey. C y n th ia R O gles­
by, LUUan Closter. G ladys A C h al­
lenger, T h eresa M atarazzo, H a n ­
nah R Ja m in , Evelsm J G allagher,
Rose A lexander, Cecile Lax, F lo r­
ence A D atz, P e te r A G rille, L il­
lian D P ra n k , C allam ay F T aylor,
Cessie L W alker. B e rth a L M oorehead, E lizabeth Speede, E dw ard
J Nolan, Peggy P W atson. E lla J
Laws, Celia Altneu, O oritha V
Praader. M arion C G illespie, B a r­
bara F Drew. Violet E Jencsik,
Sheila R Jolles, M arie T hom pson,
Angelina M S chiraldi.
300 M arilyn Polak, R ita A K a n trowltz, R u th S chutz, D oris W
Gould, K ath ie B G erstein, C h ar­
lotte S tass, H ildegarde Ashby,
Jane Davis, Davivd M N ew branch,
Rose T ufaro, O lym pia M S pringle,
Helen B M cClelland, D om enlca
Plgnone, E d ith G oldstein, H elen
A R ahlke, M ax Weiss, P ra n ce s
Raytm m ,
E lizabeth
M a rrin a n ,
PILI NO. 2871. 1969. — CITATION. —
YORK, B r the Grace U God Free and
T« the heirs at law, next ot kin and
dittributee* of Lucienne Miolane, deceased.
it Urine and if any of them be dead to
thejr heir* at law, •ex t «l
distribacce*. legatees, executors, administrators.
Msigaeea and successors i* interest whose
aame* are unknown and cannoc be ascer­
tained after due diligence.
CAUSE before the Surrogate’s Court. New
York Countr, at Room 504 in the Hall
Records in the County of New York, N ew
York. M June 19, 1969 a t 10 A.M.
why a certain writing dated February 14,
1969 which has been offered fo r probate
hr Martin M. Trainor, residing at 41-45
52ad Street. Woodside, N.Y. should not
h« probated as the last W ill and Testa­
ment, relating to real and M rtonal prop­
erty. of Lncienne Miolane, Deceased, who
was at the time of her death ■ resident of
in the County of New York. N ew York.
Dated, Attested and Sealed. May 8, 1969.
Surrogate. N ew York County
William S. Mullen,
Q erk.
Name o f Attorney Menagh T rainor *
Finger. Tel. No. MU 2-4130. Addresa of
AttMoey 32 East 39th Street, N ew York,
This citation is served npon yo«
ro•n»«red by law. You are not obliged to
•ppear im person. If yon fail to appear it
be assumed that you do not object
*• t^he relief requested. Yoo h are a right
•• nave an attorney-atlaw appear for you.
Mwroia M eltser, A ugust M T h o m asel, V irginia M W inflekl, L eona
W ashington. Ire n e A C onnor,
C h risttn * M anley, E sth e r H ertzog,
E s th e r S llversteln, H elen Daly,
Evelyn P K lein, Marguerite B ry­
a n t, B eryl B T aylor.
330 G ilbert G arfield, E rn estin e
Smith, Pairia B Scorson, A nne B
G allagher, Ottve J Cox, Joyce
K a ra n t, Ruth Joyner, P au l H
Sohweffler, Bfarguerite T rem el,
Lauretta 8 Randolph, Emily A
R obinson, V ernice W Bagt#', Rose
S H olm es, F ra n ce s
T h o m as J O’Brien, G erakline R a tka, M arjorie E F ullerto n , Jero m e
S chw att, Y vonne R Eason, C a th ­
erine Beck, G k n ia n n e W arn er,
R ita
M annheim er,
R auch, G ladys M Weiss, L inda G
S tew art, B a rb a ra M B u rn ett, Ellen
M Savage, P earl S chneider, H er­
b ert S h erm an , G race A V aughan.
360 H attie D Vlaer, M uriel
S chum acher, P a tric ia J S tith ,
C jm thia C Peele, C harlo tte C astro,
Inez M M iller, A nne T erlickl,
G w endolyn S m ith, S h ary n M M or­
ris. W illiam J Luby Jr, M a rg a re t
E Pickens, P auline Rock, A lphonse
M erkm an J r, Rosalee H arrell,
Adele C W heaton, Isabelle G
Peigelm an, D ebora S pira, M er­
cedes Lois, M arilyn A Blackwell,
Sally R udnitsky, C harlene M ims,
C eciliam ar S trum , R osam und E
Finley, M iriam Stutz, Id a R S chwalb, M arie Ford, Fi^ank Grob,
L illian E pstein, Evelyn M O vert<m, M able E M aloney.
390Ruby H Robinson, M ildred
Cohen, R ita H addad, C harles
V ennard, Violet Johnso n , A nna M
C annella, D ro th y L K isseadoo,
Evelyn V R iddick, M ary E Love,
Eugene D Goldberg, R u th S a n c ­
ton, N ath an iel W eber, Jo sep h
G ang, C arolyne M W illiam s, B er­
th a J W inoooff, D orothy E S te ­
vens, G race M inns, Argie E H u m ­
p hrey. M arjorie A Lewis, E rm a
M K ing, H arold K lein, E lizabeth
H ah n , O lga Isaac, M iriam Zaslow,
M elba E Scott, Adela G Rosen,
EmiUa Reyes, Ja m e s F F ra n s,
L eonla W C arter, D aphne D aw ­
40 M a rg a re t E W inter, G e rt­
rude M endelsohn, V erdine B
Jones, L oraine Brow n, T h elm a
L ouvar, R u th S m ith , B eatrice E
B arrow , G race E Toom er, J e a n ­
e tte L B allard, M ary C Brown,
L aw rence A B urm an. E sth er Lizardl. F ay H eine, Alice B Trigg,
H elen F M cGowan, G loria K rau s,
V irginia E O ortelyou. C atherine
Rogers, H a n n a h H Israel, Rose
G ulkis, A lexander H arris, A nna
M M a ^ e n , M arg aret V H arrell,
B ella F hagen, Josep>h Sandberg,
Sylvia I W ells, M ikired L HewlU,
R achel M elam eo, M arie R H en ­
drickson. O ctavia J Spooner.
450 Gufisto S pitalnik , M arcella
If you wani to know whal’s happening
y o u r
ch a n ce s
y o u r
jo b
y o u r
n o x t
an d
s im ila r
o f
p ro m o tio n
L s t i t h , S tep h a n ie Casey, Ehiid L
Ire lan d , M iriam O A gard. A lbert
S choenberg, M ildred C H earn ,
F ra n ce s F iedler, V iola E Brow n,
V em ioe H Rogers, E velyn M W eisen t, D(Mrothy G oldfarb, D en a M
H endricks, Sadie G ross, J u lia H
S toltz, D om inic B ru n etti, B lanche
K S lnkia, Jo h n W T h om pson, Agn ita R yan, G ertru d e K im m elm an,
A nnie C A lexander, R osebud O
A lexander, Jacq u elin e D efares,
L a u ra T R ich ard so n . Olive E
Criohlow, R ae B S acks, Iris A
H older, M arion W C larke, Mollie
Siegel, R u th C obert.
480 E rm ile L S tew art, Sheila M
G reen, George L W alcott Lila R u ­
bin, A m y P Thom pson, Violet O
D augherty, T helm a S Simmons,
Isaa c Cohen, M argery A Gilflllan,
Jo a n E Leboo, G ertiem ae Spauld­
ing, D onnie M Brown, E veljm O
W right, Jo an n e C allahan, Louise
H outm an, EUla M H ardy, Lillian
P rince, Y e tta L G reenblatt. Sylvia
K allin, P Yvonne B roughton, M ax­
ine P Sinai, E lla S m ith, E leanor
White, G loria Powell, N oreen P
A cacia, R a ^ e e d a Salik, Id a G
Zwlckler, E31a M O ’Cum m ings,
M arian E Agurs, K atherine Mc­
510 Regina A P eterson. D aniel
V W hite, Mai’th a R P a tte rso n ,
E rn e stin e Levy, N ina M B ecker,
Ju d ith Rosenzwelg, Roscoe Sm ith,
Philip Bunin, M ildred Dunlop, Sey­
m our Gligoff, F ra n k Zam buto,
B etty A Sm ith, S tephanie Turchin,
M ary A Rucker. Sidney K aplan,
M ercedes Alvarez, Ekinice D Jones,
M arion Ju n g h an s, L o re tta G ScaraUno, Elosie J Meadows, Agnos
L Thom pson, V irginia M Bowes,
S hirley Silbert, M arg aret E He<^t,
M ildred M WUey, C atherine Sturru p , Oslki J S cott, H elM G oetzl,
Ju a n ita H am , M ary C Brown.
»40 Sylvia G oklbeiv, Adele F
Enroll Now For
Deluhanty Institute’s
I n te n s iv e P r e p a r a t o r y C o u r s e
O N J U N E 2 8 . 1969
m a tto rs i
Hero li the newspapar that tells you about what l« happen­
ing In oivll service, what to happening lo tbe Jolk you have and
the job you want.
Make sure yon don't miM a stnfle iwiM. ■n ter your sub■oriptlon now.
Hm iHlca to H.00. Thai brlnpi fw t t toauM of the Clril
Service Leader, filled with the government Job news you want
You ean subseribe on th e eoupon below:
11 Warrea Street
Mew York 10007. New Teri
Increased SaUry Just Negotiated
(Includei pay {or Holidays and Annual
Uniform AHowance)
V ltio s ;
S 'T *
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Delehonty has 50 y ears of
successful experience ia
"H ew York’s Finest!**
Class M eets
a t 5:30 & 7:30 P.M.
For completa information
Phone: GR 3-6900
l i f t B M t IB th S t., I lM k a ttM
A D D R saa
B p OMto
$ 2 0
• ■ d rent. 1,000 eth ers.
TY PEW R ITER C O , In c .
119 W. 23 St. (W est of 6 Ave.)
N ew T erk , N.Y.
CNelse« 3-tO M
5 5 Y e a rs o f E x p e r ie n c e in P r o m o tin g the
E d u catio n o f M o r e T h a n H alf a M illion S tu d e n ts
Just R l in and Bring Coupon
1 enclose 15.00 (oheek or money order for a years MibscrlptloB
the Civil Serviee Leader. Please enter Ihe name Usted below:
Substance ot Certificate ot Limited Par«>
•ership duly ligotd aad acknowledged ^
Partner and filed in N ew York County
Clerk’s Office om April 15. 1969: aeme—
Private Equity Aisociates; Business— gene*,
al security iavestaaent business; Location—
c / » T he Private E q ui» Group, Inc.,
140 Broadway, New York City; General
Partner— John R. Hesse. Princeton, N ew
Jersey: Limited Partners (coatributioM
in casfc)— Mac Bier, New York City
{Sl50,000)i Diversified Ownership, Inc.,
Saa DiefO. California ($30,000); Validus
(5 0.00 0); U P . New York City (175.000);
Joyce Herbert Mann (M rs.), N ew York
City (fl50,0(K )); W alter Mann. Jr.. New
York City ($150,000); John J. Mortimer,
New York O ty ($50,000); Julio Noyes,
SharoM, Connecticut ($100,000); John
Pietrepont. New York City ($75,0(X>);
Nancy Weller Pierrepont (M rs.), N ew
York City ($50,000); Sue* American Risk
S. A.,
($5 0,000); Simeon B. Dunlap Smith, New
York City ($100,000); John Watling, Jr.,
Santa Barbara, California ($75,000); Wal*
ter Brown, Des Moines, Iowa; Bartle
Bul|, New York City, Robert Bye, M.D.,
M.D,. New York City, Edwin C Cornehl???■ Greenwich, Conn.; William G. Curtis.
IV, New York City; Demosthenes Dasco,
M.D., Longmeadow, Mass.; Maturin L.
Delafield, Princeton, N.J.; Delafield Mgt.
Corp., N ew York City, Ellsem Partners,
New York City; Clana Gilbert, (M rs.).
New Canaan. Conn.; Joseph Hanlon, New
York City; Jack Hochberg, Fall River.
Mass.; Dan H. Nicholson, Arlington, Va.;
P. Janvn Roosevelt, Oyster Bay, N.Y.;
Sue* American Corporation, New York
City; M.irvin ToR-et, Yankton. South Da­
kota; John W. Watling, III, New York
City, Helen Wuibern (Miss). New York
City ($2 5,000 each). Partnership term
from year to year until terminated. Lim­
ited Partner not required to make addi­
tional contributions. Limited Partner may
withdraw his contribution at the end ot
an accounting year.
Limited Partner
compensated in proportion to his respec­
tive Partnership Percentage at the be­
ginning of a fiscal year. N o Limited Part­
ner has the right to substitute an as«gnee as contributor in his place. General
Partner may admit additional Limited
Parrners. N o priority among Limited
P artn en as to contributions or com­
pensation by way of income Partnership
dissolves _ upon
death, retirement or incapacity of Gen­
eral Partner. N o Limited Partner has the
right to demand _ and receive property
other tiiao cash in return for his cootribation.
MANHATTAN: 111 lAST I I ST.. N«or 4 Av«. (All Subwoy*)
JAMAICA: iV-28 MERRICK BLVD., b«f. Jam olea A HHIsId* Av*».
OFFICE HOURS: MON. TO FRI. 9:30 A.M. to 8 P.M.
Be ea r fa e s t a t a clasi M»tl«a
eiassa s Ito et
e iV I L S I R V i e i L I A D I I
Certificate of Limited Partnership. Busiaese; To own real property located Daytona
Beach, Fia. Addresa; e /o J. Wechsler, 545
Fifth Are., New Tork, N.Y. Name and
reaidenoe of General Partner*: Irvinr
Friedman. 7 E. 86 St.. New York, N.Y.;
Bernard Frie<Iman. 117 E. 71 St.. New
York. N.Y.: Jerome Wechiler, 87 Seacord
Rd.. New Rochelle. N.Y.; f W Manage­
ment Corp., c / o Wechaler. 645 F ifth Are..
New York, N.Y. Name, rceidenoe (all New
York State unlcsa otherwae stated), eaeh
contribution and percentage of capital of
L.imited Partners; David Demast. SO Knows
Crescent, Rlverdale, $51,500, 1 0 % ; Kermit Krans. 7 Windinr Brook Dr., Larchmont $51,500, 1 0 % ; Leonard Schwarts,
346 Andabon Rd„ Englewood, N.J. ?51,500, 1 0 % : Milton Gelfand, 655 Park Are.,
New York $25,750. 6 % ; Stanley Feld,
860 F ifth Are., New York $25,750. 5 % :
Frederick Rath, 301 Yale Ave., Woodmere $25,750, 6 % : Jerome Wechsler, 27
Seacord Rd., New Rochelle $25,750. 5 % ;
Robert D. Rubin. 19 E. 71 St., New
York $25,750, 5 % ; Irvinir Friedman, 7
E. 86th St.. New York $13,875. 2 .5 % ;
Bernard Friedman, 117 E. 71 St.. New
York $12,875, 2.5% ; Anna Friedman, 0864 Yellowetone B?rd., Forest Hills $25,750,
5 % ; Irm a Davidson, 68-36 108th St.,
Forest Hills $27,750. 5 % : Evelyn Glass,
104-21 68 Dr., Forest Hills $25,750. 5 % :
Harold Friedman, 933 Park Ave., New
York $25,750, % 6; David Sole. 740
Arg^yle Rd., Bklyn. $25,750, 5 % ; Gerald
Shukow. 34 Huntinrton Bay Rd., H unt­
ington $25,750, 6 % : Rose Shukow, 100
Dumbarton Dr., H untinrton $25,750, 5 % ;
Jesse Dro^in, 3 Alfred Dr. Weat, Merrick
$25,750, 5 % . 'p'erm: Commence upon
delivery of deed continue until dissolved
or death, bankruptcy er legal incapacity
of aa individual reneral partner, or m utual
consent of reneral partners or sale of all
property or December 31, 2032, whichever
first occurs. General Partners have rig-ht
to require additional contributione. Con­
tributions to be returned upon dissolution.
Each partner ehall share in profits as
follows; lO^fc General Partners »0%
J^m ited Partners on profits from normal
operations. Funds from refinancinr m ort­
gage or sale of property distributed aa
follows; Until Limited Partners have re­
ceived funds equal to cash contributione
they receive 100% proceeds. Ne*t $50,000.
General Partners. Remaininj 10% Qenerai
Partners 90% Limited Partners. Limited
Partners no right to sell or a«aim interest
w ithout written consent a General Partner.
No right riven t« admit additional Limited
Partners. No priority am onr limited p art­
ners I* contributione e r to eompeneatioa
by way of Income. Upon death, bankruptcy
or leral incapacity of an individual Gen­
eral Partner, partnership ehall be diefiolved,
but another reneral partner shall have
r irh t te eontinue successor partnersrip.
Limited P artner ne right to demand or
receive property ether than cash ia return
for - contribution. Above certificate ac­
knowledged by all partners on file in New
York County Clerk'e Office.
A 9*s: 2 « ~ t i ^ 2 r ~ M ia . H g t . :
ra fso
HInwhel, R u th Scherl, H elen E
Sfniegel, L aw rence D avidson, IsabeUe G Bbrent, Adele M Sm ith, N or­
m an Bavee, Nohuko K Ju n g , M ar­
g a re t M Creahy, Lillian K Lenz,
L orraine G Lichvard, Vict<Hia Le'in e . O ra L. H ousm an, F ra n c e s
B C arlaftes, Sam uel W Young.
W illiam S Schultz, C lara R McPee, R osetta P eterkin, M uriel C
(C ontinued
Page !•)
elty a Blp
Admit FRBB te Oae Patrolm aa ClauM
ASSISTA N T FOREM AN— D ept, o f Sanitalion
Licensed by State of New York. Approved for Veterans
91-01 Merrick Boulevard, Jamaica
• A eollege preparatory eo->cducational. acatlemie high
•chool accredited by tha Board af Regenta.
• Secretarial Training available fvr girU M an electira
• Special preparation in Science and Mathematici for
•tudenta wha wish !• qualify for Technological and
Engineering Collegeg.
• Driver Educatioa Coarsea.
fo r In fo rm atio n o n all C ourses P h o n e GR 3 -6 9 0 0
— C iA tiit S ^ A M ie a .
C iv il S e rv ic e
I jE A P E R .
T e le v is io n
A m e rie a ^ M
iM rg e » t
to r
V u b iie
H tn p lo y e e s
Member Audit Bureau of Circulationa
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W e c h iy
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11 W arren Street, New York, N.Y. 10007
BroM Office: 406 East 149th S treet
Je rry F in ke le te in , rublisher
Paul K ye r, Editor
J o t Deasy, Jr., City Editor
K o n Lin«l«‘n &
B a rry L . Coyne, Assistant Editors
N . H . M ager, Business Manager
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Television program s of In terest
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b ro ad cast daily over WNYC,
C h an n el 31. T his week’s program s
are listed below.
3:00 p j n —^Return to N ursing—
"C are o i th e Agin*.” R efresh er
course fo r nurses, lesson 22.
4:00 p jn . (color) — A round t4ie
Clock — "O p eratio n S PR IN T .”
New Y ork Police Academy series
fo r In-servlce train in g .
