Evening Courses Arabic Level 1 Prerequisite for entry

Evening Courses
Arabic Level 1
Prerequisite for entry
For complete beginners or those who have had only very little contact with the language.
Term duration
10 x 2-hour classes.
Aims and Objectives
The aim of the course is to enable students to develop competence in the Arabic Language.
The course is an introduction to students with no previous knowledge of the language. It is
designed as part of a sequence that will enable students to understand, speak, read and
write Modern Standard Arabic with ease.
The course is designed to give students the means to master the Arabic Alphabet, which is a
prerequisite to learning Arabic. Students should be able to acknowledge the different forms
of the Arabic language: Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (which is our main
concern) and colloquial Arabic.
Course Content: Main topics/themes to be covered
Basic conversation (Greeting)
Introduce yourself.
Countries and nationalities
Names of things and describing words.
Names of places and positional language.
Giving directions.
Ordering a meal
Numbers from 1 to 10
- Personal pronouns.
- Possessive pronouns.
- Masculine and feminine demonstrative article.
- Feminine nouns and the taa marbouta.
- The definite article.
- The sun and moon letters.
- Adjectives with feminine nouns.
- Positional language.
- The nominal sentence
Learning Resources
Mastering Arabic
Bilingual Dictionaries
UCL Language Centre
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