John Nellis,

John Nellis, a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development, and a
Principal in the research and consulting firm, International Analytics, co-directed (with
Nancy Birdsall) the Center for Global Development's Project on Privatization.
From 1984 to 2000 Nellis was at the World Bank, where he designed and implemented
projects and conducted and managed research on: Governance, public management,
state-owned enterprise reform, and privatization issues.
During and after his time at the Bank, Nellis authored a number of books and articles on
the above topics, with a concentration (after 1990) on the effects of privatization.
Nellis continues to consult in this field; most recently, in June and July 2005, he served as
Advisor to the Government of Tanzania's Presidential Committee to Review
Infrastructure Privatization.
Prior to joining the World Bank Nellis held research and teaching positions at the
University of Nairobi, Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and the Maxwell School at
Syracuse University. He served two years as the representative of the Ford Foundation in
North Africa