9:00 p.m. (color) — New Y ork R e­
p o rt—^Lester S m ith h o sts In te r­
views betweeai City officials
an d visitinc newsm en. Pi*esented In cooperatjon w ith W O R TV.
Tuesday, June 10
4:00 p jn . (color) — A round th e
Clock — "O p eratio n SPR IN T .”
New Y ork Police A cadem y series
lo r in-service train in g ,
e c a u s e o f t h e b ig v o t in g b lo c c o m p r is e d o f c iv il s e r v a n t s
— n e a r ly 20 p e r c e n t
m o r e a n d m o r e p o litic a l
m e e tin g s a s a p la tfo r m
p r o c h e s to g o v e r n m e n ta l
C i v i l S e r v ic e
o f th e N ew Y o rk S ta te e le c to r a te —
fig u r e s a r e u s in g p u b lic e m p lo y e e
fo r g e t t in g s o u n d in g s o n n e w a p p r o b le m s.
T h is h a p p e n e d in d o u b le m e a s u r e la s t w e e k w h e n N a s ­
s a u C o u n ty E x e c u tiv e E u g e n e N ic k e r s o n a n d S e n . J o h n
F ly n n ( R - Y o n k e r s ) , c h a ir m a n o f t h e S e n a t e C iv il S e r v ic e
C o m m itte e , a p p e a r e d a t a th r e e -d a y w o r k s h o p sp o n s o r e d
b y th r e e c o n f e r e n c e s o f t h e Q v il S e r v ic e E m p lo y e e s A s s n .,
w h o r e p r e s e n t s o m e 8 0 ,0 0 0 s t a t e a n d l o c a l g o v e r n m e n t
w o r k e -r s .
N ic k e r s o n a sk e d fo r a ll- o u t su p p o r t fr o m c iv il s e r v a n ts
f o r a p r o g r a m o f t a x r e fo r m in t h e S t a t e w h ic h w o u ld s h if t
t h e b u r d e n o f t a x a t i o n fr o m t h e m ld d le -c la & s w h ic h , h e
s ta te s , c a n s ta n d n o fu r th e r ta x b u rd en s, to th e h ig h e r in ­
c o m e b r a c k e ts w h ic h , h e d e c la r e s , a r e p a y in g n o w h e r e n e a r
t h e i r s h a r e o f t h e lo a d .
S e n a t o r F ly n n u s e d t h e o c c a s io n to c a ll fo r a c o m p le t e
r e - e v a la t io n o f th e sa la r y a n d d u ty s tr u c tu r e o f jo b s in S t a t e
e m p lo y m e n t . H e a s k e d p u b lic e m p lo y e e s to s u p p o r t h is d r iv e
t o u se n e w m e t h o d s o f e v a lu a tio n to in su r e n o t o n ly t h a t
t h e r ig h t p e o p le w e r e in t h e r ig h t jo b b u t a lso t h a t t h e y w e r e
g e t t in g a fa ir w a g e fo r th e ir t a le n ts .
W ih o u t c o m m e n t i n g o n t h e m e r it s o f e it h e r is s u e , i t is
fa ir to sa y th a t b o th are th o u g h t-p r o v o k in g a n d d e se r v e d e e p
s t u d y . T h e p o i n t h e r e is t h a t t h e c a l l t o a n e v e r - i n c r e a s i n g l y
a c t iv e c iv il s e r v ic e to h e lp p u t th r o u g h t h e s e p r o p o s it io n s is
fu r t h e r p r o o f o f th e im p o r ta n c e o f t h e p u b lic e m p lo y e e in
t o d a y ’s p o l i t i c a l s c e n e .
Wednesday, June 11
3:00 p m.—Retw m to N ursing —
"Leeal Aspedjs of N ursing.” R e­
fresh er course lo r nurses, lesson
4:00 p jn . (color) — A round th e
Clock — "O peration S PR IN T .”
New York Police A cadem y series
fo r in-service train in g .
7:30 p m .—O n tihe Jo b — "Col­
lapse,” New Y ork City F ire Departanent talnang seies,
(Mr. Golfe®, » m eiuhcr ot Oie New York Bar# teach®* law a t Om
CoUege ttf the City •! New York, Is ttie author •! m any bo«ka •mi
articles and co-aulhor«d “New Ifork Criminal Law.”)
Enforced Overtime Part II
c o lu m n
d e -a lt w i t h
d isc ip lin a r y
C ity o f N e w Y o rk a g a in s t a S p e c ia l O ffic e r fo r d e c lin in g to
w o r k o v e r tim e o n c e r ta in
o c c a s io n s .
O F F IC E R m a d e
b e h a lf. H e
fo r m in g
te s tifie d
as. a
C iv il
th e
a p p e a lin g w itn e ss
fo r
S e r v ic e
a n d w e ll. H e h a d t o
m e n t w ith
th a t
tw o
y e a i«
S p e c ia l
O ffic e r
h is o w n
c o n s c ie n tio u s ly
w o r k o v e r tim e e v e r s in c e h is e m p lo y ­
D e p a r t m e n t b e g a n . P r io r
th e
th a t
h e r e f u s e d to w o r k o v e r t im e , h e h a d a c c u m u la t e d 225 hour®
fo r w h ic h h e h a d n o t b e e n p a id . T h e W e lfa r e P o lic e B e n e ­
v o le n t
A s s o c ia tio n
ju d ic ia l
v. D e p a r t m e n t
F eeney
C ourt
so u g h t
J u s tic e Ir v in g L . L e v e y
r e lie f
S o c ia l
fo u n d
th e
S e r v ic e s .
Su prem e
fo llo w s :
P e t i t i o n e r ’s c o m p l a i n t w i t h r e s p e c t t o p a y m e n t
fo r
o v e r tim e is a d m it t e d in t h e a n s w e r o f t h e r e s p o n d e n t a n d
It i s
e x p e cte d
th a t
th e
C ity
w ill
m ake
effo rt
p a y t h a t c o m p e n s a tio n m o r e p r o m p tly w ith o u t th e n e e d
fic e r s
e n tr y o f ju d g m e n t h e r e in .
resu m ed
p a rtm en t
d isc ip lin a r y
o f J u s tic e
th e ir
S o c ia l
a c tio n
o v e r tim e
S e r v ic e s
a g a in st
L e v e y ’s
fin d in g .
S p e c ia l
w ork . N e v e r th e le s s,
d e te r m in e d
c e r ta in
th e
th e
O f­
D e­
a ffected
w ith
S p e c ia l
O ffic e r s .
U pon
e x a m in in g
R e s p o n d e n t ’s
te stim o n y , I
f in d a n y s e r io u s d is p u te o f t h e f a c t t h a t t h e
Friday, June 13
10:00 a m . (live - color)—S ta f f
M eeting O n th e Air—O fficials
in New Y ork C ity’s D ep artm en t
oif Social
answ er
p ho n ed -in inquiries fix>m th e of­
fices in th e field.
3:00 p.m —.R-eturn to N ursing —
"T he Nurse and New E quip­
m e n t.” R efresh er coui'se for
nurses, lesson 24.
4:00 p jn . (color) — A round th e
Clock — "O peration S PR IN T .”
New Y ork Police Academy series
for In-servlce train in g .
in g s in s t it u t e d b y t h e D e p a r t m e n t o f S o c ia l S e r v ic e s o f t h e
o f th e
Thursday, June 12
4:00 p.m. (color) — A round th e
Clock — "O p eratio n S PR IN T .”
New Y ork Police Academy series
for in-service train in g .
7:30 p.m.—O n tihe Jo b —"O p era­
tions In tihe Subways No. 2.”
New Y ork City F ire D ep a rtm en t
train in g series.
a fo rem en ­
tio n e d su p e r v iso r s d ir e c te d h im to r e m a in o n d u ty o n t h e
d a y s in q u e s tio n a n d t h a t h e r e f u s e d to d o so. I g a th e r
fr o m h is te s tim o n y t h a t h e q u e s tio n s t h e a u th o r ity o f t h e
su p e r v iso r s or t h e d ir e c to r o f t h e C e n te r to o r d e r h im t o
w ork
o v e r tim e . H e a s s e r t s t h a t h e w o u ld o b e y s u c h a n
o r d e r o n ly if i t w e r e is s u e d fr o m t h e C e n tr a l O ffic e p o lic e .
H e a lso a s s e r ts t h a t in t h e a b s e n c e o f a
fix>m t h e
C e n tr a l
O ffic e
p o lic e ,
s p e c ific o r d e r
o th e r req u ests
o r d e r to w o r k o v e r tim e w o u ld d e p e n d u p o n h is j u d g m e n t
a s w h e th e r or n o t th e r e w a s a n e e d fo r h im
a fter hou rs. In
th ese
in s ta n c e s , h e
to r e m a in
c o n c lu d e d
th a t,
h is j u d g m e n t, th e r e w e r e n o e m e r g e n c ie s w h ic h r e q u ir e d
h is p r e s e n c e . B e y o n d t h is , h e a s s e r t s t h a t C ity p a t r o lm e n
S aturday, Ju n e 14
7:30 p.m. On tJie Job— "O p era­
w e r e p r e s e n t a t t h e lo c a t io n o n t h e s e p a r tic u la r d a y s .
tions in th e Subways No. 2,”
I N R E A C H I N G h i s d e c i s i o n , Mr. L e w i s w a s g u i d e d b y
New Y ork City Fixe D epai-tm ent
th e s u b s ta n t ia l e v id e n c e r u le . T h is r u le r e q u ir e s t h a t th e
train in g series.
d e te r m in a tio n b e s u p p o r te d b y s u b s ta n t ia l e v id e n c e . W h e th e r
Questions and Answers
From what 1 have read and
beard about medicare, I am con­
vinced of the importance of early
enrollment and I'll apply as early
as possible. Are there any papers
I should bring: with me when 1
You will need evidence of your
d a te of b irth — usually your birUi
certificate. Do not, however, delay
early enrollm ent because you have
trouble getting proof of your birthd ate. If you have any pi-oblems
g etting evidence, th e people in
your social security district office
■will help you.
• • •
My husband Mill be C5 this year
but he says he can’t .sign up for
medicare because he is still work­
m vm
ing. 1 told him he will be eligible
anyway. Please settle this for us.
Your husband does not have to
re tire to get M edicare coverage,
bu t h e will have to file an applica­
tion paefei-ably In th e 3 m onths
prior to his 65th birthday.
• • •
Wher* can I get help in filing
out a claim for doctors’ bills?
Go to your local social security
office; they will be happy to help
you com plete your form. Take your
Me<licare card and any doctoi-s’
bills with you.
• • •
Why do I have to pay the first
$44 toward a hospital bill and the
first $50 of my medical bills?
bles,” and aside from th eir effect
in d eterrin g some jieople from
over-utiJizdng services, they play
a significant role In reducing th e
overall costs otf th e m edicare pro­
gram , w ithout however Imposing
a n undue financial hardship on
the average person covered by th e
program . The deductible provisions
will be recognized as sim ilar to
those co(mmon3y used In coimecUoji w ith po-ivate h ea lth plans,
autom obile insuraaiice, ete.
t h e d e t e r m in a t io n is s u p p o r te d b y s u b s t a n t ia l e v id e n c e is
ju d g e d h o t o n ly th r o u g h c o n s id e r a t io n o f t h e e v id e n c e
su p p o r t o f t h e d e t e r m in a t io n b u t a ls o t h e c o n tr o v e r tin g
e v id e n c e . S t a t e d o th e r w is e t h e d e t e r m in a t io n
to m u ster
j u d i c i a l r e v i e w m u s t b e s u p p o r t e d b y t h e r e c o r d considered
a s a w h o l e . T h e s u b s t a n t i a l e v i d e n c e r u l e t h e r e f o r e requires
t h a t a q u a s i-ju d ic ia l d e t e r m in a t io n m e e t t h e t e s t o f rat i o n a l i t y a g a i n s t t h e b a c k g r o u n d o f a l l o f t h e evidence
su b m itte d
b o th
sid e s.
M R . L E W IS c o n c lu d e d t h a t t h e c h a r g e h a d b e e n s u s ­
t a i n e d b y s u b s t a n t i a l e v i d e n c e “ a f t e r c a r e f u l l y reviewing
t h e t e s t im o n y b o t h d ir e c t a n d c r o s s - e x a m in a tio n a n d th e
• • •
d o c u m e n t a r y p r o o f s u b m it t e d b y b o t h s id e s a n d t a k in g in to
Doesn’t Medicare really mean
c o n s id e r a tio n o f th e f a c t s p r e s e n te d , a n d a ll r e a s o n a b le in ­
that the Federal Government can
f e r e n c e s , d e d u c t i o n s a n d c o n c l u s i o n s t o b e d r a w n th erefroaaof
control and dictate to hospitals
and doctors as to how they will a n d u f> o n t h e r e c o r d a s a w h o l e . . .**
run their affairs and what prices
I N R E C O M M E N D I N G a p e n a l t y , Mr. L e w i s
they can charge?
h u m a n e ly
t o o k i n t o c o n s i d e r a t i o n t h a t t h i s w a s t h e f i r s t occasion
t h a t t h e e m p l o y e e ’s c o n d u c t h a d e v e r b e e n b r o u g h t m t o
q u e s tio n . H e a lso s p e c if ic a lly n o t e d t h a t t h e c a s e w a s o n e o f
a s e r i e s o f c a s e s a r i s i n g o u t o f “ a w o r k a c t i o n ” u n d e rta k e n
b y t h e S p e c ia l O f f ic e r s in c o n n e c t io n w i t h t h e ir c la im fo r
b a c k p a y fo r o v e r tim e . I n t h e c ir c u m s ta n c e s , h e r e c o m m e n d e d
No. The law sipecdflcally fo r­
bids the Govei*nment from exercis­
ing cocntroJ over the p ractice of
medicine, the m a n n er in which
medicfiJ services aa^ provided, an d
the adm inistration o r opea-ation
a fin e o | o n e h u n d r e d d o lla r s .
Tliei>e ar« k u o w u us “ di^ducti- of meilicaJ la<CiiLUei!i».
FD B attanen Chfef
The w ritten test for b a tta lio n
chief In th e New Y ork City F ire
peipartm ent was ta k e n by 466
candidates recently.
aRF C O M PA N Y : Substance o f C ertificate
of Limited P a rtn e rsh ip duly signed and
enecuted b f D avid D retzin as P resid en t o f
lu ra n ^
** atcocaejr ia fact fo r
.11 ;lie liinitcd |M ria ert an d filed ia th«
Y. Co. O k 's O A ce oo M ay 22 . 1969.
>j.rae and lo catio a o i th « p a fta e rsh ip ii
X r f Co«HM«r. 300 W . 55»h St.. K Y C
Id buwaeM la W p resent an d n ^ o i t ia
(lie U aited States and elsew here, aa tiM auic^ producefs a a d aM n aiers. tw o oae>act
(,u .t b r
G re e o b u rf. e a title d reapecr„ e lf ARF a a d T H E G R E A T A IR PLA N K
SMATCH, ia c lu d in c th e e x p lo ita tio a « f
tubudiafy fi<t»ts th e re ia . G e ae ra l P a n a e r :
/u rio d a. la c ., 300 V . S5th St.. N Y C
Limtted P aftaers, iKeir re tid e a c e t (a ll
NYC uateaa o th erw ise sp ec ified ), ctMb
con'rribwtto* a re Jac o b S. A foaoff, 39 I .
I7(ta Sc, D aaie l A. G o tm aa, I l M F a fk
A«e.. & D avid Lipoaaa, a a d J a a e Lipakaa,
31T M illw ood R d .. C h app aq u a, N Y , A a ae
Navaskf, 27 V a a h in ( io a S<|., N o ^ V ic­
tor N a v aik r. 27 W aa h ia a to a S<i.. N o rth ,
AoAe S eraaae, 349 B. 6 2d St., a a d Al(f«<l Shapiro. 590 W est l a d A ve., aach
m M . R u th B auat. 9 40 P a rk A ve., S aaiaet
C. Coflfpec. 170 D u * e ld St.. B k ly a. N Y .,
lutia T . D re ttia , 983 P a rk A ve., Saaawet
C D retsia, 30 E. 6 5 th St., H e o rr E p h ro a.
177 I . 7 5 th S«.. J o h a F r ie d l a a S r 2 9
V *diiac«oa Sq., W est, R o b e rt G itu b e n r
W . 106ch St., R alp h G inab«iM , 1 ^
W««t l a d A ve., R o b erta G ratx, 15 W.
8 t« Sc.. D aaiel G re e n b u rt, 9 E. 6 7 th
M*rr O . H u h a . R .D .I., AshYille. N Y .,
HarcT K ah a, 895 P a rk A ve., E sther G .
Macy N avasky. 30 V , 7 0 th
St., D aaiel M elnick, T a le n t Assopiatea,
444 M adisoa A ve., M u rra r W . P u tte r, 14
RuMic C ate Laoe. D iz H ills, N Y -, Steph>
s« Resoick, 70 R iverside D r.. D o u a h u
Roieabauai, 800 G reenw oo d A ve.. B ’kTya.
NY.. S taaler S. V e ith o ra , 144 W oodhiU
Ltoe, M anhasaet, N Y ., a a d H a ro ld a a d
Eteaoor W o lk ia d , 146 L incola R d ., B ' ^ a ,
«600. D avid D re u in , 4 4 0 W est
End Ava. $10,80 0 . O sw ald G o ld sch aild t,
150 5th A ve., Jo sep h Isaacsoa, 1 5 th
a ad J a a a Investm ents, la c ., 1501
B 'w *r. N Y C , a a d H e rb e rt S w a ru a a a . 5 0 0
I. 15th S«.. each *1,200. N a p r o ^ i r
ether th a a cash ie to b e ctM tfib uiea b ?
(he Liaatted P artn ers. T eraa e l p a rta e rsh itt
a «a coasm eace u p o a filiaa o t th ia certlScate ia the N .Y . Cm. O lT s O fic e m 4 « •
coatiaae a a til te rm ia a te d as p r o v k M ia
(he Partnership AgreeaMM. N « a d d k io a a l
contrihatiaas are ( • b e M ade b r th e li m i t ­
ed Partners. TKe co atrib u titM mt aach
lioaiMd P a rta e r is la h e retu raed li ( a )
hi osoathlr a a til th e ro a trib u tio n o l each
Limited P a rta e r shall have b e e a faU y r*<
paid, sabiect. how ever, t a th e c o n d itio a
(bar th e P a rta e rsh ip has a s u fic ie a t cash
reierve, aa pro v id ed ia P a rtn e rsh ip Agceenkeat, after
pajraoeat o t o r p ro v tsio a fo r
payaaeat o t alt debts, liabilities, taxes a a d
cxMtioceat liabilities: ( h ) u p o a th e tarsa.
io atiaa o t th e P a rtn e rsh ip , if a e t fatty
r«fMid p rio r thereto.
