Technology Studies ANNUAL RESEARCH DAY

Science Technology
& Studies
Department of
Wednesday 4 February 2004
Galton Lecture Theatre, 1-19 Torrington Place
Session 1: Representations (1pm-2.15pm)
Peter Washer, Representations of SARS
Georgette Taylor, What is a theory? (Affinity and 18th-century chemistry)
Chiara Ambrosio, Iconic thinking in Pablo Picasso
General discussion
Coffee/tea break (2.15-2.45pm)
Session 2: History of Science Away from the Text (2.45-3.30pm)
Joe Cain, Exhibitions as intellectual products: yes, but how?
Hasok Chang, Arguing with the dead: quandaries in the repetition of historical
General discussion
Coffee/tea break (3.30-4pm)
Session 3: External Views on the Work of Specialists (4-5pm)
Bill Best, Technological catastrophes and the public inquiry
Hauke Riesch, Finding out scientists' philosophical views
Alice Farrands, Bioethics committees and the governance of scientific research
General discussion
Drinks (5pm onward), followed by pay-your-own-way dinner off-campus