We are pleased to announce that the UCL Centre for... be hosting the 2

We are pleased to announce that the UCL Centre for Urban Sustainability and Resilience will
be hosting the 2nd International Conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience on 3-5
November 2014 at University College London, UK.
Decision makers, engineers, urban planners and government authorities are currently facing
major challenges in terms of designing sustainable and resilient urban systems. With more
and more people moving into cities, they are dealing with challenges such as sustainable
energy, materials, water and food supply, transportation and built infrastructure, and risk of
natural disasters and catastrophes. Moreover, the issue of climate change and the drive
towards low-carbon economy makes decision making harder. Therefore, it is fundamental
that researchers and practitioners share their knowledge to assist in complex planning of
sustainable and resilient urban systems.
The conference will bring together international experts from industry, government and
academia across a wide range of science, engineering and social science disciplines. A strong
research community will address some of the most significant issues that humanity is facing
and that have to be resolved urgently in order to secure a sustainable life style and resilient
urban systems for future generations.
We invite abstracts to be considered for oral or poster presentations on one or more of the
following themes:
Sustaining the city – improving urban resource supply systems including novel
technologies and methods for resource management;
Resilient urban systems and networks – coping with natural hazards, health
epidemics, economic stresses and environmental and social change;
Dealing with complexity and risk – through, for example, indicators, frameworks,
tools, and modelling systems;
Policies and governance in cities – including climate change mitigation and adaption
measures, renewable energy incentives, behavioural change, and promotion of
sustainable living;
Engineering a low-carbon urban environment – retrofitting at-scale, innovative
constructions and methods
Moving towards a sustainable and resilient future – e.g. designing eco-cities,
managing ageing infrastructure, and integration of risk assessment in town
Social sustainability and community resilience.
The submission deadline is 30th May 2014. The authors will be notified about acceptance of
their abstracts by 30th June 2014.
Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts
File format:
Maximum 300 words (Excluding titles and footnotes)
pdf, doc, docx
Please submit your abstracts via: https://www.conftool.pro/usar-2014/