T lie sh are « l th e
arofits a r o th e r c o atp en sa tio a t>y w ay a f
laco ait w hich each Liasited P a rta e r shall
rcceiva tw reasoa of his c o atrib u tio si is
a ( l< i fo r each S.^00 ia cash c o n tri­
buted by each Lim ited P a rtn e r. N o L im it­
ed P a rta e r h a t the t i | h t to su b stitu te a a
issiftoee as c o n trib u to r in
his place «xc«pc w ith th e consent o f th e G etieral
Pirtoer. w hich may be w ith held . T h e re
!« <M rig h t o f p rio rity as to co n trib u tio n s
or M to com pensation by w ay o f inctMne
toioof the Lim ited P artn ers. O n th e battkrup(cy o r dissolution o f the G en eral P a rt­
ner. (he l^ r tn e r th ip shall term in ate. A
Limited P a rtn e r has no ric h t to dem and
tnd receive p rop erty o th e r th a n cash in
hte co n trib u tio n .
Matter of the Application ol O NNIE
ARCHER, Petitioner. For the Dissolu­
tion ol her Marriage with JO H N AR­
CHER Respondent. Pursuant to Section
220 of the Domestic Relatioiu L av.
n o t ic e .
T a k e n o t i c e t h a t a p e titio n has
presented to this C ou rt by O N N IB
a r c h e r , your w ife, fo r th e d isso lu tio a
T h e n e e d t o c o v e r t h e h ig h c o s t o f s p e c ia lis t c a r e b
g r e a te r to d a y th a n e v e r b e fo r e .
N e v e r t h e le s s , H .I .P . i s s U ll t h e o n ly p la n in t h is a r e a
p r o v i d i n g f u l l y p a i d s p e c i a l i s t s e r v i c e s —i n t h e o f f i c e , h o s ­
p ita l a n d h o m e .
H J .P .^ s M e d i c a l G r o u p s p r o v i d e c a r e a n d c o n s u l t a ­
t i o n s b y q u a l i f i e d s p e c i a l i s t s i n f o u i ‘t e e n b a s i c s p e c i a l t i e s
—i n a n d o u t o f t h e h o s p i t a l .
T h e r e a r e n o s p e c ia lis t c h a r g e s . . . n o lim it o n v is it s
a e a w o d c d u c tib le s . . . n o c la im fo r m s .
W h e n n e e d e d i n d iff ic u lt c a s e s , H J .P . b r in g s y o u t h e
s e r v ic e s o f s p e c ia lly q u a lifie d s p e c ia lis t s a n d s u r g ic a l
t e a m s - a ls o w ith o u t c o s t t o y o u !
^ ^Hir M arriace on th e g ro u n d th a t yo u
“■*»e absented yourself fo r five ( 5 ) succes*
•<*« rears last past, w ith o u t beii»s k n o w a
W (a be liv in c an d th a t th e l>elie*«*
la be dead, an d th a t pursuaott to a n
^^d<er of the C o u rt d ated o a tiM 1 2th • !
M«v. 1969, a h earin c w ilt Im held u p o n
Mia (tetitioa a t th e said Supreasa C o urt.
Speiial Teraa, P a rt I. ia th e B ro ax C onn­
er Court H ouse ia B ronx. 851 G ra a d Co«^ u rie , B roax. N ew Y o rk o a th e 6 th 4mf
^ p ien sh er, 1969 a t 9 ;3 0 o ’clock ia the
><M«oooa a l th a t day.
/ s / O N N lE ARCHER,
*>«‘«?d. BR€»47C. NEW YORK.
May 15. 1969.
209 W . 125th St.
New York. N.Y.
C o m p a r e H .I .P .^ s b r o a d c o v e r a g e w i t h t h e s p e c i a l i s t
c o v e r a g e g iv e n b y t h e o th e r p la n s a v a ila b le t o C ity e m ­
p lo y e e f a m ilie s .
We repeat...
,• The Matter a l the AM»>tcaiioa « i
/<^'^ES ALLEN. PeUtioner. For DisM»^
Marria«e W ith FRANCES
M-LRN, his Wife. Pursuaat ta Article 12
Doaaestic Relatioa la w .— N o tk n—
l^ « « „N a. 3869/69.
T a k e n o t i c e that a M i t i o a hat beea
Court Vy JAMES ALiii. 1
your Huibaad, foe the
of your a u rriac e o a the crouad
you have absented yourself for fivo
^'■««uve rears last past without Iteina
^ li^ n c . aad tltat ha
^>*«v«a you to be desMl, and that parI
f** an order o l said court, dated the
'i«y or May 1969, a hearinc wlU b«
petition at the laM Sttt h e ^ C«««. SpecUl Teraa, Part 1. ia
e.-^^^Pfeme Court, Borough of Bronx,
New York, on the 5 th day of
1969, at 9:30 o ’clock ia die
Bronx, New York.
{!T«UR O KU D Ei'"'' * “” •
149 Street
New York 1045S
T H E JU D G E !
H E A IT T H I N S U R A N C E F L A N O F G H E A T S 3R N 1 T W T O R K
6 2 5 M A D IS O N A V E2N U E, N £ 2 W Y O R K , N .Y .lO O S iz
m '
> I
P h o to R e p o r t O f J o i n t M h e r n
. & M e tr o C o n f e r e n c e s ' W o r k s h o p
' ' '
This W eek 's C ity E ligible List
(C ontinued from Page 5)
M artin, Hazel G Rozler, E sther
I P resser, Louise O Lovell, C a th ­
erine V.’all, Maude G raham , Bess
Wilkofsky, B eatrice C R othchester,
Wiliam W eintraub, M yrtle G Rowson, M yrn« L Black.
570 Julia M Kelly, M argaret P
M cIntyre, Cecilia P lik, Josepliine
Thwaites, M arjorie C A rm strong,
Antondno T urrlglano, C athe’r ine
Williams, M ildred A S tratton,
eGorge V Thompsoo, M aud M
Clark, Carol A P ayne, Dudley L
G revenberg, Elstelle B Schloss,
M ary S Llsowsky, eB atrice •ch-
Do You N e ed A
tmr c I t O service
for personal satisfmoUoa
W M ka C o u r t*
S tk U
A pprorw l
B ducatloa
L H ea rd Tlionias Hudson J r , D oo
othy L Hill, P alm m etta Skinner,
B ranoatl,
C hristine
Hughes, E laine D Oohen, Lillie
Goldbt rg, Shirley L Backus.
630 Leo B W ile n ^ y , Susie S
Jones, V eronica Hobby, MoUie R.
P isoiotta, L o retta M Spann, Al­
b erta B Dobyns, A ntoinette Gior­
dano, D orothy J Wadsley, Con­
stan ce Tyler, R obert P Coeta, Sal­
ly Dreyfufis. E%hel A P erlm an ,
R iim a P R oth, Lillian P W einberg­
er, G ertru d e P Budnick, Blarbara
J Jacobsen. IMlUcent Breedy,
Anna J Mims. Leonard S skenasy,
EUssaJoeth G rear, R uth Oneal, Wll^ •le d a P Cohen. Ekilalie W Chris­
topher, L ilian G Wiggins, Ruble S
G riffin, Gwndolyn Mayero, G eneva
C Poblak, Roslyn F K r a f t
660 Anile W i^nm an. D orothy E
Jam ieson, F ran k ie B Davis, Aleth ea C H art, O ussie Rosenbloom,
H elen A Boyle, Dorothy B P helan,
George W ynn. L eonard K f^m nann,
M arian n a C a rter. Louise S layton,
Dolores A Lofton, Alice M Ashby,
Yvonne McCoy, eB atrice L Rob­
Thu N.Y. 8tot« diploma
erts, V iolet W hitehall, Cleo L
!• th» Ugol •qwivai«nt
of oraduotlon from a 4Stevens, Lila I Jackson, L inda Q
yoar HIgli School. It U voluablo lo
V o rd erer, F ern an d o Feliciano J r .
non-gradualoi of High School fen
D orothy M Brown, Beth T aeg er,
• lm|iUym«nt * FromcilM
Julius Grobin, Joyce E Wood, Ju n e
• Adv«n««4 ldw(«M*n«l Trolninf
• P«ri*n«l S«tUfo«M*ii
E Qleiohenhaus, WUma J K ats.
Our Sp4cial intoniWo S*Wo«lt
C onstance Jeffers, V em lce S
Courto proparoi for olfkial oiiamt
B lackm an, E d n a E H am ilton, H ar­
conducttd at rogulor ifltorval* by
rie t Bledernuux.
D«b». of IdiKoHon.
ENROLL NOW: ClflMet Meet
090 M uriel Roth, R osa H eller,
l a M vnhaican,
W inifred Tintwelss, J e a n e tte SoMondays * Wedn^aya
choU tiky, Joyce 9 t John, B etty R
5:30 or 7:30 P.M.
Riggins, LtMinda Snyder, Clifford
lo Jamako,
Tuesday* & T hursdays
F aP ttcraon, B etty J B k ^ e y , An­
5 :45 oe 7 :43 F.M .
to n ia E SignorleUa, Sonia D um lak,
O iir G y « s t o t a C l o ts !
E rnestine M yles, Stella Gordon,
r t u lai and B rtnc CoupoB
Zelm a J Crawford, Joseph N Olnex. M ary King, Caryl Jacobson,
E leanor R Adams, R ose A Spiv115 E«at 18 S t.. Ifa B b a ttM
ack, E d ith E K antro, L illian N
a i- 0 1 M errick BW4.. J a m a lw
Hasselnmn, AUene V Miller, P earl
S ternberg, Donald F eit, B a rb a ra
B Thom as, Willymae E Randolph,
I CMy...............................Z*M......
F red erick W alsh, Moe D enker, Hel­
At/mit tm On* N.S. fqulv. C h u
en Bang, Gladys I M iller.
720 M iriam R A m ilaner, R onald
At Horn*
lyn Culpepper, P a t Delia, R uth
BR 9-2604
Sosis, Corinne K H arris. D ruscilla
F ab er. R uth B erger, Alice C Davis,
Wilhelmina J<^T5on, R ita D HenCO EO
Days, Eves., Sat
rlckson, Charles E Stanton, Mil­
dred R G riffith, C elestina llio m . s , Iren e E WUiams, Ire n e M. (Cas­
I B M /3 6 0
sidy. M innie J Robinson. Sylvia
D Finkelstein. Violet L Kilings,
$350* FOR 220 HOURS
E id a A ClxitUck. Je a n n e S Wolf,
books Ittcludtd
Cnaire Weiss, Elleeti L Chance,
ni&nson, V em a G R am seur, Win­
o na JolMiiken. IMan V W yler,
Gwendolyn Cain, M ildred TSal,
F lorence S herm an, E laine H B a t­
son, Beulah A W alker, N ancy E
W att, Freddielee McKenzie, lo la
C Watt»^, Leonard H Fleischm an,
Rosa M Ancrum, Venia E Davifi,
Rose P. Saltzberg.
600 Rachel M Edm<Mvd, Alma L
P hillips, M ary A G abrielson, ESthel
M Sessoms, E dna G Redd, P ra n ce s
Bloomberg. C harlotte GUchrlst.
M ary A Casola, Q ail R Rothlleish.
Julius C Reece Jr, H arry Wolfe,
Lewis S Davidson, T h elm a Gor­
don. B eatrice S H alpren, Ronald
J T en e ll. P raicis W Wilde. June
K irkpatrick. M arg aret A Sacks,
M arion L Isaac, E velyn L M a t­
hews. Isidore Rosenblum, U U lan
E a s t e r n S c h o o l AL 4 -5 0 2 9
7X1 Broadw ay. N.V. S (at 8 SI.)
PiMM writ* m« Ire* kbout
School laulTaUncT elM*.
\d d rM a
....................... .
Cmllmwrn C ^ m rn a A t N m n*
0 * B t. *AP<Sa
BB « * aM 4
274 PMMi Av*« N.Y. 10M1
P .O . T ru c k P r a c t ic e
$1 0.00 p e r h r.
For Class i - 2 & 3
ColU 9 « Trolaed lasfractors.
Private laitrHctioa.
G ertru d e G ottlieb. E lm o re
Bowes, R u th R K atz, EOlen E
H inds, C a th ry n V M orals, G ene­
vieve Schw artz.
750 VerUe E Maxwell, Ire n e M.
Ambrosl, F ried a W hite, E stelle M
Snyder, Belle Dubinsky, Sheila
B erm an , M uriel B Rowe, T helm a
I H em bric, E dith M C hapm an, Ar­
m ando M C astro, B em ice W Step­
hens, Lillian Cchoenfeld, D aphney
P P ires, V elm a L Woodley, M ary
L Walden. G ertrude F Schw artz,
Sol M lnter, A lvenia G Tayktr, Dor­
o thy West, Josephine M ajor. J a c ­
quelyn M cDaniel, Rutih L Sulsky,
Agnes L Oliver, B e tty B S aperstein. Rose B ergrin. F lorence Nealon, Goldie Cole, M ichael P eretz.
aK th lee n A D a n l ^ , Edw in Weissm an.
780 L ilian B Ja fle , E th e l V Oarte r, R ae R McKinney, M iriam
Schechter, B a rb a ra J Clay, J a c ­
queline T alb ert, F an ie A Hill, J u a n ­
ita W ashington. Willie B F a u lk ­
n e r, Jessie M Coletti, Rose D unn,
G loria M Jo rd an , T helm a L Hol­
m an, GenAvieve F itzgerald, M ary
J C allahan, T heresa F ish er, Mil­
dred L Schutzm an. P a tric ia Moore,
M a rg a re t E Lenu>nier, N orm a E
W right, E u la K P arris, Crocefissa
D ritto , M arlene Biddle, Sheila A
Malloy. Sylvia A Lewis, Rose L
L eder, D ora S tein. Rosalind C
D ade. M arie A H inkler. Eugene
L Hobgood.
F ra n ce s A Schultx, M a rg a re t L
W olthusen. A drienne R Critichlow,
B eatrice B K leiner. Bvelyn C
Cofleld, H ilda A ckerm an, B a rb a ra
F A gte. H a rry B Schlfferki. Lou­
ise R Broiwn, H aart B Footm on.
E sth e r Tillm an. B em ice K Obbom e. M ildred N CannkMn, C arrie
M ann, EUaabetli OrBnford. Delores
D WimaoM. N in a Reed, Geocve
RockmBa. M arilyn B urton, M arie
D Cooke. T hom as S liem ning,
F ra n k Lowery J r , G ladys O ran neU, BartMva A Wilkinson, R ita
S Solomon, M arion P ^ . A nita C
King, E lain e K Speller. Delores
V Rodriguez, A nnie P Tucker.
840 Ann Jacobs, B e tty Pogue,
M uriel E W ainw rlght, L illian Le­
vine, M inerva L M ulet, A aron M
M erm elstein, M ary T D rake, Asley G E v an s, M adeline A Flick,
Y etta A lbert, K ath ry n R W aters,
Gladys Sirota, Johnnie M R ich ard ­
son, Je an e tte A Phipps, Adelaide
V accaro, N ath an K erstein, T her­
esa L evatino, V irginia A W endel,
V incent Oliva. A rtis Willianns, dlsenla O reene, W ilhelm eni Jo rd an ,
B e rra rl J T ansey, P a tric ia A H en­
dricks, B e rtra m M Goldsteiin, J o ­
sephine OoUymore, Celia P Roth(C ontinued on Page IS)
$125* POR 60 HOURS
C O M P A R E !!
t r e a s u r e s
o f
4 8-p age
Commercial Programminf
145 W . 1 4 th S t r e e t
P h o n e : C H 2-7547
IS3 B'way n4tb St.). N.Y.. N.Y.
- « « j r m MMwk TM««.
YU 2-4000 e e e e e
Kaypunch, IBM-SSO.
Compui*r Profram m lns.
>1011 Bookkeeping maohtn*. H.S. BQUIVAI.ENCY. Day A E t« Claaaea.
IA m U M K
E L \O F T M K
Ip c o p lc
HIGH SCHOOL Equlvalmcy
• F o r C I V I L S E R V IC E
• F o r E m p lo y m e n t
• F o r C o lie fo E n t r a n c t
• F o r P e r s o n a l S jtU s f te d n it
S W*tk N .Y . Education D tpt. Appr*vad one* waekly C eurta IN SCHOOL
• r AT HOME in your spar* tim*.
(212) PE 6-6080
^ //
S ir W, Sr Straat, Ntw York, N, Y. 10019
PL r-0>0«
Please (end m* FREE liiformatioa on Hlih School Equlvaleacy,
Address....................................... City ......................P h o n o .....................
Gontl«m«n: Without CMt or ebllcAC^ p4«««« ru»h your tour catalof for
NAME ________________________
Q IstmI
C IT Y ____
T H E ISLA N D C O M PA N Y .— S U B S T a ^
N E R S H IP .— N A M E : T H E ISLAND rn .V
P A N Y . A D D RESS: 6 30 F ifth Ave
Y ork , N .Y . BU SIN ESS: T o acquire .i!:
hoM t o t investm ent securities of a ar >v
w hich, ia th e ju d g m eat of the rp***
eral P artn ers, p rom ise g ro w th and to
vest in land , oil and o th e r m ineral
of every type, to invest in m o tte iil''
m ake loans an d to p erfo rm all acts tier
sary fo r carry ing o u t o f the general n.fT
pose o f the p a rtn e rsh ip . NAME
K en n eth J. T h o rn h ill. 4 H arbor r,i
B abytoa, N .Y .; F ran k M . T rantham
37 Sunset B lvd.. M asaapequa, N .Y : ‘ f c '
a rd W alk er. 120 E. End A ve.. New
N .Y . N A M E . RESID EN C E. CASH r S f
O F L IM rrE D P A R T N E R S : Bram«« I?
A dam s, 435 L ake A venue. Grecowirk
C onn.. $75,000. 1.0 3 44 a27 ; Id w ard f
AH«a. J r .. 513 0 G reeaw ee. Hou«<^
T exas. S )0 ,0 0 0 . .6 8 9 6 5 5 1 : H erb ert A ii^
3262 H u n tin g d o n Place, H ouaton, T e ^
$ 1 00 ,0 00 . 1.3793104: Aujtum B elao ^
B urtls Lane, Syoasei. N e w Y ork. 9 5 0 ,0 ^
.6 8 96551: N ic h o ia i F. B rady, Black
R o ad . F ar H ilU . N .J .. S50.00 0 , .6«9<ijji:
G e o rte R . B row a. 3 363 la w o o d n.:...
H ou sto n . T exas. « 1 0 0 .0 0 0 . 1.379
B ro w a F o u n d a tto a . la c .. F . O
H o u sto a. Texa*. flOO.OOO, 1.379)lo<,
R o b ert E. C hristie. 10 A vo* B ond. Lan^
» o a t . N .Y ., »30.0 00 , .4 1 37931: Je«e ^
C ouck. 1814 L arch o io at. H ouston, TeiaL
9 7 5.0 0 0. 1.0344827: M iktoa K . C u m o ii^
421 Echols A venue. S.B., H uatsville, au
$ 100,000. 1.3793104: C D o ^ t f s D ili^
Far H ills. N .J .. $30 0 ,0 0 0 . 4.1379310; ^
to r G . D ^ a l . T rusteaa T h e Theodore
D a n fo rth T ru st d ated 1 / 1 7 / 6 6 F M T W
d o re N . D a n fo rth . J r. e« al (rosidenc* «|
M r. D a n fo rth ) . O ld L aae R oad, Loom
Valley. N .Y .. < 75.000. 1.0344827; Bllio«
G oldstein, 336 V alley R o ad . N .W .. AtlaMa,
G a., $1 0 0 ,0 0 0 . 1.3793104; H arvey GoocJ.
m an, 107 B arn v ard Lan«, R o*lya H eight
N .Y .. $ 2 0 0 ,0 0 0. 2.75 86 2 08 ; IrtowarJ u
G o ttlie b . 1000 L ake Shore
to n . 111., $ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 . 1.3793104; Edward «.
