Chapter 6: CASE I. Nominative Case Pronouns: Subjects:

Chapter 6: CASE
Nominative Case Pronouns: I, We, He, She, It, You, They
a. Subjects: tell what or who performed the action
b. Predicate Nominatives: Usually comes AFTER a linking verb
and renames or refers to the subject.
i. It will be I
ii. This is she.
iii. The one who drove the car was he.
***LINKING VERBS: is, are am, was, were, be, and been
Objective Case Pronouns: Me, Us, Him, Her, It, You, and Them
a. Direct Object: tell what or who receives the action of the
ACTION verb.
i. The ball hit him.
ii. The music hurts my ears.
iii. When will you give me the car?
b. Indirect Object: tell to what, to whom, or for what, for whom
the action of the ACTION verb is done. HINT: Usually appears
between the verb and the direct object.
i. He threw Kenny the ball.
ii. She told her a secret.
*** To find direct and indirect objects, follow these steps:
1. Find the Verb
2. Ask what or who received the action? = Direct Object
3. Ask to what or to whom? = Indirect Object
c. Object of the Preposition: The noun or pronoun that follows a
preposition and helps to create the prepositional phrase.
i. He gave the necklace to me.
ii. Please sit between us and her.
iii. Where are you from?
d. Common Prepositions: List on 21
e. Compound Prepositions: List on 24