April 20,2002 To Whom It May Concern: RISK

April 20,2002
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Sharon Blatt and I am requesting that my paper “RISKy Business: An InDepth Look at the Game RISK” be published in the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Mathematics Journal. I began this research when I was a junior at Elon University in February
2001 and the paper was completed in March 2002.
I am currently a senior Mathematics major/Business minor at Elon University and will be
graduating in May 2002. This work originally started in my Senior Seminar class under the
mentorship of Dr. Crista Coles. After the class ended, I continued to do research because I truly
enjoyed what I was doing and was supported by the Elon University A.L. Hook Endowment.
This paper was presented at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics at the
University of Nebraska-Lincoln in February 2002 and at the Joint Meeting of the MAA and
AMS in March 2002. My future plans consist of attending graduate school next year in an
Applied Math or Operations Research program.
Attached you will find a copy of my paper, written in LaTex, an abstract, and one eps
picture, called Figure 1. I will also forward these files as well as a paper copy in the mail.
Dr. Crista Coles will be acting as the reference for my paper. She will send a letter of
support separately.
Thank you in advance for your consideration of my paper.
Sharon L. Blatt