G reeff H orseshoe R o ad . M ill N*ck. N.Y,
$ 7 5 ,0 0 0 , 1.0344827: R o b ert I . H o*u«. I*,
ecu to r for Estate o l G e o rfe R obertt. l(U|
P a rk A venue, N e w Y o rk . N .Y ., $100,000,
1.3793104; M rs. J a a e A. H olm es, 6S0 Put
A venue. N e w Y o rk , N .Y .. $100,000,
1 .3793104; Jay H oU aes, 877 C h d tero Road
H illsb o ro u sh . C alif., $ 2 0 0 ,0 0 0 , 2 .7 5S6208;
M ount G ray R ealty C o rp o ra tto a . MoMt
G ray, S e ta ^ e t. N .Y ., $ 5 0 ; ^ . .6 8 % » l;
M rs. Y vo o ae Jo h a s to a e J o h a a a s. Mo«a(
G ray, S etauket. N .Y .. $50,000.^ .6*9<i«l,
H . K em p o er U a la c o rp o ra te d , 2633 Genl
D r., G alvestoo. T exas. flW .O O C , 1.379}l(Mt
I. H . K em p o er. H I. 511 0 V i^ ta ia . H*»
sto a . T ex as. $ 5 0 ,0 0 0 . .689655.1; R k M
Ke<ov«r. 5 G lo ria D riv o , S p « a « Valkf,
N .Y .. $ 2 5 ,0 0 0. .3 44 8 27 5 ; J o h * ■ J r.. H e d se s L aae. ! • «
$5 0 ,0 0 0 . ,6 8 96 5 51 :
Bast 6 6 th S tret. N e w Y ^ ^ Y . . IlM
000, 1.3 79 3 10 ^; A lfred W . U e h e r. 2 «
BuCalo S j ^ w a y . H o u s t ^ , T e w s . $10^
00 0, 1 .J 7 9 M M ; Jose|»h L i ^ l e , *<7
Russell R o ad , /a c k s o a , T W , $«,00«
.3 4 48275; J o h a t Loeb. 7 3 0 P a rk Aveaj;
N e w Y o rk , N .Y ., $ 2 5 0 ,0 0 0 , 3.44 8 I7M ^
G eorge H . Love. 5 9 M
P ittsb u rg . P a ,. $ 100 ,0 00 . l.il793l<M : M n »
B < ^ Slick M o o rm aa,
S aa A ato o io , T exas. $ 1 M .0 0 0 , 1-5793IW
G eorge P. M uller. 77 C helsea Road. C«
d ^ T a t r . N .Y .. $ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0, 1 .3 7 9 3 1 0 4 ;J
T h o m to a O xn ard. 2124 Stradella R<^
Loa A ngeles. C alif.. $ 1 0 0 .0 W .
M ax Palevskv. 755 S trad ella R « ^ .
A ngeles. C alif. $ 1 0 0,0 0 0, 1.379.3104: ^
th o a y j . P en ta, 10 Colony D rive.
v elt. N .Y .. $25,0 00 . .3 4 4 82 7 5; Propert
R esearch C o rp o ra tio n , 1333
B lvd.. Los A ngeles, C alif., $*'W.»W
1.3793104; E dw ard R an d a ll III. J*’
G reen T re e R o ad. H ou sto n . TexM .
000. 1.3783104; W illia m M arsh R<<« W
v e rsitr. P.O . Box 266 6. H ouston.
$1 0 0,0 00 . 1.3793104; D udley R o b « ^ J
East 6 5 th Stret. N ew Y o rk . N .Y \, $50,000
.6 8 96 5 51 ; A rth u r R ock. 1730 K w « r »
San Francisco, C alif., » » 0 0 .0 M .
Faye* Sarofim . 5 3 16 M andell. Hou«<Texas, $15 0 ,0 0 0. 2.068 9 65 5 ; Jo h n R
lin. 685 M acC ulloch D rive.
C alif.. $100 ,00 0 . 1.3793104; Jo h n
do n, C alhoun D rive. G reenw K h, <
$2 80 ,00 0 . 5.8620689; H . T u rn e r Sloc^
uck P
G len C ove. N .Y .. ^Il**
r oo n ad nRooad,
a a . viicn
0 0 0 . 1.3793104; M rs. Sydney Spivavk. ”
H ills, N .J .. $1 50 ,00 0 , 2.0689655; Ch»rt^
deY oung T h ie rio t. 1802 W oribun.U AW*,
OOo'.*^2.?5W208;'^Frlnk *M^‘Trantba« ^
37 Sunset B lvd.. M a s s a p e ^
« It
000. 1.2413793: F ran k M , Trsntham .
as T ru ste e U / A d a te d ^ y 1. ‘
FBO L eonie L. ^ e » d o a . P r& iU s
d o n an d V lrg in ie B. ^ e l d ^ ^tiO O d
B lvd..
M assa^u a.
N . Y ., *J"i.
.4 1 37931; P rank M . T ra n th w n . Jr.. "
tee U / A d ated Ju ly 1.. I W — B
a le L. S held o a. P riscilla W .
V irg ia ie B. Sheldon. 37 S u a s « WvJ.. w
sapM u a. N .Y ., $ 1 0 0 ,00 0 . 1 .3 7 9 3 1 0 ^ * ^
th u r B . T rem an , J r.. 22 0 B i«
N e w Y o rk . N .Y ., $ 5 0 . ^ .
G eorge B. T rim b le . J r ., J^ 9 3 -5 M ,
to a . N .J ., $2 5 ,0 0 0 . .3 4 4 8 2 7 ^
W alk er. 120 E att End A veaue,
N .Y .. $ 1 0 0 ,00 0 . 1-3793104;
T . W a lk e r. 120 East *«»«* A v w “f
Y ork . N .Y ., $ 1 0 0 .0 0 0 ., 1-3793104. ^
T . W a lk e r a a d B ayard
a / w Elisha W a lk e r PBO
120 East End A venue. $ 120 ,006 . 1.655JL
Leo D . W elch . H ill an d
ville. V *.. $2 5 ,0 0 0 , -3448275; V *
D e v e lo p m n t C om M oy. 730
a u e,
N ew
Y o rk ,
3.4482758;_ S ir ..H w oW W
Sologoe. E a GoHegue, ^
Sw itxerlaad, iJO.OOO. .M 9 ^ 5 1 » ^
W io k h au s, D uck P o n d
t e R>
ley. N .Y .. $ 1 0 0,0 00 , 1,3793104:
F ebruary 1. 1969 a a til
an d from year t a * e «
term inated . N o a d d itio i^
re q u ire d to be m ade. C o a t r ib u * ^
lim ited p a rtn e rs to be
w ith d raw al, d e ath o r te rn u n a tio o o '^ ;:
nershipw L im ited
his in terest except to
ners o r fam ily
o t all g en eral p a rtn e rs.
p a rtn e r? m ay b T ad m itted.
p rio rity o l a ay lim ited P**“ ^_ tribu « l'
S ther lim ited p a rtn e r as
o r com pen satio n by w ay of
th e d eath , re tirem e n t or.
g en eral p a rtn e r the rem aining ge
ners have reserved no rig h t to
the business. N o lim ited
rig h t to receive p ro perty
ia re tu ra foe his / o n t r i b u t j ^ - ,
certificate signed and
p a rtn e rs is on file ia the N ew lo *
C lerk ’s Offlce.
News Of The Schools
S9 V a c a n c ie s E x i s t F o r
School L u n c h M a n a g e r s
M a n a g e rs a r e b e i n g s o u g h t b y t h e C i t y o f N e w Y o r k t o
ork In s c l i o o l c a f e t e r i a s . A p p l i c a t i o n s w i l l b e a c c e p t e d b y
jjie D e p a r t m e n t o f P e r s o n n e l , 4 9 T h o m a s S t . t h r o u g h J u n e
an d m a ll r e q u e sts fo r a p p lic a tio n s w ill b e r e c e iv e d
hi^ugh Ju n e 19.
position pays $6,050 to $7,[90 per yeer. T h ere a re five a n ual Increm ent* an d a longevity
re«fie of $240 eadh. Some apointjnentA m & y be m ade on a
DiiU^ly. r a th e r th a n a yearly
The B o a ra of E ducation h as
vacancies a t th e m om ent, and
dltlonal vacancies occur from
ae to tim e.
There is no form al te st; tra in and experience will be ra te d
the date of filing of applicaone.
1^) qualify, ca n d id ates m u st
eet one o i th e foiu* following re Ijuireinents: a b achelor’s degree
vlUi m ajor studies in foods, n u triin stitu tio n al m anagem ent,
otel ad m in istration or re s ta u ra n t
gement issued a fte r com pleof a fo u r-y ear course in a n
redited college o r university;
graduation from a conununity
illege w ith a m a jo r in re sta u rDt or food service m anagem ent
chnology an d two years of fullexperience in re s ta u ra n t or
service m anagem ent.
The o th er two alternative reulrements are ; com pletion of a
>-year program in a n a o c re ^ te d
ollege w ith a m a jo r in re s ta u ra n t
food service m an ag em en t
inology, including coiu'ses in
trlUon, food p rep aratio n , qu an oooiking, foods an d dining
or kitchen m anagem ent,
two years of full-tim e exlence in r e s ta m a n t or food
service m an ag em en t; o r lastly, a
satisfacto ry equivalent o f th e
above. However, all can d id ates
m u st have a m inim um of two
years of sa tisfacto ry college s tu ­
School S y s t e m
Seel(ing J o b s
For H.S. G r a d s
S u m m e r jo b s a s w e ll a s f u ll­
tim e jo b s a r e b e in g s o u g h t b y
t h e C i t y ’s p u b l i c s c h o o l s y s ­
fo r h ig h sc h o o l g ra d ­
u ates an d u ndergraduates, accord­
ing to S u p erin te n d en t of Schools
D r. B e rn a rd E. D onovan.
T h e stu d e n ts have been taking
some S3 vocational and technical
courses in 29 h ig h schools In th e
five boroughs, a n d th e ir p lace­
m e n t counselors are engaged In
placing th e boys an d girls in posi­
tions fo r w hich th e y have been
train ed .
T h e O ffice off tihe Advisory
B oard for V ocational an d E x te n ­
sion E du catio n h a s Issued a list
of courses a n d th e tra in in g cen­
ters, to g eth er w ith th e nam es and
telephone niunbers fo r em ployers
to re a c h th e m for qualified help.
Also available fo r sum m er place­
m e n t an d fu ll-tim e em ploym ent
are stu d e n ts of com m ercial courses
in m ost of tihe C ity’s 90 h ig h
schools. Q ualified typists, clerks
an d stenographers m ay be ob­
ta in ed by con tactin g th e n ea rest
h igh school in every borough of
th e City.
T h e Advisory B oard office, u n ­
der th e direction of Louis Cenci,
Executive Secretary, Is a t 110 Liv­
S c h o o l D i s t r i c t 13 i n d o w n - ingston S t.. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.
B r o o k l y n a n d p a r t s o f T h e telephone numiber is 596i f o r d - S t u y v e s a n t w i l l h o l d 6970.
[Teach-In’ Set
fomorrow In
tklyn. District
“T e a c h - I n ” i n
public schools tomojTow, Ju n e
Sptolal guests will be recent
liuAtes an d prospective teachand supervisors who, it is exwil Iseek assignm ents in
schools of th e district.
"We expeot to p rese n t a full
icture of our schools in action
|*^t will assure candidates o(f a
j**»ard!ing professional fu tu re ,”
■•wiunented M rs. H e n rie tta B. P er|Wli D istrict Sui>erintendent. “We
^eve our schools encom pass a
j»«ahih of exciting projects th a t
|I«ovide a n oppoi-tunity for each
l^ v id u a l to fiuiction as p a rt of
I* challenging program .”
Percell said th a t individual
W ls in th e d istric t will be
l^ te d on W ednesday m orning. In
- ®'fternoon a t 1:15 p.m . a disl"^-w id e in fo rm ational program
^ e place in th e auditorium
.PS 9. 80 U nderhill Ave. (783S tanley S eldm an Is p rin ^ of th e school.
l l ^ r t St., Brooklyn. She is being
in conducting th e “T each^ Mrs. Joyce H aynes and
Esther S chor of h e r sta ff.
Gazetta Named
To State Ed. Post
T h e appointm ent of V incent C.
G azzetta of D elm ar, N.Y., as di­
recto r of the S tate Education De­
p a rtm e n t’s Division of T each er
E ducation and C ertiflcatioa was
announced rec en tly by Acting
Oomnrissioner E w ard B. N yquist.
G azzetta, an em ployee of th e depai-tmemt fo r th e p ast 13 years,
has ben actii>g director of the di­
vision since la s t D ecem ber. In th e
position, he is responsible for plan­
ning, developing, an d o an ’ying out
statew ide program s for teach er
preservice an d inservice educa­
tion, an d th e certification of te a­
G azzetta cam e to the S tate E d ­
ucation D ep a rtm en t in 1956 as a n
assista n t In te a c h e r certification.
He was an associate in teacher
certiflcation from 1959 to 1966,
and served as chief of the B ureau
of Inserv ice Education before as­
suming his p resent position.
U. S.
E a rly C h ild h o o d L is t
Nadine R. Bruch. 7908; Mary N. Sieniel. 9269; Sylvia Nadler, 9028; Jane G.
Ortner, 8987; Eleanor K. Rainford, 8987;
Irene G. Levine, 8948; Judy S. Mirrer,
8906; Victoria Franckyn, 8905; Margaret
M. Mohan, 8825; Roberta E. Blackman,
8787; Linda T. Eisenberf;, 8787; Roufh M.
Smith, 8786; Carol W. Palevsky, 8746;
Gloria K. Gorlin, 8708fli Dorothy M. Ran­
dall. 8706; Joyce L. Stillman, 8545;
Leslie E. Talbott, 8545; Glady* J. Reich,
8504; Barbara Hook, 8504; Faye C Rabinowitz, 8467; Tildie L. Kottick, 8466;
Pamela Polansky, 8465; Joyce M. Jo hn­
son, 8464; Linda K. Berliner, 8427; Agnes
A. Kozakiewicz, 8425; Laura A. Weitz,
8424; Jane N. Spivack. 8387.
Janice A. Wilhelm, 8385; Eilene Dunne,
8384; Eelma Frishling, 8347; Marilyn N.
Elkind, 8346; Dolores E. McCarthy. 8345;
Constance A. King. 8305; Evelyn R. Buch­
anan, 8305; Susan Klein, 8304; Chava N.
Taub. 8304; Ellen A. Levine, 8302; Rose­
marie C Benvenuto, 8265; N ina J. Susnick. 8265; Arlene L. Miller. 8264; El­
len D. Sussman, 8263; Pauline Lermond.
8266; Andrea R. Wasserman, 8225; Leslie
Alberts, 8224; Judith A. Hirschhorn. 8224;
Sherry E. Panzer. 8184; Carole Schwartz.
8183; Merald S. Hyshiver. 8183; Mari­
anne T. Traviglia, 8182; Elaine Elman.
8146; Judy C. Bernstein. 8146; June S.
Pernick. 8145; Madeline G. I ^ m . 8145;
Marion L. Carson, 8144; Estelle Fried.
8144; Barbara C Weitz. 8143 Renee L.
Stein, 8142.
Catherine A. Schneller, 8105; Ann E.
Solomon. 8103; Barbara J. Silver. 8103;
Sharon V. Barrett, 8102; Estelle H. Alpern, 8065; Rhea F. Isenberg. 8065; Su­
san J. Harper. 8065; Rosemann H. Bellino, 8064; Judith E. Stone, 8063; Maxine
Rapport, 8062; Joyce H. Cohen. 8062;
Felice B. Schwab. 8026; Ellen Slotkoff.
8025; Suzanne E. Panken, 8025; Bar­
bara A. Greenberg, 8023.
Elizabeth M. Robbins, 8022; Marcia
Aronchick. 8022; Susan Walter, 7983;
Deborah J. Charney, 7982; Paula Salamo,
7982; Kathleen M. Graves. 7982; Joan S.
Birnbach, 7946; William D. Gilson. 7945;
Sandra J. Jackson, 7944; Annette Dichiara,
7944; Barbara H. Maliszewski. 7944;
Judith Schoenberg, 7943; Hannah D.
Kleber. 7943; Irma S. Aleander. 7943;
Lorraine M. Sterlini, 7943: Charlotte H ab­
er. 7943; Myra Jacobs, 7943; Marjorie E.
Deutch, 7904; Roberta R. Levine, 7904;
Beverly S. Glass, 7903; ancy A. Stockhammer. 7903; Carol C. Haris,
Rachel Sipzener. 7902; Diane S. Pulito,
7901; Barbara L. Schofield. 7865; Lydia
S. Drucker, 7864; Randye A. Wernick,
7864; Charmian L. Brooks, 7863; Rob­
erta F. Weiss, 7863;
Lois M. Pettigrew,
Rita Cimbal, 7862; Barbara R. Rothman, 7862; Maria J. Trentacoste, 7861;
Rana Galdstone, 7861; Julia A. Blazys,
7825; Eva E. Pauncz. 7824; Doris G.
Franklin, 7823; Marsha F. Goldberg. 7823;
Audrey M. Daviloff, 7823; Carolyn A.
Bernbach, 7823; Pauline Pasilis, 7322;
Patsy A. Keisling. 7822; Ellen E. Meister,
7821; SusanR. Tansman, 7786; Phyllis
R. Harlem, 7785; Marsha B. Stumacher,
7785; Phyllis Knee. 7785; Patricia A.
Garbarini, 7784; Concetia P. Degloria,
7783; Marian Jaron. 7783; Iris W. Fisch­
er 7782; Dorrie S. Goldman, 7745; Fran­
ces R. Guida, 7744; Susan Gluck, 7744;
Patricia M. Murtha. 774 3; Catherine E.
Vines, 7743; Gaile A. Smith. 7743; Aline
B. Binder, 7742; Lorraine E. Jones, 7741;
Rosemarie C Longo, 7741.
B k ly n . C o ll. E d . D e p t .
G e l s G r a d iia le G ra n t
A g ra n t of $500,000 under th e
Highec E ducation F acilities A ct of
1963 has been given to Brooklyn
College to assist in th e co n stru c­
tion of the academ ic facilities to
be used by the dep artm en ts of edu­
cation and psychology for gradu­
a te pro g ram s — WDliam Jam es
H all an d the Plaza.
This gi-ant is th e th ird of three
proposals prep ared in th e Office
of the D ean of Studies by Prof.
E m anuel G lickm an, assistan t dean
of studies, an d brings the total
am ount of g ran ts approved for th e
expansion of the cam pus to $5.5
million from the U nited S tates Of­
fice of H ealth , E ducation, an d
W elfare.
Brooklyn And Queens
Schools Shut Thursday
Public schools in Brooklyn an d
Q ueens will be closed on T h u rs­
day, Ju n e 5, 1969, because of th e
A nniversary D ay holiday. Schools
in th e o th e r th ie e boroughs of
th e City will continue in session
as usual.
