International Collaborative Efforts Result in Improved System Reliability Kyle Distribution Switchgear

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Application Brief
International Collaborative Efforts Result in
Improved System Reliability
The Russian power distribution system was designed
years ago with short distribution lines and many substations. Russian utilities have since realized that this
design is expensive to operate and maintain. They needed a plan to cost effectively rehabilitate the aging substation equipment, as well as reliably serve rural loads
with quality voltage regulation. These needs drove the
Smolenskenergo Demonstration Project (named after
the participating utility). The goal of this project was to
improve the electrical distribution system using the existing three-wire ungrounded distribution system, with
longer lines and fewer substations. The United States
Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)–a government agency that funds feasibility studies throughout the
world–and Cooper Power Systems funded the $1.2 million project.
In 1998, Russian engineers toured the Cooper threewire ungrounded test facility in Franksville, Wisconsin.
Antone Bonner, of Cooper Power Systems, provided
technical expertise and served as the project manager.
The engineers determined a two-feeder loop scheme
with mid-feeder voltage regulation would best suit the
project requirements.
A midline sectionalizing point equipped with a NOVATM
recloser, voltage regulators, and a SCADA RTU.
The project was implemented in December 2000,
impacting two feeders and three substations. The following equipment was installed:
• Electronic Reclosers
• Voltage Regulators
• Electronic Sectionalizers
• 400 kVA Padmounted Transformer
• Polemounted Capacitor Bank
• Relays
• Fuses
• Single Frequency Data Radios
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
All the project objectives were achieved. The system reliability was improved for approximately 1000 customers
in the Smolensk region. Bonner reports, "The equipment
installed has continued to work flawlessly through two
Russian winters. They are happy with it and show it off to
other utilities that visit. The Cooper electronic reclosers
clear faults they never imagined could be cleared. They
no longer send crews out for every ground fault and no
longer have to replace weakened ground fault poles, as
was common practice before." Bonner stated the project
"allowed them (Smolenskenergo) to do things that they
had not been able to do before."
The success of this project was due to the collaborative
efforts of the following participants:
• Cooper Power Systems funded the project, provided
technical expertise and project management,
installed equipment, and provided a training workshop at the conclusion of the project to over 100 people from utilities all over Russia.
• USTDA also funded the project and installed equipment.
• Moscow’s Power Engineering Institute provided technical evaluation and facilitated equipment importation.
• ROSEP, a consulting firm from Moscow, performed
the design work.
• RAO Unified Energy System of Russia, a government-based organization engaged in operations related to producing, transmitting and distributing energy,
coordinated the utility for the study.
• Smolenskenergo agreed to participate in the study
and installed equipment.
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