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Executive Branch
Governor General
Prime Minister & Cabinet
Main function is to implement laws
PM – leader of the party that
won the election
Cabinet Ministers
Cabinet Ministers
Selected by the PM and
assigned a specific “portfolio” –
i.e. Minister of Finance
Legislative Branch
Governor General
Members of Parliament
Main function is to make laws
Governor General
Members of Parliament
Official Opposition – party that won
the 2nd most seats in the election
Shadow Cabinet
Responsible for holding government
in power accountable
Party Whip
Their role is to ensure party
discipline and solidarity
A Member of Parliament with
no specific portfolio
Speaker of the House
Role is to control debate
in the House of Commons
Role is to bring in the ceremonial
mace and ensure the security of the
House of Commons
105 members appointed by the Prime Minister
A house of “sober second thought’ that accepts or
rejects bills passed by the House of Commons
Judicial Branch
The various levels of courts that apply
the laws of Canada
Supreme Court of Canada