O u t O f S ta te rs
O ne can d id ate fi-om V irginia
U nion College took th e oi-al an d
ed u catio n al exam for professional
train ee recen tly .
Leslie A, Kroin, 7703; Loretta Diinkelman, 7703; Margaret M. Hfaney, 7702;
Jacqueline Lindenbaum, 7702; Elaine R.
Nemeth, 7701; Joan F. Edzant, 7701;
Florence Sharfstein, 7^01; Sharon C.
Gross, 7700; Carolyn S. Blumenthal, ’ "'OO;
Regina Smith, 7665; Judith A. Hass,
7663; Maryellcn F. Bradley. 7663: Margucrita J. Grecco, 7662; Elizabeth A.
Garafola, 7662; Felicia M. Wasserman,
7662; Carol M. Jensen, 7662; Renee
Flank, 7661; Ilene C. Selonek, 7661; Ro­
salind C. Kenoff, 7660; Marilyn A. Wcchsler, 7660; Christina E. Berryman, 7623;
Margaret R. Justynowicz, 7622; Francine
B. Levinger, 7622; Eileen R. McDonald,
7622; Diane N. Goldberg, 7622; Bonnie
S. Parton, 7622; Diane G. Kantor. '’621;
Audrey M. Cohen. 7621; N ina B. Weisband. 7621; Bonita A. Kasden, 7621;
Joyce S. Beback, 7621.
Angela M. Bochicchio, 7620; Dolores
Beallor, 7583; Donna L. Dunn. 7582;
Margaret M. Lewandowski. 7582; Jean­
ne A. Rooney. 7582; Lorene M. McHale,
7581; Terry L. Francis, 7581: Marilyn
Brettschneider, 7581; Roslyn, P. Sirota,
7581; Judith Gross, 7544; Robin S. W ein­
stein, 7544; Susan G. Ingber, 7543; Mar­
garet M. Taggart. 7542; Phyllis P. Pearl,
7542; Gertrude E. Box, 7542; Paula G.
Sidemao, 7542; Frances M. M uxarella.
7542; Jeflfrey A. Fried, 7541; Libby R.
Goldberg, 7541; Kathleen M. Grant. 7541;
Janet L. Kenmore, 7540; Mary A. Guido,
7505; Paula C. Schlansky, 7502; Kathlee F. Murray, 7502; Barbara A. Ballinger.
7501; Susan H. Abramson, 7501; .Kath­
leen A. Donnellan. 7500; Stephanie M.
Bentley, 7500; Elizabeth C. Ringsmuth,
Marlene A. Berger, 7500; Robin A.
Bel liner, 7500; Marion Rosenberg, 7500;
Amy J. Shandlcr, 7499; Catherine M.
Finser, 7465; Marsha B. Silverstein, 7464;
Phyllis E. Teitel, 7463; Diane Giord.>no,
7463; Ann B. Martinclli, 7462; Marjio S.
Mandfl, 7462; Sh<?ryl Wahrs.iger, 7462;
Michele J. Esposito,, 7461; Rita A.
Hanson, 7461; Muriel B. Garfinkel, 7461;
Laurie K. Sokall, 7461; Carol R. Schneid­
er, 7461; "Phyllis L. DeLuco, 7460; Ruth
Zipper, 7460; Marianne M. Metzger, 7459;
Marcia B. Goldstein, 7425; Joan B. Mar­
lin, 7424; Joan E. Morrow, 7423; Gloria
K. Carlson, 7422; Gail J. Wolf, 7422;
Linda R. Wenograd, 7422; Mary E. Fogel,
7421; Bonnie N. Seltzer, 7420; Sara G.
Patrucker, 7420; Jennie T. DaPolito, 7419;
Annette Stern, 7385.
Frances Schwarz, 7385; Janice A. Barto­
lomeo, 7382; Carol Novins, 7382; Lor­
raine R. Diamond, 7382; Victoria A. Pascarella. 7380; Marianne T. Librera, 7380;
Carol J. Schmetz, 7380; Alice H. Goldhirsh, 7379; Gilda F. Castor, 7342; Sus­
an S. Galitzer. 7342; Janice R. Greitzer.
7342; Joy E. Ginsberg, 7342; Deborah S.
Sager, 7342; Adele S. Rothbaum, 7341;
Louise R. Respol, 7341; Phyllis J. Cypress.
7339; Amy L. Silverberg, 7302; Blossom
P. Wong, 7301; Kathleen Biancaniello,
7301; Carol Raskin, 7301; Jacqueline B.
Fino, 7300; Barbara H. Cohen, 7300; Mar­
garet M. Tiernan, 7300; Corinne N. Smith,
7300; Francesca C. Schipano, 7299; Ina
R. Spellman, 7299; Sharon M. Solomon,
7299; Christina C. Vanprecht, 7299; Step­
hanie L. Schwab, 7263; Florence Berkowitz, 7263.
(T o
C o n tin u e d )
C o m m o n B r a n c h L is t
b r a n I h sub jec ts (1A « ) ,'N day
Emily S. Barrett, 9270; Michael L Gil­
bert. 7144; David C. Unser. 9018; D.»>id
Slawson, 8944; Marc N. Epstein. 8944.
Gertrued A. Powell. 8934; Linda S. H arri­
son. 8892; Martha D. Levy. 8 « 9 2 ; S i^ le e
M. Brimberg. 8886; Ernest B. Kilmnn,
8870; Gayl F. Teller. 8 ^ 4 ; Kathleen M.
Roche, 8850; Edith B. W e in s t^ k 8, ,6,
Ruth T. Morenstein.
? v*
Bernstein. 8766;
«•. Katz 8 ,5 6; Janice
A. Mallin, 8734; Elizabeth C. Krauss.
8706; Barry J. Klassel, 8696; Gary S.
Simons. 8696; Robert D. Harrison 8682
Michael L. Tabak. 8 6 5 4 ; Nancy L HaU.
8650; Lee R. Kronick, 8 6 5 0 ; William D.
Moeder, 8640; Andrew J. Lachman, 8612,
Evelyn P. Singer, 8608.
Michael Spelter, 8598; Susan I. Stern,
8598; Wiliam B. Healy. 8598; Maxine
A. Morrin. 8566; Barry M. ^
Sybil E. Broly. 8556; Robert J8544; Marilyn D. Lieberman, 8534, Blan
Che Caroff. 8524; Paul
H arriett M. Stonehill, 8504. N ina wMarshman, 8502; Frances M. Cohn. 8482
Harvey J. Levine. 8482; Andrew J. G r ^ t ,
8482; Mark H. Newhouse. 8472. R < ^
mary Tallon, 8470; ^orram e H Zaum.
8440; Dorothy F. Tynan, 8440.
E. Elstein, 8430;
Arlene M. Galluccio, 8430;
«408er». 8408; Patricia M. Mainardi. 8408.
Philip Silvertstein. 8402;
8393; Ronald H. M e y e r , 8393; Karen G.
Markman, 8388; Judith G. Maier, 8378.
Erica B. Seidler, 8366.
Secile T. Spearman, 8 3 ^ : Sharon A.
Willison. 8356; Diana
Donald A. Matheson. 8324; Slmley^SiIver. 8318; Susan F. GoUlhedg. 8304, Jo>ce
Apfeldorf. 8292; Tobi S Lichtman, 8282,
Benjamin Weinqlass. f^72; Paul H.
berK 8272; Diane C. Halpcrin. R262,
Carolyn I. Durkin. 8262; Sebastian F Accardi, 8262; Gregorv C. D o n ad ^ . .8254,
Bonnie Chwast. 8252;
8250; Susan L. Mellan. 8240; Robert
Grander, 8230; Ronald I. Gold, ^-^ 0 ; Stcv*
en P. Lieberman, 8230; Peter R. Jagocki.
8220; Grace H. Palter. 8220; Robert
Claridge. 8208: Elizabeth D R u« pII, 8208;
Mary T. Cichanowicz, 8202; Irwm S.
Boss, 8198; Katherine M. Slack. 8198:
Steven M. Ozer, 8198; Michael D. Feld­
man, 8198.
Neil M. Rolinitzky, 8188; Harvey I.
Krasner. 8188; Barbara T. N ti'M d . 8I^^'.
Marc Warren. 8188; Torome Kuper<»ein,
«188; Tames Matison, 8188; Henry Sawits, 178; Frederiri- t ■
„ . ,
My Paskowitz, 8166; Flora Beberfall.
8166; Cynthia L. Rubin. 8156; Mariin S.
Kitrosser, 8156: Stanley R. Ch'*sler, 8156;
Hilda Brody, 8140; Sandra H. Kurland,
8136; Florence I.anning, 8 H 4 ; Katherine
L. Cook, 8114; Nancv J. Wonc. 8114;
John P. Gilmartin. 8104; Geraldine A.
Cocchiara, 8104; Michael L. Shaw, 8104;
Ross Drysdale, 8094; Paula Lribson. 8088;
Beatrice C. Hoffman, 8084; Tncqueline F.
Davitt. 8084; Alison G. Carev. 8082;
Daniel L. Greenberg, 8072; Freyda M.
Kolinsky, 8066; Gladys P. Selwyn, 8066;
Barbara K. Stillerman, 8062.
Joel Iskowitz. 8062; Barbara A. Diezdepinos. 8062; Dorothy A. Shapiro, 8060,Susan B. Maine, 8056: Frances R. Schulman, 8052; Martin J. Ritt, 8052; Roberta
A. Goldstein, 8052; Linda E. Cantor,
8050; Rosalyn J. Bloom. 8016; lohn P.
Musico. 8042; Robert W. Ohlerkmg,
8030; Phyllis M. Bilus, 8030; Gerald N.
Levine, 8024; Bruce J. Etfenberg, 8020;
Michael N. Gordon, 8020; Ralph N. Allsopp, 8010; Richard M. Teller. 8008: lo»a
S. Scott, 8000; Betsy J. Weintraub. 7998;
Laurence P. Spector, 7998; Tulius Reiner,
7998; John J. Silva, 7998; Wendy K. Rosenblum, 7998; Ellen N. Kaplan. *’982;
Alice N. Giclio, 7982: Daniel J. Feld­
man. 7978! Donald J. Kitaif. 7978; Faiih
A. Kibler, 7978; Zina S. Hirsh, 7968;
Steven R. Scharoff, 7968,
Linda V. Hitter, 7968: Linda M. Fotiou.
7968; Jeffrey A. Goldberg, 7968; Ruth
S. Malek. 7968; Angelo R. Marano, 7966;
M. Magdalene Burke, 7956; W arren S.
Steiner, 7956; Michael D. Sevinour, 7946;
Judith A. Murray, 7946; Lillian R. Phil­
lips, 7946; Thelma D. Soiffer,_7946; Mar­
cia E. Frankel, 7940; Martin Melman.
79^0; Charles Levin, 7926; Vincent D.
Antonelli, 7926; Nancv M. Wright, 7926;
Eileen P. Strizower, 7926; Peter A. Lessem. 7914; Doris S. O'Donnell, 7904;
Ruth N. Kalmer, 7904; Ellen R. Fllis.
7898; Philip J. Levy, 7894: Rebecca H.
Grepif 7«02; Harvev C. Parker. ■’884;
Chji'-'o"" F. Go'don, 788 (; Bfitv C. Ka*?,
7882, Margaret L Gross, 7876; Juy R.
Baimel, 7876; Joseph J. Slater, 7872;
Karen H. Bush, 7866.
Carol A. Siskind, 7862; Rita G. Ackerman, 7862; Stephen F. Melinger, 7856;
Stanley B. Green, 7856; Bernadette P.
Jordan, 7852; Carol A. Gallo, 7852; Donnalee McGee, 7852; Lawrence F. Noble,
7850; Loretta E. Schulz, 7846; Kate E.
Cenedella. 7842; Ralph S. Horowitz, 7842;
Estelle Edelman, 7840; Joseph Dubrowski
7836; Ned J. Giordano. 7836; Jack S.
Rubel, 7820; Richard M. Ellis, 7830;
Maureen H. Byrne, 7830; Benita B.
Eisler, 7830; Millred A. Safar, 7830; Richard H. Carr, 7824; Cicki P. Wiener,
7820; James F. Dooley, 7820; Barbara
A. Notarius, 7820; Abbe J. Nosoff, 7814;
David C. Silverstein, 7810; Rhoda R.
Marantz, 7808; Robert E. Sherman, 7800;
Eric V. Lustbader, 7788; Rochelle H.
Weiss, 7788; Margaret V. Mellinger, 7782.
Manuel P. Heredia, 778; Marianne T.
Bagdonas, 778; Ricke P. Wolff, 7778; Sus­
an J. Milelvski. 7772; Rosalind C. Gossel, 7768; Eileen J. Ellis, 7768; Dianne R.
nrbach . 7768; Stephen M. Altman, 7758;
Neil M. Matlins, 7756; Pauline M. Devaney 7756; Franklin H. Adler, 7756;
Ellin M. Kaufman, 7746; John F. Indrisek
Jr.. 7746; Stuart L. Strongin. 7746; Jo­
seph Patute, 7740; Robert H. KncK'kenauer. 7736; Jerry P. Wiskin, 7736; Ron­
ald Aroesty. 7736; Alma L. Braniff. 7736;
Meryl A. Cherwin, 7736; Robin S. Feiglin,
7734; Stuart M. Lazarus, 7730; Michael
D. Carlin, 7720; Dannis P. Elkin, 7720;
Laura M. Orland. 7716; Robert T. Baker,
7716: Richard K. Baron, 7716; Morris
A. Weiswasser, 7714.
Alice R. Niles, 7708; Michael L. Lustbader, 7708; Henry Schoenfeld, 7704;
John W. Decristoforo, 7704; Jeffrey L,
Stavin, 7704; Marco A. Manfre, 7704;
Paula Holodofsky. 7698; Stephen M. Co­
hen. 7698; Loyde Ortel, 7694; Patricia
M. Bultacavoli, 7694; Barry Gootly, 7694;
Joseph Fanuele, 7694; Richard A. Wolfert, 7694; Edith M. Feldstein, 7684; Frank
W. Calamusa, 7684; Steven L, Schwartz.
■'684: Shervle E. Medwin, 7684; Fileen
D. Jones, 7684; Louise G. Challop, 7674;
Jerry H. Goldfeder, 7672; Leah S. Rubin. 7^72; Larry Dombrow, 7672; W endl
M. Stern. 7672; Stanley M. Gorinson,
7666; Robert J. Burke, 7664; Arthur
J. Risdell, 7662; Marie E. Sullivan, "662;
Judith S. Friedland, 76662; Allen Fettermaii. 7652: Joan E. Rodis, 76S2.
Maria S. Coccaro, 7646; Jeanne Q.
Abramson, 7642; Gerald M. Abelson,
7642; Ira Roth, 1M2\ Larry J. Helfand,
"640: Ivdia C. Jinks, 7632; Evelyn S.
Wolff, 7630: Mark E. Joseph, 7630; Liicretia A. Scharf, 7622; Stephanie M.
Diamond, 7620; Gary M. Wexler, 7620;
Richard A. FIrauch, 7620; Jacqueline A.
Lee, 7620; David A. Ratner, 7620; Israel
GasrII, 7614; Sophie Gruebel, 7610; Sus­
an L. Schecter, 7610; Beatrice J. Bradley,
7610; Fdward W. Werz, 7600; Ferirs B.
Miller. •’600; Evan C. Dribbon, 7600; Andrea P. Wang, 7598; Judy A. Goldscmidt,
7590; Lynne S. Burgess, 7588; Michael
Yagoda, 7588; Gloria .Schlesinger. 7582;
Steven J. Dezorett, 7580; Elaine SchneidS. Epstein. 7578.
(To Be Continued)
Common branch per diem sul>« wanted.
PS 24, 22 fi. I28th St., Manhattan.
Call LE 4-2866 between 7:30 a.m. and
4:00 p.m.
JHS 163, nrooUlyn— sefretarial vucane.v,
four tlaye weekly for the remainder oi
the school year; convenient to Manliattan. .\1bo Dcr diem secretarial subs. Can
BV C-075‘>-5.3.
Spanish teached wanted, starting immedi­
ately. JHS 119, Quenes. Call: VA
Home economics teacher and all other
substitute teachers are needed for IS 246,
Veronica PI. and Snyder Aves.. Brook­
lyn. Call Florence E. Hornung, principal,
at BU 2-5230.
Math teacher needed for September term,
Julia Richman HS. 317 E. 67th St.,
Manhattan. W rite to Ruth Radvany,
chairman. Math Department.
Per diem secretary wanted; peak, plus 1 / 5
for remainder of term. PS 54, 195 San­
ford St., Brooklyn.
JHS 142, Queens needs teachers with New
York City licenses. Call Mrs. Desiree E.
Greenridge at JA 9-5708. School l<^
cated at 142nd St. 9l Linden Blvd..
riic is
Aceeaiitaaf A«dlt*r-------------Admiiiltfra»lv« AtsUtaaf Offlccr
AsMst«r Appraiser - , —-------Aff«Hd«iit ------------------- ---- —
AHeraty —---------------------Aata Moektaht
Aate Mechanic -------------------■•qtHNiaq Offica W«rk#r ■
■•vcraq* Cenfral lav««t. --------■oekhcapar Acceaaf Clark ----Brldqe ft Tanaal Officer --------Malnfotnert — Oraap B _ _
■ ms Operofor ----___________
layer PHrehasInq Aqeat --------Captata Ffre Dept. -------------Captain F.D. -----------------City Planner
Civil Fnglneer -----------------Civil Service Arltli. ft Voeabalary
Civil Service Handbook ______
Clerk N.Y. CIfy ----------------Clerk O.S. 4-7
Complete Guide to C.S. Jobs
Contf. Supv. ft Inspec. -----4.00
Correction Officer______ _
Court Officer ------------ —
Dietitian ______________
Electrical Enalneer ----4.00
Engineering Aide -----4.00
Federal Entrance Exam
Fingerprint Teclinlclan _
Fireman, F.D.---------4.00
Ftremaa la All Sfatei _
Foreman -- -------------_3.00
General Test Fract. for f2 O.S. Jobs -----4.00
H.S. Dloloma Tests-------------------- ------_3.00
Hlqk Sckool Entranca ft Sckolarship Test
H.S. Eatraaca Examtnatloas ---------------_4.00
Homestudy Coarse for C.S. ---------------_3.00
Ho«v to qet • lob Overseas -----------------_4.00
Hospital Atteadanf --------------------------4.00
Hoatinq Asslstaat
, — ...... —
lavcttigator>faspecfar -----------------------_4.00
Jaaitor Cusfodtoa ----------------------------_4.00
Laboratory Alda ----------------------------5.00
Lt. Fire Dept.
It. Police Dept. ------------------------------_4.00
---— .—........... .
