Third Annual Research Day Department of Science and Technology Studies

Department of Science and Technology Studies
Third Annual Research Day
Wednesday 2 March 2005, 1-5pm
Watson Lecture Theatre (Medawar Building)
SESSION 1: Perspectives on Science (1pm-2.15pm; bring your lunch)
Allan Jones (20 min.)
Science and the citizen: the British Association's 1943 conference on the public
understanding of science
Hauke Riesch (20 min.)
Philosophy in popular science
Chiara Ambrosio (20 min.)
Discovering discovery: the art and science of Picasso's Guernica
SESSION 2: Science, Medicine and Society (2:45pm-4.00pm)
Peter Washer (20 min.)
Representations of mad cow disease in the UK
Alice Farrands (20 min.)
(title to be confirmed)
Norma Morris (10 min.)
External involvement in the governance of research institutions
David Teira (10 min.)
Scientific agreements at random
SESSION 3: Histories of Matter and Mind (4.15pm-5.00pm)
Georgette Taylor (20 min.)
A red herring – the relative importance of phlogiston and affinity in William
Cullen's chemistry course
Irena McCabe (10 min.)
Radiant heat and the science of John Tyndall
Mark Priestley (10 min.)
How the computer became a Turing machine
Followed by drinks and dinner