9/11 Assignment “Fahrenheit 911” ‘

History Through Film 12
Ms. Lacroix
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9/11 Assignment
“Fahrenheit 911”
‘Documentary is ‘the creative use of actuality’ ~John Grierson
Give specific examples of how this view of documentary film applies to Moore’s presentation of
the events of 911.
The only story with which we become involved in any depth is that of Lila Lipscombe,
whose son was killed on active duty in Iraq. Why do you think Lila and her family have
been chosen in particular?
“Four Lions”
There are three possible outcomes in terms of how audiences react to this jihad satire:
1. Outrage that something as serious as terrorist attacks and characters as ‘evil’ as the
terrorists should be the subject of comedy.
2. Concern that the Muslim youth in the film will be misrepresented and that the film will be
unhelpful for all the parties concerned.
3. Appreciation of a comedy which exposes many of the attitudes and beliefs surrounding
our understanding of Muslim identity, terrorist threats and UK society’s view of itself.
Which best represents your reaction to the film? Describe how “Four Lions” evoked that
response from you after seeing it.
The Hurt Locker
Development of Characters
As a film progresses, you should measure each character against your first impressions.
Do subsequent events reinforce or contrast with the first impressions? Do we learn more?
Does the character change and develop or stay the same?
Look for ‘character defining’ moments.
Consider also the role, the function, of each character in the narrative. What do they contribute
to the story that is being told?
Now, choose one of the characters from the film and build a character profile and analysis.
Zero Dark Thirty
Argue or defend the following statement:
Does “Zero Dark Thirty” promote the use of enhanced interrogation techniques?