Machinists Helpar _______________
Maintenance Maa -----------------------_4.00
Malntalner Helper A' ft C __________
Molntainer Helper Groap I _____ —
Malntalner Helper Groap 0 ----------.4.00
Malntalner Helper Groap E ----------_5.00
Management ft Admlalstratloa Qalner
4 nn
M«»^hanl»*nl ^n«lneer
_____ _
Motor Teliicl* LIcease Eieanlner -----_4.00
Motor Vehicle Oparotor ______ _——
Notary Public
Nurse (Practical ft Pablle Healthl __
Parkiag Meter Atteadaat (Mefer Mold)
Parole Officer __________________
Patrolman (Police Dept. Tralaee)
Personnel Asslstaat__________
Pkarmactsts License Test ____________
Playground Director — Recreatioa Leader
Pollcewomoa ____________ ____________
Post Office Clerk Carrier ______________ ■ - ■____
Post Office Motor Vehicle Operator_______________
Preliminary Practice for fke H.S. Eqalvalency Diploma Test _4.00
Principal Clerk-Steae______________________________5.00
Parole Officer _____
Professional Career Tests H.Y^
■______ 4.00
Professional Trainee Exams
4 00
Pablle Health Sanltariaa
Real Estate Manager ______________________________ 4.00
Sanitation Maa
Sckool Secretary _
Sergeaat P.D.____________________________________ 5.00
Sealer ClericalSerfet ______________________________ ^4.00
Social CaseWorker ________________________
Staff AHendant ft Sr. 'Atfeadaal ________________
Stationary Eng. ft Flramaa
______________________ 4.00
Storekeeper Stockmoa
C o n f a l n t P ro v fo iis Q u e s tio n s a n d A n s w e r s a n d
O t h e r S u ita b le S tu d y M a t e r i a l f o r C o m in g E x a m t
iSe fer 14 hears special delivery
C.O.D.*g 40c extra
II Warrwi St., New York. N.Y. 10007.
KthSt al2n4 Am. >R£7-2622
Nfchtly Inel.
Sunday thru SEPT.!
R006ERS VA NAMMERSTEM'S fU llT ti* M u n
Ibtie l| MIIMO ROOCm
»MhM«M(■ MoosnMiwMl aMn•auttf Mana NMir
Enclosed find check or money order for {Any Sun. thru Thurs. Evgs.)
Dayand Date
(2nd cholcd
(3rd choice)
number of seats-
Mak« checfct payaM* to: JONES BEACH THEATRE
enclose s t a m p e d , s e l f - a d d r e s s e d e n v e l o p e f o r r e t u r n o f tfcfcets
M a in to ln e r G r o u p B
A to ta l o f 298 candidates
th e w ritte n test fo r bus n>
taln er, group B, New Yorfc
T ra n sit A uthority recently.
- V.r , r l (:i ib> N
S o C o n v e n ie n t , , •
JM f st«p« o € PlfHl AvMM
• r m i i CM tral . . . TIsMt
1 2 W e s t 4 4 th S t.
SisglM - Desbl**
1 ft 2 Rs m i S«it^
..................... .................................................................................
a im
■a sara t« laclude
Bobble a W hite, M ildred ahentito
P ra n cin e Gross, T h elm a g
m an , Joyce E M cParlane,
C ytron, H en n a L andm an,
a«xl I Brownsfcein, Virgrinia jj
Sykes, Ann« G Weiner, Donjjj
Friedbecv, Dorta E QraiU . Shirie*
H unt, E stelle Suslak, Lucille s
F ^ e r , Iren e A PhlUander, nSehulm an.
930 E dna Sieber, W alter Ratze*^
stela. E sth e r Itzkow itz, Staoiey ^
kledn, Eklna S P em b etto n . H e^
C Johnflon, Ann M Corrado.
Ma S D eacosta, B e tty J Payne. 14.
lian B S tew art. Faxinde L Youor
Queenie V Ca*ane, D oris L
weU, Bemdoe A Moeby, Richard c
B ollinger, A nita R W aller,
H erbat. J a n e C T ull. R ita M Cbu]>.
rt, l i a r i k i J itudel, Dorothy ^
G rundy, E lain e C Sm ith, Sarah c
P eo n , E lizabeth Kelly. Oarol 4
Jo rd a n , V em eal A Irv in e, FVl^
enoe K a rr, E laine F Gilliam,
telle E G urr, M aJigaret L Pa«e.
9G0 Joseph Steinberg, Mozelli
P erry , Lucy V F em an d ez. Ocaogie O W allace. C lara B B o b i t ^
Gwendoline B ayley, E lizabeth Roo,
an , M innie M M orton, James H
Monroe, D iane R Boney, James B
C5arter, W illiam D G u rtm an , Clan
Silver, A ngelina T Chionchio, lo
ger Brice, W illiam Schmicder,
A gothar E W a tt,' Selenia Antoo
ano, Olga V W illiam s. R ita B Shtf
owitz, Florence E Delvecchia, De)
area P Pag«, R uth S Oohen, RuU
R am sey. B etty J Jo rd an , Lou j
Nicholas. M ary Jen n in g s OaOief
ine Ridgeley, Zena Leibsoo, Lor
raine H oechner.
900 W iliam E Luyster, Olivia i
Shaw, Alice M V/esselhoft. Agatb
V n T t i e r , A nnie M ChllderB, AUo
J S hepard, B en jam in RosetnM
M arg aret B Allen. M ien N Oao
natia, Sophie Linder. Ellzabetl
Mungiii, Alice G C a rter, Wiol
fred M S tra d elb erg er, Gladys 1
M anners, M ary E C hesterton, Nm
k a C Brown. E v an g elin e Bei
Molly Blattstedn. Alice V Knowla
M ax D avidson, R c ^ t t a B Bik
gins, D elia J V argas, A my B Ml
F arlan e, E lain e L Newell, Jad
M assey, Alva E H arris, Breod
A Winfield, Rose Schw artz, San
G rossm an, V irginia S Jordan.
1020 Rose McNeil, Yvonne
JohDsoai. F lorence Sbeflin,
L M urray, G loria Ws
ley G oldstein, H elen L Gr
Ronadl Suter, T helm a M
M onica C P eterso n . H elen A
nopka, M€iry H aw rysko, ^
L E nglish, Baoibara J Lfr
EleaoKT I A rm strong, B arban
Boyd, Ophelia M Webb, Helen
Redfear, M a rg a re t J Hackett.
helm lna Sm ith. J u a n ita E
R oberta
L M cBrldge,
T hom e. M ildred E Reavls,
G reen, M arg aret C B est, Ad
Rogers, N orm an Greeastein,
gia M Truell. Elsie Markela
(To Be Continued)
htmmm masmit
Please sead aia ______ copies ef books ckecked abev*.
I eaclose ckeck ar meiiey arder fer «
N am e
(Continued from PAfe 10)
berg* Bve livingatone, Jeanette
Keizer, Tillian Feldnuui.
•70 Theresa M NatoU, M ^ y n
Zammel, Ciarice K Kaba«k, Ajine
B Krante. RajmKMkl Leahetsky.
noreooe Ifaitlkofsky, Jack Pktel.
Heleo R ZebiwMd. Georgia M
Johnston, Audrey Samu^, Roae F
Lee Bernadette Oiunta, Thelma A
Pugh, Frank Carlotta, Patrlda M
O’Connor, EUen L Caldwell, UUa
8 myyert, EUaabetti Fartee, Wan­
da I Weioburd, Genevieve Colee,
Laura Jones, Sylvia Pinsker. MUSnelgrove, Riohard J LandU. S
wehr. OtheUeo N Skeete, Con•tance Aulford, Basie M A.ndrew8,
Ocegory A Yatee, Helen M Cobbs,
James M Fiore.
900 Bdythe Sternberg, Elvira
Nurse, Emma Anthony, Annette
Lewis, William L Clarice Jr, C ^ a
Ebstein, ZMaoa S Santiago, Mary
Sternberg, Camilla D Hicks, Al­
ton R Burnett, Loretta Hemton,
Bdwina I Culmer, RMa M Dim^e,
Sale* Tox
Sp*c|«l Datif & W—^
/ K i r FORUM 47UI
<nti8l.i>dareMh»iy m.74»aM
nnd8t«rKlTMrdAML TR1-1319
t«fM f t
civil Servle*
75. C;
H , C; 77. B; 78. C; 7 t. C; 80, C.
31. C; 22. C; as. A; 24, D; 25. B;
96, C; 27. D; 28. C; 29. D; 30. A;
31. A; 32, D; 33. D; 34. C; 35. C;
Key Answer* for Written 36. B; 37. A; 38. A; 39, D; 40. C;
41. B; 42, A; 43, B; 44, D; 45. D;
Test Held May 17, 19M
who wish to file pro- 46, C; 47, B; 48, C; 40. D; 50, D.
against the propoaed key anEXAMINATION NO. 8601
mu0 t make » written rePROMOTION TO DISTRICT
pennlaslon te> reFOREMAN
the test. Such written rt(SEWER MAINTENANCE)
oMWt be poatmarked not
(EBvirenmental Protection
than June 16, I960, and
Adm inistration)
contain the candidate’s •<>*
plication number. Protests, to- Proposed Key Answers for Written
Test Held May 15. 1969
geUier with supporting evidence,
Candidatee wlx> wish to file probe submditted oo the appointtetstfi againei tbe propoeed key an­
pien* day1, c; 2, A; 3, B; 4. A; 5, A; swers m ust make a written re­
D; T. A; 8, C; 9, B; 10, A; quest for permissioci to re­
C; 12, B; 13, B; 14, D; 15, C; view the test. Such written re­
’ B; 17, B; 18, A; 19, B; 20, C; quest m ust be postmarked not
later than June 16, 1969, and
mu£t contain the candidate’s ap­
IIPAUL PARTNERS—CERTIFICATE OF plication number. Protests, to­
Xfe. the nndersigned, desiring to form gether witti supporting evidence,
limited partnership pursuant to Article
o< (he Partnership Law of the State ol m ay be submditted on the appoint­
Itw Vork, do herebr certiff as follows: ment day.
1. The nam e o f the p a rtn e rsh ip i j La1. C; 2, C; 3, B; 4. C; 5. B
lul Partner*.
2.Tbe ch aracter o f th e business is to
rchase o r Ctherw isc acqu ire, h eld , sell 6 . C; 7, D; 8 , C; 9. C; 10, A
otherwise dispose o f, m ortgage, pledge 11, B; 12,B; 13,
C; 15, B; 15, D
igd io a n f m a n n e r d e al in securities,
17,A; 18, C; 19, D; 20, A
«iDfflodities a n d e th e r p ro p e rtf 9 i all 16. C;
3. The location of the principal place 21, C; 22,C; 23, C; 24, D; 25, C
business of the partnership is 445 East
26, B; 27, C; 2«, A; 29, B; 30, D
■ ^ h Street, N ew York. N.Y.
4. l l x nam e an d place o f residence o f 31, C; 32, C; 33, C; 34. C; 36, B
h m em ber « f th e p a rtn e rs h ip is as 36, B;
37, C; 38, D; 39. B; 40, B
General P a rtn e r: P a u l ScoTille. J r., 445 41, C; 42,A; 43,
C; 44, A; 46, B
j t 80ch Street, N e w Y o rk . N e w Y ork,
47, C; 48, B; 49, C; 50, B
jmiied P a rtn e r: L ucile Lewis ScoviUe, 46, C;
J22 Piedm ont R oad , N .E . A tlan ta. G eor51, D; 52, B; 53, D; 54, B; 55. B
is 30305.
5. The partnership is to continue until 56, D; 57,A; 58, A; 59, A; 60, D
mioated b r the death or retirement of
iiher partner. T he general partner may 61, B; 62, A; 63, B; 64, C; 65, B
Mininate the partnership upon not less G6 . D; 67. B; 6 8 . D an d/or D
bsa thirty days writte« notice to the other
70. C; 71, B; 72. A; 73. B; 74, B
e x a m in a t io n n o . 7581
p r o m o t io n t o s e n i o r
s t a t io n a r y e n g i n e e r
6. The limited capital contribution of
e limited partner is enumerated in Scheule A attached hereto. None of the prop»rtr, other than cash, contributed by the
itnited partner has any agreed value.
7. The limited partner has not svreed
make any additional capital coatribuion to the partnership.
8. The terms agreed npoa for tbe renro of the limited capital contributions
the lim ited p a rtn e r a re as follow s:
(a) The limited partner may withdraw
T part or all ot her limited capital
ontribution as of the end of any oilndar year, upon not less than six months’
ritten notice to the other partner. Paynt of an^ amount so withdrawn is to
made within six months after the end
such calendar quarter.
(b) The Talue of the interest of the
imited partner is to be paid to such
artner or bis legal representatives within
I months after the end of the calendar
'mr during her retriement as a limited
attner or death occurs. The limited partirf may retire from the partnership upon
less chan six months written notice
the other partner.
9. Each partner is to share in the profits
the partnership, by reason of his conibution, in the proportion as the value
I hii interest in the partnership bears to
Inc total value of all the interests in the
rinetship, determined io each case ni
the date which opens the period for
>»ch profits are to be allocated among
^ partners.
10. In the event the limited partner
'>>1 sell or otherwise transfer her interin the partnership w ith the written
onient of the general partner, the limited
'iner shall have the right to substitute
sMiRaee as contributor in her place,
■he assignee shall be entitled to be subiiiuted as a limited partner upon the
terms and conditioiu applicable so
w limited partner making the assignment.
• 1. The geenral partner may admit ad>>onal limited partners at any tim ^
1^ 12 . There k only oo« general partner.
riRht is given to any remaining gen»»i partner to continue the business upon
"• auath, retirement or insanity.
, ■3. The limited partner has no right to
wmand and receive property other than
w return for her contribution.
P a u l Scoville, J r.
General Partner
Lttcil* Lewis Scoville,
Limited Partner
*^LrON, SS.:
On the 2nd day of January, 1969, bo­
rne personally came PAUL SCOVIL^ JR., to me known and know s to
individual described in and
"V executed the foregoing instrument,
1 duly acknowledged to me that be « '«d the same.
Notary Public
Notary Public. Georgia, State at
Large. My Commision Expires
^ J O N . SS.:
I " **** 2nd day of January, 1969,
^ we personally came LUCILB LEW^OVILLE, to me known and known
■*<1 tik** be the individual described in
j **ecuted the foregoing instru■ »*»a dulv acknowledged to me that
executed the same.
Notary Public
Notary Public, Georgia, State at
Large. My Coounision Expires
'^ttificate of Limited Partaersbip
^ it» l r
.. Schedule A
Comributioo of Paul Scoville, Jr.
f^pital Contributioa of
t»cile Lewis Scovill*
Hammer Is Mediator
Lawrence Hammer, an attorney
o f Massapequa. was named meittator to the dispute between the
Town o f H untington (Suffolk
County) and the CTivll Service
Employees Assn.. by the New York
State Public Employment R ela­
tions Board.
Rai-tlny Key Answers for Written
Tests Held May 17. 1969
1, A; 2. B; 3, D; 4, D; 5. A;
«, C; 7. A; 8 , B; 9. B; 10. C;
11. D; 12, D; 13. A; 14. D; 15. A;
16, C;
17, C; 18, C;
19. B; 20.D;
21. A; 22, D; 23, C;
24, C;2o,A;
26, C; 27. B; 28, B; 29. B; 30. D;
31. B;
32. B: 33. C;
34. C;35.D;
36, C;
37, B; 38, C;
39, A;40,D;
41, D;
42, D; 43, B;
44, A;45,B;
46, D;
47, D; 48, A;
49, C;50,B;
51, D; 52, D; 53, A; 54, B; 55, C;
56, A;
57, C; 58, B;
59. D;60,C;
61, C;
62, D; 63, B;
M, B;65,A;
66 , D;
67, A; 68 , C;
69, C;70iA;
71, B;
72, C; 73, B;
74, D;75.D;
76, D; 77. B; 78, B; 79, C; 80, B;
81, A;
82, B; 83, C;
84, D;85,D;
86 , B87, B; 88 , D;
89, C;90.A;
91. A; 92. B; 93, C;
94. C;95.D;
96. C;
97. B; 98, C;
99, D;110,C.
Fact-Finder Named
John M. Llddy has been ap*
pointed by the New York State
IBoard as a fact-linder in the con­
tract d i ^ t e between the City of
Little Palls, Herkimer County, and
the Civil Service Em ployees Assn.
Farms & C ountry Homes,
O range County
220 Elact., city water, automatic
oil burner, insulated, naw roof.
Property 60x100. Price $3800
Cash. C ontact A L LAKE. 914
8 8 8 2016.
Lots For Sale N ear
Toms River, N.J.
13 WOODED lots 25x125 each in Bayville
N.J. 6 miles south of Toms River, 3
miles from Bay. Sell part or all. Moving
to Florida. $300 per lot. John Elsberg,
Sunset Pass, Georgetown, Conn. 06829.
Tel 203-544.8924.
T h e I n n o v a tiv e A p p r o a ch
to Im p r o v in g
O u r S c h o o ls a n d C o lle g e s
FULL PRICE $24,990
Plains Rd, Bronx
CLERK-Typist for eveolnss Jk or
IiM. Brokers Office. Dowaiowa.
G .E u r ic h
The Preaident ot the Academy to t Educatiooal
D«vel(qwt«nt and lonner Executive D irector of
th a F o rd F e u a d a tio a ’a E d u c a tiv a Prograaa
"perlonna a aignlllcant lervica for aU who c a n
about ou i aehoola and coOtgrn. H a fivea na ■
penpeotiva ob w b a n our educational iaatittH
tioa* have bean going for th a paat fifteen yeaia
a n d «Ma th a t persp activ a to fo ie c a at th e
^ tlo n a v a bava to t tha future if education k
to aarva our cltiniia In a dbanging America and
a changing wodd.
QUEENS H O M E S 01 8-7510
AJI Shifts — Steady Work
Openinga aU boroa. NO AGENCY F E B
Muat have permit to carry piatoL
Call Mr. Banks • PL 7-9400
F / T morn or aft, adv oppty
2S W 51 St., 1 i s h t up
V acationers! Retirees!
W rit# fo r eithor
or both FREEI
We understand.
*Dr. Eurich arguea ationgly for planned inno>
vatioa ia our aehoola and coUegea. Hia viewa
will ttir aoma controversiaa and will do much
good. I t ia a lively and useful book on a lubject
no thoughtful American can ignore.**
I>EPT. C.P.O. BOX 10217
"O f g T M t T a i n * l o a n th o a * w h o ax«
DbtlncuUMd SmvIm PwIsmdt. Fairbavw CaUam
aad B<litor-at-Lar(<i. S a l a r y Ktuimt
A t aU bookatoraa, 16.60
H arpa
Compare our cost per 4,000 lb* to
St. Petersbursr from New York City,
$406: Philadelphia, $383; Albany,
9432. For an estimate to any detitin»Uon In FloriUa
W rite
e o n o e m e d a b o u t a d u o a tio n a l q u a l i ^ .
Dr. Xurich ptobaU y knowa aa much about edu­
cational innovationa -* and haa dona aa m udi
to encourace and lupport constructiva changea
- aa any living American.’' - faul wooobino,
ioniiMr U A Commiailonar ot Educatioa
6 yr old brk & sh 6 Ige rms in e«ch
apt. fin bsmt gdn. grnds patio fenced.
