EE210: Circuits October 27, 2015 Lab 10

EE210: Circuits
Lab 10
October 27, 2015
Step Response
1. Construct the circuit shown in the Figure 1 below. The source in this case is the
function generator which produces a square wave from 0 to 5 volts at a frequency of
500 Hz with a 50% duty cycle.
2. Use two probes to determine the circuit performance. One probe should have the input
signal (V1) and the other should have the output signal (the voltage across the
3. From the oscilloscope trace determine the time constant for the circuit and verify that it
agrees with your calculated value.
5. Use LTSpice to simulate the response. In LTSpice the signal generator will be a
voltage source set to "Pulse". The amplitude is 5 volts, the delay time is 0.1msec, the
on time is 1 msec and the period is 2 msec.
Figure 1