5 Grade Grammar Student Checklist Name:___________________________________

5th Grade Grammar Student Checklist
I used conjunctions when joining sentences. (e.g. for, and, nor,
but, or, yet, so)
I used prepositions. A word at the beginning of a phrase with a
noun or a pronoun – it shows a relationship. (e.g. above, about,
across, among, around, like, for, into, to, toward, through)
I used interjections. Words that show emotion. (e.g. aw, bam,
congratulations, oh, thanks, yeah)
I used verb tenses correctly. (e.g. I had walked, I have walked, I
will walk)
I kept my verb tenses the same in my passage.
I used correlative (paired) conjunctions correctly. (e.g. either/or;
neither/nor; not only/but also)
I wrote in complete sentences.
I made sure I fixed sentence fragments or run on sentences.
I used frequently confused words correctly. Homophones (e.g. to,
too, two, there, their, they’re)
My subject and verb tenses agree.
I used punctuation to separate things in a series.
I used a comma to separate an introductory element from the
rest of my sentence.
I used a comma to set of words (e.g. yes, no, thank you)
I used a comma to set off a tag question. (e.g. Is that you,
I used underlining. (e.g. book titles)
I used italics to show titles of work, when typing written work.
I used quotation marks.
I used correct spelling for word patterns we have learned.
I combined and reduced sentences for more clear meaning,
interest, and style.
I choose my words and phrases to show precisely what I wanted
to show.
I used punctuation in a variety of ways to be effective in my
I used words and phrases for making my work interesting.