Jianbo Yuan

Jianbo Yuan
Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627
[email protected]
My research focuses on social multimedia data mining and machine learning. I am
interested in developing effective machine learning algorithms which are able to help us
understand users’ behavior and benefit personal and public health care.
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Ph.D., Computer Science, Expected: Summer 2019
• Advisor: Prof. Jiebo Luo
M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, April 2014
• Topic: Sentribute: Image Sentiment Analysis from a Mid-level Perspective.
• Advisor: Prof. Jiebo Luo
Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
B.E., School of Information and Electrical Engineering, June 2012
• Topic: Fast Fractal Image Compression Algorithm Based on Sub-block Feature.
• Advisor: Prof. Jianfeng Li
Research Assistant
Jan 2013 to Present
Visual Intelligence & Social Multimedia Lab (VISTA), University of Rochester
Supervisor: Prof. Jiebo Luo
Social Multimedia Data Mining
• Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Detection
Sep 2014 to Present
Apply Kodak OCR to extract texts from medical forms, and aim to build up ASD
detection system based on NLP algorithm.
• Opinion Mining on Event Ebola
Nov 2014 to Jan 2015
Crawl published articles and crowd comments about Ebola from New York Times,
extract opinions and sentiments from the articles and comments and analyse the
correlation and leading relation between the publishers and the crowds.
• Snap & Shop
Oct 2013 to Dec 2014
Designed an Android App for image based shopping retrieval system; Baidu image
search engine was embedded and an Amazon EC2 server was set up for receiving
queries and sending retrieval results returned from Baidu image search; queries
failed to be recognized by our system would be automatically published in Amazon
Mechanical Turk to acquire information through the wisdom of the crowd.
• Image Sentiment Analysis
March 2013 to June 2013
Proposed a novel image sentiment analysis method Sentribute based on mid-level
attributes to achieve better performance fused with proposed Eigen-facial emotion
detection method and to obtain results which are easier to interpret.
• Cultural Differences in Information Propagation
Dec 2012 to June 2013
Compared information diffusion topology from Twitter and Sina Weibo in both
macro and meso levels using probabilistic model to predict diffusion chain information
in both microblog platforms.
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Research Assistant
Dec 2012 to Dec 2013
Wireless Communications & Networking Group (WCNG), University of Rochester
Supervisor: Prof. Wendi Heinzelman
Machine Learning and Signal Processing
• Speech Based Multiclass Emotion Classification:
Improved performance of speech-based emotion classification system by employing
feature selection, speaker normalization and gender dependency; outperforms stateof-the-art algorithms on two major datasets.
Undergraduate Research and Thesis
Mar 2011 to Mar 2012
Harbin Institute of Technology
Supervisor: Prof. Jianfeng Li, Prof. Song Jia, and Prof. Xudong Yang
Computer Vision and Signal Processing.
• Proposed a fast fractal image compression method based on sub-block features to
enhance performance significantly in terms of coding efficiency while achieving decent
image quality.
• Proposed a new fault detection technique in wireless sensor networks based on
clustering in geo-location and maintain high detection accuracy with reduced energy
• Proposed an automatic fault detection system for center plate bolts of trains based
on self-adapted thresholding method, and tested on large numbers of images from
China Ministry of Railways as visual priori statistical information; achieved zero
false negative rate.
1. Yu Wang, Jianbo Yuan, and Jiebo Luo, America Tweets China: A Fine-Grained
Analysis of the State and Individual Characteristics Regards Attitudes towards
China, IEEE Big Data Conference, Santa Clara, October 2015.
2. Yu Wang, Jianbo Yuan, and Jiebo Luo, To Love or to Loathe: How is the
World Reacting to Chinas Rise? IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
(ICDM), Workshop on Big Media Data: Understanding, Search, and Mining,
December 2015.
3. Jianbo Yuan, Quanzeng You, and Jiebo Luo. ”Sentiment Analysis Using Social
Multimedia.” Multimedia Data Mining and Analytics. Springer International
Publishing, 2015. 31-59.
4. Quanzeng You, Jianbo Yuan, Jiaqi Wang, Philip Guo, Jiebo Luo. Snap n Shop:
Visual Search-Based Mobile Shopping Made a Breeze by Machine and Crowd
Intelligence. IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, 2015.
5. Jianbo Yuan, Quanzeng You, and Jiebo Luo. Are There Cultural Differences
in Event Driven Information Propagation Over Social Media? ACM Multimedia
Conference, International Workshop on Socially-Aware Multimedia (SAM ’13),
October 2013.
6. Jianbo Yuan, Sean Mcdonough, Quanzeng You, and Jiebo Luo. Sentribute:
image sentiment analysis from a mid-level perspective. ACM SIGKDD, Workshop
on Issues of Sentiment Discovery and Opinion Mining (WISDOM ’13), August
7. Jia Song, Yu Peng, Xiyuan Peng, Jianbo Yuan, and Zihan Ge. Fault Detection
Technique based on Clustering in WSNs. Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument
(CJSI), Vol.28, No.4, 2012.
8. Xudong Yang, Lianiie Ye, and Jianbo Yuan. Research of Computer Vision
Fault Recognition Algorithm of Center Plate Bolts of Train. In Proceedings of
the 2011 Instrumentation, Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control
(IMCCC), IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA, 978-981.
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• Reviewer: Trans on Multimedia 2014, 2015
• Subreviewer: CVPR (2013 - ); AAAI (2013 - 2015); SIGKDD (2013 - 2015).
• Teaching Assistant:
• CSC 161 : The Art of Programming.
• CSC 440 : Data Mining.
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