Good Pay/Bnfts
b y
A lv in
nite club fin bsmt. 2 bths. gar. gdn
Lower Fun«ral Prices
Have Always Been Traditional At
W a lte r B . C o o k e
Call S28-B700 to raach any of
our 10 neighborhood funeral
hom ea in tha Bronx, Brooklyn,
ManhaUan and Queens.
for vacationing In St. P ete “The
S tuart, Florida
Haw>y People Place.”
90.B00. Wf
40 pg. "LIVING in ST. P E T E ”
about retiring In this sunny health­
ful resort city.
XTrite. C.S.L. Mullin, Dept. 6-3
c o m m er c e
• M B. N w m M E R S . REAL.TOB
S ir coDJt aafi&i
2 BEDROOM new 10x50 trailer. 12x16
added jalousie room, 1V6 wooded acres.
All utilities. Adjoining forest preserve.
Price $9,000. Others.
O M i (914) *26-7500
Help W anted — M /F
FA 4.7200
Real E state For Sale
(Department of Hiflkways)
Ulster County
Proposed Key Answers for Written
5 acres, 2 bedroom, all year Home.
Test Held May 15,- 1969
2 room cabin, new garage, wooded
Farms & C ountry Homes
area. Price $12,500. Others.
Candidates wlio w i^ to file pro­
Ulster County
tests against tbe pr<H[X)eed key an­ APPROX. 17 acres with 3 bedroom home
DIAL; (91 4) 626-7500
swers must make a written re­
10 ACRES (approx) near Kingston T hru­
quest for permission to re­
way exit— $5,000. Terms arranged.
CABIN without utilities oo 2 acres
6 YEARS "Y O U N G ”
view the test. Sudh written re­ 13,500
Beautiful ULTRA MODERN 6 over 6
quest must be postmarked not L l^ C H E O N E T T E — excellent for retireroom apts PLUS FINISHED basement
aaent. 5 days business area. Terms.—
with EXTRA LAVATORY. Immediate
later than Jime 16, I960, and
^ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH in iiiiiig must contain the candidate’s ap­ tor A pp't HILDA KRUM (914) 331-8985
$34,500 full price; terms.
plication number. Protests, to­ ■o ic o 's L«. KInastOH, HY (914) 338-9220
(914) 338-0285
S — R ddlo Tuncf— J. E. Mainor, s
gether w ith supporting evidence, Opp. HolMoy liiH
= H ylo Brown, oic. UncU Jim =
may be submditted oo the appoint­
For Sale C am psite
— O 'N ta l,
Box A-CS, Arcadia, ^
Farms & C ountry Homes,
ment day.
New York S ta te
E C a lif. 91006.
New York S ta te
1, C; 2. C; 3, B; 4. C; 5. B; 4-5 ACRES of land, Vi acre farm pond
to be stocked with trout. Located 15 NEW SPRING Catalog of Hundreds of
= n iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii7 6 . C; 7. D; 8 . C; 9. C; 10. A;
minutes from Route 17 in Tioga County,
Real Estate & Business Bargains. All
11. B; 12.
13.C;14. B;15,
J. H. SIMMONS, 15 John St..
Type*, Sizes & Prices. Dahl Realty.
N.Y. 13827.
Cobleskill, N.Y.
16. C; 17,
18.C;19, D;20,Owego,
F r o m a f a m o u s e d u c a t o r , 21, C; 22,
23,C;24, D;25,C;
fa r -r e a c h in g p r o p o s a ls fo r
26, B; 27, C; 28, A: 29, B; 30, D;
Houses For Sale - Queens
31, C; 32,
33.C;34, C;35,B:
36, B; 37,
38,D;39. B;40,B;ST. ALBANS
41, C; 42,
43,C;44, A;45.B;Consisting of 6 Ige rms. finishable Live rent free and enjoy 5 lovely
rms fin bsmt gar plus 4 rm apt for
46. C; 47,
48.C;40. D;50,C;bsmt gar. high GI mtge
inc. low down payment.
51, A; 52, C; 53, B; 54, A; 55, A;
56, C; 57,
58,A;59, D;60,C;Consisting of 7 Ife rms (3 master
61. C; 62.
63,B;64, D;65,B;bdrms partly furnished, mod kit & with two 5 rm apts nite club brk
bsmt. 4,000 sq ft gdn grnds. mod &
66 , C; 67,
68 .D;60, C;70.B;
71, D; 72,
73,B; 74, D;75,D;
76, B; 77, A; 78, A; 79, C; 80, D.
Tudor type bung with 4 Ige bdrms,
Detached 1 Fam, 4 Bedrms Duplex
with full Bsmt & Garage. Owner leav­
ing manv extras. $2,500 cash down.
Real E state For Sale
U lster County
Home For Sale - NY S ta te
AUSABLE Valley Village; 8 Rooms, 2
Batbs, excellent condition. Golf, buntBulk Acreaare — Retirement Homea
ios, fishing, skiing in immediate area.
Bualnese ia the Trl-Stat« Area
K. W. Belmore Ausable Forks, N.Y.
Pike Fort Jervta, NT (»14) 8Se-S228
Ix>w weekly rates, $30 up on beaeb
Inelodea eTerything. Write for tree
cciorful (Ifitnili
Civil Service
L ea d er s B a c k
Alex C h a n a n a u
L e a d e r H o n o r s G o ld
M e d a lis ts
C iv il S e rv ic e le a d e r s a r e
g a th e rin g b e h in d th e c a n d i­
d a c y o f A le x a n d e r C h a n a n a u
in h i 5 b id f o r J u d g e o f C iv il
Court, Bronx County, in th e Ju n e
17 D em ocratic piim ary .
An A ssem blym an since 1958,
C h an an a u n as actively legislated
on behalf of public employees.
Among legislation he sponsored
was a bill to p erm it the taking
of civil service exam inatioiis on
days o th er th a n S atu rd ay s; a 35year full retire m en t bill for New
York City police; a lung disability
bill for firem en: an d a supplem en­
tary pension bill for teachers.
As th e ran k in g D em ocratic
m em ber of the W ays and M eans
Com m ittee, he helped in th e n e ­ LEADER H O N O R S — Accepting the Civil Service Leader’s
Senator Charles E. Goodell presenti
g otiation w ith th e Civil Service annual gold medal for outstanding public service from Senator P R E S E N T A T I O N —
Employees Assn. bo restore full Charles E. Goodell is Fred A. Herman, second from rigrht. Executive the Civil Service Leader’s annual gold medal award for dlstlngrul^he^
political rig h ts to civil service em ­ Director of Civil Service and Office of Personnel, Monroe County. service to Alfred L. Green, Executive Director of the Division tf
ployees. In addition, he Introduced Standing with the Senator and Herman are, left to right, Jerry Employment for New York State, as, left to right, Jerry Finkelstein,
a bill th a t would p erm it all fire ­ Finkelstein, publisher of The Leader; Vincent Alessi, president publisher of The Leader, Martin P. Catherwood, State Industrial Comfighters to engage in political of the Monroe County chapter. Civil Service Em ployees Assn.; and missloner, and Mrs. Ersa Poston, President of the State Civil Servict
Commission look oo.
Gordon A. Howe, Monroe County manager.
O liananau, a g rad u a te of New
Y ork U niversity Law School and
a m em ber of th e New Y ork B ar,
was designated by th e executive
com m ittee of tihe D em ocratic
County C om m ittee fo r election of
th e judicial post. T h e position was
previously h eld by Judge K apelm an.
19 Secretaries
To NYC Execs
Finish Course
N in e t e e n s e c r e t a r i e s to Im ­
p o r t a n t C ity e x e c u tiv e s in 15
d iffe re n t g ra d e s p a rtic ip a te d
i n t h e S p r in g , 1969 “ C o n f e r ­
e n c e for E x e c u t i v e S e c r e t a r i e s . ”
a sev e n -se ssio n c o u rse sp o n so re d
Harry L. Bronstein, sec­
b y t h e D e p a r t m e n t of P e r s o n n e l O U T S T A N D I N G
ond from right. Assistant Director of the Bureau of the Budget for
In Its in te r a g e n c y t r a i n i n g p r o ­
New York City and Senator Charles E. Goodell display BronStein’s
g ram .
T h e course was led In confer­ certificate and gold medal for outstanding public service presented
ence style by Estelle Silver of by the Senator in behalf of the Civil Service Leader. Looking on,
th e D epartm ent of Personnel. left to right, are: Frederick O’R. Hayes, Director of the Budget for
U nder Miss Silver’s direction, the New York City; Solomon Hoberman, Chairman of the Cfty Civil Service
conferees exclianged Ideas an d Commission and Personnel Director; and Jerry Finkelstein, publisher
Inform ation, benefiting from each of the Civil Service Leader.
o th e r’s expertise, about such m a t­
te rs as interpersonal and public
relations, m odem secretarial p rac­
tices, organization of work, and
ways In w hich th e secretary can
assist the busy executive In keep­
ing up w ith th e dem ands of his
tim e, energy an d resources.
T h e secretaries who com pleted
th e course a n d th e ir agencies are:
M arie M. Aalbue, D epartm ent of
Public W orks; R u th Alexander,
O ffice of Pi-obatlon; Iris A nder­
son. D epartm ent of P arks; H elen
B auer. P ire D epartm ent; M arlon
B urton, H iunan Resources Adm liU stratlon; P earl Dickey, C en­
tra l Brooklyn Model Cities; Aldona P. D ulberger, R e n t and
H ousing M aintenance; Molly A.
D ucan. F ile D epartm ent; Elsther
EJpsteln, R e n t an d H ousing M ain­
tenance; Doris L. Fari-ugia. NYC
Housing A uthority; Lois Gilmore,
Dei>artment of H ea lth ;
R u th
Goldberg, D ep artm en t of Consum ­
er A ffairs; Ekina Johnson. A ddic­
tion Services Agency;
K rone, D epartm ent of R eal E state;
Peggy MoCi'osson, F rancis Delafleld H ospital; D orothy M. McG<lade. NYC Housing A uthority;
R uby M itcliell an d B e t P au li- 2 5 Y E A R E M P L O Y E E S —» At Harlem Valley State Hospi­
m an. D epartm ent of Personnel; tal were honored at a recent reception. They are, from left, seated,
an d Constance S tark , Law De- Florence Frkovlch, Loretta Toung and Anna O’Hara; standing, Alice
Woodin, Lomiie Bros and Winifred Davia,
David F . Cardoxa, second from
right. Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Region n . Federal govern­
ment, happily accepts the Leader’s gold medal award f w dlstingusbed public service from Senator Charles E. Goodell, far right. Attead*
Ing the ceremony at tiie Senator’s office are, left to right, Jcrtf
Finkelstein, publisher of The Leader, Robert Drummond, New Y«rk
Regional Director of the U.S. Civil Service Commission, and Lawrenc*
H. Baer, former Regional Director.
Harlem Valley Hospital Honors 25-Year Aides
(F r o m L e a d e r C o r r esp o n d en t)
A p p r o x i­
m a te ly 300 p e r so n s a tte n d e d
H a r le m V a lle y S t a t e H o sp i­
t a l ’s a n n u a l r c e p t l o n M a y 22
to honor em ployees who h ad re ­
tired or a ttain ed 25 years of ser­
vice during the la st year.
D r. L aw rence P. R oberts, hoap ital direotor, addressed th e group
an d Introduced th e m em bers of
the B oard of V isitors; D r. Alfred
Rizaolo, asfiistant d irecto r; U oyd
Hale, business officer; Mrs. Wen­
dy A crish, persotm el ad m in istra­
tor; an d M rs. A rm and B essette,
se creta ry of the local C hapter,
retire m en t
scrolls w ere m ade to the ladies by
Judge R eubln S irlln an d to the
gen tlem en by Mrs. T hom as Boyce.
Twenty-five y ear pdns w ere p re­
sented by D r. R obert E liot and
b u ttons to th e gentlem en by Mrs.
M arguerite Rosenson, m em bers of
th e B oard of Visitors.
Dr. R oberts expressed his “ deep
appreciation** to ttie honored
guests, " fo r th eir m an y years of
loyal an d d edicated seirvlce U> the
Manning To Talk
On New Hospital
Corp. For NYC
A taUc by D eputy Oommteslorwr
of H ospitals H enry M)annin«: o»
“T h e Role of T h e Civil S ervant W
th e Newly C reated N.Y.C. Hos­
p itals C o rp o ratio n ” will be giv«®
to n ig h t, Jim e 3, a i 6 p m ., In th*
Roosevelt A uditorium a t 100 B17th S t., M a n h a tta n .
S ponsoring th e ta lk by Com­
m issioner M anning, who waa •
p rim a ry fo rm u lato r of th e oorpo ration Idea, Is Bacteriologist*
Council 190 of Local 300. Th*
legislation se ttin g up a hospital
co rp o ratio n w as signed Into
by O overnor Rockefeller
Everyone concerned w ith
im pact of the new law Is invit'^
to a tte n d as guests of Council 19®hosfpital and its patients,**
stressed the value of the older
ployees In the training of
employees. He said, “This
tice ensures a continuity io ®
excellent operation of th®
tal and the care of the patients-
Welfare Post
Wifh Bd. o f Ed.
SSA Typist Test To July;
Lunch Bureau Reyamping
Pay Hikes For Two Titles Planned By Local 832
E f f e c t i v e J u l y 1, s t a r t i n g s a l a r i e s f o r t h e O S - 2 l e v e l
p o s it i o n s o f c l e r k - t y p i s t a t t h e R e g o P a r k P a y m e n t C e n t e r
of t h e S o c i a l S e c u r i t y A d m i n i s t r a t i o n a r e r a i s e d t o $ 4 ,3 6 0 ,
w h ile t h e G S - 3 l e v e l j o b s f o r l i g h t l y e x p e r i e n c e d c l e r k -
jyptotc get a sa lary hike to $4,p]7 . Pile clerkfi, also G S-2 titles of claim s authorieer.
S up p lem en tin g salaries are &
will g t g etttn c a beginner’s wage
broad scope of F ed eral fringe
of $4,360 p er year.
b en efits: p aid vacations, sick
The oierk-typ4st posiUons a re
leave, a n n u a l leave, a generous
o p e n to all candidates over 18 who
re tire m e n t plan, an d m em bership
ean pass the tsi>ist test, o r those
In group life a n d h e a lth in su ran ce
with hlgOi school diplomas. T hese
p lans w ith costs p artly sh a re d by
are oareeir opportunity Jobs th a t
th e O ovem m ent.
can la ier lead to m rlo u s secre­
A sim ple typing te st given a t
tarial or supervisory posts a t h ig h salaries. P rom otion possiblliUes th e center is all th a t is necessary
wiu also ex ist to th e CM3-5 title for appointm ent. T estin g will be
conducted each S atu rd ay a t th e
Resorts - New Je rse y
P ay m e n t C enter, up u n til th e end
of Ju n e . T h ere a re cu rren tly m any
I n addition to th e Rego P ark
211 3rd Art., Asburr Park, N.J.
site, several ty p ist Jobs are also
• One Block to B««ch
• I Vi » 2 Vi Rm. Apts, with TV
available a t th e M a n h a tta n SSA
• Adjoining Family Ilooms
• Twins, Doubles. Single*
offices a t SOO E ig h th Ave. and
• Free Ocean Bathing
35th St. B oth locales will h ire from
Mr * Mrs. Jo b a Kcwas, Ownrs.-Mgt.\
successful ca n d id ates who pass
<201) 77-<-8826
th e typing exam adm inistered in
Rego P ark .
T o arra n g e a test d ate or to
m ore inform ation, call th e
404 5»h At«. A*bury Park, N.J. Lovely
pwjsonnel section a t 699-3601.
loraiion. On Lake, aear ( ^ e a a *
Boardwalk. Spacious porch. Modern,
airy rooms with n m a i ^ water. Priv­
ate baths available.
»60 $75 P t Person, Per Week
2 Fun, Delicious Meals
Furopean Plan also available.
Harry C. Draxin <201) 174-4752
P l a n s ft>r t h e r e o r g a n i z a t i o n o f t h e B u r e a u o f S c h o o l
L u n c h e s o f t h e B o a r d o f E d u c a tio n w e r e fin a liz e d a t a m e e t ­
in g h e ld la s t w e e k in th e h e a d q u a r te r s o f th e B u r e a u o f
S c h o o l L u n c h e s i n L o n g I s la n d C ity . T h e m e e t i n g w a s a t ­
tended by D irector of th e B u reau
o f School L unches K evin E. How­
a rd a n d his a s sista n t W illiam
Scully, rep resen tin g th e B oard
of E d u catio n an d by brepresentatives of th e School L unch M an a­
gers Division of T erm in al E m ­
ployees Ix)cal 832, w hich holds th e
collective b arg ain in g c o n tra c t for
th e title.
R ep resen tin g Local 832 were
vice-president an d business ag en t
FYed Castlgllone, Division (Chair­
m an Sylvia G ottlieb, D avid W ag­
ner, Jo h n M arlin e an d Reginald
R l<^ards.
H ow ard said th a t th e reo rg an i­
zatio n would re su lt in m ore p ro ­
m otions a n d a stream lin in g of
th e B ureau. He said he p lanned
a pilot program , to be in stitu te d
in th e n ea r fu tu re , w hich would
fac ilitate th e h an d lin g of school
lunches an d a t th e sam e tim e r e ­
su lt in b e tte r procedures.
*Xandinark o t Progress'*
C astlgllone said th a t th is m eet­
Asst. C astodian
ing, held as a re su lt o f th e provi­
A w ritte n te st w as g i v ^ to th e sions of th e union c o n tra c t w hich
290 can d id ates fo r a ssista n t build­ calls to r m o n th ly m eetings be­
ing custodian recently.
tw een th e B u reau o f School
L unches a n d th e k)oal, would
sta n d as a la n d m ark of progress.
H e h ailed H ow ard’s decision to
u p grade m any of the school lunch
June 13 - 14 - 15
Per PersoN $34.00
Do you know th a t MAN AND HIS WORLD
is reopening its doors o t EXPO StTE Hiis
summer and will be b e tte r than ever?
Price includes transportation
hotel and 2 Vi hour Sightseeing Tour,
Newark, N.Y. Rose Festival—June 21, 25, 28
Sot. June 21— Selection of ROSE QUEEN.
Wed. June 2S—-Kiddies Day.
Sot. June 28— Big ROSE PARADE with marching units
ond bands. Per person $8.00.
CORNING GLASS TOUR and PIERCE'S 1894 R estaurant
—Sat., June 14. Per person $14.75. includes— tour of
Corning Glass Works, dinner o t Pierce's R estaurant.
Menu will be recited when reservation a re ma<ie.
t h e
ia ff a l., N.T.
a«<Mna Ka«ran<eed fur HtaU
Emploj-e«« . .
$8.00 per
peraon on atat* •punaorrd
♦ rre e Kar»r« park»«f r*r
r«cUt«r«d i«M ta
if Bxcrllrnt dining rooms ami
Bnffolo, N. T.
H ostat
New. Ultra Modern, AirCond. Motel Unit*
at 7th North Street Exit Route
81. One qnarter mile South of
Exit 36 New York State Thru,
way, Ronte 90.
