4 Grade Grammar Student Checklist

4th Grade Grammar Student Checklist
I used relative pronouns like who, whose, whom, which, that.
I used relative adverbs like where, when, why.
I used verb tenses like: I was walking, I am walking, I will be
I used modal auxiliaries like can, may, and must to show
certain conditions.
I can order adjectives correctly.
For example, a small red bag rather than a red small bag.
I used prepositions. A word at the beginning of a phrase with a
noun or a pronoun—it shows a relationship.
For example, prepositions include above, about, across,
among, around, like, for, into, to, toward, through)
I made sure I fixed sentence fragments or run on sentences.
I correctly used frequently confused words. Homophones
include l to, too, two and their, they’re, there.
My subject and verb tenses agree.
I used correct capitalization.
I used commas to set off words. For example, yes, no, thank
I used a comma before a coordinating conjunction in a
compound sentence.
I used a comma to mark direct speech.
I used a comma to mark quotations from a text.
I spelled grade-appropriate words correctly.
I chose words and phrases to show precisely what I wanted to
I used punctuation in a variety of ways to be effective in my
I used words and phrases to make my work interesting.
I used a coordinating conjunction in a compound sentence.
For example, and, or, but.
My pronouns and antecedents agree. For example: He left his
backpack on the floor.