Five minutes from downtown
Air conditioned
Direct dial telephone
Two double beds
100 nunitc
Most reasonablo rotes in
Syracuse area
B i l l & J o h a n n a B a u e r — H osts
P u r lin g 8 , N .Y . Z ip 1 2 4 7 0
ALBANY 489-4423
Opposite Stote Campnset
THfc B K H l m B o o k i — U lft* -
OrectiNC tVirda — StatlaMry
\ r t i i t a ’ Huppllea and Offiee Bqolpmrni
Incorporate# l«|«
Please write or call:
JOSEPH T. t l l L t W
IV 2-5474
APARTMENTS — Furnished, IJnrurnished. and Rooms. Phone H S.
i 1994. fAlbany*
and all tests
380 Broadway
Albany, N. Y.
Mail & Phone O rders Filled
{51 8) 634-7424
for Civil Seivice Eiiiplnyees
J ^ te r U ln m e n t Id tht Sumptuoua O’Connell Cockt«ll Lounge
A rn
y .|f | y
* 0 0 W RLI
B E R O K N 8 - y O C « BQSTS. "
IN C L U D E S 3 H E A R T Y
m e a l s A DAY
0 »
aA vipi
™ » m| J "
Clip and Sove ■ ■ ■ ■
H02 094«
3 7 7 -3 3 9 2
■t r -
June 28-July 18— S pectacular Conadion Rockies
’' “•e 14^nly 5— California Golden W est Tour. .$489.00
*^ON'T DELAY— Call Nationwide fo r m ore detoils.
• Ital. Amer. CoUlneOHome Raking
N A T I O N W I D E 'S
O ni
P la y
Dial 518-622-3261
I O E ’S M T . V I E W l
Box «1. RD 1, Castkill 5. N.Y.
• Swimming :n>oI • Orcli A Rntertainm ent •D ancing • Corklnil
Lounge • All 8pta • Lake boating
■ I Free Color Brochure A Rate*
Olympic Style Pool—All Ath­
letics and P lan n ed Activities
—D ance to our popular B and
in th e Fabulous B av arian
“ A lpine G ardens Cabaret,'*
enjoy Professional A cts every
nite. Rom p, play in our 100
acre playland, fishing and
boating In our own p riv ate
lake. Send for Colorful Bro­
chure. Ra/te & Sam ple Menu.
A m b a s s a d o r
237-241 State Street
Schenectady. N. Y.
“ Famous for German
American Food”
— /te s t &
Enjoy fhe Convenience and
Faciiifies of « Centrolly
Located Downtown Hotel
June IS, Bat Day,S eattle - Trans. & T icket
Jxly 20, W ashington.................................................... $11.75
Aug. 9, O akland..............................................................$11.75
C h a irm an Sylvia G ottlieb said
th a t a n o th e r m eeting Is scheduled
to be held in two weeks to iron
o u t m an y of th e details of th e re ­
o rganization plan, now being stu ­
died. an d th a t Local 832 school
lunch m a n ag er m em bers would be
n o tified of th e results of th e m e et­
ing via th e Civil Service L eader.
T*L S i t • 943 - S909
• Deluxe •e«om. • PrI., SriHl-prl.
m a n ag e r positions, an d said th a t
th e w orries of th e school lunch
m a n ag e r due to d ecen tiallsatio n
would be g reatly lessened as a
resu lt of the m eeting.
ALBANY — L eonard Block of
New Y ork City, who h ead s a d ru g
an d p h arm a ce u tic al firm , h as been
n am ed to th e S ta te B oard of
Social W elfare. T h e p o st pays $75
p er day for m eetings. His te rm
will end Ju ly 1, 1973. F o r th e la st
14 years. Block h as been active
in the F ed eratio n of Jew ish P h il­
a n th ro p ie s an d h as been c h a ir­
m a n of th e U nited Jew ish App<^al
for .the drug an d cosm etic in ­
Men's & Young Men's
Fine Clothes
Tel. AS 2-2022
rw .
No porklng
problems at
Albony'a lorfest
k etel • . . with
Albany's only dlrlv»4a
•ara«e. You'll lfc« the eon*,
fcrt ond convenience, tool
Family rolei. CoektoH leen f.
t a o •T A T I •T R B jn r
Bee rew frhmJfy INtrW
W m S iK L Y
Kings Park Union’s
Books Are Perfect,
Auditor Reports
K I N G S P A R K — M rs. M a ry
E . W i l s o n , t h e f o r m e r Ck>unc il 50 lo c a l p r e s i d e n t a t K i n g s
P ark
S ta te
H o sp ita l w h o
cently resiemed h e r post and quit
o fche A m erican F ederation of State,
County an d M unicipal Employees
Union, answ ered her critics last
week when she turned over the
union local’s financial records to
0) th^ acting union local president.
The form er Kings P ark union
head, who has since Joined the
DC C ivil. Sei*vice_ Em ployees Assn.
chapter at th a t institution because
•< she feels it is “m ore dem ocratic­
ally ru n ” said th a t the records,
according to tiie auditor, w ere “ in
perfect ord er.” She fu rth e r stated :
“ I hope this will satisfy th e un­
PC ion critics in Albany.” T here w ere
(/I reports th a t Council 50’s leader'.hip had th rea te n ed legal action
if Mrs. Wilson had failed to tu rn
over the records by May 27.
Mrs. Wilson explained tlm t the
financial records of the local were
in the h an d s of the auditor who
was on vacation and th a t she was
unable to obtain them until he re ­
turned. Mra. Wilson, who said she
received a receipt for the records,
said, “ I hope th is will clear up
any questions concerning the finan­
cial sta tu s of the Kings P a rk lo­
c a l.''
W e n z l W a r n in g
(Conttmted from Page 1)
have their m em bers sign cards de­
signating the Oouncil of Professiottal Organiziations to serve as
their negotiating agent, for the
purpose of w inning the la tte r group
a place on the ballot in the forthcon\lng electins.
Wenzl denounced the activities
of COPO, the nam e given to the
new Council, as “ pure sham ”
“ They claim tiiat by getting on
the ballot and then g etting enough
voting suppoi't from th e em ploy­
ees wiio signed cards to win the
election, they will th e n offer the
groups participating in the Coun­
cil the opportunity to negotiate
on tlieir own on a n Individual job
title basis,” he said.
“T his is com pletely contrary to
the practice prescribed by the
S late and PB R B ,” Wenzl pointed
out. “ Collective bargaining under
th e Taylor Law m eans ju st th a t,”
lie said. “ Tlve negotiating agent
th a t wins the election in a given
unit will negotiate collectively for
all employees in th e unit, not on a
title by title basis.”
Wenzl urged all S tate employ­
ees to take note of the full imme
of COPO, the nam e which go on
th e voting ballot. “ This outfit is the
CoutKxll of Professional O rganiza­
tions and the A m erican F ed er­
ation of S tate, County and Munici­
pal Em ployees. T lia t’s th e way
you 3pell out APSCME, the parent
ijodv of Council 50, APSCME,” he
“ Tills is the organization th a t
has always said it's the little guy
th a t needs representtaion, not the
professionals and higher paid ©niployees,” Wenzl added.
The OSEA leader said S tate
employees “ can continue to look to
the Em ployees Assn. for the faLre«t, m ost effective representation,
available anyw here, w hether the
u ltim ate negotiating arrangem ent
I' five units, one unit, or wliatever the num ber of Uinits.'*
Pass your Leader on to a nonm em ber.
S c h o o l D is tr ic t
(Continued from F a re 1)
Theodore C. Wenzl, president of
the Civil Service Em ployees A^sn.
on hearing th a t G overnor Rocke­
feller had vetoed a bill th a t would
have allowed school districts to
levy a special tax to finance sal­
aries and needed pay raised for
th e employees in question even
whn a d istrict 's operating under
a n au sterity budget.
“T his bill," Wenzl declared,
“ was passed by both houses of
the S tate Legislature. The law ­
m akers understood th a t even
when a school d istrict is op erat­
ing wLth a so-called ‘au sterity ’
budget — for instance w hen a
school budget has been voted down
by taxpayers — the jobs done by
non-teaching personnel are nec­
essary and Im p o rtan t to the wel­
fare of th e school children.”
“ The very jobs of these em ­
ployees a re a t stake h e re ,” he
continued. “If the school district
voters force the adoption of an
‘au-sterity’ budget which, for In­
stance could exclude the h o t lunch
program , cafeteria workers could
conceivably lose th eir jobs. Simil­
arly. o th e r non-teaching employ­
ees would face a layoff if th eir
services are n ot deemed ‘essenticil*
“ And why. In this day of ever­
growing inflation should the dedi­
cated em ployees of school districts
— bus drivers, m echanics, cafe­
teria, clerical and custodial persontiel — be left out in the cold?
They deserve to receive pay raises
th a t bring th em ab reast of Uie
cu rren t cost-of-living. T eachers are
protected Ln th e event of an aus­
terity budget. It is Indeed a grave
iinjustice to deny non-teaching persotuiel
The CSEA chief vowed th a t
CSEA “ would continue to fight for
this bill until it is m ade law .’*
Putnam CSEA Wins 1 0 P et.
Pay B oo st A fter Faet-Flnding
(Special To The Leader)
C A R M E L — P u t n a m C k )u n ty e m p l o y e e s c a m e o u t w i t h a f i v e p e r c e n t a t c r o s s - t h e - b o a r d
r a i s e r e t r o a c t i v e t o J a n . 1, 1 9 6 9 , a n d a n o t h e r f i v e p e r c e n t e f f e c t i v e J a n . 1, 1 9 7 0 , a f t e r m e d ^
ia t io n a n d f a c t f in d in g b y t h e S t a t e P u b lic E m p lo y m e n t R e la t io n s B o a r d s e t t le d a n Im p asa#
b etw een th e
C o u n ty n e g o t ia t o r s a n d t h e P u t n a m C o u n ty c h a p t e r o f t h e C lv ii S e r v ic e E m ­
ployees Assn.
CSEA collective bargaining spe­
cialist E m anuel Vitale, who a«sisted the c h a p te r during negoti­
ations, reported tlm t negotiations
for the two-year c o n tra c t had be­
gun la st July. A fter m ediation a t ­
tem p ts by PE31B m ediator M urray
Bilm es failed to produce an agree­
m ent, P E R B fact-flnder Max Don­
er finally resolved the differences
betw een the two groups.
CSEIA regional atto rn ey E dw ard
Rosen assisted Vitale and the CSEA
negotiatin«r team during the fact^
finding session.
CSEA n eg o tiato rs were R onald
Kobbe, ch a p te r p resid en t; aaid
George Swan. Olive MuUarkey;
Jo h n Filipplni; Ann D eV iem o;
Raym ond C a rter and B etty B aum ­
g artn er.
Ttve p ay boasts for both years
are in addition to any increm ents
due the employees.
O th er points are;
• I /6 0 th non-contributory
R etirem en t P lan retro activ e to
• S tatew ide H ealth p la n for
1969 w ith County paying 100
p ercent of prem ium for em­
ployees and 50 p erc en t of pre­
m ium for dependents; for
1970, County will pay 75 per­
cent of prem ium for dep en ­
dents and 100 percen t for em­
• V acations: 10 days after
one y ear of service; 15 days
a fte r tlu ee years; and 20 days
a fte r 10 years; P ro ra te d va­
catio n for em ployees w ith less
th a n one year of service and
and for those wlw retire prior
(C ontinued from Page 1)
to th eir an n u al vacation ellbuUdUig, thus foi'olng employees
gibility date.
already working on th a t fioor to
• H olidays: 12 p er year;
move to anotlier section of the
pensatory day for holidays
D of E Fight
Lomoiiaco contended from the
outset th a t the move was unneces­
sary and th a t the WIN program
which is m ade up of self-suffici­
ent teanus could be accom odated
the space available on the
ground floor and on the other
floors tlirough the flve^story build­
ing w ithout having to crowd two
existing offices on one floor.
R epresentativ es of Council 50’s
Local 1512 reportedly sided w ith
the m anagem ent originally against
the wishes of the employees, m ost
of whom are represented by CSEA.
The CSEA leader said Council 50’s
rep resentativ es w ere rep o rted to
have ten tativ ely accepted the
m anagem ent plan w ithout con­
sulting with the employees they
claim to represent.
The prosposed moves were even­
tually discat'ded by m anagem ent
in favor of scatterin g the WIN
team s throughout the building. Lomotiaco said th is reflected th e
wishes Oif the m ajority of the e m ­
ployees with whom he talked.
Physicians Assn.
Meet Saturday
NE3W YORK — Statew ide dele­
gates of the 1,400 m em ber Asso­
ciation of New York S tate M ental
Hygiene P hysicians wiU m eet a t
W ard’s Island n ex t S aturday a t
12 nosn to elect officers and plan
tilieir anxbuai progi'anu
th a t fall on S aturday an d Sun­
day ; employees w ho work in
d ep artm en ts U iat norm ally
m u st be a t w ork on holidays
sh all receive a com pensatory
day for such tim e w<»*ked;
• L ongevity in crem en ts af­
te r 10, 13, 20. 25. 30 an d 35
y ears of continuous employ­
m ent;
• O vertim e: tlme-and-onehalf p ay for all hours work­
ed outside regularly scheduled
hours; tim e-and-one-half pay
fo r all work on a holiday in
addltkm to the hoUday pay;
• Personal leave — three
days per year;
• B ereavem ent leave —
th re e days for d eath in im m e­
d iate fam ily;
• Sick leave — one day per
m onth accum ulative to 144
• County to provide ade­
qu ate safety an d foul w eather
equlpmei¥t to highw ay personivel and ap p ro p riate uniform
work clothing to all highway
and custodial w orkers;
• Seniority from date of liiring;
• P ie e tim e for legritimate
A ssociation activities includ­
ing the handling of grievances;
• The rig h t to have CSEA
meetiners In th e County Office
• R eserve p arking space for
county em ployees;
• F irs t aid kit« and collap­
sible cots to be supplied, furn­
ished an d m aintained by the
county for e a d i county build­
• County bo supply a copy
of th e conti-act to all employ­
• County to draw up. In con-
Thruway Victory
(Corttfnued from Page 1)
and a grievance procedure which,
in the final stage, would be de­
cided tlxi-ough binding arbiti*ation
by an im p artia l arb itra to r, have
also l>een discussed. S(wne move­
m en t on both sides has been re ­
R eedy explained th at the b a r­
gaining team s for both CSEA and
th e T hruw ay agreed befoa*e the
s ta rt of negotiations to m aintain
secrecy o n any offers m ade dur­
ing ttie talks until a final agree­
m en t is reached. “ This concept is
followed in all form s of collective
bargaining so as n o t to confuse
the m em bership an d possibly com ­
prom ise th e ta lk s.T he CSEA b arg ain in g team has
called on Ttuniway m em bers in
this unit to be p atient, statin g tiiat
C o u rt R e v ie w
(Continued from Page 1)
illegal aiid th a t th e u n it d eterm ­
in atio n ^ u i d l>e reviewed by th e
courts before being im plem ented.
PER B appealed tiie C ourt ruling
to the Court of Appeals which last
week upheld the lower c o u rt ru l­
ing In favor of CSEA.
Despite the pending Court re­
view PEfftB last week decided to
proceed w ith elections In the five
no final ag reem en t will be m ade
u n til the m em bet^ them selves ra ­
tify th e package.
T he CSEA com m ittee is confi­
dent th a t ttie talks will produce
a package, w hich the membei-s
will accept, w ithin a sh o rt tim e.
R atification T>ue
CSEA, which was certified sev­
eral m onths ago as the b arg ain in g
ag en t fo r approxim ately 270 pro­
fessional, technical, and super­
visory em ployees of the T hruw ay
who w ere placed In a se p arate
unit, recen tly reached a te n tativ e
ag re em e n t on m ajo r item s of the
co n tract. CSEA an d Thruw ay n e­
g o tiators w ere meetin«r la st week
In a tte m p t to resolve sevei'al o th er
sm aller details affecting term s
and conditions of em ploym ent of
these employees. 'The package,
when finalized, will be p resented
to the m em bership in th a t unit
for ratification.
I n another related developm ent.
The L eader learned a t presstim e
th a t G overnor Rockefeller had
signed th e bill g ra n tin g a 25-year,
half-pay re tire m e n t plan to T h ru ­
w ay em ployees, recently negoti­
ated by CSEIA. The bill will pi-ovide th e l/5 0 th cred it fo r the first
30 y ears of service w ith l/6 0 th
cred it for each year of service In
excess of 30 years.
jim ction w ith OSBIA, a work
rule book which sh all be avaii*
able to all em ployees;
• R ight to a tte n d OSiBA
Statew ide conventions;
• Two 15-mimite coffee
b reak s p er day;
• R ight for CSEA field re p ­
rese n tativ e to m ain tato ad ­
m in istratio n rig h ts of the oo«v
tra c t;
• G rievance procedure with
final and binding arb itratio n ;
• Savings clause; an d
A ssociation
N egotiators fo r P u tn a m Oouo*
ty were Jo rd a n W. B erkm an, ass%.
county atto rn ey ; Je re m ia h Dow*
ney, ch a irm a n , board o>f superv^
sors; D onald S. Sm ith, Eidward a.
T uttle, G eorge K rauss, K enneth
Carlson, and W illiam M athers, ai>
Fair Trial
(C ontinued from P age 1)
Assn. said la s t week a fte r leant1- • th a t G overnor Rockefeller had
vetoed a bill calling for tdie ap­
pointm ent of independent hearing
officer.: in
disciplinary oases
ag a in st S tate and local apoverivm en t em ployees.
Theodore C. W end, CSEA pres­
id e n t said, “ the G overnor obvious­
ly n o t only bowed to political p res­
sure fix>m th e pledge of h is nego­
tia tin g te am which prom ised that
if the bill passed th e L egislature,
tlie Governor would sign i t . ”
In his veto m essage Rockefeller
said, “ D isapproval of th e bill 1*
recom m ended by the S tate Civil
Service D ep artm en t an d the May­
or of New Y ork City, among
o th e rs.” V'enzl said “ i t is ooiik*
m on knowledge th a t local govern­
m e n t politicians were ag ain st the
T he governor cited *‘teohftic«l
deficiencies" as the reasons for
vetoing the m easure. “ W hen »
good reaso n fo r vetoing any meas­
u re c a n 't be found th e G ovem or’f
aides usually reso rt to the expedi­
e n t excuse of tech n ical deflcieacies,” W enzl charged.
“ A ctually,” the CSEA leader ex­
plained “ all the bill would hav*
provided for was th e a p p o ln tm ^
of h earin g officers outside the
jurisdiction of th e em ployer hav­
ing the power to rem ove the a/y
cused employee. The h earing offi­
cer would have been appointed W
th e Civil Service Commission hav­
ing jurisdiction. K would have re­
moved the em ployer from acting a*
accuser, prosecutor, judge
ju ry .” be said. “ Some degree
fairness would have been
an teed .”
L ife
In su ra n c e
C om *«
W ill M e e t N e x t W eek
The d irecto r's oom m lttee to
study the cost of hsuidling grouP
life insurance wUl m eet Jun«
ait th e Civil Service Employ^®*
Assn. h ead q u arters in Albany.
M em bers of th e com m ittee 9 ^
Solomon B endet, chairm an;
R ichard J. Corcoran, A n t h ^
G iordano, Joseph C. Sykes, Michael
Sewek, an d Joseph L a s a a r o n y ^ ^
Use Zip-Codes U
fo u r maiL